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Focus Contact Center

CRM & Marketing

Voice Automation Hot
integration Desking by Focus Telecom
Define Call recording
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HLR – ability communication: phone, API
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Allerts Queue monitoring Advanced connections scripts & forms
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CTI screen
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Dialing System
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Mobile & suggesting intelligence work

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Click to call & self-configured

Post call Call back
satisfaction Time zone & appointment OF EXPENSIVE CORPORATE APPLICATIONS
survey & ”do not” settings
call list Focus Contact Center will help You increase your Focus Telecom is a cloud software provider. Our
sales by working on real time business opportunities, products are supporting integrated multichannel
automating sales processes and excel your service by communication for all possible markets and
Business Interactive HD Audio
International staying tuned with customers via multi-channel customers. Till today over 2000 customers trusted our
Other Phone Voice conferences
products System Response service
Hotline phone communication. solutions. FCC supports large global organizations and
(IP PBX) (IVR) “Telemeeting” small family businesses - with same simplicity and quality
Focus Contact Center placed in core of Your business but perfectly suited to meet each customer custom needs.
communication will take care of:
United States:
RocketSpace Suites
∙ Increasing efficiency of your daily business tasks You don't need to make huge investments to start using
180 Sansome St. IV floor ∙ Meeting your sales targets our solution, only need is a computer with an internet
San Francisco, CA 94104 ∙ Stay in touch with your customers connection. We take responsibility for the IT
phone: 1-415-2313704
∙ Prove value for money (OPEX only) infrastructure, so you do not need to implement or
European office: ∙ Ensure business continuity with 24/7/365 support maintain complex contact center equipment. You
Focus Telecom Polska Sp. z o.o. pay for an agent access only.
04-041 Warsaw, 101a Ostrobramska Street, Poland
tel.: +48 222 286 287,
*leader of Deloitte rankings in the category of the fastest growing fax: +48 222 128 615
technologically innovative companies in Central Europe.

make addressing of customer requests just on first contact. solution around the Globe and ensuring it is always up integration with other apps. according to the company size and functionalities. system no matter where they are. (zenifreshdesk) coach them by eavesdropping & suggesting. of Contact (Sales Mango) Work on real-time leads. Business Use real-time dashboards and all historical data to Phone Connect repeating callers with the agent they spoken System analyze your team’s productivity (call volume. Focus it easier to engage with potential customers with Contact Center a simple click-to-call -back button. Use post-call surveys to redefine marketing and sales Use post-call surveys to ask your customers about their experience. success rates and conversion rates). DESK information (upsell). E-mail. international etc. Falling Fast and easy deployment.000 Fair play: 1. campaigns and make effective calls with predicitve system. broad functionalities based on experience of working with over 2.the more you have the less you pay per one day. You only pay for features you use 2. Automation Your customers. Serve your customers wherever they are. nothing or as You wish .SERVICE BETTER MULTICHANNEL ORGANIZATION SELL MORE Why do you need Focus Contact Center? To support your Why do you need Focus Contact Center? To manage your customers using Phone.Focus records. prices model . OUR KEY VALUES Reliability: responsive team of experts ready to support Flexibility: easy to change the number of licenses Service Excellence: trainings for consultants. Target your customers better using collected Progressively monitor performance of your consultants.e Phone . seamless from the service on the highest level. dial them from Boost sales with telemarketing. eliminating dialing errors and reducing time Contact Center will automatically save the data and wasted between calls. Sms. reach more customers by using miniFocusDesk Enable Your Website call back feature for all requests of miniMarketing multi-channel communication. It will help you to achive market excellence. We are the fastest growing technologically innovative 3.all. experience directly after the interaction. Enable salesmen saving & accessing information in the Prioritize callers: VIP. define marketing various applications. you 24/7/365 and highly qualified team of IT engineers. (Sales force) Accuracy . starting from one business enterprises. company in CEE according to Deloitte rankings. accordingly to your evolving needs (scale up or down). CLIENTS Dynamically manage agents access to Your customers Single MA Point miniCRM data . Be aware whenever customer will Dial customers and prospects directly from their CRM provide same request by E-mail and i. (private and public) or on premise solution (even based on From small to large business: four various packages existing customer infrastructure).You can easily terminate the service. .FCC will support your agents with proper Quick lead respond.You are in control. Chat system. Innovations: our own software. administrators and supervisors to make sure you benefit IBM Softlayer partnership to deliver highly reliable easy customization and service localization. Stay up-to-date. CRM and other channels. duration. last time. E-mail and business communication integrated with CRM & API other channels. Chat.prioritize sales opportunities. To enhance your CRM and ticketing MA and support your business via Phone. implementation as a cloud and running. provide it to right agent.