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 Di bawah ini setiap soal dicantumkan 5 kemungkinan jawaban yang masing – masing diberi
kode A, B, C, D, E. Gunakan pensil 2B untuk menghitamkan lingkaran yang berisi kode
jawaban yang Saudara anggap benar pada Lembar Jawab Komputer (LJK). Harap
diperhatikan, hanya lembar jawaban yang dikumpulkan, sedangkan soal bisa dibawa pulang.
 Nilai jawaban tiap soal :
3 untuk jawaban BENAR
-1 untuk jawaban SALAH, termasuk jawaban lebih dari Satu.
 Contoh pengisian lembar jawab komputer :
1. X: Are you going to be in your firm next 5. This is a very popular TV Program.
Monday? Every week it …… by millions of
Y: No. I …… my aunt in Canada. people.
A. Visit A. Watches
B. Am visiting B. Being watched
C. Will be visiting C. is watched
D. Will visited D. Has watched
E. Shall visit E. To be watched

2. I will spend the rest of time in my room. 6. We stayed in the sun for …… a long
Gaby will pick me up at eight P.M. time that we became sunburned.
Since five P.M I will be reading novel in A. So
my room. I …… for three hours by the B. Such
time she picks my body up. C. Little
A. will have been reading D. Much
B. had being read E. Many
C. would be read
D. am reading 7. Anna : “What do you think about the
E. was read location of our new restaurant?”
Bobby : “Excellent …… in the centre
3. “Why did not Michael want to go of the town”.
home?” A. Which location is strategical
“His mother ….. him for causing the B. Locating it strategically
accident.” C. It is strategically located
A. would blame D. That is a strategical location
B. has blamed E. The strategical location
C. is blaming
8. Being an out going person, Agam …..
D. had blamed his time with friends on Saturday nights
E. Had been blamed than stay at home.
A. Might be spending
4. X: “Last year I didn’t have to pay for B. Would rather spend
my brother’s tuition fee” C. Ought to have spent
Y: “That’s great. I heard he ……. a D. Could have spent
scholarship from a foreign university” E. Had better spend
A. Receives
B. Had received 9. As I found out that not all the workshop
C. Was receiving participants knew about today’s
D. Would receive schedule, I got my secretary ……. it
E. Has received right away.
A. Distributing
B. Distributed
C. She distributes


D. To distribute 15. “I’m really worried about his health as
E. In distributing his next semester starts two weeks from
now.” “Let’s just hope that by that time
10. Both of teams ….. required to fight he……. .”
fairly. A. Has recovered
A. Is B. Is going to recover
B. Are C. Will be recovering
C. Was D. Is recovering
D. Be E. Will have recovered
E. To be
16. “Had there not been a black-out for
11. Shakespeare wrote that play. So, the more than thirty minutes yesterday, the
play ….. Shakespeare. performance of our play would have
A. Was wrote by been a success.”
B. Was written by From the above sentence, we may
C. Had been wrote by conclude that ….. .
D. Has being written A. We receive a big applause
E. Was write by B. The lighting was just perfect
C. We were very disappointed
12. She ……. everything she wants. Then D. The play was too long
she knew that those stuffs are useless. E. We were very grateful
A. Buy
B. Is buying 17. Having read the document carefully,
C. Bought ……. .
D. Brought A. The manager signed it
E. Were bought B. The manager’s signature was
13. Those men act so weird, so I know now C. The document is signed by the
who are …… my money. manager
A. Steal D. It was signed by the manager
B. Stealing E. The document that is signed by the
C. Stole manager
D. Stolen
E. Steals 18. She could not finish her study in four
years, ….. , she would have been
14. The Philippines ……. more than 7,000 entitled to a scholarship for further
islands. study.
A. Consisting of A. However
B. Consists of B. Consequently
C. Consist of C. Otherwise
D. Contained D. Moreover
E. Be contains of E. Nevertheless


19. “Do you know that George had E. Be cried
withdrawn his money from the bank just 24. I asked, “What did you do on Sunday?”
before it was liquidated?” So John ……. , “I was going to dentist,
“Oh yes, otherwise she ……. a great my teeth was making me be a nut.”
deal” A. Is answering
A. lost B. Answer
B. would lose C. Answered
C. had lost D. Had answered
D. would have lost E. Being answer
E. Would lost
25. He never seems so cheerful ……. the
20. I will be in my office tomorrow morning tragedy of his mother that drains his
around ten …… you need to see me. tears.
A. In case of A. So
B. In event that B. Because
C. In event of C. Then
D. In other hand D. Otherwise
E. In order to E. Since

21. Mary stayed up very late last night. 26. You …….. permit to your mother before
Today she is tired and sleepy. a long trip you take.
She wishes… A. May
A. She did not stay up very late last B. Must
night C. Should not
B. She did not sleep last night D. are preferred
C. She were tired and sleep E. could
D. She had not been tired and sleepy
E. She had not stayed up very late last 27. You are in campus right now. Where
night …… you ……..?
A. Should, prefer be
22. Sue is in charge …… the meeting. B. Would, rather be
A. Of organizing C. Ought, rather be
B. Of organize D. Would, prefer be
C. To organize E. Should, used to
D. Organized
E. For organizing 28. Miscommunication is bad, misjudge is
worse, but the stray punishment is ……
23. The fact that he was put in prison for ever.
something that he had not done made his A. Most bad
wife …... B. Best
A. To be crying C. Badly
B. Cry D. Worst
C. Cried E. More worst
D. To cry


29. Bali is the greatest place ever for throw D. Why is it able to adapt
all your exhausts off, …….? E. How it has been able to adapt
A. Is not it
B. Is it 33. “Problems of transportation have caused
C. Right donated food and clothing for the
D. Am I right tsunami victims to be piled up at the
E. Is that airpot.” “I wish….. .”
A. There are more volunteers to help
30. Do you have ……. minutes? I would B. The victims should not have worried
like to ask you …… questions. C. The government can ask for help
I need ……. more information. D. The problem will be solved
A. A few, a little, some pieces of immediately
B. A little, a little, a few E. There were more helicopters
C. A few, a few, a little available
D. Some, a few, a few
E. A little, a little, a little 34. “It was the first time that Charles got
straight A during his study in Australia.”
31. Lita : “I heard that Lola’s marriage “He …. very hard.”
has been arranged by her family” A. Should have studied
Freddy : “Really? So she is marrying a B. Might study
man ….. she hardly knows.” C. Must have studied
A. Whom D. Could study
B. To whom E. Would have studied
C. Whose
D. That is 35. “Yanti didn’t like the movie and Tati
E. Which didn’t either”. Means : …..
A. Yanti and Tati didn’t like the movie
32. The women’s institute, an international B. Yanti didn’t like the movie as much
women organization, has demonstrated as Tati did
over the decade….. to the challenging C. Only Yanti didn’t like the movie
needs of women. D. Yanti didn’t like the movie but Tati
A. Whether it has been able to adapt did
B. When is it able to adapt E. One of the tow girls didn’t like the
C. Which it has been able to adapt movie



36. If the length of rectangle is increased by D. n+p

20%, and the width of the same E. 2n + p
rectangle is decreased by 20%, then the
area of the rectangle ………… SECTION 3 : VOCABULARY
A. Decreased by 20%
41. The meat must be chopped before it can
B. Decreased by 4%
be used in that recipe.
C. Is unchanged a. Stewed
D. Increased by 4% b. Roasted
E. Increased by 20% c. Bought
37. Let A be the median and B the average d. Cut
of the following set of numbers: -10, 20, e. Cooked
-30, 30, 40, -50. What is A + 2012B ? 42. Prabu felt confident about his grade on
A. 5 the test he had just taken. The opposite
B. 2012 of the underlined word is……
C. 6 A. depressed
D. √2012 B. sure
E. 4024 C. ecstatic
38. The price of Silverking chocolate was D. uncertain
increased by 25%. How many chocolate E. timid
can be purchased for the amount of
money that used to buy 200 chocolate? 43. The death of a children and the death of a
A. 40 spouse are two of the life’s most
B. 125 traumatic experiences.
C. 150
A. Rare
D. 75
B. Soiling
E. 175
C. Painful
39. A sport jacket marked $50 is offered at a
D. Interesting
discount of 20 percent during a
E. Absurd
storewide sale. At this reduced price the
44. For centuries, scientists have kept
dealer makes a profit of 25% on the
extensive records on Halley’s comet,
cost. The cost to dealer is?
including long, detailed lits of exactly
A. $30
when and where the comet was seen.
B. $31
A. Large in amount
C. $32
B. Done quickly
D. $38
C. Far away
E. $40
D. Very deep
40. If n and p are both odd numbers, which
E. With detail
of the following numbers must be even
45. For his weak stomach, Marteen ate a
bland diet of white bread,rice, and
A. n + p + 1
mashed potatoes.
B. np
A. Spicy
C. np + 2
B. Varied


C. Mild B. Surprise
D. Stir C. Anger
E. Heavy D. Humiliation
46. When it comes to buying clothes, E. Calm
Herman is impetuous. 49. Althought he has had no formal
A. illustrious education, he is shrewd businessman.
B. immune The opposite of the underlined word
C. impolite is……
D. implicit A. Amateur
E. impulsive B. Tyro
47. Discretionary funds are included in most C. Thirfty
budgets to cover expenses that the D. Stupid
contractor might run into during the E. Professional
A. Forget to do 50. Roni has had an adequate opportunity to
B. Pay for change his mind. The opposite of the
C. Add on underlined word is….
D. Walk into A. Insufficient
E. Meet unexpectedly B. Abundant
48. Imagine the advertiser’s chargin when C. Enough
he realized that he had put the wrong D. Power
date in the ad. E. Redundant
A. Indifference


By experimenting with combination of chemicals, manufactures have produced a wide variety of

effective dusts and sprays to control plant pests. Some, such as those containing pyrethrum, work well
and do rat harm to people, pets and birds. There are others that contain stronger chemical, such as DDT,
melathion, fazinat, and chlorine. These can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly used.
The first thing to do in dealing with plant pests it to seek the proper advice. Trained salesmen at
garden stores can supply valuable information on the correct product to use. If the problem is a
complicated or stubborn one, additional advice should be obtained from goverment agricultural
department offices.

51. How can manufactures get various effective pesticides...

A. By experimenting with combination of chemicals
B. By combining different chemicals
C. By producing various chemicals
D. By spraying stronger chemicals
E. By controling plants pests

52. What is the main idea of the second paragraph....

A. Farmers should have good knowledge to fight plant pests


B. Agricultural department only deals with complicated problems
C. Valuable information to control plant pests is needed by farmers
D. Proper advice to control plant pests is provided by trained salesmen
E. Pesticides can be obtained freely in goverment agricultural deparment offices

53. What do farmers need before they use pesticides

A. Combinations of the chemicals
B. Various stronger chemicals
C. Various effective dusts and sprays
D. Information about harmful pesticides
E. Valuable information in using pesticides

54. “... to seek the proper advice” (paragraph 2)

The opposite of the word “proper” is
A. Useful
B. Wrong
C. Correct
D. Suitable
E. ineffective

JAKARTA - When the government announced the liquidation of 16 banks last Saturday, many people are
surprised as they did not expect their bank to be on the list, Others were still trying to come to terms with
the fact that they had lost their jobs.
"I heard on the radio that 16 bank were liquidated, that's why I came here, to check whether I
could still withdraw my money," said Prapto, who claimed to have a deposit in one of the liquidated
banks on JI. Thamrin. But the said he couldn't get it as it was Saturday and most banks do not open then.
The headquarters of some of the liquidated banks, such as Bank Pacific and Bank Industry
look calm, with only a few people coming and going. Several people called the 'Observer' last Saturday
afternoon two find out which banks had been liquidated.
I Nyoman Moena, a noted banking analyst told the 'Observer' it is a normal reaction for people to
panic when hearing such things, but, he said, the government must certainly have anticipated the
situation. "I think the monetary authority must have been prepared this tune, after the announcement of
the liquidation of Bank Sumina in 1992," Moena said referring to the guarantee by the government two
pay depositors in to weeks on November, 13, 1997 and the naming of the banks that will handle the pay
When announcing the liquidations last Saturday, Bank Indonesia assured depositors they would
get their money back. Those who had less than Rp 20 million would get all their money on November 13,
while those who had over Rp 20 million would get up to Rp 20 million in the first stage with the
remainder being paid later.
The President Director of Bank IFI Harry Rachmadi said yesterday that the liquidation of sixteen
bank would certainly have an impact in the community, as some people may lose their jobs. To minimize
the impact of the liquidations. it is important to accelerate the process. Rachmadi said that the decision
could also be a 'shock therapy' for Indonesian banks. "Bank owners can no longer do as they want when
operating their own banks," he said. He also said that some members of the public should have


anticipated this, as the press had ear her reported the likely liquidation of some ailing banks following
the currency turmoil that hit the country in July this year.

55. The article is about ........

A . the liquidation of 16 banks
B . a shock therapy for banks
C . people's reaction about liquidated banks
D . the loss of money deposited in the liquidated banks
E . the impact of liquidated bank on the employees

56. The main idea of paragraph 4 is .........

A . some banks are assigned to handle the pay outs
B . the government has anticipated the people's reaction
C . the government guarantees to pay depositors by certain banks
D . I Nyoman Moena is a noted banking analyst
E . The liquidated banks do not guarantee that the depositors can get back their deposits

57. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text ?

A . The hadquarter of the liquidated banks were crowded with people
B . Bank Summa was one of the banks liquidated last Saturday
C . The liquidation could be a shock therapy for Indonesian banks
D . Harry Rachmadi said that there will be no impact of liquidation in the community
E . The liquidated banks do not guarantee that the depositors can get back their deposits

In my community its various organisms are linked in a complicated web of relationships. There
are usually in balance with one another. If the natural web is disturbed, the results my be disastrous. As a
rule, the various populations of organisms tend to adjust to seasonal and other changes, and the whole
community stays in balance. Most disturbances come from man's activities.
In an undisturbed forest, white-tailed deer feed on plants of various kinds. Wolves and mountain
lions prey on the deer. When deer are numerous, their enemies become numerous too, because them is so
much to feed upon. The deer and their enemies stay in balance with one another.
Then man enters the scene. He looks on aninuls such as wolves and mountain lions as harmful.
He kills as many as possible. When the animals that feed on deer are killed, the deer multiply, without
check. Soon the large deer population has eaten nearly all the plants available for food. Then the deer
begin to starve.
Another example of man's interference with natural communities is the use of chemical
insecticides. Grass in the sprayed areas my he eaten by cows. As a result, the milk of some cows has been
found to contain too much DDT. The insecticides are also collected in the tissues of birds that eat the
sprayed insects. Some of the affected birds lay eggs that do not hatch. The number of birds therefore
decreases, cutting down the food supply of other animals.
Whether intended or not, almost every change that man has made in natural webs of life has
turned out to be a disaster for the communities involved. Man, of course, is part of the world's living


community. Everything he does affects all the rest of it, just as my change in the community or climate
around him affects his own well-being. Thus, by changing natural communities, man may arm himself.
58. What is the text about .......
A . Forests
B . Disturbed forests
C . Disturbed communuties
D . A complicated web of relationships
E . The interference of men with natural communities

59. The forest is disturbed becaase of .......

A . man's activities
B . the food supply of other animals
C . a complicated web of relationshp
D . the balance of the whole community
E . the various population of organisms

60. The following statements are TRUE according m the text, EXCEPT .......
A . Man's activities causes disasters
B . DDT is sprayed to kill insects
C . Man changes the natural communities
D . Man considers wild animals as harmful
E . Man does not disturb the natural web

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