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Open Trade Asia Negotiation Simulation

January 27 & February 3, 2018
Manila, Philippines
The open trade system that emerged after the Second World War has been a powerful driver of
economic growth. International trade has helped to lift millions of people out of poverty and
strengthened more peaceful relations between participating nations. New trade relations in Asia and
around the world will emerge in the coming years. The people who know how to advocate and
negotiate on trade are becoming ever more in demand by governments, corporations, universities, think
tanks and public interest groups. Trade in Asia is a field with a future!
Skilled trade negotiators and representatives will play critical roles in helping reshape new terms for
trade that will impact billions of people around the globe. The task is huge, the challenges are immense
and the rewards significant.
Open Trade Asia Negotiation Simulation (OTANS) will give university students the opportunity to learn
from trade negotiators about their craft, and be coached on how to find common ground among
countries to create multi-lateral agreements for Trade in Goods and Services.

Urgent questions: What’s next for the global trade regime?

What will be the future of trade agreements in Asia? Will Asian economies contract if trade is curtailed?
How will the global supply chains, built over decades of global trade, adjust to new rules and new
opportunities for trade in Asia? How may the American role in promoting trade in the region change,
even as China deepens its integration into the global economy? Is there a better way to strike the next
generation of trade deals in Asia and around the world?

Growing need for trade negotiators: Are you up for the challenge?
Trade negotiation - and negotiators – will become even more important in the future. How are trade
agreements actually negotiated? Who are the people who do this? How do they come by their skills?
How are trade agreements implemented and adjudicated? What is the career of a trade negotiator, and
how can students prepare to become one?

Trade negotiation simulation: Your chance to participate!

Asia Society Philippines and the Hinrich Foundation invite 60 advanced undergraduate and post-
graduate students to participate in a Model United Nations style of simulation for trade on two
Saturdays – January 27 & February 3.
OTANS is the first trade negotiation simulation conference offered in the Philippines and we are looking
for students passionate about or interested in trade from universities in Manila to join!

Work with trade VIPs: Build your network!

OTANS is an engaging, unique experience for students to become acquainted with the dynamics of trade
negotiations and international relations. Student benefit from the expertise of Stephen Olson, Hinrich
Foundation’s Research Fellow and former US trade negotiator who served on the US team for NAFTA
and the US – Canada Free Trade Agreement negotiations.
Industry experts will also be invited to the event to share their insights on real, industry-specific trade
challenges and opportunities.

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Getting down to work: Trade negotiation or trade harmonization?
We will have six country teams in the simulation with 10 members. Each member will represent a
particular trade sector.
All participants will be briefed by industry experts regarding trade basics, the implications of trade
agreements and be coached in negotiation strategies. The six country teams will focus on key areas
where they can agree and where more work is needed to reach a consensus. They will need to find a
consensus with other countries while also being able to get negotiated agreements ratified in their
home countries.
The culmination of the simulation will be for the delegates to present an agreed to text in a joint
communiqué. Delegates will also reflect on lessons learned in the give and take of the negotiation

There’s more: Read on!

The program is in English and is free of charge to students.
We will create teams prior to the program and put members in touch with one another as they prepare
for their roles in the program. Online reading snippets and activities will be available and will help you
for the tough negotiations.
All students who complete the two-day program and complete the post-event survey will receive a
personalized Certificate of Trade Leadership.
The Hinrich Foundation is generously offering a scholarship to attend the Export Manager Advanced
Training Program, a short course on SME internationalization, global marketing and business
development taught by international experts. More details will be announced at the program.

How to get involved: Register now!

Places are limited. We encourage you to register quickly to hold a place for the two Saturday sessions.
Note that registration requires a PHP1,000 deposit with the Asia Society Philippines to hold your place.
The deposit will be returned to the students in full upon completion of the program on February 3.

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