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Putri, Astrid A.H. 2017. Implementation of Cooperative Learning Model Think

Pair Share combined with Talking Chips Learning Method to Improve of
Critical Thinking Skills and Student Learning Outcomes for Grade XI MIPA
5 SMAN 2 Malang. Thesis, Biology Education Program Department of
Biology, Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences, State University of
Malang. Supervisor: (1) Prof. Dra. Herawati Susilo., M.Sc., Ph.D, (2) Dra.
Nursasi Handayani, M.Si.
Key word : Think Pair Share, Talking Chips, Critical Thinking Skills, Learning
We have entered the 21st century where in this century is called the
century of knowledge. Learning 21st century which is also in accordance with the
Curriculum 2013, where the learning process using a scientific approach.
Curriculum 2013 is very supportive to face the challenges of learning challenges
in the 21st century. One of the problems that exist in class XI MIPA 5 SMAN 2
Malang is that learning in class still using conventional methods or lectures that
make student learning outcomes less and students can not practice critical
thinking skills ,As this critical thinking skill is one of the demands of skills that
must be mastered in the 21st century. One alternative model of learning that is
suitable for students is a model of cooperative learning type Think Pair Share
combined with Talking Chips. Think Pair Share cooperative learning model is an
effective cooperative learning model to create variation of discussion pattern
atmosphere, whereas Talking chips is one type of cooperative learning model
which each member of his group gets equal opportunity to contribute and listen to
the views and thoughts of the members other groups.
`The purpose of this study are (1) Improving the learning outcomes of
students of grade XI MIPA 5 SMAN 2 Malang through the implementation of
cooperative learning model Think Pair Share (TPS) combined with Talking Chips;
(2) Improving critical thinking skill of class XI SMAN 2 Malang through
implementation cooperative learning model Think Pair Share (TPS) combined
with Talking Chips. This type of srearch that used is a kind of Classroom Action
Research (CAR). The classroom action research stage consist of planning activity,
implementation, observation and reflection. The subject of research is the students
of XI MIPA 5 SMAN 2 Malang who consist of 32 students.The study was
conducted on the respiratory system material in cycle I and excretion system in
humans on cycle II. Data collection techniques used in the form of observations
and tests. The students’ critical thinking skills are measured using the problem
with the critical thinking skill indicator which is carried out at the end of the
cycle, while the students' learning outcomes are measured through the observation
result for the psychomotor domain and the test at the end of the cycle for the
cognitive domain.
The results showed that students' critical thinking skills experienced an
increase in cycle I and cycle II of 17.5%. Student learning outcomes include 2
domains of cognitive and psychomotor domains. Cognitive domain has increased

by 35.37% while in the psychomotor domains has increased 59,35%. After the
researchers conducted this research, as for the suggestion that it is necessary to
have a better classroom management for each student is active as a whole when
the learning process takes place so that students who are less understanding of the
subject matter can understand and understand the material being taught. In
addition, students will also be motivated when getting attention from the teacher,
besides the researcher's teacher must also be able to manage the class and time