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Beulah Camp

Camper/Family Information Sheet

700 Trolley Road Phone: (618) 273-3583
Eldorado, IL 62930-4102 Fax: (618) 273-7124

Welcome to Beulah Camp. Whether you’re a youth Stay in touch with your campers. We strongly
or a youth at heart, opportunities to meet God discourage phone calls to campers, and campers are
abound. As you read over this information, if you not allowed cell phones while at camp, but letters
have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact and faxes are great ways to tell your campers that
us- you are thinking of them.
Camper’s Name
Camp Program
Forms and Health Concerns Beulah Camp
700 Trolley Rd.
Eldorado, IL 62930-4102
Save your confirmation letter for contact information, Fax: (618) 273-3520
beginning and ending times of camp, and record of
payment. Email: If you would like to email your camper, send
an email to: lahCam~er
Please contact the Camping Office at (217) 529-2646
or (217) 529-3007 with questions regarding any camp- CANCELLATION POLICY
related forms or concerns you may have regarding the
camping program.
If you will not be able to attend the camp you
selected, notify the Conference Camping Office
O ALL-IN-ONE HEALTH AND PERMISSION FORM: You have immediately. A cancellation must be in writing or by
received with your confirmation letter an All-in-One Health email to and must include the
and Permission Form. This document must be signed and camper’s name, address, and the camp number
taken to camp in order for the camper, adult, or volunteer to (BC####). Please put “CAMP CANCELLATION” in the
participate in camp activities.
email subject line. The following penalties apply to
Camp users are covered by a health/accident policy • 45 days before camp; full refund except for
that will pay to policy limits, (please see enclosed letter credit card processing fee.
regarding the policy limits.) If your insurance coverage • 30-45 days before camp; refund all but $50.
changes between registration and camp, please let the • 30 days or less before camp; refund for
camp know upon arrival. If you have no coverage, emergency only.
please indicate this on your health form. • All refunds will be paid by check through the
Camping & Retreat Ministries Office.

A registration and all-in-one health and permission

form must be completed for each person attending If you have any questions, contact the Conference
camp, including all volunteers. Camping Office at the address or phone numbers
listed below between the hours of 8:00 AM 4:30 -

PM, Monday-Friday. Voice mail is available after

If a camper has special needs, please notify the camp staff hours.
as soon as possible, so that we can better prepare to
accommodate your camper. All information is kept
confidential. Camping and Retreat Ministries
P0 Box 19207
Springfield, IL 62 794-9207
Phone: (21 7) 529-2646 or (217) 529-3007
Fax: (217)529-4150

Revised 2.2011
-Flip Flops for the shower
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
Clothes (please label all items) Miscellaneous
-A daily change of clothes -Bible (one that can handle camp)
-Tennis Shoes (for recreation) -Sunscreen
-Hat (optional) -Insect repellant
-Sweatshirt or light jacket (for cooler evenings) -Paper and Pencil/pen
-Modest sleepwear (pajamas or shorts & T-shirt) -Flashlight and batteries (extra batteries)
-Rain-wear (just in case) -Stationery, envelopes and stamps
-Modest one-piece bathing suit -Camera and film (disposable or inexpensive).
-Dirty-clothes bag (garbage bag)
Bedding Cell phones, beepers, electronic devices of any kind,
-Sleeping bag (or sheets and a blanket) e.g.: TV’s, DVD players, etc. If these are brought to
-Pillow camp, the camp dean will keep them for the time of
the campers stay at Beulah.
-Towels (for swimming and showering) Possession or use of the following by any camper
-Washcloth will result in immediate dismissal from camp, and
-Unscented soap (mild or unscented so as not the proper authorities will be notified: alcohol,
to attract insects) illegal drugs, weapons, or fireworks. No refund
-Shampoo (mild scented) will be given in such situations.
Schedule Monday
Beulah Bible Camp is part of the camping

9:30-11:25 Registration program in the Illinois Great Rivers

11:30-12:00 Assembly Conference of The United Methodist Church. Beulah Bible Camp
12:00-12:40 Lunch The Camp is designed to provide campers
12:45-1:10 Cabin Set-up
Music/Sponsor Meeting
with a Christian lifestyle lived in context of June 25 - 28
1:15—2:15 recreation, crafts, education, and worship.
2:15-3:00 Small Group Kick-off
3~ 00-3 :30 Snack Break
The Camp presents the Gospel through
participation in experiences and Bible
Eldorado, IL
3:30-4:30 Class 1
4:30-5:00 Clean-up for Supper
centered curriculum. The Camp provides an
5:00-5:45 Supper 5:30 Bookstore open opportunity for commitment to Christ. The
6:00-7:00 Worship Camp is designed for campers who will enter
7:00-8:00 Activity 5th-7th grades in the fall. ~
8:00 Snack 8:30 Bookstore open
9:00 Cabin Devotions
Parents and guests are invited to attend the 2018 ~
closing services on Thursday afternoon. You \\\.I ~
io:oo Lights out S ~

Daily Schedule are always welcome; however, we ask that

7:45-8:30 Breakfast you use discretion when visiting to keep
8:30-8:50 Cabin Clean-up homesickness at a minimum. Please use the
9:00-9:30 Music/Announcements same care in phoning your child. Parents will
9:40-10:25 Class 1 be notified if homesickness occurs. Parents
10:25-10:40 Drink Break
of a camper disrupting the camp will be
10:45-11:30 Class 2
11:30-12:00 Assembly
called to come get their child. No camper will
12:00-12:45 Lunch be allowed to leave camp without being
12:45-1:15 Fellowship in Cabin signed out and accompanied by a parent or a
1:20-2:05 Class 3 parent’s written permission.
2:15-3:05 Elective 1
Camp is over at the conclusion of our worship
3:05-3:35 Snack Break 3:20 Bookstore
Elective 2 service on Thursday afternoon. Parents must
4:30-5:00 Clean-up for Supper sign their child out prior to leaving camp. Therefore, if anyone is in
5:00-5:45 Supper 5:30 Bookstore open Christ, he is a new
6:00-7:00 Worship For more information contact:
7:00-8:00 Activity Debbie Randoll creation, the old has gone,
Snack 8:30 Bookstore
9:00 Cabin Devotions
618-993-8235 the new has come!
619-997-6065 ext. 235
10:00 Lights out
Thursday 2 Corinthians 5:17
2:15-2:30 Snack
2:45-4:00 Worship
4:00-4:15 Camper Sign-out
Your camp registration fee includes all
Each afternoon will include a variety of
refreshments, recreation, and a camp t-shirt.
things for the campers to do. We will be
The only additional money your child may
playing messy water games.
want at camp is for the bookstore.
Campers should bring old clothes
and shoes to wear for these games.
There will be other elective classes to Campers should bring their A nurse is on the campgrounds for
choose from for those not wanting to own bedding, towels,
grooming aids, Bible, emergencies and to dispense all
participate in the messy games. I
notebook, pens, tennis medications to be taken at camp.
shoes, rainwear, sunscreen,
A bookstore is available for those wishing to
bug spray, water shoes or old
purchase small items.
Evening Activities tennis shoes, dothes for
Monday- Swimming** messy games, and Sponsors: Churches should
Tuesday- Crazy Games appropriate swimwear. provide sponsors for their
Wednesday- Team Tourney campers. The camping association
Dress Code
—.: • requires TWO sponsors in each
Everyone is expected to follow the dress code sleeping area; two for the boys and
at all times, so please pack accordingly. two for the girls. We would also
**Girls should wear a 1 piece or very modest
Campers, sponsors, and staff are expected to like to keep the ratio 1 sponsor for
tankini. We will make every effort to go
dress practically and modestly at all times. each 5-6 boys/girls. If your church
swinuning. It is dependent on the weather
and availability of the pool. Therefore, the
The hem of shorts must be no shorter than does not send sponsors, or does
schedule for activities is subject to change. your fingertips when your hands are placed at not send enough sponsors, we will
your side. No hats are to be worn in the move campers into other cabins to
tabernacle or dining hall.
Beulah Camp work out this ratio.
700 Trolley Road Please do not bring clothes with: holes,
Eldorado, IL 62930
618-273-3583 profanity, ads for alcohol or tobacco,
Fax: 618-273-7124
spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, halter tops, Sponsors must register through
spandex/biker shorts, or muscle shirts. the conference office and pay $50
Send Registration to:
IGRC Camping Office Please do not send cell phones, pagers, for a background check, insurance,
P.O. Box 19207 beepers with your child to camp. There is a and other camping costs.
Springfield, IL 62794-9207
Fax: 217-529-4150 phone available in the office. A phone card is
E-mail: needed for long distance calls. The camp is
For latest information and online Sponsors are required to attend
registration, check the website:
not responsiblefor lost or stolen items. training before camp! There will
be training scheduled in the area.
Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church

Camping and Youth Ministries


IMPORTANT! Each registrant must bring this form to camp in order to participate
Please do not send this form to the camping office



Full Name of Participant: Date of birth: Age

Mailing Address:
City/State/Zip Phone# 1 Phone#2
Custodal Parent Information: Name: Home Phone:
Cellular Phone: Work Phone
Mailing address. Email
Church (include also the name of the city in which the church is located)


Is the camper ca~ered by a medcal insurance policy? U Yes U No

Name of policy holder Relationship to participant
Insurance cam pony: Phone #:
Medcal insurance policy number:_________________________________________________ Check one: U Groi.~ plan U Individual/Family plan

SECTION IV: MEDICAL HISTORY (Must be up-to-date upon arrrval at camp Mach additional pages if needed)
Is camper current on all immuni~tions as required by the pi~lic school system’? U Yes U No Date of last Tetanus shot
Ust allergies, including allergies to medications, indicating the s~erity of reaction:
Please check which applies if peanut allergy — reaction to Dairborne (must remove anything containing peanuts) Ucannot be ingested
if lactone allergy: Umilk can be in food Uno milk or dairy products at all
List prescribed and over-the-counter medication(s) presently taking (medications to be ade~inistered at camp must be in original containers)

List past medical treatments

Please describe any medical prcblems or condtions including mental & emotional

List any restrictions pertaining to diet, sports, or pbysical activity.

List any medications that should !!~ be adoiinistered ____________________________________________________________________________________

Doctor’s name: _____________________________________________________________ Doctor’s phone


For Parents/Guardians of Youth Participants:
I the undersigned parent or guardian, do hereby grant permission for ________________________________________________________________ to attend __________
_______________________________________________________ Camp As the parent/guardian, I understand that I am responsible to transport the youth home if he/she
is found in violation of the rules

For Parents/Guardians and All Participants:

Further, I understand that participation in IGRC camping and youth ministly activities can involve a certain degree of risk and can from time to time be physically mentally and emotionally
demanding. I have edicated mysef as to the nature of the activities that I (my child) will be participating in, have been provided an cpportunity to have questions abut said activities
answered, and have considered the risks involved in participating in said activities. I cie hereby voluntarily give my consent (for my child) to participate in each of these activities. I
understand that participation in any IGRC camping and youth ministry activty is completely voluntary and that I (my Child) can refuse to participate in any activity I (he, she) deem(s) to be
inappropriate for me (him her). I release the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodst Church, ris activhy coordinators and all employees, volunteers and agents of the
Ilinois Great Rivers Conference of the Unted Methodist Church (the Released Parties) from any and all claims of liability arising out of my (my child s) participation in any IGRC
camping and youth activties, including any daim arising out of travel to or from the site of the location of these activties. I further agree that if I or if anyone on behalf of my child makes a
claim for damages against any of the Released Parties, that I will indemnify and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any and all such liability, damages, attorneys’ fees and
conts that any of the Released Parties may incur as a result of said claim or claims, to full extent aII~ed by applicable law.

For Adult Volunteers:

As a volunteer age 18 or over I agree to a background check conducted by the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (please dewnload and complete the background check form
(Continued on the next page - signature required)
H~a1thP~missionF~m (r~scd 1113iv2015)
Name of Camper
Name of Camp
Please initial the following permissions and affirmations to signify agreement:
For camp staff to obtain and consent to med~al treatment for me or my child in case ci injury or illness during camp
For me or my child to receive the checked OTC medicines below (you must select the OTC medicines below) in appropriate dosage and under
appropriate circumstances
~empIpain reliever) (Sudafedlallergy) Ibuprofen (templpain reliever)
(Benadryllallergy) (Antidiarrheal) Guaifenesin (RobitussinlCough Syrup)
For IGRC Camping and Retreat Ministries and its designees to transport me or my child to off-site activities and)or for health or safety.
For interviews, photographs, or video footage of my child or myself to be used by IGRC Camping and Retreat for promotional purposes.
That medical information submitted with this form is current.
Required for all campers attending any IGRC horse camp: I am aware that my child or I will be near to or riding horses, which are large animals, can
be unpredictable, and can bite, buck and kick. I am aware that participants must be alert when near them and follow all guidelines and procedures
concerning their care and handling.


• All campers are to be released only to an authorized person.
• Parents/guardians must complete and sign a form (see below) authowing release of the camper to anyone other than the custodial parent or legal guardian
listed on the front of this form. Please list the name ci parentlguardian not listed on the front of this form, ~andparent, aunt, uncle, family friend, church leader,
etc., of anyone that might pick up the camper. If that person is not listed, then the site will not be able to release your camper to them.
• Identification may be required for release of campers to authorized persons. Authorized persons are to be directed to the camp counselor, dean, or camp
director to sign their camper out.
• If a custodial parent request that a camper not be signed out to a noncustodial parent, such a request must be in writing to be kept on file.
• When a last-minute change occurs in who will be picking up a camper, the new instructions are to be verified with the camp director from an authorized person.

I hereby authorize the following persons to pick up my child or children at the end of the session fl do not pick up my child:
Name: Relationship:
Name: Relationship:
Name: Relationship:

My signature below verifies enrollment of the camper named in Section II at the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of The United Methodist Church Camping and
Retreat Ministries’ ectivity, subject to the conditions and permissions set forth in Section V, VI, and VII.
Signature of Parent Guardian, or Adult Participant Date Printed Name of Parent, Guardian, or Adult Participant

Person to call in case of emergency Emergency phone number (with area codu)

Atemate person to call in case of an emergency Alternate emergency phone number (with area code)

This section is completed by the camp nurselmedic when the camper arrives at camp.
Does the camper show any evidence of illness, injury or communicable disease? ~ No LI Yes (if “yes,” attach sheet with explanation)
I have conducted a health screening on the camper, checking for observable evidence of illness, injury, or commun~able disease, verifying and updating this health
history form, and reviewinglcollecting medications to be dispensed during the camp.
Signature of health care worker: Date:

This section is to be filled out at time of release of camper if under age 18.
Printed name of person picking up camper
Signature of person picking up camper: — Date:
Witnessed by: Date:

DON’T FORGET! Each registrant must bring this form to camp in order to participate!!
Hea*h Pumission Fam tre~sed 1113&2015)
Illinois Great Rivers Conference
The United Methodist Church


TO: Parents and Campers or Retreat Event Participants

FROM: Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministries
RE: Participant Insurance

The Illinois Great Rivers Conference offers insurance coverage for medical claims arising from
registered attendance at our conference camps or retreat events.

This insurance is provided on an excess basis. This means that in the event of a camp/retreat-
related injury or illness the participant will file through their parents’/guardians’ health
insurance first. The conference insurance will then pay the deductible, co-pay, and medical
expenses NOTcovered bythe participant’s insurance uptothe policy limitof $5,000.00. If the
participant does not have health insurance the conference insurance will serve as the primary

Please note! Church Mutual does not cover expenses caused by illness or pre-existing medical
conditions. Church Mutual makes the final determination on all claims.

When a Participant Gets Sick

Conditions under which parents/guardians are notified:

• Any illness that persists longer than 24 hours; including fevers, coughs, excess expulsion
of bodily fluids, allergic reactions, severe tiredness.
• Any injury that causes severe prolonged pain, discoloration and/or swelling.
• Any condition that cannot be sufficiently treated by camp/retreat personnel.
• Any condition requiring a higher level of medical services than the camp/retreat
provides. The camp/retreat will provide transportation to the nearest medical facility if
the parent/guardian chooses. Please note! The camp/retreat responds to emergencies
appropriate to the level of perceived need, including calling for an ambulance. All
charges for such emergencies are the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

Should a claim arise, a claim report form will be provided by the camp or the Springfield
Camping Office. Please send all bills incurred to the address in the heading of this letter. Don’t
hesitate to call or email us with your questions.

Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministries

2016 Insurance Information Letter for Participant

Homesickness: Preparing First-Time Campers and Their Parents

Summer camp is a unique respite from the pressures of everyday life.
Attending Camp is an incredible opportunity for your child to learn new skills, learn more about
our amazing God, and develop friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Camp is a great place
to unlock your child’s potential, develop his/her self-esteem and enhance his/her social skills while
having the time of his/her life. You as parents should feel great about providing your child with this
incredible opportunity, and the “letting go” will be good for both of you. It will help develop a healthy
independence. For the first-time camper, how he/she is prepared will influence the overall experience,
and parents are often the key to a rewarding and successful camping experience.

Parents need to be supportive and sensitive.

Any new experience, especially in a new environment, causes nervousness; having a positive
outlook and being encouraging become crucial to a successful camp experience. This includes parents as
well as campers!
Parents can ease the pain of homesickness for themselves and their children by making sure to
adequately prepare their children for camp. Make sure that you talk to your child about camp, the
expectations, the activities, the environment, and, of course, the fun they will have. A prepared and
encouraged child will feel less apprehensive about the impending camp term. Encourage overnight stays
with friends and relatives prior to going to camp. This will help your child adjust to being away from
home and adapting to new surroundings.

What do you do when you get a homesick letter can make or break the camp experience.
Homesickness is actually the norm and not the exception. Most campers experience
homesickness at least one day of camp. Homesickness is a part of growing up and breaking away. Many
people learn to cope with homesickness at summer camp, and camp is a good place to deal with the
feeling of homesickness. Camp is a place for children to learn self-confidence. Camp is a place where
children learn about responsibility. Camp is a place to have fun with new friends. Camp is a safe, caring
environment where nurturing adults are trained to support children through this sometimes difficult
growth process. Homesickness is normal and will go away!

If you should receive a homesick letter from your camper, don’t panic!
If you can, wait for the next letter to see if the content has become more optimistic. Often the
first couple of days are a big adjustment and it may take some time for your camper to become more
involved in the program, cabin, and activities and to make some friends. Be sympathetic, but positive
and encouraging in your replies. Don’t dwell on how much you miss your child, how lonely things are
without him/her or give too much information about home which may cause anxiety. Ask lots of
questions about camp, their activities, new friends, and be encouraging. In this day of instant access, e
mail is wonderful for quick messages. Parents need to be careful, though, not to send so many instant
“messages” that they interfere with their child’s adjustment to camp life. If the homesick letters
continue, be prepared to work with camp staff to help your child work through the situation. Call camp
and express your concerns. Let the staff investigate the situation and get back with you. Have faith in
your camper and the camp staff. Your child’s camp counselors play an important role in the adjustment
process and are probably the most instrumental persons in dealing with your camper. They are
prepared. Let them do the job you have entrusted them to do.
We take the attitude that homesickness is a natural occurrence and simply means that a camper
misses his/her family and the security of being with them.
Our job is to help your camper work through these feelings and to learn to feel secure in the
camp environment. Rest assured that if your child is having an extremely difficult time at camp that
someone from camp will contact you to discuss the best way to handle the situation and your child. If
you don’t hear from camp, but the letters home are sad, then this could mean your child is writing
homesick letters, but not exhibiting homesick behavior. It is very possible that your camper is actually
doing well at camp, but had a low moment of some kind which he/she needed to share with you. View
this as a compliment because your child trusts you and knows he/she can count on you for comfort and
encouragement in difficult moments.

Please avoid the temptation to “make a deal” or pick up your child early if he/she is unhappy.
Avoid telling your child, “If you give camp a few days and don’t like it, I will come get you.” The
offer to rescue your child is done with the best of intentions, but a child may focus on nothing else but
how to make this happen and will never give camp a fair chance. Don’t feel guilty about encouraging
your child to stay at camp. This opportunity is the first step toward independence and plays an
important role in their growth and development. However, trust your instincts. A very small percentage
of homesick cases can be severe, with a camper not eating or sleeping and suffering from severe anxiety
or depression. In these circumstances, camp will work with the families and camper to get through this
rough time, but in rare occasions it may be necessary for the child to go home. If this is the decision, the
remaining time spent at home is vital to keeping the child productive and minimizing blows to his/her
self-esteem. Discuss what worked and didn’t work for your child at camp. Emphasize that it was a
learning experience and discuss what was learned. Focus on the positive and encourage your child to try
a new adventure or program next summer.

We will do everything in our power to ensure a memorable and happy camp experience for your child.
If you have any concerns this summer, please let us know. Our goal is for your camper to be with us
for many summers and that the Illinois Great Rivers Camps will be their “home away from home”
each summer!