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HR Responsibilities:

 Assist HR Manager to formulate and implement HR policies and procedures.

 Assist HR Manager to conduct HR interviews of candidates.
 Assist HR Manager to conduct performance appraisals of personnel and probation completion
 Assist HR Manager to conduct salary meetings at the end of every month.
 Assist HR Manager to check performance and motivation of team members in coordination with
team leads and project managers and conduct sessions and design interventions for improvements
in morale and productivity.
 Assist HR Manager to initiate disciplinary actions through investigation and to resolve any issues or
grievances among any team members or personnel.
 Assist HR Manager to issue appointment and all kind of letters pertaining to HR matters.
 Assist HR Manager to conduct exit interviews at the time of employee resignation.
 Assist HR Manager to prepare contingency plans and career designs for new joiners and existing
 Assist HR Manager to liaison and coordinate decisions and HR data among team leads, project
managers and top management.
 Assist HR Manager to manage and supervise all resources and functions of Admin department.

Administration Responsibilities:

 Supervise and manage all day-to-day office administrative activities.

 Implementation of policies and procedures on lower staff. To ensure fair usage of Company assets,
code of ethics and Company policies.
 Supervision and ensuring quality work of Office Boys.
 Oversee the security staff and ensure safety of the office.
 Oversee the mess staff and ensure the hygienic food on time for the office technical staff.
 Oversee the cleaning staff and ensure the cleanliness and maintenance activities of the office.
 Handle all relevant external affairs of the Company.
 Handle daily routine purchasing of the Company.
 Recruitment, Orientation and training of new lower staff.
 Perform any additional duty as assigned by the Manager.