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Installing Mini SAP Release 4.6D
o Mini SAP Basis CDs:
o CD1 50 043 446 Release 4.6D
Kernel + Documentation
Test Suite
o CD2 50 043 446 Release 4.6D
Test Suite
o Windows NT 4.0 w/SP4 or higher or Windows 2000
o RAM: 128MB minimum (real world: 256MB minimum)
o Disk space: 2.2GB minimum

1. Run setup.bat from the Kernel CD:

2. Wait until the SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) is installed:

3. Re-start your system when prompted.

By Giovanni Davila –Copyright 2002 … the site for SAP Basis Admins

4. Run setup.bat again from the Kernel CD:

5. Enter the location where the Mini SAP software should be installed:

6. Enter the location where the Kernel and Data CDs are located:

By Giovanni Davila –Copyright 2002 … the site for SAP Basis Admins

7. Switch CDs if prompted for the Data CD

8. Click on Exit when finished.

Installing SAPGUI
To install SAPGUI run SETUP.exe from the \MINIGUI directory on the Kernel CD.

By Giovanni Davila –Copyright 2002 … the site for SAP Basis Admins

Starting Mini SAP (MBS)
To start Mini SAP double-click on the “Start SAP MBS” icon on the desktop:

Extending your Mini SAP license
To extend the license of a Mini SAP system visit

Documents to read
Check all the .HTM files on the Kernel CD as they contain documentation on the installation of Mini SAP.

By Giovanni Davila –Copyright 2002
SAP - Licensing Procedure for the Mini SAP System

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Licensing Procedure for the Mini SAP System
When SAP released the book ABAP Objects, it released a first test drive based on mySAP Technology. The 4.6D system ID is MBS.

SAP NetWeaver With the ABAP Objects reference book, a new test drive based on SAP Web Application Server 6.10 was released. The 6.10 system ID is WA1.

Business Benefits
The current SAP Web Application Server 6.20 ABAP engine is released with the system ID BSP -- fully supporting BSP programming model.
Customer Successes
The installation CDs are part of ABAP Objects. You can make any comments on the installation procedure at the Galileo Press Web site.
Brochures & White Papers

Demos For extending your license key, execute saplicense.exe, and follow the instructions in the documentation "Installing the SAP License" that you find on CD1 --
in the file mini_doc.htm.
Technical Details

News & Events Once you complete the form below, providing us with your hardware key, we will send you a mail with a new license key and the new expiration date.

Services After getting your new license key, please be aware that your system id is MBS, WA1, or BSP. Your installation number is DEMOSYSTEM.

When you extend your MINISAP license key for the first time, you will also need a developer key when you try to change a repository object in the
SAP Community workbench. Enter: 29671482393151224771.

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SAP - Licensing Procedure for the Mini SAP System

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(HWID) *To get your hardware key, execute saplicense.exe -get

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