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Ms. Carter’s
4th Grade

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Welcome to 4th Grade
by Briana Carter

Dear Parents and Guardians, 5, two-pocket folders.

I am your child’s 4th grade English Language 3-Ring Binder, 1 1/2" or 2"
Arts teacher. I am sending this letter home
with each student to properly introduce wide-ruled, loose leaf paper
myself and to inform you of my classroom
academic expectations this year! I am If you have any questions or concerns, please
looking forward to a great year and I am do not hesitate to contact me.
excited to be your child’s teacher. In this
Thank You,
letter I will also list the supplies and materials
that will be used during this academic school Ms. Briana
year. Parents also please note that every Educational Background
Friday your child will be bringing home a I I am a Senior at GSW I will be graduation in May with a
Take Home with all of the weeks Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a minor in
assignments with grades on them. These Education. I am from Leesburg, Ga. I chose to be come a
folders are to be signed and returned on teacher because I like having a good impact on the lives
Monday. This is my way of keeping you up to of children. I am passionate about children and enjoy
date with your child’s progress in my class. working with them.

School Supplies List:

box of crayons.
Contact Information
1 box of markers or colored pencils. Ms. Carter

12, #2 pencils. 800 GSW State University Dr. Americus Ga 31709

1 school box or zippered pouch for school Email:


3 big glue sticks.


 Teach your child to be an active complete knowledge.

Study Tips reader who outlines and annotates

her textbooks. If they are not
allowed to write in their books,
By Ms. Carter have them keep these notes in a
special notebook.
 Beat procrastination! Teach your  Encourage your child to read
child, by example, not to put off through textbook sections
tasks. before they're reviewed in class.
 Instead of denying your child  When studying for a test, suggest
privileges for not studying, offer that your child arranges class and
them rewards or incentives for reading notes chronologically to
getting his schoolwork done. ensure she's studying the
appropriate material.
 Get organized! Ensure that your  Help your child create "fact sheets"
grade-schooler has separate of key ideas and terms scattered
sections in her notebook for notes, randomly on a page. If they can
homework, and graded materials recall details in random order,
for each class. they're stored in their brain.
 Make sure they’re taking notes in
class — not only for information,  A combination of memorization
but because it will help them see and concept comprehension will
how much time their teacher yield the longest-lasting and most
spends on a subject area.
 After class or in the evenings,
encourage your child to write a
review of key ideas from each class.

My Classroom Rules
By: Ms. Carter

1. Work as a team
2. Be responsible
3. Listen to others
4. Be respectful to everyone
5. Be Kind
6. Do your BEST

Week 1 To -Do List

Monday- Ice Breaker Activity and Discuss Classroom rules and
Tuesday- Introduction of Relative Pronouns and Relative Adverb
pronoun worksheet and group activity.
Thursday- Relative Adverb worksheet and group activity. Review Day
Friday- Test Day

3. Once they are finish

Arts and Craft have the put the cards
time!!! together like a book.
4. Then hole punch the
Want to interact with your top corner or one side
child at? Well now you can of the index card.
this is how! 5. Then take the string
and put it through the
Supplies you will need: whole that you just
 Index cards punched.
6. Once you that you will
 Markers or colored
pencils see that you have just
created a Pronoun
 Pronoun/ Adverb list
Booklet for your child
 Hole puncher
to study by.
 String
 Scissors
1. Have your child
identify which are
relative pronouns and
relative adverbs using
the word list.
2. Then have your child
write down the words
on the index cards
using markers or
colored pencils.