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Indonesia Traveling Information

Istora Jatiluhur, Purwakarta Resort & Café By the

on December 31, 2017

Indonesia Traveling Information - Istora Jatiluhur, Purwakarta

Resort & Café by the Lake

Who had a planing traveling to Jatiluhur must know who this ISTORA

JATILUHUR there is a resort of unique cafe & teetering on the edge of

the Lake. Purwakarta tourist attractions will Peel anything there.

Jatiluhur is the largest lake in Indonesia and very well known both
within and outside the country, it's no wonder tourists flock from
everywhere both local and foreign.

If you're visiting Lake Jatiluhur and want to sample the cuisine in the
most romantic, not have to worry because there are unique and

romantic place that you try, whether for fun eating, spot-spotnya to
selfyetc. Istora Jatiluhur Resort also includes a row of top culinary

tourismin Purwakarta.

Are Istora most favorite place Jatiluhur resort in Jatiluhur. For more

details will be discussed all-out only here. Lets check it out.

Travel Route

If you use your personal vehicle is headed out the door and
Purbaleunyi TOLL toll Jatiluhur. The next exit after the toll you will

find t Ciganea. Turn left towards the direction of the town of

Purwakarta. About500 meters from Ciganea you will find the turn to

the left direction are marked with meuju Jatiluhur. Turn left and
follow the road next.

The Price Of Admission Istora Jatiluhur

The entrance ticket for the first entry into the Jatiluhur Rp. 15,000 to

enter the Istora Resort Jatiluhur Rp. 10,000 was able to perform
various activities on existing facilities.

If you want to eat or drink there certainly have to spend more.

What's in Istora Jatiluhur?

There are many things the existing facilities there include:

1. Place a romantic meal right in front of the Lake Jatiluhur.

2. Of course do not forget to order food or drinks. Food and drinks are

there very fariative including

Drinks: house blended, brewed coffee, frensh blended coffee, soft

drink, cold beer, fresh & until juices.

Food Nusantara: Side dish, dessert

Western food: deep fried special, sandwich and burgers, steaks and

grill, pizza, pasta, main-course to appetizer.

Food and beverage prices ranging from 5,000 to 125,000/servings.

4. Lodging

Hotel, cottage ready.

5. children's play area.

6. floating Home.

7. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings that make the hearts of

the quiet side of the jatiluhur reservoir. Including you can see the

sunset there.

8. Place the coolest selfy, especially at the spot running in the

direction of the Lake, where the design of a place like the deck of a

ship atsea. Visitors can pose as in the film titanic.

The Istora Jatiluhur, Purwakarta Resort & Café by the Lake , may help.
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