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Re: Procurement Work flow

by jcolas on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:00 pm

"jbd wrote:
.Is there any standard Procurement Work Flow

For the procurement of Goods, below are the steps:

1) Preparation of the Purchase Request. This should be checked whether the items
requested to be purchased are included in the APP.
2) If the ABC is more than 500k,then public bidding should be conducted; if its less than
500k, then shopping should be used;
3. Preparation of the Abstract of Bids as Read, if the mode of procurement used is Public
Bidding, and after post qualification, prepare the Abstract of Bids as Calculated; if the mode
of procurement is shopping, you simply prepare an abstract of quotations.
4. If the mode of procurement is shopping, prepare the Purchase Order, to be certified by
the Chief Accountant as to availability of Funds, and approved by the Head of the Procuring
5. If the mode of procurement is public bidding, the office should prepare the BAC
Resolution Recommending Award to the LCRB for approval of the HOPE;
6. The Purchase Order should be signed by the Supplier showing conformity to the Purchase
Order. After the Supplier has signed the PO. a copy should be sent to the Office of the
Auditor. When the supplier delivers, the Notice of Delivery is prepared by the Supply Office
and forwards the same to the Office of the Resident Auditor, while the management
Inspection Committee conducts inspection and if found to be in order signs the IAR and
forwards the same to the Supply Officer for acceptance, after which the voucher is
7. If the mode of procurement is public bidding,after the BAC Resolution mentioned above
has been approved by the HOPE, the Notice of Award is prepared and forwarded to the
LCRB who signs the NOA to show conformity.
8. After the NOA, the contract is prepared, sign by both parties after which the Notice To
Proceed is prepared, signed by the HOPE and forwarded to the LCRB.
The steps mentioned above are just the basic. In betweeen are processes that should be
accomplished. I hope you are able to follow. You also try to consult your auditor as they are
more inthe position to guide you. For procurement of Infrastructure projects, where the
ideal mode of procurement is Public Bidding, the steps are basically the same but it is best
that you consult your auditor for proper guidance. Or you give me your email address and I
can email you back the basic steps.

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