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RECEIVED RETARY OF THE SENATE FEC FORM 2 SEORE Matic RECORDS STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY 2018 JAN 11; PH'3202 7. (@) Name ot Cancdate (ful) CHELSEA ELIZABETH MANNING (Dares rondo ad see) ona Tasers charged 2 FEC Carte oton NUAT 5801 NICHOLSON LANE, SUITE 1910 (@] Oi Sine, and ZP Code SETH Sp Taw Taras NORTH BETHESDA, MD 20852-5739 satarent B-cy-“on [] 4. Pay fiaton 5 Ofice Soup 5 Sate Oto Cnacte DEMOCRAT US, SENATE MARYLAND. DESIGNATION OF PRINCIPAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE 7. thaceby designate the fallowing named poicel commitee as my Principal Campaign Commitee forthe 2018 tection). ‘gear tection) [NOTE: This @esignaton shou be fled with the appropiate ofice liste in he Inston Ta) Name of Comaition (ul) CHELSEA MANNING FOR U.S. SENATE (By Adsross (Pumbor and seo} 5801 NICHOLSON LANE, SUITE 1910 (8 Gly. Sale, and ZIP Code NORTH BETHESDA, MD 20852-5739 DESIGNATION OF OTHER AUTHORIZED COMMITTEES: (iseluing doit Fundraising Represereatves) 8. thereby auhode the flloning named commie, which is NOT my principal campaign commit, to receive and expendtunds on bea ot my candidacy NOTE: This cesignaton shouts be lec win he principal campaign commie (ai Name of Core (ata TH) AGGS (umber and sree (Oly. Site, and 2 Code Slonaie of Canasta JAN 5, 2018 1 | | | NOTE: Submission of false, eraneous or Incomplete Fecronuanevenzcs) Faxed or Hand Delivered Anited States Senate — ‘THE PRECEDING DOCUMENT WAS: [-U=t & HAND DELIVERED. oT USPS FIRST CLASS. MAIL USPS REGISTERED/CERTIFIED. Posmark USPS PRIORITY MAIL postmark DELIVERY CONFIRMATION OR SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION LABEL [_] USPS EXPRESS MAIL Postmark OVERNIGHT DELIVERY SERVICE: SHIPPING DATE NEXT BUSINESS DAY DELIVERY FEDERAL EXPRESS o ups oO DHL oO AIRBORNE EXPRESS oO RECEIVED FROM FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION Date ofReceit POSTMARK iuteGiBLe [_] nopostmark [—] FAX Date of Receipt OTHER I-Meb, reParien DATE PREPARED ayosns ANIM I