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B-Tech. Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati,781039
+91 7896888815

B-Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati :: CPI: 8.12 2014-2018
Higher Secondary Education (XII) , CBSE Board :: 84.4% 2013-2014
Senior Secondary Education (X), CBSE Board :: CGPA: 8.88 2011-2012

Summer Research Intern, IIT Guwahati May 2017 - June 2017
Advisor: Dr. G. Madhusudhana, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
• Solved Biharmonic and laplacian eigenvalue problem and results were compared with the analytical solution to
validate the implementation of the ARPACK and LAPACK libraries.
• Analyzed 1-D Channel flow and Jet flow for temporal parallel stability. Determined the critical value of Reynolds
number by solving the eigenvalue problem for different Reynolds number and spatial frequency.
• Global stability code for 2-D was validated by solving the eigenvalue problem for two-dimensional channel flow
with periodic boundary condition in x-direction.

Code development for solving multi-phase flow using LBM July 2017 - present
Advisor: Dr. D.N. Basu, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering IIT Guwahati
• Developed a FORTRAN code to solve some specific single phase fluid flow problems such as Lid driven cavity,
Channel flow and Flow past square cylinder using Lattice Boltzmann Method.
• Working on simulating the flow past circular cylinder and also on optimizing the code so as to reduce compu-
tational time

• Obtained the solutions for Lid driven cavity using FDM and Shock Tube problem using Van-Leer flux vector
spitting scheme. Also implemented High Resolution schemes to solve the one-dimensional wave equation.
• Developed a code to generate Mandelbrot set while also plotted the Julia sets corresponding to quadratic
mapping as well as Newton-Raphson method for different functions.


• Scientific Computing • Thermodynamics • Microfluidics

• Fluid Mechanics - I&II • Computational Gas Dynamics • Advanced CFD
• Heat and mass transfer • Computer Science Lab • Linear algebra

Programming Languages: FORTRAN, C, C++, LATEX
Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu

Publication Secretary, Mechanical Engineering Student’s Association May 2016 - April 2017
• To publish the Annual Departmental Magazine ’Sync’ and to release the Web-based forums and blogs.
Core Team Events Seismech’16 May 2015 - April 2016
• Planned various technical events, lecture Series, workshops, and coordinated with a team of over 30 students to
successfully organise the Annual Departmental Symposium - Seismech.

• Supervised the smooth conduct of Tree Plantation Drive in the campus as a part of Seismech’16.
• Organized exhibitions and interactive sessions with the primary students within the confines of a social
initiative Let’s go to village, with an aim to make them aware of the importance of education.
• Conducted Technothlon’15 a national level competition, leading a team of 10 volunteers across the two venues
in the city.

* References are available on Request