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L: Yes

G: OK. Is there an update? Do we need to be updated on anything?

L: A lost focus is to become a lost cause. Focus is everything.

G: OK. Have I lost my focus?

L: At times, each loses focus. It is to be expected. But focus can be recovered through remembering,
and renewal through working together.

G: OK. I have some probably unimportant questions to ask. Is it OK if I ask these questions?

L: Yes.

G: I seem to have changed the course or direction when I was in Oregon, but I'm not sure f I changed it
to a worse direction. I'm not really understanding what happened.

L: All of you followed the same probability and then it came to variance. And it is no longer uniform.

G: So some people have a focus that's going in to other realities?

L: When thoughts are scattered and not focused together, other possibilities can be opened. And when
the primary focus was lost, individuals no longer think as well as they did. For as you were the driver
you lost your focus. And others did as well.

G: I get this sense that something...there is a probability or a possibly important probability that will
come in around three months. Would that be accurate?

L: At this time there are no specifics. These are only probabilities that you are observing.

G: And I pick up on some sort of change a year from now that does seem to be more specific of a

L: That is a point of focus that could be followed, but it will not come to pass if it is not. Much depends
on your own choices. The choices of each of you. And you look outside yourself for something to
happen in the future but it will not happen without you. So you are taking yourself out of the equation,
which is not possible.

G: OK. Something was happening here a little bit ago, where my wife was feeling very jittery, and I was
unable to find a specific source for this. Do you know what was causing this?

L: There are nuances and influences that are more subtle, that have no specific attributable cause, in
your lexicon. There is no translation. There is simply energy shifting. And that have a focus in time and
that can exert an influence upon you. But these are merely energies. They do not always translate into
something concrete, which you can grasp intellectually.
G: OK. And I understand this to be the same reason we don't get direct answers through channeling a
lot of the time. Because we have to build up our vocabulary in order to understand it ourselves.

L: That is part of it, but the other part is seeking answers outside of yourself. This cannot be. It is not, as
you seem to depict, a movie where you want to know what the ending is going to be. You're the actors
in the movie, and you have not decided yet your complete role or part. You have not acted it out in that
way and therefore you cannot know the outcome. We cannot give this to you. If you want that you
must speak with yourself. And pick your optimal probability. And ask to see this.

G: OK. Some of the experiences I'm having--I'm getting the idea that it's what they call "out of body"
and not actually just visuals of the third eye. Would that be accurate?

L: The third eye is a concept of seeing other realities, other dimensions, what in some cases you would
call out of body. So this is not a clear black and white issue for you.

G: OK, because I know a lot of people see symbols rather than something understandable to them.

L: That is the best that their mind can adjust to interpret what they see.

G: OK. Lisa received a message of a host of people ready to help with us. Is that actually talking about
physical people?

L: Yes. They are waiting to wake up.

G: And it almost seems like they're not actually going to find us. We just have to change our self.

L: They're asleep. But they will be called.

G: OK. One of the concepts I got the other night when talking with Nick, is that he is an amplifier. So
maybe the idea is that he has to raise to a certain frequency so that he can amplify that frequency? Am
I understanding that correctly?

L: It is an assistant role that he will be able to accomplish or not be able to accomplish based upon your
own role and success. Or otherwise. His role will kick in when yours is successful.

G: OK. Another thing I'm picking up, is that my focus is not to master any specific abilities, but to just
gain awareness of them and move to the next one.

L: You must not try to rely overly much on physical abilities that are simply a weak adaptation to your
belief system. They adhere to the belief system. They are as much of an illusion as the belief system.

G: OK. Earlier today we were talking about voices people hear when they're in between wake and sleep
state, and sometimes when they're waking up. I got the sense that these are just the characters of the

L: Close.
G: OK. And that some people will experience hearing these voices because of, at old age, because of
brain deterioration.

L: (voice change) Deterioration as in a wearing away of certain partitions. The partitions break down.

G: Because I know some people will see and hear a lot of stuff shortly before they pass on. I didn't
know if that meant less brain activity.

L: (voice change) No. It is the partitions becoming less dense. Losing their definition.

G: What causes this?

L: Choices. On a level as you mention with those who are arriving closer to passing on--they can choose
to let go of some of their structures. Of course this is not a conscious choice, as many times their
conscious mind is worn down and not at all functioning, so another part can kick in and help ease them
into this process by releasing some of the strict partitions so that they can experience more as their
conscious mind is no longer in strict control.

G: So, is this something that we can do as well consciously--having these removed?

L: Very much so. It is only because of the mental portion of the mind's death grip control that prevents
each of you from doing this as well.

G: OK. Are there any hints as to a way to go about this?

L: The primary barrier is the fear of lack of control.

G: OK. Something else that came to mind is the idea that we run out of vital energy when we're doing
our work, or when we're channeling. It seems like we have to come up with a way to have a constant
instream up of vital energy.

L: Yes. You are definitely not in the habit of being open to energy. It is like a requirement similar to
oxygen, similar to air, and yet you close yourselves off to it. And then sleep becomes absolutely
necessary simply to allow the doors to open for the energy to replenish that you have stifled and cut off.

G: It seems like I can, at first, create a construct to help with this, and maybe that it would become
automatic over time?

L: Yes, initially it becomes something that you focus upon as you recognize the need, but a portion can
be requested to automatically gauge the energy requirements and adjust them optimally.

G: OK. As far as the rate of learning: we're learning about the characters of the mind and belief
structures and frameworks and all that--is it taking us--are we really slow with this?

L: Things will pick up when you are able to work to free yourselves from the stranglehold of the
dichotomy of the mind.
G: That's a term for the partitions?

L: Yes, as these are not really needed. You only think it is so. Such that you can maintain the illusion of
control that you so require in order to maintain what you would term as sanity. For you are all afraid of
losing your sanity were your mind to become open to its full abilities. But to think of the illogic of the
statement, "to lock down your mind," has become desirable, and "to open it is to be avoided," and then
you can see how ridiculous that is. For you are always in control.

G: Talking with Nick last night, and there was a fear that seemed to be placed there to keep him away
from other people like me. I didn't understand that statement "other people like me." Was that an
accurate statement that came to me? I just totally did not understand it.

L: (voice change) It has to do with a choice he has been given. He is to work it out.

G: OK.

L: It is not for you to influence him. He is looking for insight. You can help him with this, but you cannot
force this on him.

G: This is where, sometimes, I'm not allowed to have answers because the person has to come to a
certain understanding first?

L: And they have the freedom to choose their own action. For him, he sees a fear. He expresses a fear
of making the wrong choice. But you cannot make the choice for him. You can see his ambivalence.
Even if he cannot.

G: OK. Currently, when I think about it, it seems the only focus I have is creature comforts, or making
sure that my energy bodies are where they need to be. Anything beyond that feels more vague to me.

L: Well, you are still dealing squarely in the bifurcated world. You have not opened the door between
to freely pass and blend the two at will. And so you are remaining your focus upon one side, which is a
dull occupation and expenditure of time.

G: OK. Is there anything else that needs to be said before I bring Lisa back?

L: That is enough.

G: OK. I thank you for the information.