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Directions: (1 to 3) : In the following questions some part of the sentence may have errors. Find
out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. If sentence is free
from error, select “No Error”.
1. (A) Our knowledge of history does not come to our / (B) help and sometimes we even
fail / (C) to remember who invented America / (D) No error
2. (A) Belgium chocolate is considered / (B) by many to be finer / (C) than any other in
the world / (D) No error
3. (A) My grandfather owns / (B) fifty acres / (C) of wetland / (D) No error
Directions: (4 to 5) : In the following questions out of the four alternatives, select the word similar
in meaning to the word given.
4. Inadvertent
(a) Unexpected (c) Unintentional
(b) Undisturbed (d) Ignorant
5. Vanguard
(a) Officer (c) Flag bearer
(b) Pioneer (d) Race driver
Directions : (6 to 7) : In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the word
opposite in meaning to the word given.
6. Artisan
(a) Skilled labour (c) Learned person
(b) Unskilled labour (d) Ignorant villager
7. Mitigate
(a) Aggravate (c) Allay
(b) Alleviate (d) Abate

Directions (8 to 10) : In the following questions, the sentence given with blanks to be filled in
with an appropriate word, select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by
selecting the appropriate option.
8. We did not ________ the program to be such a huge success.
(a) Except (c) Expect
(b) Access (d) Accept
9. No sooner had I ______________ the station than I met my friends.
(a) Arrived (c) Reach
(b) Reached (d) Arrive
10. We should ____________ opportunities as they arise
(a) Cease (c) Seize
(b) Sneeze (d) Size
Directions (11 to 13) : In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the word
which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase.
11. He was out of spirits for a few days after his defeat
(a) Gloomy (c) Toper
(b) Lifeless (d) Sober
12. When the family in the next house packed off at midnight, I began to smell a rat
(a) To misconstrue
(b) To see hidden meaning
(c) To smell a bad smell
(d) To suspect a trick
13. Pig in a poke
(a) An offer or deal that is foolishly accepted
(b) An offer or deal that is refused
(c) Letting the cat out of the bag
(d) Face the Music
Directions (14 to 16) : In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the
alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase :
14. Medicine given to counteract poison.
(a) Antibiotic (c) Antiseptic
(b)Antidote (d) Antifungal
15. One who hates marriage.
(a) Misanthrope (c) Misogamist
(b) Misogynist (d) Polygamist
16. Thawing snow.
(a) Sludge (c) Slush
(b) Slosh (d) Slash
Directions (17 to 20) : Improve the bracket part of the sentence
17. She did not like to have coffee
(Nor I did)
(a) Neither I liked it
(b) Nor did I
(c) Nor I did
(d) No Improvement
18. Taj Mahal is (a worth seeing monument) in Agra.
(a) a monument to see its worth
(b) a monument worth seeing
(c) one of worth seeing monuments
(d) No improvement
19. I had (not only helped her by) giving hints but also with providing him links .
(a) helped not only to her by
(b) helped her not only by
(c) not only helped her
(d) No improvement
20. We (has finished) our lunch half an hour ago
(a) Finished
(b) had finished
(c) will have finished
(d) No improvement
Directions (21 to 25) : In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the
passage carefully & select the correct answer for the given blanks.
A desert is a __ (21) of a place which has almost __(22) water and only__(23) little life on it__(24) plants, animals
and human beings need water __(25) live.
21 (a) variety (c) place
(b) Kind (d) land

22. (a) lot of (c) no

(b) Little (d) many

23. (a) Quite (c) no

(b) Very (d) much

24. (a) because (c) though

(b) When (d) why

25. (a) for (c) to

(b) In (d) on