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Animals EHBBgggggPBI

Qf Write the words.

fin crab feather dinosaur claws extinct

butterfly camel flamingo beak


snail swan shell tortoise insects
squirrel starfish jellyfish octopus fur


Now check your answers in your Primary i-Dictionary!


^ Write the words and match

1 lleyjsihf

2 atrisshf

3 sinal

4 made

5 opotcus

6 dnoiscru

9 Write the names of 2 animals with the following

body parts.
1 fin shark

2 clow

3 feather

4 shell

5 fur

6 beak

9 F^ead and write true or false.

1 Dinosaurs are extinct. 4 Tortoises have got shells.

2 Crabs have got feathers. 5 Flamingos have got wings.

3 Squirrels have got fur 6 Insects have got fins.


^ Read and write the animals.

1 I'm very small. I've got wings and many beautiful colours. I fly over
trees and rivers. I live in gardens and parl<s.

2 I'm very small. I've got a shell on my bacic and I move very slowly. I live
in gardens and I eat lettuce and grass. In the winter I sleep in a box.

3 I lived a long, long time ago. I was very big. I had claws, but I didn't have
fins or feathers. People usually think of me as a very dangerous animal.

4 I'm tall. I've got long, thin legs and a long, black beak. My feathers are a
beautiful pink colour. I live near rivers and lakes.

5 I live in rivers and lakes. My feathers are usually white, but they can also
be black or brown. I've got a very long neck and an orange beak. I move
slowly through the water, but I can also move very quickly and I can fly.

^ Listen to the Animals song again. Match the animals with the
correct place.
1 bats ^ a bath

2 butterflies I b chairs

3 lions basement

4 crocodiles d window

5 sharks e living room

\ f
6 insects f bedroom V V

7 chickens 9 swing

8 swan h kitchen

^ Where do the animals usually live? Read, choose the word

and write.
1 Bats live in .qayes.-.
a jungles b caves c the sea

2 Octopuses live in
a the sea b trees c the countryside

3 Crocodiles live in
a caves b rivers c gardens

4 Sharks live in
a forests b the countryside c the sea

5 Chickens live in
a rivers b parks c the countryside on farms

6 Swans live in
a lakes b gardens c trees

^ Read and write the words to connplete the text.

dinosaurs clow extinct flamingo beak

crabs camels fin feathers shell

Milly has always loved animals. She likes to learn about how animals live.
She goes to the beach and looks for starfish on the sand and catches
1 .crftbs..

Milly's favourite animal is the ^ She likes the beautiful pink

colour of its ^ She also likes its small, black
'' and long, thin legs. Milly wants to travel to Bolivia in
South America when she is older to see this animal in the wild.

Milly also likes ^ She has read many books about these
strange, strong creatures. Milly often asks herself one question: Why did
these animals become ^ ? It's a great mystery.

CP Now choose the best title for the text.Tick { / ) 1 box.

Milly's Interest in Animals
Milly Goes on Safari
Milly's Dinosaur Dream

I know 20 new A N I M A L words!

Super J f Good ) ( Satisfactory

Write tlie words.

gloves bete shiny pocket blouse

earrings mittens fashion show necklace ring

trainers uniform spotted Wellington boots shorts
striped umbrella sunglasses underwear tights

Now check your answers in your Primary i-Dictionary!

^ Read and sort the words.
1 blet belt.

2 wderunrea

3 shyin

4 tedpots

5 priedst

6 senttim

7 raersing

8 tepock

Read and order the sentences.

1 on / fingers / wear / people / rings / their
PeojDle wear rjngs,pri.their /.iagers

2 that / shirts / blouses / are / women / wear

3 are / clothes / people / wear / special / fashion shows / events / when

4 people's / in / gloves / keep / warm / hands / winter

5 in / things / we / trousers / that / put / pockets / parts / are / of / the

6 wear / the / in / sports / people / shorts / summer

HE Clothes

Read and match.

1 People wear these to protect their
a mittens
eyes when the sun is very bright.-—
2 We wear these on our feet when we
do sports or go running.
3 Police officers, firefighters, soldiers and
nurses all wear this.
k When it rains, we hold one of these above
our head so that we do not get wet.
5 These are a special type of glove.There
is one section for your fingers and another
for your thumb.
6 We wear these on our feet when it is wet
from the rain.They are made of rubber and
are usually blacl<, green or yellow in colour.

Qf Answer the questions.

What clothes do you lil<e wearing?

Do you prefer spotted or striped designs?

3 What is the last item of clothing you bought?

k Do you prefer wearing trainers or shoes?

5 What do you thinl< about going shopping for clothes?

6 Would you lil<e to go to a fashion show?

^ Read and connplete the sentences about the story.

Sally's W e e k l y Fashion Show

Sally likes many things. She likes reading and going to the cinema. She likes
playing computer games and talking to her friends. But she does not like
any of those things as much as she likes clothes.When she is at home in her
room, Sally likes to pretend that she is a famous model in a fashion show.
First, Sally puts on some of her favourite clothes. She puts on her blue
shorts and her black and white striped tights, her yellow blouse and her big
black belt. She puts her shiny earrings in and she wears her red sunglasses
and her gold necklace.Then she puts on some music and she walks up and
down her room in front of the mirror.

'Sally is wearing a beautiful new blouse designed by the great Italian

designer Juliano', says Sally. Sally puts one hand in the pocket of her shorts.
Then she opens her umbrella, holds it against her shoulder and smiles.
That's all from Sally Davies this week, but she'll be back next week with all
the best new clothes.'
1 Sally prefers clp.t.l?;?? to reading and going to the cinema.

2 When she is in her room, Sally likes pretending she is in

3 Sally wears her striped and her yellow blouse.

4 Sally wears her shiny earrings and puts on her red

5 There is a in Sally's shorts that she puts her hand into.

6 At the end of her fashion show, Sally opens her

w .

Read and write the words to complete the text. ^ ^

Danny's Lucky Football Clothes ^

trainers clothes gloves spotted pockets shorts

Every day, after school, Danny goes to the park with his friends and plays
football. He always wears the same .clot.b?.^.; On his feet, he
wears his old white ^ They help Danny score lots of goals.

Unless it is very, very cold, Danny wears his black ^ These

are very long, like in the old days of football.They come down to Danny's
knees! They also have very big ^ that Danny puts his
hands in when he is standing around waiting for the ball.

Danny does not usually wear ^ but sometimes it gets

so cold that he needs to protect his fingers. Danny always wears his
^ T-shirt. One day, he changed his mind and decided to
wear his striped T-shirt. He did not score a single goal that day! Danny did
not make the same mistake again!

9 You are going to your friend's birthday party.What are you

going to wear? Write a short description in your notebook.
Use the new clothes words.

My Perfect Look
I'm going to wear...

I know 20 new C L O T H E S words!

Super J f Good ) f Satisfactory


Write the words.

DVD games console email Internet

ble§ C D player button keypad chat


MP3 player online mobile phone PC
screen website mouse laptop link

Now check your answers in your Primary i-Dictionary!

Read and match.
1 A small square or round object on I keypad
computers and phones that we press.
2 The area on a phone or computer I link
which shows images and information.
3 A small object with buttons that we click •c button
to move around a computer screen.
4 The area on computers, phones and d mouse
calculators that has keys and buttons.
5 A connection that links images and e Internet
text on websites.

6 The global network of computers. f screen

Read and write the words.

1 an electronic device for playing digital files, especially music

2 this word refers to a computer or a person that is connected

to the Internet

3 a small object that we use to make calls, send texts and

take photographs

4 a machine that we listen to CDs on

5 an online conversation on an instant messaging service

6 a way of sending messages from one computer to another

C o m p u t e r s and Technology

Now write your own definitions for these words.

1 DVD .w?. .t.Q. w.' illTl?.
2 PC
3 website
4 laptop
5 blog
6 games console

^ Computers and technology quiz! Read and answer.

1 When was the Internet created?

a In the 1930s C^the 196^ c In the 1990s

2 Two students started Google at university.Which university?
a Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology b Cambridge
c Stanford
3 What does PC stand for?
a personal computer b private computer c public computer
4 Who invented the world wide web?
a Bill Gates b Tim Berners-Lee c Steve Jobs
5 Marl< Zuckerberg created Facebook. Which American university did
he go to?
a Harvard b Yale c Princeton
6 Which famous technology company makes the iPod.the iPhone and
the iPad?
a Google b Apple c Microsoft

C o m p u t e r s and Technology

Read and write the words to complete the email.

laptop keypad Internet websites emails

Hi Mark
How are you? I'm very excited! It was my birthday on Saturday and my
parents bought me a very special present. I have a tablet computer! It's
much better than my old ^ l^RtP.P.-
A tablet computer isn't very heavy, so it's no problem to walk around with
it. And I can play all my computer games on it It's fun to send
^ because the ^ is big, so it's easy to write.

The best thing about it is using the '' ^

look brilliant on a tablet computer! The colours are very bright and the
text is easy to read.
I know you don't like technology very much. Maybe the tablet computer
will make you change your mind.
See you soon.

What do you think about technology? Answer the questions.

1 How often do you use the Internet?
use j K e Interriet

2 Which do you prefer: mobile phones or MP3 players?

3 What is your favourite website?

4 Do you read blogs? Which ones? Do you write a blog?

5 How many emails and text messages do you send in one week?

C o m p u t e r s and Technology

Ijf Read and complete the sentences.

A Short History of the Internet
The Internet was invented in the 1960s by computer scientists working
in America. For many years, only people in universities and people very
interested in computer technology used this new invention.
In 1991, a British computer scientist called Tim Berners-Lee invented
the world wide web.This made it much easier to use the Internet and it
became very popular all over the world. But there was still a problem.The
Internet was so slow!
At the beginning of the 21"^ century, broadband technology made it easier
for people to connect quickly to the Internet. It also made it easier for
people to share information. People wanted to share videos, links and music
on sites likeYouTube and MySpace.

Today we can access the Internet on smart phones, laptops, PCs and tablet
computers.We live online.Websites have become a big part of our lives.We
shop on Amazon and eBay, we talk to friends on Facebook and Twitter, we
listen to music on Spotify and search for information on Google.
What is the future of the Internet? Nobody knows. But one thing we can be
quite sure about. It isn't going to go away!

1 created the Internet in the United States.

2 was invented by a British computer scientist.
3 The was too slow for people to use.
4 People share things like music, videos and on sites
likeYouTube and MySpace.
5 We live now.
6 Facebook,Twitter and Google are examples of that
are a big part of our lives.

I know 18 new C O M P U T E R S A N D T E C H N O L O G Y words!

Super ) ( Good ) ( Satisfactory

H ^ Write tlie words.

flour knife butter oil chocolate

meal fork chopsticks jam pasta




spaghetti toast plate smell spoon
sweets taste sugar pizza stir

Now check your answers in your Primary i-Dictionary!

Read and write true or false.
1 Chopsticks were invented in the UK. 1/

2 Spaghetti is a type of Italian pasta.

3 Flour is used to make bread.

4 Sweets do not contain lots of sugar

5 Pizza is an Italian word.

6 People put butter and jam on toast.

Uf Read and sort the words.

1 lapet

2 oopsn

3 rofk

4 finek

5 satte

6 rist

7 llesm

8 lio

Qf Read and choose the best title for each paragraph.

Toast in the Morning From Naples to the World

W o o d or Gold? So Many Names to Learn

From .NajDles,to ,the Wor|d

1 People hove eaten food like pizza for centuries in the Mediterranean
area. But modern cheese and tomato pizza-making began in Naples
in Italy in the century. In the century, Italian immigrants took
their dish to the United States. It became one of that country's most
popular meals. Pizza is now enjoyed all over the world.

Outside Asia, people usually eat their meals with knives and forks. But
in countries like China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, people often use
chopsticks. Chopsticks are believed to have come from China over
5,000 years ogo.They are usually made of wood or plastic. But rich
people in the post sometimes had gold and silver chopsticks!

Pasta is mode from flour, eggs and water. It comes in many different
shapes and sizes.There ore lots of names to learn! We can enjoy
spaghetti or macaroni, vermicelli or lasagne. Pasta is usually mode by
boiling it in water. It is often eaten with some kind of sauce.

In the United Kingdom, people often eat toast for breakfast.They

moke toast using white bread or brown bread. People like to put
butter on their toast. Some people also like to put jam on their
toast.There are many different jams to choose from. Strawberry,
raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant are all very popular

Read and write the words.


1 We put tilis in cups of tea and coffee to make them taste sweeter

2 We make this from fruit and sugar. People like to put it on toast.

3 We use this to make bread, pasta and cakes.

4 We do this with a spoon when we want to mix something.

5 This is a type of dish that we eat our meals from.

6 This is a liquid that we use to cook vegetables.

You are going to cook a nneal for your friend.What are you
going to make? Write a short description in your notebook.
Use the new food words.

A M e a l for My Friend

I'm going to cook ...


Read the conversation and complete it.Write a letter

(A-F) for each answer.
Milly and Carla are having a meal in a restaurant.
What does Milly say?
1 C a r l a : What are you going to have, Milly?
Milly: C
2 C a r l a : Do you like spaghetti?
3 C a r l a : Use a spoon and a fork!
4 C a r l a : What about pizza?

5 C a r l a : They have ham and pineapple pizza.

I'm going to have that.
6 C a r l a : Do you want something to drink?

A No, it's impossible to eat it with a knife and fork.

B I prefer the cheese and tomato.
C—I don't know.
D No, I can't. It's too difficult.
E Yes, I like pizza.
F Yes, I think I'll have orange juice.

I know 20 new F O O D words!

Super (^Good r Satisfactory

at W o r k
I P Write the words.

dentist mechanic actress astronaut

engineer businesswoman journalist ambulance
businessman actor cook footballer



tennis player meeting painter news waiter office
queen photographer secretary newspaper singer

\ . ,,

Now check your answers In your Primary i-Dictionary!

People a t W o r k

Correct the sentences.

1 Engineers sing songs.
E rig^inee rs .b uild .b r idg es. ing e rs, s lag o rig s

2 Footballers lool< after people's teeth.

3 Journalists cook meals in schools and hospitals.

4 Painters play tennis at Wimbledon and Roland Garros.

5 Waiters repair car engines.

Complete the text with the correct words.

Office Life

Millions of people work in rooms in buildings called offices.

^ and businesswomen work in offices. Photographers and
^ do, too. Sometimes hundreds of people work in the
same office.
Offices are very noisy places. People are always talking and phones are always
ringing. People who work in offices often go to ^ where they
discuss important ideas. Sometimes these can last for two or three hours!
^ also work in offices.Their job is to write stories for
newspapers. Newspaper offices are even noisier than normal offices! This is
because the ^ changes all the time.

1 tennis players businessmen football players

2 secretaries astronauts singers
3 mechanics meetings journalists
4 journalists painters engineers
5 ideas news stories
People a t W o r k

Choose the correct word from the box.

news queen meeting ambulance secretary waiter

1 Someone who answers phones, sends emails and writes letters in an

office. SGcretaryt

2 Someone who sits on an expensive chair called a throne and lives in a


3 This is what we call it when a group of people get together in an office

to discuss ideas at work.

4 Reports of things happening around the world on TV, the Internet, the
radio or in newspapers.

5 A special vehicle used to transport sick and injured people to


6 Someone who works in a restaurant and serves food to guests at

their tables.

Jobs quiz! Read and answer.

1 Marilyn Monroe was a 20"" century American .Çp.t/.ÇSS..
a astronaut b photographer c actress

2 George Best was a century Northern Irish

a singer b footballer c painter

3 Rupert Murdoch is an Australian

a painter b businessman c engineer

4 Rafael Nadal is a Spanish

a tennis player b actor c photographer ^

5 Buzz Aldrin was a 20* century American

a astronaut b footballer c journalist

People a t W o r k

IP Read the story and answer the questions.

The Quiet Dreamer
Robert is a dreamer. People wlio read all the time are always dreamers.
Robert lil<es reading about the jobs that people do. He reads about
journalists who write stories for newspapers.Then he wants to be a
journalist. He reads about dentists who pull patients' teeth outThen he
wants to be a dentist.
Last month, Robert read about a famous American astronaut called Neil
Armstrong. In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. He was the first
person in history to do that.'Wow!' thought Robert, putting his book on his
knee.'Perhaps I can walk on the moon, too!'And Robert dreamt about that.
Last week, Robert read about a famous Welsh actor called Richard Burton
who starred in many films. In 1963, he starred in Qeopotro.'Wow!' thought
Robert.'Perhaps I can star in films, too!'And Robert dreamt about that.
Last night, Robert read about a famous Spanish painter called Diego
Velazquez. In 1656,Velazquez painted Las Men/nos.'Wow!' thought Robert.
'Perhaps I can paint beautiful paintings, too.'And Robert dreamt about that.
This morning, at breakfast, Robert's mother said,'What job do you want to
do when you're older, Robert?' Robert said,'I don't know. Mum. It changes
all the time. Sometimes, I think I don't want to do anything at all. I just want
to dream about it.'

1 What does Robert like reading about?

Ro b e rt .i;eadlri_g ^ ab o ut

2 Who was Neil Armstrong?

3 Who was Richard Burton?

4 Who was Diego Velazquez?

5 What job does Robert want to do when he is older?

People a t W o r k

CP Read and write the words to complete the story.

secretary businesswoman queen actress

office newspapers meetings

Once upon a time there was a very unhappy ^ She didn't

enjoy opening new buildings or naming ships.'Look,' said her husband one
day.'You're the queen.You've got the best job in the country!'

'But I want to do something else,' said the queen.'! want to be a

^ I could work in an ^ and ask my
to send emails to important people.' Her husband didn't
think this was a good idea.'Think of all those ^ 'he said.
The queen thought about that and decided her husband was right.

'Perhaps I could be an ^ ' said the queen. Her husband

shook his head.'They spend more time working in restaurants than acting,'
he said.The queen thought about that and decided her husband was right.

One day, the prince came to visit.'Mother,' he said.'It's time I became king.
I've been waiting a long time.' Suddenly, the queen smiled.'That's right!'
she said.'You have!'And so the prince became king. Now the queen did
whatever she wanted. On Mondays she painted, on Wednesdays she took
photographs, and at the weekend she wrote stories for ^
about what it was like to be the queen. She never stopped smiling.

Now choose the best title for the story.Tick ( • ) 1 box.

The Queen in the Office

The Actress, the Businesswoman and the Queen

The Queen's New Life

I know 23 new PEOPLE A T W O R K words!

Ç Super ^ Ç Good ^ f Satisfactory

Qjf Write the words.

fire station bridge corner bookshop chemist

airport circus go straight on east factory castle


' .«..J

museum south north turn right
police station restaurant turn left post office
west university hotel theatre

& t P • tduL'^i^.

E 3

Now check your answers in your Primary î-Dictionary!

Places and Directions

Read and choose the best title for each paragraph.

Centuries of Learning A World of A r t

Over a Hundred Years of History The Rock of Kings and Queens

Over_Q_Huridred.Years oj^.History

1 It took eight years to build Tower Bridge in London. It was finished

in 1894-.Tower Bridge was built because lots of people lived in the
East End of London and there was no bridge in the east of the city
at that time for them to use.Today, visitors to London can learn all
about the history of the bridge at the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan in New York opened in

1929. It has a collection of over 150,000 works of art.These include
paintings, photographs and drawings.The museum also has a very
big collection of books and films.The museum has some very famous
paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet.

Bologna University is in the north of Italy. It is one of the oldest

universities in the world.The university was founded in 1088! The
famous Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus studied at Bologna
from 1496 to 1501. Copernicus began investigating the universe while
he was studying at the university.

Edinburgh is in the south of Scotland.The city's famous castle sits on

an extinct volcano called Castle Rock. Archaeologists believe that
people were living on the rock as long ago as 900 BC. In the Middle
Ages, Edinburgh Castle was home to the Scottish kings and queens.
The castle has been an army base for hundreds of years and is a
very popular attraction for visitors to Scotland's capital city.

Places and Directions
,—^^•-^.jsmsmem'• .

Read the texts in exercise 2 again and answer the questions.

1 How many years did it tal<e to build Tower Bridge in London?
.. . . .E [at^.t. i) .G.^.f.S ; . . . .
2 When was Tower Bridge finislied?
3 Where is the Museum of Modern Art?
4 How many works of art does the Museum of Modern Art have?

5 Which famous astronomer studied at Bologna University?

6 Who lived in Edinburgh Castle in the Middle Ages?

9 Write the words and match.

1 koobposh booksKojD

2 colipe tatinos

3 uarteantrs

4 vuneriisyt

5 mmeusu

6 shemcit

IÇ What is the place? Choose the correct word from the box.

bool<shop university castle chemist circus

hotel fire station theatre post office

1 You go here after you leave school.You can learn about something that
interests you.You read, study and take exams here.
2 You go here to buy stamps and send letters.You can also buy
newspapers, pens, pencils and envelopes here.
3 You go here to watch actors, actresses, musicians and dancers perform
in plays, shows and concerts.
4 You stay here when you go on holiday.This place has many rooms for
guests to sleep in.
5 This is an old building that was a home for kings and queens in the past.
Lots of tourists visit them.
6 This is a place where you can buy books. Some of these places have
special areas where people can read.

I® Describe these places.

1 A chemist is a place where uou can buu tablets arid medicine.

2 A fire station is
3 A police station is
4 A restaurant is
5 A circus is
6 An airport is

9 Think of a place you would like to visit.What is it? Where is

it? How will you get there? Now write about your place in
your notebook.
A Place I W a n t t o Visit
I am going to visit...
Places and Directions

f^ Read the conversation and complete it.

Write a letter (A-F) for each answer.
Danny is tall<ing to iiis friend Marl<. Danny is aslcing
Mark how to get to the cinema.What does Mark say?

1 Danny: Hi, Mark. How do I get to the cinema?

Mark: C

2 Danny: What do I do first?

3 Danny: What do I do then?
4 Danny: Where do I go after I turn right at the post office?

Danny: Where do I go after I turn left at the chemist?
Danny: Thanks for your help, Mark.

A That's OK, Danny!

B Turn left at the chemist.
C—That's easy! It's not very far away.
D Then turn right at the post office.
E Nothing! The cinema will be in front of you, on the corner.
F OK! The first thing to do is to go straight on.

I know 23 new PLACES A N D D I R E C T I O N S words!

Super Good Satisfactory