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Management and Leadership

A3.2 Describe management’s role in demonstrating leadership,

motivating employees, resolving conflict, addressing stress, and
recognizing formal and informal employee groups.

E.Q. What leadership abilities create a strong manager?

Managing a Business


Product People

Management is the process of controlling and making decisions about a business.

Good Managers share their visions and goals with employees.
Effective Business Organization

Every business should have a clear Organizational

Structure: It identifies the hierarchy of the employees
within the business. Structure helps identify responsibility
and determine who should carry out a job.

Organizational Structure supports the four functions of

business, which are production, finance, marketing, and

Helps efficiency of communication and create customer

satisfaction and business success!
Organization Chart

Operations Sales and Marketing Finance Human Resources

Info. Technology Sales

Levels of Management

President, Wice President, CEO,
Board of Directors

Middle Management
Plant Manger, Division Manger,
Department Director

First-Line Management
Supervisor, Team Leader,
Department Manager
Management Process





The ability to influence others to reach a goal. Businesses count on their
managers to show leadership qualities.
• Problem Solving
• Self-Confident
• Dependable
• Communication Skills
• Honesty
Successful Leaders= SMAR GOALS

Goals focus on end-results, not the ways

to get to the result.

They should be written as SMART






Project Management
A project is a sequence of unique, complex and connected
activities the have one goal or purpose and that must be
compelled by a specific time, within a budget and according
to specifications
Project Management Jobs

Link to this PDF

Gantt Chart
The basic purpose of a Gantt
Chart is to break a large project
into a series of smaller tasks in
an organized way. The chart
shows when each task should
begin and how long it should
take. The left-most column lists
each of the tasks in
chronological order according to
their start time. The remaining
columns show the timeline
(often shown in weeks, but use
whatever units are convenient
for your project). For each row,
a task is listed and a line in
drawn through the timeline for
the weeks during which that task
will be addressed.
Work Place Conflict Skit
The skit should show a
negative way to handle a
situation and its immediate
impact on the workplace

The skit should show a positive

way to handle a situation and
its immediate impact on the
workplace environment
Conflict Management
Why do people respond the way they do? Listen to the story and
explain possible meanings of the story.

Take the conflict management style survey to find out what is

your preferred style of conflict resolution

(Save survey results for later)

Conflict-Resolution Model
Step 1 Acknowledge conflict and define the problem

Step 2 Analyze and discuss the issue, list the facts

Get opinions on the issue

Step 3 Break into groups and brainstorm for

potential solutions

Step 4 Solve the problem and come up with solutions

Step 5 Evaluate alternatives and

Reach consensus

Step 6 Implement the solution and then follow up
Quick Write: One paragraph as to what you witnessed in the video, What did
you learn? Has this ever happened to you? What was your response?
Questions to Answer