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I am Hazel Libuna one of the candidates for this year

election 2017-2018, I will do all my responsibility and duties a.

The simplest kind of rule that im going to implement is
Discipline, discipline yourself not to throw garbage anywhere
because of the disaster may happened to us that we may experience
Flashfloods and etc.

First, is to have a proper disposal of

garbage may discipline can use for thus kind of situation, because
discipline starts within yourself.

Secondly, the using of polluted vehicles is not

allowed to roam around the city or particular places because of
the pollution that they give to us not only human being but also
the animals and plants.

Thirdly, the preserving of energy . Through this

the energy will be preserve to use for the Medical Purposes like
Kemotheraphy and to for next generation.

Lastly, the abusing of animals and killing of them

without the information of the people who are the in highest part
of the Government, who has the right for taking care of the

This is My Advocacy even its too simple, but I swear I will all my
responsibilities as long as I can with all my heart.