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I’m pro-life because life is precious, children are precious.

Mothers need support
and education from the moment a baby is conceived. Each and every baby should
be wanted, these are children, they are someone’s son, someone’s daughter. I
have a strong faith and belief system that tells me we cannot separate our faith
and ideological beliefs on this issue. My faith guides me to have mercy,
compassion, forgiveness, and to care for the most vulnerable. Life is precious.
We must be more united within the pro-life movement, within our communities,
within our churches, and within government. We need to make a positive
difference in the lives of all of the children, mothers and fathers. I am saddened
and troubled that our state has the reputation of being the “abortion capital of
the southwest” and “the late term abortion capital of the United States.”
43 states across our country have enacted bans on late term abortion and well
over 70% of Americans across the country believe late term abortion should be
banned. New Mexico is the least restrictive abortion state in the country and
because of that people come from all over the world, especially surrounding
states to obtain late term abortions, even up to the day of birth.
As Lieutenant Governor, I will provide oversight to abortion businesses within the
state of New Mexico, in order to ensure that these clinics meet the maximum
acceptable business and health standards. I will also call upon our state leaders
to stand strong for New Mexico families like the other 43 states and call for a ban
on late term abortion for our state.
Early this year, I stood up and spoke out at a press conference about a United
States Congressional Inquiry involving violations of laws in our city. The New
Mexico Attorney General’s Office received the 300-page United States
Congressional inquiry last year from Washington D.C. reporting violations of laws
in our community involving the research of fetal tissue and organs. I expressed
that New Mexico Attorney General Balderas needed to act quickly on the cases
presented to him that came out of that inquiry, as they all faced a diminishing
time limit for prosecution of these specific violations.
The inquiry provided overwhelming evidence for the Attorney General Balderas to
conduct a full investigation. Since receipt of the investigation, the opportunity for
over 80 possible cases to be prosecuted has expired. Women and children in our
city lost their opportunity for justice. So far, Attorney General Balderas will not
moved forward, effectively allowing these cases to go unprosecuted and
eliminated as if they never existed. Presently the Federal Bureau of Investigation
has opened an investigation and I am hopeful there will a thorough investigation
and all of the egregious offenses will be brought to light and justice will be served.
This congressional evidence affects hundreds of our New Mexico families. I will
continue to speak up for injustice in our state. We should always stay vigilant to
ensure families, women and children in our community are protected and justice
is served.

-Michelle Garcia Holmes