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Press and hold the button for Input your WiFi Password.

WiFi LED quickly blinks one time every
5'Lnsrr' Parameter: User Guide 4.1 Appliance wiring instructron S! @ second:
about 7 seconds until the WiFi
Power Supply: 90V-250V AC @ Name your device. Sonoff failed to connect to your WiFi:
green LED blinks fast.
MiniWiFi Switch
Model : Sonoff Basic
Max. Current: 2200w/10 A
Wi-Fi Standard: 2.4GHz blgln
& startwith "Ewelink" APP
i+t $
@ wnen the WiFi
device is online.
LED is on, the
O lvaybe you have entered wrong wiFi
@ Sonoff is too far away from your WiFi.

Model : Sonoff RF
RF: 433MHz (Sonoff RF suPPorts)
Material: ABS V0 P rwelink
4.2 Celling lamp wiring instruction
"sonoff RFsupports cgntrolled bY
433MHz RF Remote controller. This
Please take it closeI
O Sonoff can not be added to the 5G-
wifi-router, only the 2 4G-wifi is OK.
Size: 88-38.22mm

Checklist lrefore using the device
. Your smart phone or tablet has
(} Register an EWelink account
function allows to turn onloff lights
indoors, no WiIi needed'
Learning: Fast press the paring button
@ Ivlake sure your router is MAC-open.
If still failed, try to open a mobile hot
spot and add again.
WiFi LED quickly blinks twice every
connected to a2.4G WiFi with on Sonoff RF twice, then Press one of second:
have Ewelink account, .-)'(]. ..r the buttons on your RF remote Sonoff has connected to WiFi but failed
@ Ityou

just log in. LID & ,rp @ on EWelink aPP. controller to set pairing for 1-2s. to connect to server Please check yout
. You have the correct WiFi PWD. Drlwr
network connectivitY.
Clearing: Fast press the paring button
. @ Powerup.
Your smart phone ortablet must a:l For \ for three times. the red LED is on for the user guide t9 .ead EWeLink
have access to APP Store, Google ON/OFF operating PrirciPle: Y
Play. The connected appliances work/stop
select the
trl_ 3s, that means code has been cleared. works with Amazon t.ho, Google Fiome
and Google Nest tutorial5.
through live wire Power on/off ' 4.3 One wire wiring instruction
o Your router is MAC-oPen.
Ill t]-
ll r"t".n"t

C::*' ,'Xtri#l
. t -shur
a"drcrd ll^""
ll J,
rJr igs6ffi.*-
' li *m' Fli*
*Note: The SONOFF switch must be
powered up by N and L wires.
For IOS, select
pairing method
according to LED
blinking way.
Q: Why my device stay! Offlin€ ?
A: The new added device needs lmin
to connect to WiFi and the Internet.
If it stays offline for a long time, please
judge the problem bY the WiFi LED
Scan to download
EWelink free APP
Scan to read the
detailed user guide

Sonoff RF a33 RF lll