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Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Editor Utility

by Ed Dixon

Version 2.99-2 - 12/21/08

1. Corrected a resizing problem associated with the Spread Sheet view. When
the main display is resized before the spread sheet is created, it would
not size correctly.

2. Added MIDI Thru option to the MIDI I/O tab. This allows a simple approach
for testing, where the FCB MIDI out goes to the PC, and the PC MIDI out to
another MIDI device being controlled by the FCB.

When enabled, any MIDI out from the FCB goes to the PC and then Thru the
PC MIDI out to any connected MIDI devices.

3. Update to handle newer firmware versions from both Behringer and UnO.

4. Added a new option on Global Settings tab to offer a third option to

MIDI data to FCB1010 hardware using 16 byte blocks. On some systems, this
option will be more reliable than the existing two.

5. Minor bug fixes and corrections.

6. Fixed the software update option on the About screen to work correctly.
issues made it unreliable.

Version 2.99 - 4/18/06

1. Changed the way in which MIDI device names are saved. It now saves the
names as soon as they are entered rather than waiting for a Sysex write.

2. Added a feature to allow the save and load of a single preset to/from a
standard windows file. This allows the user to save the settings for a
single preset and then load that data into an other preset.

Use the Rd PS and Wrt PS buttons to save/load preset data.

3. Added a feature to allow the save and load of a single bank to/from a
standard windows file. This allows the user to save the settings for a
single bankand then load that data into an other bank.

Use the Rd BK and Wrt BK buttons to save/load bank data.

Both load/save options support both using a standard preset file name as
well as using a user supplied name. If you single click the button, it
uses a standard file name (SinglePreset.txt or SingleBank.txt) for the
load/save operation. If you doulble click the button, it prompts the
user for the file name to use.

Thanks to S. Meiers who suggested this feature.

4. Minor display changes to the main button/options area at the bottom.

5. Added web links to the About tab for the source for firmware chips in
both the US and Europe.

6. Updated Create Sysex option to create either a Behringer firmware version

or UnO firwmare version based on current/last connected firmware type.
Previously it always created a Behringer firmware sysex.

7. Software is now trusted via Microsoft Authenicode and Verisign. This is

needed for support in the upcoming Microsoft Vista OS due out in 2007.

Trusted components include main Editor executable, One Click Windows

package, and single file setup file.

8. Updated software to rememver the last path location for read/write of user
systex files. The Editor defaults to the Saved Sysex Files directory, but
can use/remember whatever directory the user sets.

Version 2.98 - 3/14/06

1. Added feature to About tab to bring up FCB1010 related web sites from a
pull down list.

2. Added feature to update the main tooltip displays to incorporate the MIDI
device names for quick info. For a given preset, enter MID device names
on the Globals tab. Save file. Then each time this file is used, the
tooltip help info for the PC1-PC5 controls will include updated info to
remind you which PC controls which MIDI device.

Also added the ability to set a name for each stomp box control This is
selected from the Globals tab. These names then are used to update the
tooltip displays when stomp box mode is used.

Thanks to R. Bauer who suggested this feature.

3. Corrected a problem in the way stomp box controls were read from previously
generated SysEx files where stomp box was enabled and banks were between
10 and 18. Data was transmitted correctly to the FCB1010, but when either
a SysEx receive or SysEx read was performed, the data values for SB1 - SB4
were incorrect.

4. Updated software to handle both firmware version check and MIDI Sysex
Receive and Transmit when MIDI Merge is enabled on the FCB1010 pedal.
Previously MIDI Merge being enabled would prevent those actions.

5. Added feature to the About tab to make it easy to send comments and/or
suggestions to the PC Editor Developer. Just add your comment to the
text box and press the Send button. All else is automatic.

6. Added capability to MIDI I/O tab to open a user selected script file.
This allows the user to have multiple script files and select the one
desired for a specific session.
Thanks to R. Bauer who suggested this feature.

7. Corrected a security related issue that prevented some users from using
the download features on the About tab. The use of an incorrect login
account would not allow many users to connect. The software was changed
from FTP access to HTML access, which seems to work better for most.

8. Create Sysex button enabled, which allows for an easy to create a blank
Sysex file.

9. Corrected a problem where the CopyBank function would not correctly

any source bank other than 0.

Version 2.97 - 3/08/06

1. Updated software to allow for editing, when FCB is not connected, of either
Behringer or UnO based Sysex files. Previously UnO options were only
available when the FCB1010 pedal was connected to PC. Now the data type
is detected from the Sysex file and all associated features enabled or
disabled based on firmware type referenced in the sysex file.

2. Updated editor to only allow a single running instance at a time. This

avoids the case where the Editor is already running, and clicking on
the startup icon starts a second copy. Now the first copy will be
re-displayed and no second copy will start.

3. Display corrections to how switch settings are reflected in the black area
with red letters near top center of Pedal image on Presets tab. Previously
SW1 and SW2 switches being on were not correctly shown in the display.

4. Correction to how CC1 and CC1 alt values are read from the FCB during SysEx
receive from UnO firmware for stomp box controls and banks greater than 10.

These were not being set correctly based on FCB sysex data.

5. Added capiability to set and save a MIDI device name. For users who use
two or MIDI devices with their FCB1010, keeping track of which device is
on PC1 and PC2, etc, can be difficult. This provides a simple way to
document this within the Editor.

This data is entered on the Globals tab and saved with Preset Name data in
a separate file based on SysEx file name. Thus each saved Sysex file can
have their own device names.

6. Updates to the Spreadsheeet display for different font sizes and other
changes, such as color, to make the display more compact and readable.
tooltip for all the controls and the ability to turn them on/off.

7. Corrected the range for spin controls on the Spreadsheet tab. Some where
as 1-128, when the correct valid range was 0-127.
8. Bank copy/swap functions corrected to handle UnO stompbox mode.

9. Updated the software update/download process to work better with PC systems

using firewalls. Previously some PC firewalls would cause problems for the
download process.

10. Added new feature to the About tab to allow uses to submit their current
files as examples that others might use. A comment/description area is
for details about the submitted sysex file.

Submitted files will be added to the download section that is also

via the About tab. The addition process will generally take a day after
the file
is received.

Version 2.96 - 3/03/06

1. Added spreadsheet view for review and edit of all presets at one time in
a spreadsheet fashion. Desired columns can be selected, including stomp
box controls for UnO firmware.

2. Enabled Bank and Preset Copy functions.

3. Expanded Help file.

4. Added a WindowsParamters = xxx option to the MIDI I/O tab options. This
allows the user to set the parameters to be passed to a Windows program
that is executed with a specific MIDI command is received.

5. Corrections in how windows sizes are managed when the main window is
or maximized. When the main windows enlarges, the tab windows correctly
resizes key controls.

6. Added capability to the Global Settings tab to set the switch invertion
options supported by the UnO firmware.

7. Misc minor changes in the display where buttons are enabled/disabled based
on firmware and mode of operation.

Version 2.95 - 2/28/06

1. Added some advanced options on the Global settings tab to offer the user
more choices in program operation.

2. Added the option to choose the MIDI data transmission approach used
when SysEx data is transmitted to the FCB1010. The options include the
default approach of one byte at a time and a second option for sending
the entire data as one large block. Choose the approach that works best
with your MIDI gear.

3. Added capability to About tab to download and install current software

update for the PC Editor. The download is Internet based and requires
an active connection to the Internet.

4. Print enabled.

5. Added new mouse based commands to the MIDI I/O receive options. This
the user to control/move the mouse postion on the PC via FCB commands. See
the Help file for more info about these new commands.

6. Corrected a problem where an initial startup crash could occur if the MIDI
devices defined in the program INI file were not present in the PC.

7. Updated the MIDI I/O portion to always show the most recently displayed
at the bottom of the scroll window and visible. Revised the display to
hold a mostly unlimited number of bytes.

8. Additional advanced options located on Global settings tab.

9. Updated tooltip help information for various displays.

10. Updated editor to handle the new UnO v1.0.2d firmware update.

11. Corrected a problem associated with MIDI In and Out device specification.
some user systems, MIDI device indices are not sequential, and the result
could cause program faults and the inability to transmit MIDI data to the

Version 2.94 - 2/23/06

1. Added support for UnO option to Block repeated Program Commands. See
the UnO documentation for further information on this option.

2. Added support for UnO option to disable Tap Tempo. See the UnO
documentation for further information on this option.

3. Corrected a minor display issue from 2.93a where the FCB1010 background
was light blue rather than silver.

4. Added support for UnO option for CC1 and CC2 toggle values. See the UnO
documentation for further information on this option.

5. Added support for UnO stomp box 5 (which was disabled in previous

6. Added an additional tab display for About information and a simple method
to send diagnostic information or ask the developer a question via E-Mail.

7. Added capability to download existing example Sysex files for testing with
Behringer or UnO firmware. This option is available on the About tab from
main window.

8. Added support for MIDI-receive based PC control. This allows the user to
use the FCB1010 to send MIDI commands that can be recognized by Editor
software, and in turn perform various Windows commands.

Among other things, this allows the user to trigger PC based WAV and MIDI
files, based on FCB1010 PC, CC, and Note commands.

Initial command options include:

1. Byte sequence compare for processing

2. Recognize a Note command
3. Recognize a PC command
4. Recognize a CC command
5. Display a PC text message based on a received MIDI command
6. Play a PC WAV file based on a received MIDI command
7. Play a PC MIDI file based on a received MIDI command
8. Stop PC play of WAV or MIDI based on a received MIDI command
9. Perform another arbitrary windows program or command based on a
received MIDI command

See the program help file for further information about syntax and use.

9. Added support for Note On Velocity (as part of globals) for UnO Firmware.
he UnO documentation for further information on this option.

Version 2.93b - 2/20/06

1. Corrects a display problem for color and stomp box controls

Version 2.93a - 2/20/06

1. Corrects a start up crash that occured on some user systems.

Version 2.93 - 2/18/06

1. Additional of expanded stomp box controls and options.

2. Corrections for how settings for 5 stomp controls are set. Previously
switch, experssion, and other settings were not supported.

3. Use of buttons to set UnO firmware options, that include On, Off, and No
Change (NC) as the selection choices.

4. Correction to show accurate status of whether each expression pedal

is enabled for the selected preset.

5. Correction to force user to set MIDI parameters before firmware check can
be performed, or Sysex Receive/Transmit.

6. Addition of a third tab for display of all preset data in a spreadsheet

fashion. This portion is not yet completed.
Note that when you maximize the display window, the spreadsheet auto
to take advantage of the increased display area.

7. Added a MIDI I/O tab. This allows the user to see raw MIDI data when FCB
pedals are pressed. This requires a MIDI in connection to the PC.

8. Correction to WriteSysex/TransmitSysex routines for case where stomp box

mode was used for UnO firmware. Bank 0 was correct, Higher banks had data


9. Only stomp boxes 1-4 are enabled. Stomp box 5 will be supported in next

Note: Also note that switch settings do not work correctly due to a UnO firmware
problem. The UnO firmware is being updated to correct this issue.
v.1.0.2.d will correct this problem.

Version 2.92 - 2/10/06

1. Support for basic UnO firmware options including stompbox mode, selection
row for stompbox, and ability to set for SysEx receive in normal running

2. Corrections for detection of DirectSelect, MIDI Merge, and Running Status.

3. Internal changes to better support the new UnO firmware options.

Version 2.91 - 1/30/06

1. Updated to automatically show current Firmware version. This includes both
Behringer and UnO firmware options.

2. Receive SysEx data from the unit can now be done with a simple button press
with unit powered on and during normal operation. This no longer requires
having the unit in configuration mode or pressing the send button.

Version 2.90 - 12/01/05

1. Updated editor to accomodate options when using UnO firmware

Version 2.12 - 11/23/04

1. Updated MIDI transmit approach to use a slow transfer speed to be
with more PC based MIDI interface units

2. Improvements in the way the preset name file is saved when SysEx files are
saved to different names. When an existing preset SysEx file is loaded and
then saved to a new file name, the preset names are also saved for the new
SysEx file.
Version 2.11 - 10/07/04
1. Updated approach used for location ofo Preset Names text file.

Version 2.10 - 10/06/04

1. Added option for a user supplied preset name.

Version 2.02 - 7/12/04

1. Misc User Interface refinements.
2. Addition of a Print command to print out all FCB1010 settings and data.
3. Added SW1 and SW2 display values to the red on black LED bank display area.

These values show when switch 1 or switch 2 are enabled for a selected

Version 2.01 - 7/10/04

1. Revised software to not exit is Enter/Return key is pressed
2. Further User Interface changes and improved graphics

Version 2.0 - 7/9/04

1. New user interface with a more FCB1010 like appearance
2. Ability to directly receive and transmit MIDI to/from the FCB1010 unit
3. Corrected a problem with the Create SysEx option

Version 1.9 - 10/27/03

1. Added a Create SysEx button to main screen to create a default SysEx data

Version 1.8 - 8/28/03

1. Corrected a problem with the minimum value for the Program Change command.
Selecting a value of 1 would not save and would be incorrectly saved as
a value of 2.

Version 1.7 - 7/7/03

1. Corrected a problem with the entry of values of 128 for PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4,
and PC5. PC values can range from 1 t0 128 and CC values from 0 to 127.

Version 1.6 - 6/25/03

1. Added note to copy functions

Version 1.5 - 6/12/03

1. Added option to swap persets and swap bank parameters. Use the Copy options
from the main display and select the Swap option rather than Copy.

Version 1.4 - 6/10/03

1. Added Note command options to both global area and patch area

Version 1.3 - 6/4/03

1. Corrected a display bug where enabled/disabled settings did not always
correctly as the user moves between patches and banks.

Version 1.2 - 5/28/03

1. Corrected a problem with the upper right X button that started Help rather
than exited.

2. Corrected a problem with PC Command values that would not allow a value of

3. Corrected a problem with the manner in which Bank and Patch spinners work as
they wrap going either direction.

4. Added a copy bank option. This allows the user to copy the settings from an
entire bank to another bank.

5. Minor display changes.

Version 1.1 - 5/27/03

Updated version with following additions:

1. Preset copy. Function to copy selected parameters from one preset to


2. Corrected a off-by-one error that caused the PC command and MIDI channels
display values that were one less than the correct value.

3. Minor GUI interface changes.

Version 1.0 - 5/26/03

Initial version that allows for SysEx editing for the Behringer FCB1010 MIDI
pedal. See the program Help file for further information.

Basic steps involve:

1. Save current FCB1010 settings to a PC SysEx file (SendSX, which is

included, can be
used for this process.

2. Start FCB1010 Editor

3. Use the ReadSyx button to read in your data.

4. Use the editor to make changes as necessary

5. Save changes to a PC SysEx file

6. Upload the changed SysEx file back to FCB1010 pedal. The SendSX utility
can also be
Author info:

Ed Dixon