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Pre-Contract Summary General Information

Opportunity ID 24

Name of Opportunity Opportunity Test-24

PCS Submission Date 12-14-2017

PCS Version / Revision Number 2

Last Revision Date 12-14-2017

Opportunity / Project Initiator Alejandro Reglero

A&R Assignee Alejandro Reglero

On Behalf Of: - Select -

A&R Project Lead:

Information About the Deal or Project

Territories Involved Territories Involved *

Deal Type Premium

Term/Minimum Delivery Commitment erm / Minimum Delivery Commitment *

Rights Period Rights Period *


Advances Advances *

Recording fund/Recording budget 22.00

Payment schedule Payment Schedule *


Royalty Rate US/PR/IRL (International) (%) 45

Royalty Details Royalty Details

Profit Sharing (previously Profit Split %) Profit Sharing

Parties to Profit Split Parties to Profit Split

Recording Cost Administration

Creative Control

Promotional Singles #

Promotional Videos

Videos per album

Video Budget

Video Creative Control

Mechanical Royalties/Controlled Composition Mechanical Royalties/Controlled Composition *

Ancillary Income Participation Ancillary Income Participation *

Additional Details About Project

Feature Artist Name(s) and Contribution Details

Product Type Video,Hits Album

Project Description Opportunity / Project Description *

Product Physical Deliverables Yes

Digital Product Deliverables Yes

Project Concept Opportunity / Project Description *

Artist Consent / Approval Required Yes

Artist Consent Comments Artist Consent Comments

Marketing Commitment ($us) 5,469.00

Anticipated Timeline Anticipated Timeline *

Pre-Contract Marketing Spend Approved ($US) 5,498.00

PCS Additional Information PCS Additional Information

PCS Approval Date 12-14-2017

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