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Studio System™ Office-friendly metal 3D printing

The Studio System™ is up to ten times cheaper than comparable laser-based
systems. With purchase and subscription pricing options, it’s the only metal 3D
printing system that is cost-effective for engineering teams.

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Purchase Studio System™ Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
US only

US $120,0001 $0 down and $4,0002,3/month

EU €120.0001 for 36 months

$0 down and $3,2502,3/month

for 48 months

Includes Includes

• Studio System printer ($50,000 \ €50.000)

• Studio System™ (printer, debinder, furnace)
• Studio System™ debinder ($10,000 \ €10.000) • Consumable Starter Kit
• Studio System™ furnace ($60,000 \ €60.000) • Installation and training by Desktop Metal sales partner
• Cloud-based software & updates • Cloud-based software
• 1-year warranty • Warranty and maintenance for duration of service
• Free upgrades (software and firmware)

Other HaaS terms

• Annual renewals available after initial service period expires

• Hardware can be purchased at end of service period for the
monthly fee x 12
• At end of service period, hardware can be returned for the monthly
fee x 3 (restocking)

USD, pricing is ex-works Arlington, VT and excludes the Consumable

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USD, pricing is ex-works Burlington, MA and excludes applicable tax,
Starter Kit ($7,000 \ €7.000), installation and training ($5,000 \ €5.000), shipping, handling, and freight insurance fees. HaaS pricing is available to
and applicable taxes, shipping and handling, or freight insurance fees US customers only.
(pricing varies). 3
Customers must be qualified and approved by First American Corporation.

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Studio System™ Office-friendly metal 3D printing

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
US only

Desktop Metal has partnered with First American to offer customers a flexible financing option, the
Hardware-as-a-Service program. For customers seeking to obtain a Studio System using Opex rather than
Capex, the HaaS program offers an affordable monthly payment option and requires no down payment.
Customers may choose between a three or four year commitment, both of which include everything
needed for a seamless experience with the Desktop Metal Studio System.

What are the benefits of the HaaS program?

Zero down payment Get the Studio System without any upfront costs.

Preserves capital With an affordable monthly payment, the HaaS program allows you to obtain
the Studio System through a tax-deductible operating expense while
preserving your capital expenditure budget.

Flexible Free software and firmware upgrades ensure that your Studio System will
always meet your current and future requirements.

Reliable Installation, Warranty and Maintenance are included throughout the

commitment period.

What happens at the end of the HaaS period?

At the end of the commitment period, customers may simply renew, purchase or return the hardware.

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