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Maggie comes fleet foot

Face full of black soot
Talkin’ that the heat put
Plants in the bed but
The phone’s tapped anyway
Maggie says that many say
They must bust in early May
Orders from the DA

“Maggie” Communism comes “comes fleet foot” comes from the Negros who
excel at sports such as track, comes rapidly from the Civil Rights Movement “Face
full” a race filled “with black soot” with African-Americans who are really whites
in blackface, makeup for a comic satire of Black people, especially in a minstrel
show. “Talkin’” claiming, protesting “that the heat” that the FBI illegally “put
plants” secreted listening devices “in the bed” in a place for lovemaking and
found that the Reverend King was having sexual intercourse with White women
“but the phone’s tapped anyway” but the Feds have a legal phone tap “Maggie”
the Communists “says that many say” believe that with the information of
Communist infiltration the FBI gathered through the phone tap “They must bust
in early May” they are going to be locked up on May Day a commie holiday
“Orders from the DA” on the orders of United States Attorney General Robert
Kennedy who ordered the wiretaps in the first place and once worked as an
Assistant Counsel to Joe McCarthy.

“Maggie” as Communism; Tarantula, “maggie pushing you into hot rod driver’s
eyes” Communism forcing you into the thoughts of those who employ torture as
a means of interrogation, those who shove, or drive, a hot rod up their suspects’
rectum. Lenny Bruce said this about betraying one’s country under torture, “If you
can take the hot lead enema, then you can cast the first stone.”

“Soot” as African-American; Joan Baez in Concert, Part 2 Liner Notes 1962 “Later
yet in New York town / On my own terms” in my own language of a certain kind,
chosen words: ‘I spoke in poetic terms’ “I said with age” I said as did the members
of my generation “The only beauty’s in the cracks” the only ones worth writing
about are mentally defective African-Americans “an’ curbs” who are deliberately
held back from advancing in society “Clothed in robes of” expressed in academic
theories, noble words “a dust” of shit “an’ grime” “grime” synonym “soot” black
dirt ingrained in a surface. “An’ I searched for it in every hole” and I looked for it
in every slum in every deep or isolated place of confinement; dungeon where
these defectives could be found.

“Dirt” and “dust” as slander and excrement; Emmett Till 1962, “If you can’t speak
out against this kind of thing” the torture and murder of Emmett Till “a crime
that’s so unjust, Your eyes are filled with dead men’s dirt” your thoughts are filled
with derogatory gossip about Blacks from years past “your mind is filled with
dust” and your brain is filled with shit “Your arms” all of your powers; Caribbean
Wind 1985, “We went into the wall to where the long arm of the law could not
reach “and legs” and your ability to move on groups like the Klan “must be in
shackles and chains” must be severely restricted “And your blood it must refuse
to flow” and you also must be an abject coward “For you to let the human race
sink down so god awful low” for you to let these racist scum exist.