A woman never before encountering any trouble with law enforcement had the unfortunate opportunity to witness and

be a victim of the infamous corruption of Atlanta police. On Wednesday, 9/1/10, I was on my way to AB [Atlanta Ballet] with my 12yo daughter in the back seat. At approx. 6:18pm I was on 17th St. stopped (2nd car in line) at Northside Drive at a red light. There is one go-straight lane, one left-turn lane, and 2 right-turn lanes at this location. I was in the go-straight lane with a triangularly shaped median to my right separating my gostraight lane from the 2 right-turn lanes. As I'm sitting at the red light, a vehicle pulls up and stops on my right side approximately 3/4 of the way alongside of me. I recognized that it was some kind of police/security vehicle, but couldn't read the writing on the vehicle (I'm not familiar with the color of police/sheriff vehicles in Atlanta/Fulton County). Since the vehicle didn't pull up even with the front of my vehicle, didn't have lights flashing, a siren on, and didn't try to get my attention at all, I ignored it and didn't even think that he would think of going straight and cutting me off when the light turned green. My thought was that if he was truly going to disobey the law and shove his way in the line of traffic, he would certainly do so behind me since he wasn't up to the front of my vehicle. So, the light turns green, the car in front of me pulls ahead and so do I. The police car guns it and forces his way in front of my vehicle causing me to have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him and/or being hit by him. I, of course, honked my horn figuring that he wasn't aware of my being there and he immediately slammed on his brakes (his car flung forward and backward), put on his lights, and 2 husky/heavy/large police officers charged my vehicle, arriving at my driver side door. I rolled down the window and they both immediately started yelling at me, leaning forward toward my open windows with their hands on their hips. I immediately felt threatened by their posturing, their demeanor, and the unprofessional manner in which they were speaking to me. Hands-on-hips means they were ready to draw their weapons. Such a posture is not only tactically purposeful but designed to be threatening. Obviously, these men not only had chips on their shoulders but were itching for a fight, possibly a lethal one. After all, I hadn't done anything wrong²they had, in that they usurped my right-of-way, almost forcing me into an accident. They continued to yell and berate me at this location, blocking traffic, and taking my driver's license. When I asked what I had done, they informed me that I had illegally used my horn! What the hell does this mean? Other than perpetually honking in the middle of the night or beating someone with your horn, I cannot imagine what it means to use a horn illegally (to say nothing of alerting a dumb-ass that he is trying to cause an accident). I told them I had to because I didn't think they saw me there and they had forced their way into my right-of-way without any valid right or reason. During this time, one of them proceeds to walk around my vehicle, returns and whispers to the other one who announces that I am also guilty of having an illegal tag cover that obscures my license plate number. I inform them that I do not have a tag cover and they insist that I do. I then realize that maybe they are referring to my license plate frame and correct their terminology indicating that I do have a license plate frame, not a tag cover, and that my frame does not obscure my plate number at all.

It should be noted, too, that the license plate does not have the county name on the bottom (it's a GA wildlife plate), so the plate frame does not even obscure that nonexistent information. I tell them repeatedly to write me a ticket as they continually threaten to do! This goes on for about 5-10 minutes, blocking traffic the entire time. Just in reading this, I'm getting upset! Yelling and threatening for 10 minutes has nothing to do with law enforcement. This is pure harassment! She was also asked, "What if we were on a call?" as if that justified their illegal and threatening behavior. Here were her clues: no lights, no siren, waiting for a red light, plus they were very quick to stop and harass her rather than proceed to whatever mythical call there may have been. I've heard this excuse, "on a call", used repeatedly by corrupt officers to justify all their illegal actions, especially any traffic offenses. If they're on a call without any sign to the public of this, then they must be held to the same laws as the rest of us. If they are truly above the law, then be open and honest about it, admitting we're in a police state and slaves to corrupt tyrants with guns. After they have sat in their vehicle for a time, presumably running my tag and license, one of them approaches my vehicle again and starts up again with my illegally blowing my horn and then questions my parenting because I did so with my child in the car! The audacity! I inform him that yes, I am "guilty" of honking my horn with my child in the car and I'm not aware that that is a crime. He is yelling at me this whole time and apparently I was yelling at him (I was livid at this point, and no doubt was definitely raising my voice)! I was incredulous and said I was yelling because I felt totally threatened by them from them cutting me off for no reason and now the bogus charges, all with my child in the car! They finally tell me that they are going to pull forward and I should proceed past them and they will instruct me where to go. I do so, but without any instruction from these mental midgets... It's documented fact that police officers' IQs average a mere 104 (SD15) or 0.3 (and that's being generous). These policemen's behavior would suggest IQs still lower. It's important to know for comparison's sake that this woman's IQ is in the +3 neighborhood (145+, SD15). I imagine some level of intelligence discrepancy is evident to the officers, motivating them all the more to exert their "authority" and exhibit threats. ...I take the first right turn into what appears to be a deserted building and parking lot so as not to block traffic any further. They proceed to sit in their vehicle doing nothing for about another 10 minutes. They call for another officer in another car to come, still not informing me of anything. Finally, after sitting for about 10-15 minutes with no interaction with any of them, one of them approaches my vehicle with a clipboard and ticket. I open my window to sign it and realize that it is not for illegally blowing my horn as they had continually threatened/promised me, but for an improper license cover. I inquire about the horn charge and he rudely offers to write me another ticket to which I reply, "Don't bother."

I looked up the GA code on this one. This woman did not violate the law. In fact, she obeyed it. OCGA 40-8-70 (2010) says, "The driver of a motor vehicle shall, when it is reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with his or her horn..." I suspect one of the newcomers (the officers summoned to the scene later) told the original bullies that they had no standing for ticketing her for her use of her horn. In researching GA's license plate laws, I found OCGA 40-2-41: "No apparatus that obstructs or hinders the clear display and legibility of a license plate shall be attached to the rear of any motor vehicle required to be registered in the state." (It's possible this is the code section cited in the ticket, but there's no way to know since it's unreadable.) Obviously, a license plate frame does not obstruct or hinder the clear visibility and legibility of a license plate, since it frames the plate rather than covering it. This charge is completely bogus. (Even if the charge were legitimate, arbitrary enforcement is a violation of the "equal protection" clause of the 14th Amendment. Given the millions of plate frames in use, it's obvious that this instance would be considered arbitrary enforcement²just a harassment tactic.) Then the other officer appears again and asks me (in an uncharacteristically calm, controlled manner, one that neither of them has used with me this whole time) am I okay. Did they actually threaten me in any way.Tells me that he only noticed the illegal tag cover when he went around the rear of my vehicle to see if I was okay. This is a complete and total lie, as they both originally had charged my vehicle directly to my driver side window and never inquired about my status. I assume at this point that they are now trying to cover their butts and have probably been instructed to do so by the other officer who arrived on the scene but never left his car. After I sign the ticked one asks if I have any other questions and I ask if I'm free to go and he tells me (again, uncharacteristically sweet and calm), "Of course." Then the one who wrote the ticket goes and returns the ticketing clipboard to the cop in the other car through the window, so I assume that was the reason for the other cop's arrival, the original two buffoons didn't have ticketing paraphernalia. OCGA 15-10-63 states, "(b) Each citation shall state the time and place at which the accused is to appear for trial, shall identify the offense with which the accused is charged, shall have an identifying number by which it shall be filed with the court, shall indicate the identity of the accused and the date of service, and shall be signed by the county or authority agent who completes and serves it. (c) Prosecutions for violations of ordinances upon citations shall be commenced by the completion, signing, and service of a citation by any agent of the county who is authorized by the county governing authority to issue citations or by an agent of the state authority who is authorized by the authority to issue citations. A copy of the citation shall be personally served upon the accused; and the original shall promptly be filed with the court. [emphasis added]" The copy of the citation given to this woman has only two sections of clearly identifiable content, the date and time of the court appearance and the citation number. Even the accused's information is remotely identifiable only because she knows her own name and address. All other information, including the required identification of the offense, the

identity of the accused, date of service, and officer's signature are all unintelligible. There's also no information about how to obtain a readable copy of the ticket. There can be no reasonable expectation that she can mount a defense when even the charges are unintelligible. Throughout the whole ordeal, I cannot believe that I, the law abiding citizen, am being bullied, harrassed, and intimidated by these mental midgets who can't carry on a civil, logical conversation with me. My young daughter is witness to this and will never trust a police officer ever! I saw all my previously (and obviously misplaced) trust go straight the window. It was like I was in Nazi Germany! These policemen acted as if they were above the law and how dare a mere law abiding citizen call their lawlessness into question. While I'm sure I'll end up paying whatever fine there is, I will do so in open court, under protest, and only with the open admission from the Judge that we now live in a Nazi state where, indeed, law enforcement, (like our politicians and Usurper in Chief) are above the law. My blood pressure skyrocketed during this ordeal and I was unable to sleep all night. I still cannot believe that another human being can treat someone so badly, most especially someone sworn to "protect and serve"! I am shaking and crying at even having to relive this to write this. I only hope that my older daughter, who is in law enforcement in the USAF, does not treat even the proven terrorists with this much lack of respect and bullying. I feel sorry that this harassment happened to this innocent, lawful citizen, but this is the role of police in a police state. They are the bullies. Their power is, for all intents and purposes, unrestrained. Short of killing them, there is no recourse for a lawful citizen to stop police abuses. The best given to us victims is, if we're lucky enough to avoid similarly corrupt judges, a day in court long after the harassment has already taken place. Obviously this is not justice at all unless the harassing officers are (a) permanently removed from any law enforcement or government authority and (b) imprisoned for their abuse of power (a crime far worse than any a civilian can commit). I pray this woman wins her day in court, but it really depends upon how corrupt the judge is. In this age, I'd say it's even money. Even if she wins, though, it's a sure bet nothing will happen to the officers threatening and harassing her. They'll do again and again and suffer no consequences in this life.

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