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With nre ud swwd and pur imttldmrdened h d s of Warrior Knights y w

cby. The King lk ded. m n M by a traitor's hrsdl whilst t k -P d
B m m mvage Ihr cantryside a d war upon tbeh rivals. Wbkh will
%am t h e d i a a s I h r n m M d I b t ~ p t r ? W l l l f t b e y w r h a t m -
q m all lekeomr UK tjm of a ntw d w y d WARRIOR KNIGHTS...


- . T@l

Available now from all good games shops or send SAE for full mail order details to: Games
Workshop Mail Order, Chewton St., Hilltop, Eastwood, Notts., or: Games Workshop US.,
9110F Red Branch Rd,, Columbia MD 21045, USA.


MEGA - CITY ONE .........
400 million
people and every one o f them a
potential criminal. Join Judge Dredd
and clean u p the streets! You are the
law. Contains the Judges Manual,
Gamesmasters Book, Cut-out character
sheet with 6 0 stand- u p characters and
vehicles, 2 play- sheets and a set of
polhedral dice.

A MEGA GAME ......................ONLY f 10.95.

Hidden deep below
TALISMAN 2ND EDITION Buckingham Palace i n a
cryogenic chamber is
Britain's best kept secret.
IMPROVED NEW U L T R A - PUSH Can your group o f
EDITION! Golden Heroes avert the
Played i n a mythical world o f disaster about t o befall
dragons and sorcerery for 2 the nation!
t o 6 players. 28 pages with index
Full colour board character insert.
14 full colour character cards
104 full colour adventure cards
28 full colour purchase cards SAVE QUEEN AND
24 full colour spell cards COUNTRY .....Only f2.95.
4 Talisman cards, 4 Toads, 4
alignment change cards
Six sided dice
Clear & concise rules

FIND YOUR TALISMAN ................ONLY f10.95. * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW "

x I m - - - - - I I I - D

To order, simply cut out this coupon and fill out the details
below (or send all details on a piece of paper).
Special NEW price.

"CHILL is a very enjoyable game and

m y son, Joe, and I play it often"
-STEPHEN KING (The Shining, Salems lot etc.)
Countdown (Dr. Who scenario)
II Lords o f Destiny (Dr. Who scenario)
The Daleks (Dr. Who supplement)
The lytean Menace (Dr. Who scenario)
I Haunted Ruins o f the Dunleadings (MERP)
The Thieves o f Tharbad (MERP)
I * AND *
I Trail o f the Loathsome Slime (COC scenario)
I Fragments of Fear (2nd COC companion)

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a ChewtonStreet,
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or ring Clive on (0773)769731
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Make8llchequespayable to Games Work~hopLtd I NOninghamNG(6 3HY,
3 Please mention White D w a r f w h e n replying to advertisements.
t's time to book your ticket for


air '86
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, llth, 12th, 13th April
1986 at Reading University.
Make sure that you don't miss out in 1986. GamesFair '85 was sold out months in advance, so
book early to advoid disappointment. Booking in advance is essential. There will be NO tickets for
sale on the door.

If you don't bother now, you could end up missing the best weekend of gaming in the year....

*The AD&Dm Open Championship - an individual, knockout * The AD&D Team Competition - a not-so-serious single round
competition to find the British AD&D Champion of 1986. Held over competition for teams of 5 players held on Friday afternoon. If you
Saturday and Sunday, places in this event must be booked in advance. want to enter a team send an SAE for more information.

* All the n&w and established favourites - tHe MARVEL SUPER * Residential or Non-Residentialplaces - Non Residential bookings
HEROES and STAR FRONTIERS@games, Traveller, RuneQuest, entitle you to full use of all the convention facilities including
1829, Railway Rivals, Call of Cthulhu, Illuminati, En Garde and many, inexpensive hot and cold food, the bar during extended h6urs (adults
many more... and, of course, the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS@ game only), several gaming areas and an array of computer arcade games.
might get played a bit as well! Residential bookings entitle you to all that plus two nights in a
private bedroom and a full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, unless
you are too busy playing games to bother with boring stuff like

Persons under 14 years of age cannot be admitted.

Please send me .......residential tickeys) for GamesFair '86
at £31.00 each. f................
If booking for more than one person please include ALL names and
addresses. Bookings accompanied by an incomplete list of names or Please send me ....... non-residential ticket@)for
the incorrect money will be returned unprocessed. GamesFair '86 at E 8.00 each. E.................

Please make cheques/POs payable to TSR UK Ltd, and send to the I doldo not wish to enter the AD&D
Open. Fee £ 1.75. f................

CAMBRIDGE CB14AD. Total Balance: if .................

Telephone (0223 212517)

I would~wouldnot like to DM a game in one of the AD&D

Competitions. (Please give brief details of your experience on a
separate sheet of paper, including your age - a rough estimate will do).

Successful bookings will be confirmed by post. Full dctails and confirmation of the events will be given in the
'86 Programme, which will be mailed to attendees in March.Refunds (minus a £ 2.00 administration charge)
will only be possible on cancellations made before 31st January 1986.
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COVER: Lee Gibbons Cthulhu mini-scenario
ILLUSTRATION: Pete Martin, John Blanche, Leo
Hartas, Steve Luxton, Nic Weeks, Alastair Morrison
TYPESETTING: Anne Kiernan The Necklaceof Brisingamen by Graeme Drysdale 22
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Santa goes to town in this fun boardgame

he Christmas spirit appears DEPARTMENTS

T t o be making itself felt in all
aspects of the gaming hobby
this year. New releases there are
Open BOX
W-w-w-wabbit Wampage, Doctor Who and Pendragon reviewed

in plenty, including Superpowers,

Critical Mass by Dave Langford 8
Railway Rivals and Warrior Regular sf and fantasy book review column
Knights, and the usual deluge of
products from chief Santa at Heroes& Villains edited by Simon Burley and Pete Hains 20
Citadel, Bryan Ansell. Games Mad? I, who have discovered the secret of life! You call m e mad?!
shops are full of enthusiastic Thrud the Barbarian by Carl Critchlow 21
garners discussing the virtues of
the various games, deciding
which ones will help pass the Crawling Chaos edited by Marc Gascoigne 39
lean winter months of early 1986. Valuable arcana .
Myself, I'm in no doubt as t o Treasurechest 42
which games 1'11 be toying with Two-page special edition of AD&D additions
over the holiday. Baseball
Strategy, Summmit, 1829 and Tabletop H m e s by Joe Dever 46
Talisman with itsnew expansion Regular figure and painting tips column
set will be keeping me occupied Letters edited by Ian Marsh 48
well into the new year, in be- Readers comments and views aired
tween m y excursions into Mega
City 1 as Judge Livingstone, gun- living sto clean up their act by Mark Harrison 51
ning for Stevie 'The Puffin'
Jackson. Gobbledigook by Bil 54
More goblin fun

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Special Games Day photo-report

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essays on the craft of running a rolegame,

In Open Box, fantasy and science fiction games and supplements which should be invaluable to inexperi-
currently in the shops are examined b y independent reviewers. enced GMs.
I can find no majorflaws in thisgame,
despite my initial reservations at the
idea of a fundamentally British institu-

OPEN BOX tion being interpreted by an American

company. The systems are not revolu-
tionary, but they are quite simple and
easy to use, and complement the wealth
THE DOCTOR WHO ROLE-PLAYING Character generation uses the now- of background detail admirably. I can
GAME popular method of allocation. A random appreciate what an achievement it is to
Role-Playing Game number of points are generated and wrap togetherthe Dr Who mythos into a
FASA f14.95 added to the base of 6 in each of the six coherent whole, having tried it myself -
attributes, to generate a raw score. This there has been a lotof effort put intothis
A game about Dr Who designed by then determines the Level of the attri- game, and it shows. Recommended for
Americans? Surely not! But it's true, and bute. Each successive level costs a anyone who has watched and enjoyed
the remarkable thing is that they've number of pointsequal to its own value, an episode of Dr Who.
made such a good job of it. For Dr Who plus the cost of the previous level, mak- Complexity: 5 Ease of Use: 7
is rooted in the minds of a large propor- ing general competence relatively easy, Production: 7 Value: 6
tion of the population of this country in but mastery quite exceptional. The , Overall: 8 Paul Mason
such a way that mistakes in this game points in each attribute further yield a
would very rapidly become obvious. number of points to be used to generate
And while it's by no means perfect, I can starting skills. Skills are bought in the
assure anxious punters that FASA have same way as attributes, and the system KING ARTHUR PENDRAGON
spared no effort in ensuring that the is weighted so that it is easierto acquire Role-Playing Game
flavour of the series is captured. Let's skills connected with your higher attri- Chaosium f25.95
start at the beginning, though, and get butes. Skills are rated in terms of both
the hard facts out of the way. Levels (Roman Numeric) and by the King Arthur Pendragon, or Pendragon
The game comes in three books, one number of points. as it is constantly referred to, looks like
for players, one for the GM, and a gen- Combat is deadly. The Dr Who philo- being one of the best systemised role-
eral source-book. Presentation is gener- sophy that if you're hit, you're either playing games around. There are more
ally good, being reminiscent of that used incapacitated or dead certainly applies free-form games, such as AD&D and
in the Star TrekRPG. This similarity goes here. While it is based on the Matrix,the RuneQues, butthese cannot be realisti-
further, as many of the same rule sys- Combat system has added complexity, callv com~aredwith Pendraaon because
tems are used - ~articularlvin combat. includina numerous modifications. and theie is something a lot m&e essential
an ~ c t i oPoint
i system to regulate' and vibrant contained within the game
movement. itself; it is itching to be played as soon as
These are the hard details. Perhaps you open the first book and start read-
more important with a game such as this ing. Pendragon is better compared with
isthe background-the feelofthegame, Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) or
and how closely it resembles the feel of Call o f Cthulhu because it revolves
the series. Here FASA have applied the around something specific and laid out
thoroughness we expect from the mak- for all to see. However, the MERPsystem
ers of Star Trek. Certainly there are occa- leaves a lot to be desired (interms of pre-
sional contradictions with isolated sentation if nothing else) and Call of
details from the series, but nowhere are Cthulhu can be very disconcerting to
these worse than the series' own con- those who have not read Lovecraft. Pen-
tinuity cock-ups, and they generally dragon, on the other hand, draws from
make the background far more coherent folklore so popularthat no onecan have
than one would expect from such a escaped exposure to it in one form or
sprawling mythos as Dr Who. another; the bibliography covers
The depth of detail is remarkable. Con- sources as diverse as John Steinbeck
siderable space is (quite rightly) given and Mary Stewart in addition to Sir
over to the operation of a TARDIS, and Thomas Malory, Nennius and The
theories of time travel. The FASA Mabinogion. Then there are the popular
rationalisation of time travel is slick and T H White books and the more recent
playable, and as long as your players stories by Gillian Bradshaw and Phyllis
aren't deliberately aiming to mess you Ann Karr. Even if your players are illiter-
The most important dltference, now- about will remove the problems of time ate they can go and see Excalibur!
ever, is that Dr Who is played with six- paradox quite neatly. Details are also The name of the game, to use a cliche,
sided dice only, and this requires an given about Gallifrey, and this includes is Chivalry. Player characters are knights
alteration in the method of rolling for mention of the Celestial Intervention (and possibly ladies) seeking glory for
skill use. This is achieved by means of Agency -the underground organisation themselvesand their lieges; theyfollow
the Interaction Matrix, a general pur- which is responsible for all these player the legendary timeline through from the
pose table used for all skill or attribute character Time Lords whizzing about in death of High King Uther Pendragon and
use. Each scale of the Matrix is referenced space and time, righting wrongs, fight- wait for his heir to arrive; later they can
by both a numerical scaleof -12to +12, ing evil, and generally behaving like the help unify the Kingdom once more and
and a Roman Numeric scale of I to VII. Doctor. Players who aren't Time Lords, turn it into an Empire by fighting the
The Roman Numeric scale isthat used to by the way, are human companions. marauding Saxons and Irish; and all the
grade all attributesand skills, and deter- Further goodies include stats for a time there are tournaments to attend,
mines the 'Entry' line to the Matrix, small selection of the Doctor's most quests to achieve, damsels to be saved,
which is moved up and/or down the dreaded enemies, information on the honour to be upheld and fame and for-
numeric scale according to situational technological hardware that's available, tune for the taking. Character progres-
modifiers. This is done both for the and copious notes on how to generate sion is measured by Glory which can be
character performing the action (who alien worlds and inhabitants. Although gained and lost over the course of each
uses the vertical scale) and the Resis- the latter section contains a stupid error year; then in the winter, the knights and
tance (whether it be an opposing charac- (a linear multiple is used to generate nobles return to their homesto lick their
ter's skill, or an abstract value represent- planetary area, when it should be wounds and countthe spoils of war. The
ing difficulty). Cross-indexing on the squared) all are usable without being game moves on a much fastertime scale
Matrix yields a number, which a charac- unnecessarily complex. The Game Mas- than most others, with a year quite pos-
ter must roll under on 2d6 to succeed. ter's book also contains some excellent sibly passing in a session. This in turn is
e 'a~melreyle g u i o ~ 4 w w u y
autos 'swaysJaixmtp.auos'(31tsn!
lo.euo 'se&d 88 j@ouo)swfw
0 ~ n 3f 3 u f ~ t e i ~xou
w x
d 3 w uo 19 n o A

Critical Mass is a regular fantasy and science fiction book review some nice dottiness about a time-scoop
column, written by Dave Langford. project dredging up the philosopher
Lucretius (to be amazed by Modern Sci-
ence), only for Lucretian physics to
come with him and invade our world.
Other strangenesses include inverted,

BAH! HUMBUG! inexplicably expanded, and time-frozen

worlds, a vitriolictale of political physics
which plunges Margaret Thatcher below
Absolute Zero, and uneasy horror
With Christmas releases packing the offers a chapter called 'Pit of the stories. Worth a look.
stands i n all their tinsel glitter, it's the Werebats'? Painful. Still more shorts (19 this time): Gene
reviewer's melancholy duty to play Guy Gavriel Kay's The Summer Tree Wolfe's Book of Days [Arrow 246pp
Scrooge and say rude things about the [Unwin 323pp £8.951 inspires terror by f2.251. Unclassifiable . . . some straight-
tarnish o n each bauble. Gosh, how I being the first of another trilogy (The forward, some worrying, some enigma-
wish I could be niceabouteverything; as FionavarTapestry'). Kay is a literateand tic and elusive, but all beautifully writ-
a kind-hearted person I hate these cruel economical writer, though: the mun- ten. One, light-hearted but ultimately
phrases.. . (Bah! Humbug!-Ed.) Still, dane opening sketches relationships in chilling, is specially for games fans:
some moments make it all worthwhile, brief dialogues, and for once the transi- 'How I Lost The Second World War and
as when a burdened postman looked at tion from Earth to 'a world of which our Helped Turn BackThe German Invasion'.
m e and at a Pensuin parcel addressed to own is but a shadow' (tum-ti-tum) Software by Rudy Rucker [Penguin
'David ~ a n ~ f o r & ~ w h iet e Dwarf'. Your 174ppfl.951: thefirst UKappearanceof
reviewer is about six-foot-three. After this demented 1982 novel. On the sur-
cogitation the postman said, 'Is it a kind face it'sa racy and blackly funny story of
of pea?'The repartee which rose to m y robots and humans-become-robots,
lips was unsuitable for family magazines. laced with deadpan outrageousness. "'I
The 1986 Tolkien Calendar [Unwin think you should kill him and eat his
£3.951 is'funfor all thefamily': 13colour brain,' M r Frostee said quickly. 'That's
plates b y Michael Hague, lifted from his not the answerto every problem in inter-
luxury edition of The Hobbit. One might personal relations,' Cobb said . . . '"
quibble that Hague's elves are over- Rucker is picking at problems of per-
chunky, and his Beorn unconvincingly sonal identity. Lose your body and re-
gigantic (twice the height of Gandalf, install your software in a robot frame
who's n o runt) but it's good value for (complete with SEX and DRUNKENNESS:
Tolkien fans. subroutines), and are you still you? With
Rodney Matthews' In Search of Forever destruction loomlng, the ex-human
[Paper Tiger 142pp £7.951 is the best of Cobb asks: 'Am I on tape somewhere
the gift books- art from one who needs else?' The reply is: 'I don't know. . .
no introduction. His exotic, elfin paint- What's the difference?'
ings are backed up with sketches, photo- Philip E High's Sold- ForA Spaceship
graphs (some of the weirdest shapes [Hamlyn 'Venture 07' 175pp £ 1.751 is
were inspired by real-life formations of doesn't lead t o a wholly simplistic set-up more traditional: what Orwell might
ice or rock) and an unpretentious com- with good in the white corner and evil in have called good bad SF. High always
mentary which cheerfully admits com- the black. There are outcrops of High tells the same story, beginning with
mercial problems. Budding artists can Style, balanced by wit, humanity and rock-bottom despair amid tattered
learn the secrets of 'plotting' a wrap- such unlikely denizens of fantasy as remnants of humanity. Swiftly and
around coverto make a coherent picture hangovers. ('Some indeterminate fun- sometimes grammatically, the situation
whileallowing fortitle,spine copy, blurb gus seemed to have taken up residence improves until mankind has achieved
and price. Twee works like Yendor are in his mouth.') Quite a promising start. symbiosis with the ecosystem, perfect
balanced by passionate intensity (his For a quick read, try Cycle of the telepathic marriages with submissive
Save The Whales poster hits you in the Werewolf by Stephen King [NEL 128pp womankind, and mastery of the uni-
stomach); familiar props like insectsand £4.951 -which I finished in 20 minutes, verse. Despitewriting which can only be
Moorcockian grotesques look better as there being only 47 pages of large print praised as 'functional', High has qual-
part of a wider artistic range. Grab this in a morass of blank sheets, calendars, ities of excitement and compassion
and get his Witch World covers without effective black-and-white pictures and which make his work stand out in this
having t o buy dreadful Andre Norton unconvincing colour plates (both by series (if nowhere else).
books.. . Berni Wrightson). The latter often reveal In brief: Marion Zimmer Bradley's
A new small press sends Sceptre Mor- twists King might reasonably have Thendara House [Arrow 414pp £2.751 is
tal by Derek Sawde [Oriflamme 294pp hoped would surprise you o n the next a late addition, worthy but ponderous, to
£2.951 - a venture into stratospheric page. . . This is of course a werewolf the bulky 'Darkover'series: new readers
High Fantasy. High Fantasy has a syntax yarn, competently told despite wearying begin elsewhere.. . The Last Legionary
and diction of its own, and is prone to heaps of bodies before we get any actual Quartet by Douglas Hill [Pan 460pp
debilitating bouts of Black Lords, High plot; the triumph of the cute, crippled kid £2.951 offers lots of words for your
Kings, Elf Lords, Witch Queens, Fire detective over Incarnate Evil comes as money: a lightweight 'juvenile'tetralogy
Demons, Swords, Sceptres and Capital no surprise. OK, but expensive for a full of thrills, hardware and zap guns. . .
Letters, which oft join their mighty- short story. Graham Dunstan Martin's The Soul
thewed powers to forge Sentences as Forthe same price you can haveTerry Master [Unicorn 293pp £2.951: one of
Silly-looking as This One. The peril of Carr's 13 Best SF of the Year 14 [Gollancz Unwin's better fantasy discoveries, with
High Style is that its stiff formality 376pp £4.951 selections - cleverly potent and original ideas. . . Skyfall
means narrative arthritis, unless including 1984 stories which later won [Panther 270pp £ 1.951 is Harry Harri-
redeemed by rhythmic splendour (Eddi- Nebulas (John Varley's 'Press Enter', son's'potboiler of space disaster and a
son), a vein of homeliness (Tolkien),fan- Gardner Dozois' 'Morning Child' and falling super-skylab.. . A PlioceneCom-
tastic humour (Dunsany), witty irony Octavia Butler's 'Bloodchild') and Hugos panion by Julian May [Pan 220pp £2.501
(Cabell),or lean poetic brevity (Le Guin). (Varley and Butler again). I don't much is not the place to start reading M s May
Alas, Spectre Mortal's familiar quest like Varley's tale, whose flashy surface (I didn't get the tetralogy to which this is
plot plugs tirelessly on without any of covers a thin and familiar technophobic a concordance), who comes over here as
these things, paragraph after paragraph theme. but most of the rest are ace strangely arrogant and pretentious. . .
seizing u p in a Spatter of Capitals. And stuff. Granada, mindful of past injuries, have
(lots of sentences starting with And or Eleven Ian Watson shorts make UD neglected to send Asimov's Robots and
But are another High Style giveaway) Slow Birds [Gollancz 190pp £8.951, Empire: if Ian Marsh buys me the
what can you make of an author who, whose daft ideas are less hair-raisingly hardback I'll give it the praise it
after 258 solemnly humourless pages, intellectual than of old - though there's deserves. (Bah! Humbug! -Ed.)

the ultimate Science
Fiction htasy Game.
You play a trlbe on the world of Crane
a beautiful, lntrlgulng planet of fertlle plalns and
myrlad seas Dlplomatlc and tacttcal skllls count
for mare than mere size and strength, as you
experience the thrlll of danger and the excitement of
dlscovety, In THE TRIBES OF CRANE Or, In
STARMASTER, play a people In a galaxy of
unknown planets and star systems, set In the far
future Deslgn your own specles, chose your planet
type, ~deology,and polltlcal system, and then roam the
galaxy as you vie for supremacy

CRANE or STARMASTER 1s available In your

local games shop, price E9 95, wh~ch
lncludes the flrst two turns of play In case of
dlfflculty, games may be ordered post free
from M~tregames,at the address below,
enclosing cheque/pastal order for the
Somcivhcre in the S o u t h Atlantic, an uns caknble evil waits ...
I:ir~d o u t i\-lly in this nelv scenario for OF C.l.tLULHU@

27/29 Sunbeam Road,

London, NW10 6JP

Games Workshop,
9 1 10 F, Red Branch Road, for its 11. P. Lovecraft Role-Playing Game.

9 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying t o advertisements.


Cad this SpeU as required. It mud be Cast W S $ as nqW.Urlrenmt,it Casl this Spll as required. When ym
cPst at another slaver. It lran8mutesall bat is ahoui to &art kt&durationof I oenais vou to take a Meated Enemv cPFtit,rdtldieaudtakethpt~of
their metal mh&dSwords, Axes, that one C d d y , the W e e p will &Iheid by mother player tow& bagsot Gold from tbesteekpile.
h l l r , Sbiekls, Helmetsand Cold into give au additloual2to Strength. gaining Strength. The remreded
wad renderingthem useless. They umt Enemy will add its Sh.engfbto y m fw
dump them m-he discardfle. one Combat a h which you mud dis.
card it.
by a bunch of frothing maniacs bent on
grievous bodily harm (atthevery least!).

Jewel! Crown
The one complaint that is often level-
led at card-orientated games like Talis-
man is that after numerous plays you
can often predict the cards, losing the
H elements of spontaneity and surprise.
To combat this, an expansion set has
A Look at Talisman and its New Expansion Set arrived on the scene, containing new
Character, Spell and Adventure cards.
by Alastair Morrison These additions follow the same for-
mat as the original game, with the added
bonus of glorioustechnicolourthrough-
out. New characters are the Halfling,
I tend to buy games for one of two (ratherthan Machiavellian) tactics. After Necromancer, Satyr, Leprechaun,
reasons. Either it is a good, playable sys- all, why be subtle and devious when Ranger, Amazon, Rogue, Hobgoblin,
tem, or it has a great box! I admit it was pure brute force will get you the same Gladiator, Knight, Barbarian, Merchant,
the second reason that initially attracted results - and faster! Pilgrim and Philosopher, making
me to Talisman, however, once I looked Spell cards are another important twenty-eight different characters availa-
inside, I discovered that not only was the facet of the game - each one gives ble to players. Of these newcomers, the
artwork excellent but the game was specific details asto the type of spell you Necromancer and the Knight can benefit
good and playable too. can cast in the course of the game. For from gaining Craft through Charming
For those of you unfamiliar with the the greedy, the Acquisition spell is a enemies or killing them, adding the
game, the board itself consists of three good one, although my favourite has to enemy's Craft to their total. Thus these
distinct regions. The outermost region, beTemporal Warp-a spell that enables two can gain when they encounter
coloured in green, is easiest to travel you to take three turns in a row. spirits -an ability lacking in the original
through, followed by the blue middle One unpleasant aspect about the characters. All the new characters have
region and the buff inner region,where- game is being turned into a Toad as a a good balance of abilities, making them
in lies your goal - the Crown of Com- result of a spell. This invariably happens 3s playable as the original set.
mand. In thegame,each playertakeson when your character has acquired The Adventure cards all add plenty of
the role of a character such as a Warrior, enough Gold to bury Fort Knox, an variety and sparkle to the game. To
Wizard or Priest, each of whom has spe- armoury that would overburden the describe in length all the novelties
cial powers, and sets off on a quest to hordes of Genghis Khan and enough would use up all the superlatives I know
find the magicTalisman. The regionson Followers to fill a football pitch. Since a (at last count about five) so I'll just pick
the board are the areas of 'countryside' Toad cannot carry anything, all his out a few favourites.
travelled through, and each region is worldly wealth remains on the space he The Arena card allows you t o move
actually sub-divided into squares, each occupied when th6spell struck. This any other character t o your space and
of which has its own title (eg Chapel, usually results in a mad scramble by the then attack them. This enables you to
Hills, etc) and encounter instructions. other players to be the first to reach this pick on the weakest player and act very
Effectively, Talisman is a regulated role- unexpected treasure trove. All the poor uncharitably towards him. On the sub-
playing boardgame. Toad can do is sit and croak his objec- ject of uncharitability there's also a
There are fourteen character cards tions in vain for the next three turns. Taxation card to get. . . There's also an
and pieces which depict the individual After playing Talisman on numerous unhelpful stranger in the form of a
adventurers: a Prophetess, Druid, War- occasions with anything from two to six Judge - he can fine you or make you
rior, Ghoul, Priest, Wizard, Sorceress, players, it becomes obvious that it is ide- miss a turn if you've attacked another
Monk, Troll, Elf, Thief, Assassin, ally suited to the three to four player player during the game. Going by the
Minstrel and Dwarf. Each card gives game since it keeps the playing time way most people I know play Talisman,
details of the character's unique down to about two and a half hours yet it's certainly a case of 'Guilty, m'lud'! -
abilities. For example, the Prophetess - -
still offers an interestina challenae. Out of nine new enemies ~ r o v i d e d .
the nastiest by far has to bethe ~ i c h . ' l f
the Lich isvictorious in combat, it drains
one of your character's lives and keeps it
for itself. This makes it a very persistent
enemy, especially if encountered early
on in the game whilst the player charac-
ters are still weak and inexperienced. M y
other favourite enemy is the Berserker
who instead of being killed merely
zooms off clockwise to another space,
ready t o bash again.
The half-dozen new spells - Displace-
ment, Brainwave, Slow Motion, Barrier,
Mind Steal and Metamorph, are all good
for a bit of chaos here and there.
There is, of course, nothing to stop
you adding new adventure cards or
favourite character cards of your own. It
is easy to adapt any character type to
Talisman, as long as you keepwithin the
limits of the rules, it shouldn't unbalance
can begin the game with one spell, Having said this, the six-player game the game.
always retain one, and look at the other is perfect for role-players, allowing To use the Talisman cards provided
players' spells at any time during the plenty of character interaction and on the facing page, first cut around the
game. Character cards also show your development as each player seeks the sheet of card backs and paste this t o a
initial Strength, Craft, Lives, Gold,Align- Weapons, Objects and Talismans that sheet of thin cardboard. When the glue
ment and starting location. are now in short supply. This is a game has dried, trim the cardboard to the size
Over a period of time, each character of back-stabbing, cheating and corrup- of the cards, cut out the obverse sheet
seems to develop its own personality, tion, with spells, cursesand blood flying and paste this to the other side of the
regardless of who plays them. One across the board. An interesting variant cardboard, making sure that the two
example is the Troll; not the most per- is to have only oneTalisman.The player sides correspond to each other! Once
sonable of characters, but one who who eventually gets it would be sure to dry, cut the cards out individually and
tends t o develop Massacrevellian spend most of the game being pursued use them t o brighten up your game!



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w I
Please mention White Dwarf when replying t o advertisements. 14
door leads back to the main cabin [41, equipped with wicker seats for
INTRODUCTION 12 passengers. Each seat has its own window (which can be slid open)
Most CallofCthulhucampaigns involve frequent travel.This scenario and is supplied with cushionsand heavy blankets. Net racksabove the
should fit any campaign i n which a medium t o long rangeairjourney seats hold hand luggage and coats. A baggage compartment [5] can
IS required. For this reason players' information has been kept to a hold u p t o twotons of luggage. Spaces below and behind thecabin [6]
minimum; the keeperwill knowwherethe investigatorsaretravelling, hold control cables, ballast, and other equipment. The fuel tanks [7]
and why. are below the cabin and engineers compartment.
You are to travel on flight 132, a Tabor airliner of the most advanced Captain James Crichton-Smythe: Age 35, ex RFC and RAF, Senior
design, able to carry twelve passengers and three crew at more than Pilot. STR: 15; DEX: 13; INT: 11; CON: 12; APP: 10; POW: 11; SIZ: 9;
a hundred miles an hour! SAN: 55; EDU: 13; HP: 10.
As the formalities are completed you see the aircraft for the first Skills: ~ s t r o n o m
~ 35%, Electrical Repair 35%. Make
time; a fantastic triplane with six Rolls-Royce engines, taller than a Maps 25%, Mechanical Repair 4596, Photography 25%, Pilot Aircraft
house and longer than t w o London omnibuses. It's hard t o believe 55%, Speak French 25% Speak German 15%, Revolver 35%, Vickers
that such a monster can ever leave the ground. machine gun 35%.
Walking towards the boarding ladder, you know that this will be a Equipment: Assorted mapsand charts, .38 Webley revolver.
flight to remember.
Peter Fincham: Age 33, ex RFC (medical discharge), Co-Pilot. He was
KEEPER'S INFORMATION shell-shocked during the war, hence his l o w SAN. STR: 13; DEX: 14;
The passengersabout to board includea fanatical cultist, a murderer, INT: 12; CON: 11; APP: 15; POW: 15; SIZ: 11; SAN: 52; EDU: 13; HP:
a wealthy tycoon with a sinister past, and a private detective, plusthe 11.
investigators and some innocent bystanders. Several events are Skills: Astronomy (navigation) 25%. Dodge 35%, Electrical Repair
suggestedfortheflight; the keepershould selectthose most approp- 30%, Make Maps 15%, Mechanical Repair 40°h, Pilot Aircraft 50%,
riate to the campaign background and the skills of the investigators. Speak Arabic 35%, Revolver 35%, Rifle 30%.
The passengers are weighed before they board. The keeper should Equipment: .38 Webley Revolver.
pretend todistributethem according to weight,so thatthetotal SIZof
passengers is spread as evenly as possible along the length, and Norman Villiers: Age 40, American, ex US Army Air Corps, Flight
across the width, of the aircraft. In fact this calculation should be Engineer. STR: 17; DEX: 13; INT: 12; CON: 10;APP: 11; POW: 17; SIZ:
ignored. Spread the investigators around the aircraft and ensure that 11; SAN: 55; EDU: 10; HP: 10.
one sits next to Jeremiah Stokes. Skills: Climb 65%, Boating 25%, Dodge 46%, Electrical Repair 55%,
TheTabor isa huge airliner, designed asa bomber but converted to Mechanical Repair 75%. Operate Radio 35%. Speak German 25%,
peacetime use at the end of the Great War. It holds 12 passengers and Knife 35%, Revolver 30%, Rifle 25%.
3 crew. This version has six Rolls-Royce Eagle engines, t w o between Equipment: Assorted tools, flare pistol (1 shot12 rounds, Damage
the upper and middle wings and four in tandem pairs between the ld6+8, Base 10%. Range 10 yards), commando knife.
middle and lower wings. They are surrounded by a maze of control
wires and cooling pipes, all essential t o the safe operation of the air- Jeremiah Stokes: British,age 55, a wealthy arms magnate. During the
craft, and a network of support struts and wires. An unpublicised war he was a leading advocate of the use of poison gas, and made
design fault is the fact that the upper engines tend t o pull the nose of many enemies. Lately he has begun to doubtthewisdom of this work.
the aircraft forwards and downwards. If any of the lower engines cut In the last year there have been three attempts on his life, and he is
out, the upper engines must be throttled back. If this occurs, the air- travelling by air to shake off any possible assassins. STR: 8; DEX: 10;
craftwill slowly lose height. Each engine (with its plumbing) has25 hit INT: 16; CON: 8; APP: 10; POW: 6; SIZ: 11; SAN: 22; EDU: 16; HP: 9.
points, butwill need repairs if ittakes more than 13 points of damage. Skills: Accountina 35%. Baraain 35%. Chemistrv 25%. Credit Ratina
The aircraft loses 10mph flying speed for each stopped engine. The 35%. Fast Talk 35%. ~ a 45%. w Treat Poison 20°/d. ~ e v o l v e 30%.
- - r- . ".
wings have 150 hit points, but the aircraft loses Id6mph for each ten ~ q u i ~ m e n~tr:i e f c a s e
(in the ~ " ~ &rack)
~ econtansa .32 revolver and
pointsof damagetheytake. ltwill stall and crash should itsspeed fall his lucky mascot, a crude wooden fetish believed tooriginate i n Africa.
below40mph. Full technical and historical detailsare given at the end Seat D (Note: An investigator should occuwv seat C).
of the scenario.
Plan 1showsthe layout ofthe fuselage, which is made of laminated Aaron Jakes: Age 52, American businessman and Cultist of Azathoth.
plywood with reinforcing ribs. The fuselage has 150 hit points, but He has been sent to steal the 'mascot', so that it might be given t o a
more than 20 points of damagewill seriously weaken the aircraft. Each more useful servant.
time this occurs roll a percentile dice. If the total damage is greater STR: 10; DEX: 1O; INT: 15; CON: 10; APP: 6; POW: 17; SIZ: 9; SAN:
than the dice roll, roll Id20 on the table below: 0; EDU: 15; HP: 9.
Skills: Accounting 25%, Bargain 40%, Cthulhu Mythos 23%, Credit
01-10 No effect. Rating 25%, Fast Talk 20%, Law 30%, Occult 55%, Sneak 55%, Blow-
> 11-13 Plywood cracks. Roll for damage i n each subsequent round of pipe 25%, Knife 55%, Revolver 30%.
combat, adding I d 4 to the percentile dice roll. Spells: Dread curse ofAzathoth, shrivelling, contact Azathoth, create
14-16 Bracing wire anchorage rips free. Pilots must reduce air speed aate.
0 - -
by 2d4mph. Equipment: Switchblade knife, .38 revolver, poison ring (potency 13
17-19 Support strut anchorage rips free, additional damage 2d6. poison iniected bv needle; takes effect 2d6 minutes after iniection.
Pilots must reduce air speed by 3d6mph. Make another d l 0 0 causes death or l d 6 damage if resisted; 1 dose), ~ o o k o~f i b o nseat
roll to check for further effects. E (Note: Investigators must n o t occupy seats F to H).
20 Main support strut snaps. Aircraft breaks up.
Dr Thomas Potter: Age 47, British chemist. Potter works for Stokes,
Bullets causing less than 6 points of damage pass through the fusel- but Stokes will not recognise him since he is disguised by a w i g and
agewithout affecting thetotal structure, and thisdamage need not be darkglasses. During thewar Potter developed a lethal nerve gas,one
subtractedfrom the fuselage hit points. Any bulletwhich misseson a of the foundations of Stoke's fortune. Afterwards he realised that his
roll of 950r morewill hitoneoftheengines; the keepershould roll I d 6 work did little t o advance the war, though hundreds were maimed by
for location: its effects. He became insane, and wishes t o atone for his sins by kil-
ling himself and Stokes. He is responsible for the death threats and
1 Left upper engine attacks.
- ..- - ..- .
2 Right upper engine STR: 10; DEX: 13; INT: 17; CON: 12; APP: 10; POW: 8; SIZ: 11; SAN:
3-4 Left tandem engines (forwardlaft) 14; EDU: 17; HP: 11.
5-6 Right tandem engines (forwardlaft) Skills: Chemistry 75%, Dodge 46%, Knife 35%, Revolver 25%.
Equipment: Cylinder of nerve gas (Potency 16 poison, enough t o fill
The nose [I] contains instruments and ballast. Behind it are the t w o the cabin completely), 2 syringes of Potency 10 poison, 2 vials of acid
pilots, who sit i n an open cockpit [2].A hatch leads to the engineers (Potency 8, enough to dissolve a lock or a face), .45 revolver. Seat K.
compartment [3],which contains most of the engine controls, the
wireless transmitter,a rubber life raft and hand pump, the entry hatch, Arthur Mallow: Age 48, British, private detective and ex-police
and a ceiling hatch for access t o the wing. If an engine fails the sergeant. Mallow is (unknowingly) employed by a Cultist, and is fol-
engineer can climb out and attempt t o repair it i n flight. The wireless lowing the investigators. He has been toldthatthey areartthieves. He
cannot be used during take-offsor landings; it uses a wireaerial which is supposed t o reporttheir actions backto an insurance office (actually
hangs below the aircraft fuselage and is wound i n at these times. A an accommodation address) i n London. STR: 17; DEX: 13; INT: 12;
-.-. , , .
' >-. ..
'. ., . :> .:,... ::;.:.!.. . '
. .

? . -+. , ' . .i:

Afterthe aircrafttakes off, Stokes will open his case to get papers, and
JakeswiII confirm that he carries the fetish. The investigator in seate
may also Spot Hidden to see thefetish atthis time; if successful he (or
Other passengers are unimportant, listed by seat, name, description, she) must make a SAN roll.
hit points and SAN only. They have no weapons or relevant skills. The Jakes intends to steal the fetish, either by murdering Stokes
players should not be allowed to realise that they are cannon fodder, immediately,or by waiting until the aircraft reaches its destination and
They should be removed from this scenario where necessary to pro- burgling his room. If the investigator near Stokes seems to be taking .+
vide room for the investigators on the plane. an unhealthy interest, Jakes will delay and wait to see what happens.
Mallow will also observe developments, using a small mirror (in his --
Seat 6 : Nigel Winstanley-Browne. An upper classtwit. 9 hits.40 SAN. cigarette case) to watch the nearest investigator. .
Seat C: Reserved for an investigator Meanwhile, Potter is summoning the nerve to confront Stokes. His
Seat F: Letitia Templeton. A flapper. 8 hits, 35 SAN gas cylinder and gun are concealed in a briefcase. Eventually he will
Seat G: Jennifer Pettigrew. A honeymooner. 11 hits, 45 SAN . .. walk forward, pretending to wish to send a radio message. When he
Seat H: Charles Pettigrew. A honeymooner. 14 hits, 55 SAN reaches Stokes he will produce these weapons and confront his hated
Seat I: Oliver Colt. An American tourist. 10 hits, 80 SAN foe.

0 1 Dwarven King
0 2 King's Bodyguard
0 3 Sacred Hornblower
0 4 Chieftain
0 5 Dwarven swordsman
0 6 Dwarven halberdier
0 7 Dwarven Archer
0 8 Fighter with stone hammer and shield
0 9 Fighter with 2-handed sword
0 1 0 Dwarf carring sack of loot
0 1 1 Dwarven Cleric
44p each + 10% post + packing
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Unearthed Arcana: The fir31 expansion 01 t ht-

AD&DIwgame rules since the publication of the
Dungeon Masters Guide.
Unearthed Arcana: New ruleb material for the
Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide,
expanding every aspect of the games rules.
Unearthed Arcana: 'State of the Arr' AD&D game
material from the inventor's own campaign.
nearthed Arcana: Available now from better games
ops, or direct from us:

,TSR UK Limitcd
Thc Milt
Rathmorc Bond
often have to be protected or restrained,
Heroes & Villains is a bimonthly column for players of Superhero but their skills make it worthwhile; after
game, edited by Simon Burley and Peter Haines. all, where would the James Bond films
be without Q and his criminal counter-
Finally, there is the Hireling-scientist,

SCIENT FIC METHOD a category that shades into both the

Sidekick area and the simple employee-
technician. These are simply fairly 'nor-
mal' characters who possess some use-
by Phil Masters ful technical or scientific skills, and who
act as small but useful parts of large
One of the most important elements in a are simply skilled scientists with the organisations. Superpowered charac-
Superheroic universe is 'SuperScience', resources, individuality, or eccentricity ters may not notice them as much more
the weird and wonderful form of intel- to choose to work independently of than white-coated figures running for
lectual endeavour which creates power other characters or oraanisations, fre- cover when heroes raid villain bases or
armour, secret formulae, earth-shatter- quently living off pateit payments or villains break into research labs,
ing weapons and such trivia. It's a rovalties from their lesser inventions although they may sometimes, when
strange line of work, and somehow most while seeking some great but elusive seeking advice or information, find
of the experts in the field seem to be scientific objective. This is the 'dotty pro- themselves having to listen to rambling
rather strange people - eccentric, if not fessor in the basement lab' syndrome, but crucial lectures from 'expert' NPCs,
downright mad. In fact, the mad scientist familiar in other areas besides the but these hirelings are important. They
is an important figure in the super-uni- Superhero genre. Mostly, such scien- are the basis of the power of such bodies
verse, and yet such people rarely receive tists are harmless, but a few have illegal as the Champions Viper and the Marvel
the respect and attention they deserve. desires or extreme ambitions, and use AIM, and any heroic scientist character
A case in point is Baron Frankenstein their skills to create or outfit high-grade might do well toconsider hiring afewfor
in the scenario Strikeback in WD58. A thugs or even supervillains; certainly, mundane tasks - quite how Reed
man who has succeeded in mastering their laboratories are cluttered and cha- Richards survives without them is a
scientific disciplines years ahead of his otic enough to suffer a lot of accidents, mystery to me.
time, including the creation of artificial which can produce super-powered The 'mad' scientist can be used in a
life, and who is required to deal with PC beings. Some with a mercenary bent act wide variety of plots to help or hinder
heroes in one way or another, is not as outfitters to underworld characters player Superheroes; GMs might like to
even given the courtesy of a set of per- who can afford theirfees; others, on the dwell on the following plotline and
sonal statistics. It could, of course, be side of good, may be useful, if aggravat- experiment on their players.. . .
araued that he is, aenius aside, unre- ing,friends to heroes, or may have to be
markable, but thisseems a little over- saved from violent characters wishing to Help Wanted; The heroes are somehow
simplified. Mad scientists - and their misappropriate their secrets. Most such alerted that one of the chief supervillain
merely eccentric colleagues - deserve Freelances can be treated as normals in groups in your campaign have broken
respect and attention (it's certainly risky most ways but some will have a few into the laboratory of Professor Lyall
to annoy them), and this article seeks to gadgets to hand which duplicate super- Ivansson, the genius inventor, and have
bridae the aaD. Dowers - 'iust for safetv'. every intention of forcing him to create
super-sc~etitistscan be divided, very gadgets that enhance their powers.
approximately, into four categories. In There is no time to lose; lvansson must
descending order of personal power, be saved and villains foiled, else with the
these are Superpowered, Freelance, Professor's brilliance on their side they
Sidekick, and Hireling. The first, the could gain power unlimited. . . .
Superpowered, will not be discussed GM's Notes: lvansson is a freelance,
much here, not because such characters and the danger is - up to a point - real;
are unimportant-they are majorfigures he's quite capable of cooking up some-
by anystandards- but because they are thing that could aid thevillains. Unfortu-
the most complex and individualised of nately, things will prove a little compli-
all. These are the scientifically talented cated when the heroes reach his lab. Not
superheroes and supervillains, the ones expecting help, lvansson has- while
with the Scientist skill in Champions or pretending to work on gadgets for the
the Brilliant Scientist Advantageous villains - been applying his genius for
Background in Golden Heroes, as well as robotics, cybernetics, and computers to
a heap of other superpowers. Usually, the problem of saving himself. Just as
such individuals derive their powers the heroes enter, he will press a master
from devices they build themselves, switch, and a room full of automatic sys-
such as'powerarmour', although many tems programmed to defend the scien-
suffer accidents in the course of their tist and flatten anything else that moves
work which have beneficial side-effects. The Sidekick super-scientist is very will spring into life. There is no off-
NPCs of this type are very dangerous as much like the Freelance, but either switch; the systems will run for about an
enemies, as they combine the power to works with an individual superbeing or hour, until their batteries die. This is
defeat most heroes, the intelligence to holds an important position in a major going to be a three-way fight to the
hunt down opponents and attack at the anent group or organisation. Both finish.
I right time, and the ingenuity and skill to
build or devise wavs of circumventina
their victims' own strengths. ~ortunaF-
STdekicks in Golden Heroesand Compe-
tent De~endent NPCs in Charnoionscan
sometimes fall into this category,
A Final Note
All of this discussion has been limited to
ely, most of them have their weaknes- although one is an asset and the other is the physical sciences. However, it is
ses; in particular, they tend to want their a liabilitv: otherexamwles include senior worth noting that minor sorcerers in
foes to appreciate their cleverness (un- researcherswith organisations who pro- supernaturally-inclined campaigns have
derstandably), and so they are amongst vide the scientific element in a cam- a lot in common with scientists (the eccen-
the worst gloaters of the villain world. paign, such as METE (Champions tricities and obsessions, the hard train-
On the side of good, a super-scientist Organisations Book I ) , and the Marvel ing), and magical analogies exist for
makes a useful and versatile ally (PC or character Forge (although that mutant many aspects of super-science (there
NPC), although role-playing a genius with sorcerous training must almost rate are many 'branches' of both; minor
can be a challenge for any player or as a Superhero). These are majorfigures spells equate to gadgets, and so on).
referee. in a universe or campaign, but ones who Thus, much of what is said above can be
The Freelance, or minor-superpow- are tied to some other group or body, applied to sorcery; after all, the comics'
ered scientist is something of a neg- and who lack the power to work solo (at presentation of both is about equally
lected creature, undeservedly so. These least outside their laboratories). They realistic.
that Loki desired and with it his power would

Rumours provisions except fresh meats and dairy pro-:

become terrible. Then, in great haste, shewas The following information can be gleaned duce. General hardware is also stocked. The
gone, taking the form of the hawk again. from sources on the journey to Stonehelm: shop will buy almost anything for 10-40% its
When the priest awoke, he found that in his 1. The villagers who dwell in Stonehelm actual value and sell such items for their true
right hand he clasped a beautiful blue gem are strange and ill-disposed towards stran- worth. All other goods are sold at 150% of
and that his dream had been reality. gers. Some aresaid to be underthecontrol of their value in the Players Handbook.
So the priest set about his task and hid the Loki. (True.)
gem deep,deep in theground, where only he 2. The farmers' harvest has been very poor Carwvn: AC8: LVL7: HP20:, Illusionist:
could reach it and few knew it existed. of late. (True.) ~ ~ m aCE;STR:IO;
n ; INT-17; W I S : ~ ~ ; '
Three yearsof peace reigned, and the other 3. The necklace of Brisingamen is said to be DEX:16; CON:12; CHA:15. Black and red
villagers knew little of the high priest's meet- guarded by the undying spirit of the high robes; Potion o f Undead Control: Scroll of
ing with Freya. But Loki had not been idle. He priest who once hid it. (True.) spectral force; +2 Dagger (+3 v s . ~ o o d
quickly traced the gem to the village, and 4. The villagers obtain their water from a Beings); 750gp. 50pp. XP 1125.
knowing its whereabouts, mustered a mas- subterranean stream that flows beneath the Spel Is: Ist level - gaze reflection, light,
sive army of humanoids and marched them village. (True.)This water is contaminated by change self. 2nd level -mirror image,
against Stonehelm. Although the village a miid drug which destroys brain cells and improvedphantasmal force. 3rd level -
-received priorwarning of the attack, they had turns those drinking it senile within a week. paralysis, suggestion.
very littletime to gather arms. And so the Battle (False.) Carwyn's dagger'is a special weapon and
of Stonehelrn Keepcommenced, and itwasa 5. The mutilated body of a man was disco- has the following abilities: INT:15; EG0:IO;
short and evil battle, the villagers being vered in the woods to the north-east of the vil- CE alignment; detectshifting rooms in 2"
severely outnumbered. But just before the lage. (True.) radius; detectgoodin 1" radius; speaks half-
high priest fell, he summoned a huge earth- 6. Huge flying creatures have been seen ling, goblin, common and alignment tongue.
quake, totally destroying both forces and the circling the village at night, especially during
village. It seemed that the necklace was lost the periods of the full moon. (False.) Shoeba: AC4; LVL4; HP18; Thief; Human
forever, buried deep beneath the earth with (female); CE; STR:10; INT:16; WIS:13;
its allies and enemies. THE LANDS AROUND STONEHELM DEX:18; C 0 N : l l ; CHA:16. Sling; 3 daggers;
Years later, people once again began to When the earthquake destroyed the village at black leather armour; thieves' tools; +2
settle on the site of the original village. the Battle of Stonehelm Keep, great fissures Longsword; Boots o f Elvenkind; 45sp, 35gp,
Rumour had also spread that its former tore the land apart, swallowing all in their 12pp, 2 pearls (100gp each). XP 220.
wealth had been buried in the earthquake wake. One such crevice opened up directly
ages before. So small groups of treasure beneath the keep, ripping the building apart Arron: ACI; LVL7; HP58; Fighter; Human; N;
seekers and miners also joined the village. and destroying more than half of it. What STR:17; INT:10; WIS:10; DEX:16; CON:15;
Despite their efforts, they found nothing. remainstheretoday isjusta mound of rubble. CHA:10. Long composite bow; +2 BattleAxe;
They came in groups and left in hordes, less The land around thevillagealsoshowssigns +2 Chain Mail; 22sp. XP 1030.
wealthy than before. It seemed thatthe earth- of terrible scarring. The profile of the area is Arron isa charmedfighterwhoacts as both
quake had destroyed everything. strange; the valley now appears as an open bodyguard and servant to C a ~ l y and
n Shoeba.
It was fifty years later that a pair of adven- 'U' shape and demonstrates unusual qual- They, however, will claim that he is their
turers had the first stroke of luck. They disco- ities, such as the disappearance of the stream cousin, whom they are looking after.
vered a flight of steps leading down from the below the land, down a naturally-carved
original position of the temple of Freya. At pothole some two miles north-east of the vil- 3. Baker. Due to the poor harvest, the output
this point a new shrine had been built, also lage. This stream runs under the village and from the bakery has been severely reduced.
dedicated to the goddess. The adventurers emerges on the western slope of Stonehelm Prices have also risen to three times the nor-
informed the village of their find and the fol- knoll. It is possibleto enterthedungeon com- mal. The baker, Morran (LVLO, HP5) is
lowing day descended the steps - never to plex via this stream, but being fully subterra- extremely depressed and spends much of his
return. To make matters worse, villagers and nean and flowing fora full two miles before it time in the Stonehelm Inn.
livestock began to disappear shortly after- enters the dungeon, the characters must use
wards. Figures were seen at night and weird breathing apparatus or perish. The current is 4. Manor. The manor house is one of the
noises were sometimes heard. Villagers soon very strong, and any person hastily diving largest buildings in the village, bordered by
began to leave; the entrance to the dungeon into the stream without taking any precau- high walls of stones. It houses Caveran the
was closed and a watch was organised. The tions, will be swept away and drowned. The Mayor who is responsible for the upkeep of
number of disappearances lessened, but underground complex cannot be reached the village.
nevertheless still occurred. Finally, the tem- from the western stream exit. (The stream Caveran isa short stocky man with a round
ple of Freya was knocked down, the entrance enters the dungeon at location 8, level 1.) smiling face. He runs the village well and is
'sealed magically, and the area blessed and just and fair. However, if any of the villagers
sprinkled with holy water. Thisseemed to rid THE VILLAGE OF STONEHELM not under Loki's control are questioned, they
the village of its curse. 1. Blacksmith. Bellar'the stump'isa one leg- will tell the party that Caveran has not been
Two decades later, the villagers have seen ged, ex-mercenary soldier, now retired after himself lately. In the last month little has been
fit to erect anothertemple. However, because the loss of his left leg at the knee. He pro- seen of him, and when he has been seen he
of the village's notorious past, it is now claimsthat he lost it during one of his numer- says few words and walks away briskly.
sparsely populated, most people having mig- ous heroic missions as a spylswashbuckler. Needless to say, those in Loki's service will
rated to less perilous regions. It seems that However, it is common knowledge that the claim they have noticed no difference in
the curse that lay on the village not only wound was caused by an unfortunate Caveran, who appears as normal as he has
affected the area around it, but the inhabit- encounter with a horse and cart after a heavy always been.
antsaswell. Thevillageof Stonehelm is likea drinking session in the Stonehelm Inn. Dueto The truth is that the real Caveran was
ghost town. The villagers are strangely dour his inebriated state at the time, he cannot abducted overa month ago and his body was
and ill-disposed towards visitors; none are remember exactly how the accident occur- mutilated and dumped in the woods to the
unaffected by the village's past. Of those who red, and therefore produces a different story north-east, quite unrecognisable when the
dare to venture into the hamlet, few return. each time he's asked! villagers eventually discovered it. The Cave-
There is a rumour that the god Loki now con- Bellar has a dwarven accomplice, Thrim, ran whom the villagers know as their mayor
trols the villagers, but nothing is known for who continues the work while Bellar is not is an imposter, and those in Loki's service
certain. What is known, however, is that sober (which isfrequently; if he is not drunk know this. The imposter is Barjil, a fire giant,
somewhere, deep down within the earth, lies he is hungover and in an ugly mood). Neither who is in the service of Loki. He manages to
the necklace of Brisingamen, still untouched dwarf is in league with Loki. maintain the form of Caveran by using the
and still unfound. If Loki were to possess the Necklace o f Loki.
gem hecould rulethe universe andall would Bellar the Stump: AC10; LVL5; HP35;
be chaos; if it could be retrieved and returned Fighter; Dwarf; CG; STR:16; INT:8; WIS:7; Bar'il: AC3; HDI 1+2-5; HP72;Fire Giant; Att
to Freya, he would surely be defeated and DEX:5; CON:15; CHA:8. Crutch (Id6 dam- 5-3b; hurl rocks (2-201, imperv~ousto fire;
peace would again reign. age); +2 Dagger: 560gp, 65pp. XP 360. INT: average-low; LE; XP 3852; [MM].
Thrim: AC8; LVLI; HPI 1; Fighter; Dwarf; CG;
PLAYERS' INTRODUCTION STR:15; INT:11; WIS:12; DEX:10; CON:16; The Necklace o f Loki is a magical item in the
The history of the village of Stonehelm is CHA:9. Hammer; leather apron and leggings; shape of a fiery flame of gold attached to a
known to many, and you are no exception. 35gp, 60pp. XP 50. golden chain. The necklace allows any wor-
Having almost reached the peak of your pro- shipper of Loki wearing it to transform their
fessional career, you have decided to pene- Both Thrim and Bellar attend church services. body shape to any human or demi-human
trate the village of Stonehelm and snatch the Both will aid a party in any way they can with- size and also to be'able to mimicthe appear-
necklace of Brisingamen from Loki's out- out endangering their lives. ance of beings as convincingly as a
stretched palms. Guided only by the notori- doppleganger ( M M). T he time to perform this
ous history of thevillage and the rumours you 2. General StoreIPawnshop. This shop is transformation is one round and it will last
have picked up on your many travels, you owned by Carwyn and Shoeba Atorin, two until the wearer deliberately changes back to
must act sw'iftly, and succeed, lest the forces married, middle-aged humanswhoare in the his owl: form orthe Necklaceis removed. The
of good be crushed forever. service of Loki. The shop sells most types of Necklacealsoallows Loki to read the mind of

Ii the person wearing it. If a non-worshipper of 6. Stables. The business here is poor. There
Loki dons the necklace, it becomes a Necklace will be 2-10 horses of all types in the stable,
o f Strangulation (DMG). but most of them will be either working or
draught-horses. The owner (LVL2, Fighter,
5. Thestonehelm Inn. Despite the size of the HP10) is non-committal and dour, but is not
village, the Stonehelm Inn is always busy. under the influence of Loki.
CE; STR:9; INT:15; WIS:7; DEX:16; CON:15;
CHA:I2. Longsword; 4 daggers; leather
armour (under white tunic and breeches);
thieves' tools; gold ring (120gp); 750sp, 50ep,
75gp, 12pp. XP 850.

Not only is itfrequented by thevillagers, pas- 11. Tanner. Balsby is the tanner. Trade has
sing merchants, and farmers from the lands 7. Temple of Freya. The temple is a relatively been very poor of late and his house has
around, but also by people from greater dis- new building, only 20 yearsold, but is ill-kept become ill-kept and run-down. He works here
tances. The great attraction is the beer, a and overgrown. Many of the farmersfearthis with his wife (LVLO; HP3) and two daughters,
delight discussed for many leagues, brewed is the reason for the community's poor har- Freyda and Anoa. Balsby is in leaguewith the
by the barman himself. The beer is extra- vest as the religion seems to be slowly dying millers, Ferrano and Wynch (9), but his wife
potent stuff and any unwary characters may out. Nevertheless, none of them will volun- and daughters have not fully realised this as
find themselves under the table before they teerto tend thechurch gardens.This is leftto Balsby is not CE, even though he is tending
!now what's hit them! A local saying states: the priestess, Aslani Curodoer, and her towards this alignment. Balsby has been led
They dynnut call it t' Stoned-'elm Inn f' assistants. to believe that to resist the forces of evil
nu'ing! would be foolish but if heco-operates he may
I The inn is owned by the Belfyfamily, which Aslani Curodoer: AC10; LVL7; HP33; Cleric;
is comprised of the landlord, Starren (LVLO, Human (female); NG; STR:8; INT:15; WIS:17;
be rewarded with fantastic wealth; and poor
Balsby's pea-sized brain fuily accepts this as
HP6), his wife, two sons (LVLO, HP5,4), and his DEX:9; CON:9; CHA:12. Staff; Staffofcuring the truth!
two daughters. Their prices are 150% of nor- (15 charges); Scroll of dispel magic, locate
mal. They will have accommodation for 10 object, raise dead; ceremonials (yellow, Balsby: AC4; LVL5; HP25; Thief; Human; CN;
visitors, at 2gp per head per night. embroidered with gold falcons); 330gp, 2 STR:10; INT:5: WIS:3: DEX:17; CON:15;
The daughtersof Starren, Sharla and Felia, pearls (1000gp each). XP 1155. CHA:12. Broadsword; 2 daggers; sling, Ring
are devoted clerics of Loki and completely Spells: 1st level -bless, cure light wounds o f Feather Fallina: 15ao. Balsbv is an excel-
I under his influence. (x2), remove fear, resist cold. 2nd level - lent woodsman~trea?allrelateb abilities as if
augury, hold person, resist fire, silence 15' he were a 7th level ranger. XP 375.
Sharla: AC-1; LVL9; HP55; Cleric; Human radius, slow poison. 3rd level -cure blind-
(female); CE; STR:12; INT:15; WIS:17; ness, cure disease, dispel magic. 4th level - Freyda: AC3; LVL4; HP32; Fighter; Human
DEX:9; CON:15; CHA:13. +2 Mace; +2 Plate neutralise poison. (female); NG; STR:14; INT:10; WIS:10;
Mail; +I Shield; helm; obsidian unholy sym- DEX:15; CON: 15; CHA: 12. Longsword;
bol (150gp); ceremonial robes (black,embroi- Aslani is old and senility is creeping in. She shortbow; 20 arrows; Bracers of Defence
dered with red flame); 190sp, 75gp. XP 3170. has held the post of priestess for 20 years and AC4; yellowtunic and skirt, white robe; pearl
Spells: 1st level -command, cure light has a wide knowledge of the area and its past. necklace (3000gp); 10gp. XP 290.
wounds, detect good, fear, sanctuary, protec- She has become increasingly aware of the
tion from good. 2nd level - holdperson ( ~ 2 1 , declining number attending her services, but Anoa: AC1; LVL6; HP44; Ranger; Half-Elf
knowalignment, silence 75'radius, resist fire. is now sure why this is: she believes it is (female); CG; STR:16; INT:14; WIS:15;
3rd level - continual light, blindness, dispel linked with Loki. Though she believes any DEX:15; CON:16; CHA:14. Longbow; 20
magic, prayer. 4th level - cure serro~ls attempt to retrievethe necklace futile, shewill golden-flighted arrows; dagger; 1 +
wounds, sticks to snakes. 5th level -flame aid good parties in any way she can. Longsword; +2 Chain Mail (under yellow
strike. Assisting Aslani are two acolytes, clad like robe, embroidered with gold silkintheshape
her and alsocarrying staffs. Oneofthem isa of a falcon); shield; 50gp, 13pp. She has a
Felia: AC4; LVL6; HP30; Cleric, Human servant of Loki and reports her activities to further 2000gp. 500pp and five 500gp gems
(female); CE; STR:15; INT:10; WIS:15; the mayor. He will try to be present when the hidden in the house.
DEX:10; CON:15; CHA:13. Lucern hammer; characters meet her.
+I Chain Mail (under red and black ceremo- Anoa isthe illegitimatechild of Balsby and an

I nial robes); helm; sardonyx unholy symbol

(300gp); 30gp. XP 765.
Spells: 1st level - cure light wounds (x2),
2 Acolytes: AC10; LVL1; HP7,4; Cleric;
Human; CE, NG. Staff.
elven maiden. She isvery proud, haughty and
quick to anger, she dislikes most men and
hates evil. Knowing that there is something
lightcresist cold,jutrefy food and water. 2nd 8. Butcher. The butcher (LVLO, HP7) is a large wrong in the village, Anoa feels powerless to
level -animate dead, dispel magic. man with a good reputation for his work. do anything on her own; she would certainly
However, he is under the influence of Loki and join a party of good characters intent on deal-
All thosewho drinkand workatthe inn will say does not care much for adventurers. He is ing with the problem. She is extremely
little ofthevillage's past. If thecharactersask often seen talking withTarataff, thetailor (10). devoted to Freya.
them any such questions, they will only tell
whatthecharacters already know, as detailed 9. Miller. The mill isa relatively newdevelop- 12. Carpenter. The carpenter is one of fine
in the background. The bartender, his wife, ment in thevillage. It isowned by Ferrano and quality and does all his work at twice the nor-
sons, and any other devotee of Freya present his son, Wynch. If Ferrano looksa nasty piece mal price. He has 5 boyswho help him (LVLO;
in the inn may mention that another person, of work, Wynch looks doubly so! The two HP5,3,3,3,2). He is a worshipper of Freya and
a newcomer to the village, has been asking have access to the dungeons below the vil- has not yet been converted by Loki.
similar questions. The man,whom they know lage via a trapdoor in their cellar. Ferrano is
as Falcon, is working at a farm a few leagues the chief priest of Loki and it is his job to see Carpenter: AC8; LVL4; HP21; Fighter;
away but frequents the inn most evenings. that the ceremonies progress in the appro- Human; NG; STR:14; INT:9; WIS:10;
The barm,en will offer to point him out to the priate manner. Wynch is responsible for the DEX: 13; CON:12; CHA: 11. Battle axe; leather
characters next time he arrives at the inn. sacrificewhich must be burnt annually on the overalls and trousers; gold armband (75gp);
The villagers are under the belief that Fal- holy day. Ceremoniestakeplace once a month. 70gp.
con is a farm labourerwho has been working
for about a month on the farm to the north. He Ferrano: AC3; LVL9; HP44; Cleric; Human; 13. The Old Temple Area. This area is cor-
is in fact an adventurer, and a worshipper of CE; STR: 15; INT: 10; WIS: 14; DEX: 12; doned off by an 8' high wooden fence. The
Freya,whocametoStonehelm in ordertotry CON:9; CHA:8. Mace; hammer; plate mail area marks the site of the old temple which
and find out as much as he could about the (worn under black and scarlet cloak); Candle was knocked down some 40 years ago. It is
area. Falcon knows little more than the o f Invocation (CE); 53gp, 20pp. XP 2566. never entered by any of thevillagers; the area
characters though. However, he has realised Spells: 1st level-command(x2), curelight issaid to becursed and thedungeon entrance
that something is terribly wrong, and will wounds (xZ), protection from good, light. sealed with strong magic.
immediately wish to join the party once he 2nd level - holdperson, knowallgnment, The area is choked with rubble and weeds
hears of their quest. resist fire, snakecharm. 3rd level-blindness, through which there is no discernible path. It
dispel magic, locate object. 4th level - cure appears that the northern section was the
Falcon: AC-1; LVL8; HP80; Ranger; Human; serious wounds, poison. 5th level -slay living. graveyard, while the southern was the land
NG; STR:18/63; INT:15; WIS:16; DEX:16; on which the church was build. There is a
CON:18; CHA:14. Long composite bow; Wynch: AC2; LVLGD; HP50; FighterIAssassin; huge stone door in the ground here which
15 arrows; 5 silver-tipped arrows; dagger; + 1 Half-Orc; CE; STR:16; INT: 12; WIS:7; DEX:14; opens to reveal steps descending into the
Flame Tongue Bastard Sword (used two- CON:17; CHA:7. Longbow; 20arrows; dagger; earth; the door requires 16+ strength to open
handed); +4 Mithril Chain Mail; Boots of +2 Bastard Sword (black blade, used two- it. It is, however, protected by a number of
Striding and Springing; 15gp. XP 2460. handed); +2 BandedArmour; full helm, 2 spells: two fire glyphs of warding, cast by a
Spells: 1st level -speak with animals. vials insinuative poison type C; ornatesacrifi- 7th level cleric (for 28 points of damage) will
cia1 dagger (200gp); 200sp. 70gp. XP 1800. explode as the door IS opened, and a futher
The DM should note that Falcon is no fool. He glyph o f lightning (for 14 points of damage)
will not be made 'use' of, or be used as can- 10. Tailor. This is run by Tarataff, his son will betriggered halfway down thestairs. The
non fodder. He should be as careful as the (LVLO, HP5)and twodaughters (LVLO, HP3,2). stairsenterthe underground complexat loca-
other charactersand will in nocircumstances All are under the influence of Lokl. tion 1, level 1.
risk his neck, except in the most crucial of If the characters enter the graveyard at
situations. Tarataff: AC6; LVL7; HP30; Thief; Human; night,they will beattacked by 6ghouIs: AC6;

HD2; HP13 each; Att; 1-311-311-6; paralysis; BENEATH THE TEMPLE left t o the individual DM'S discretion.
CE; XP 81 each; [ M M ] . Note: there are no wandering monsters
Two rounds later,the party will beattacked in the dungeon, although certain monsters Level 1
by t w o spectres: AC2; HD7+3; HP39,34; Att may beattracted by fighting or similar events. 1. The stairs descend from the graveyard
1-8; energy drain; LE; XP 2050, 1980; [ M M ] . The exact details of any such encounter are above into a rough cut cavern approximately
50' by 90'. The cavern is dank and musty and
loose soil covers the floor in dense lavers.
- - - - - -

~ ~ l i n t e r e d ~ b o and
n e sshattered pieces of rot-
ting wood protrude through the earthern
floor,and showersoffresh soil fall frequently
from the ceiling 15'above, and settle lightly
on the ground below. A golden water trough
in the shape of a lion's head is fixed t o the
eastern wall but it is dry and half filled with
dirt. A long lever once pumped out water
through the lion's mouth.
Ifthe lever is pulled, a loud crash will fill the
room as the door at the top of the stairs
swings shut, blocking out any natural light
and causing a shower of earth to fall on the
party. Simultaneously, t w o thuds will be
heard and the characters will see t w o zom-
bies shuffling towards them. These zombies
were lying on t w o concealed trapdoors in the
roof ofthecavern which the movement ofthe
level unlocked, thus sending the zombies
hurtling to the floor. There are eight other
such trapdoors in thecavern roof and t w o will
be open each round thereafter. The list of
monsters which will come tumbling out t o
attack the characters are given below. (Their
hit points have already been adjusted for the
Round 1: 2 zombies; AC8; HD2; HPI 1,9; Att
1-8; N; XP 42.38; [ M M ] .
Round 2: 2 sons of Kyuss; AC10; HD4;
HP24,19; Att 1-8; disease; CE; XP 31 1,291 ;
Round 3: 2 wights; AC5; HD4+3; HP29,26;
Att 1-4; energy drain; LE; XP685,670; [ M M ] .
Round 4: 2 mummies: AC3: HD6+3:

HP48,45; Att 1-12; disease, fear; LE; XP 1486,
1430; [ M M ] .
Round 5: 2 spectres; AC2; HD7+3;
HP48,45; 1-8; energy drain; LE; XP 2130,
2100; [ M M ] .
Once the undead hsve been destroved. the
lever may be pulled again, whereupon the
lion trough will slide t o the right t o reveal a
passageway running due east for 30'to a
closed door.
Half buried in the south-east corner is the
pinnacle of what appears to be an old bell
tower. It is i n fact the tower of the old temple
of Freya, which remained intact after the earth-
quake, as did the rest of the church (see level
2, room 5). The tower is square-shaped with a
four-sided sloping roof which rises t o a point.
Access may be gained t o the interior of the
tower by an arched window on the north-
eastern facet. The inside is empty but for a
brass bell hanging from the roof and a rope
attached to it which passes through a one
inch diameter hole i n the stone floor. Astone
trapdoor in the floor of the bell tower allows
access t o the lower portion of the church, but
the trapdoor has been wizard locked by a
magic-user of 8th level. The tower is sur-
rounded by a protection from evil spell.
2. At this point the corridor appears to
have been widened and then plugged full of
rocks and boulders. The blockage is 25' thick
and reaches t o the height of the ceiling. It
would take 8 characters approximately 9
hours to clear it, assuming they have the
appropriate tools to do so. Alternative
methods would be to use dimension door,
passwall, teleport, rock to mud, stone to flesh,
and other spells of this nature.
3. A black bridge of granite spans a dark,
fast flowing river. The bridge is 20' long with
wooden hand rails each side, and is
extremely sturdy. Four torches light the area,
t w o on each of the southern and northern
walls, sending bizarre shadows dancing i n
the dim firelight. At the point marked 'X' on
the map, suspended 10' above the stream,
Level One are a small golden gong and gong-sticksway-
ing gently In the breeze.
--- - - The subterranean stream acts as a wind tun-
PWTECTED AREA nel, and every 2 rounds a great gust of wind
will sweep through the tunnel, knocking any-

body off their feet who happens to be cros- interfered with. Any intruders will be dealt with as the DM
sing the bridge atthat instant (savevs DEX on sees fit. Help from room 10 will almost cer-
Id20 to stay on bridge). The wind will also Arun-al-Cosack: 'mummy'; ACO; HDI 1; tainly be summoned.
sound the suspended gong, which then HP70; Att 3-18; fear, disease; CE; XP 8320. The fire pit in the south is always kept burn-
informs those who know of its purpose that Spells: 1st level -curse, cause light wounds, ing. The pit is 20' deep and the fire should be
they have two minutes to cross the bridge detectgood, light, protection from good, fear, treated as a very hot normal fire - damage of
safely. Those hurled into the river will be sanctuary. 2nd level -holdperson (x3),know 6HP per segment (halved if save made). If a
swept away and drowned unless they have a alignment, resist fire, silence 15' radius (x2). body, dead or alive, is cast into the pit on a
strength in excess of 12, in which case they 3rd level -animate dead, blindness, dispel non-holy day (whenthere is no service), a red,
can tread water for as many rounds as their magic ( ~ 2 1curse.
, 4th level -poison (x2), shadowyfigureof a man will slowly rise from
strength is in excess of 12 (treat each 10% of protection from good IO'radius, sticks to the pit and waft over to the statue of Loki.
exceptional strength as 1 extra round). Only snakes. 5th level - flamestrike, slay living. 6th Poised above the statue's cupped hands, this
those with an 18 strength may swim against level -harm. figure will suddenly get sucked into them-as
the current, and then only very slowly (about a djinni would into its bottle. The statue will
2"). Lurking in the cold waters are a shoal of Arun-al-Cosack was a loyal cleric of Loki but then slowly animate and attack any good
quippers: died during the Battle of Stonehelm Keep. beings within the temple area.
Knowing Arun's desire to live forever and to
20 quippers: AC8; HD%; HP2 each; Att 1-2; wreak havoc on the Prime Material plane, Loki~ Animated Statue: AC10; HD16; HP100; Att
N; XP 7 each; [FF]. granted him eternal life in mummy guise. In 2-1212-12; N; XP5100.
this state, Arun maintains his clerical spells
Characters wearing armour weighing more whilstalso operating asa mummy. Hisspells The statue requires magical weapons to hit,
than 20lbswill sinkstraiahttothe bottom, 10' and additional powers are stored within a is completely immune to sleep, charm, hold,
below. In such cases, aGd when characters huge 10000gp gem embedded in his fire and electrical based spells. Poison and
are swept away by the river, no damage will forehead. The gem cannot be removed until paralysis do not affect it either but cold-based
be taken in the first round, but 10HP will be Arun's death, whereupon it becomes a nor- spells do double damage. The statue attacks
taken in the second round, and by the third mal 10000gp gem. with its two great fists. It will not follow
round the character will be reduced to OHP. As well as the abilities given above, his characters outside the temple complex and
All drowning characters, whatevertheir race, heart in room 5 enables him to regenerate will reform to its normal state in 1 turn if all
will be dead after four rounds. 3HP per round and also gives him a 30% good characters leave for that duration.
4. This dimly lit chamber contains only a magic resistance. He is turned by clerics as a 10. These are the quarters of the temple
few bags of mouldy grain and a barrel of 'Special'; other abilities, such as his fear and guards; charmed farmers who have been
water. In the centre of the northern wall iron disease, are the same as a normal mummy. converted to Loki's religion. There will always
rungs ascend to a trapdoor which leads into 7. Atthis point in thecorridor, a great slab be 2-5 present in the room and their leader.
the mill above. The rungs look well used; the of stone bridges a fast flowing river. The There isalsoa 30%chancethat Wynch will be
trapdoor is bolted shut. bridge is 15' wide and has no hand rails. At skulking around in here if he has not been
5. In the centre of this room stands a 12 both ends of the bridge is a signpost, written found elsewhere in the complex.
inch diameter, 4' high pedestal of marble, in common, which says: 'Wait forthe gong to
fixed to the floor. On the top of the pedestal, sound before crossing'. If the characters Temple guards: AC5; LVLI ; HP9,8,8,7,5;
resting on a red velvet cushion, is a pulsing adhere to this advice, they will have two Fighter; Human; CE. Longsword; shortbow;
human heart, encased in a domeof glassteel minutes to cross the bridge; if they don't, dagger; scale armour; shield. XP 46,44,44,
(ACI )which isfixed tothetop ofthe pedestal. they may be swept into the water below by a 42,38.
The heartemitsafaint red glow. Inscribed on great gust of wind (see room 3 for more
a plaque beside the cushion, in the common details). Guard commander: AC2; LVL5; HP25;
toFgue, is the following: 8. This is an empty, bare, sandy cavern. It Fighter; Human; CE. Longsword; dagger;
Here lies the life blood of Arun-al-Cosack, is here that the dungeon residents obtain plate mail; shield; 25gp. XP 300.
' servant of Loki, in which rests his soul for all
eternity, forever living, but never alive'.
their water supply. Characters entering this
dungeon via the stream to the north-east will Both the commander and the temple guards
The heart contains the life of Arun-al- be washed up on the northern side of the wear black robes embroidered with a red
Cosack, a mummy (room 6). Access to the cavern. flame over their armour.
heart may be gained only by breaking the The men keep a continuous watch through
glassteeldome, which may withstand up to The Temple of Loki a peep-hole in the southern wall of the tem-
20HP of damage. However, if the dome is not Any good characters entering within the dot- ple. They will enter through the secret door
broken on the first blow (simultaneous blows ted line on the map will feel the presence of here if help is required.
from other characters are possible) a Cube o f evil. Those good characters fighting within 11. The door to this room is a heavy stone
Force (DMG)will spring up aroundthe pedes- the dotted area surrounding rooms 9,10 and portal, locked and bolted many times. Only a
tal. The actual cube is embedded within the 11, must fight and make all saving throws at knock spell orthosewith exceptional or giant
pedestal and activates upon receiving the -2. strength will have any chance of opening the
shock waves caused by a blow of any sort. It 9. The Main Temple. This is the temple of door. Forcedentrance will catch the attention
has 36 charges and uses 6 perturn by keeping Loki, frequented by his worshippers within of the guards in 10.
out all attack forms, however, certain spells the village, who use the entrance at the The room beyond holdsthe valuablesfound
will harm it (DMG). Also, as soon as the cube manor and mill during thedark hoursto avoid in the dungeon so far, mostly belonging to
is activated, Arun-al-Cosack will animate, as suspicion. Wooden pews line the sides of the the old villagers who died in the earthquake.
will his minions, and they will attackthe party. room to the east and west, and a glowing Scattered about the room are metal and clay
Iftheglassteeldome is destroyedwithone firepit beneath a statue of the god Loki has urns, sacks, chest and pots containing:
blow, or assoon asthe cube is penetrated and been constructed in the southern portion of 3750cp, 920sp, 450ep, 377gp, 103pp, 5x 10gp
thedome broken,the heartwill explodeasan the room. Here, stairs lead up to a semi- gems, 2x50gp gems, 1x 100gp gem, 3 small
8-dice fireball. The mummy of Arun-al- circular raised parapet where more steps lead piecesof jewellery (IOOgp, 150gp and 210gp),
Cosack will then slowly wither and crumple up to the giant statue of the god. The statue a golden chalice (170gp), and 3 tapestries
into a small pile of dust. depicts ~ 6 kseated
i on a golden throne, lean- (20gp each).All prized items have been taken,
6. This is the tomb of Arun-al-Cosack,ser- ing forward with his arms outstretched and or sacrificed to Loki-as is the destiny of these
vant of Loki. The room is circular with a his hands cupped as if to receive some gift. valuables.
domed ceiling and smells strongly of decay. Thewalls,floorsand ceiling ofthe room are 12. On entering this room the characters
A mosaic of a four-pointed flame is inset in decorated with intricate mosaics of fires, will suddenly become awarethatthetempera-
the floor of the domed chamber. At the point flames and explosions set against a dark ture has risen greatly. This room is, in fact, the
of each flame is a stone coffin, and in the background. The enclosures in the northern prison of 4 steam mephits, who are being
centre of the design lies a beautifully crafted section of the room are linked with clothes held in captivity until they perform some vile
sarcophagus. The whole room is warded by a pegs on which hang cloaksand robesembroi- task for Vormoth (see room 17 for details on
protection from good spell. dered with a firey flame. Vormoth). 10' wide ledges run around the
In each of the coffins on the points of the There is a 2% chance that a ceremony will walls of the room but vision is obscured by
flame lies a mummy. be in progress. In thiscase,all worshippersof the dense steam. This steam is produced by a
Loki will be present, including all the relevant large pool of boiling water 10' below the
4 mummies: AC3; HD6+3; HP46,42,40,35; villagers and Vormoth (17). ledges. The water is kept at a constant temp-
Att 1-12; fear, disease; LE; XP 1518,1486, If no ceremony is in progress, however, erature by a huge fire below the room on a
1470,1430; [MM]. therewill always be 1-2 ofthefollowing in the lower level (room 22), and the water level is
room (roll d8): kept constant by a small waterfall to the east
The mummiesare thesame as normal AD&D of the room, which diverts some of the water
mummies except they are turned as ghosts 1 Barjil and his guards from the subterranean stream. Characters fal-
while Arun-al-Cosack still lives. The latter 2-3 Sharla ling into the water will start boiling alive and
resides in the beautiful sarcophagus, and he 4. Felia
. will diewithin 1 round if they are not rescued
andthe mummies will animate if any charac- 5-7 Ferran'o immediately. Rescued characters will take
ter steps onto the flame mosaic, if the pedes- 8 Wynch (will be accompanied by Balsby 3d6damagefor each segmentthey are in the
tal in room 5 isstruck, or if hissarcophagus is 50% of the time). water. Characters 'boiled' for more than 5
segments will be severely burnt, blistered,
and very red, and will require immediate
treatment, and will not, under any cir- Level Two
cumstances, be able t o fight. Any mephit
scoring a natural 20 to hit will send the 0 10 20 30 40 50 60ft
character hit plunging into the water unless
they roll less than their dexterity on 1d20.

4 steam mephits: AC7; HD3+3; HP20,20,

The steam produced is employed for a variety

of uses. It is pumped around the dungeon
complex and the village above. Some of it is
piped to room 16, for use in the trap there.
13. A huge stone slab is set against the
western wall. The slab is set on runners and
may be pushed either southwards or north-
wards from either the eastern or western
sides. Pushing it northwards will gain en-
trance; pushing it southwards will cause a
rockfall on the side of the door it was pushed
from, causing 3-30HP of damage to anyone
within 10' of the door, and blocking the en-
trance; this will take 8 characters about 1%
hours to clear.
14. The whole of this room is protected by
a protection from evil spell. The room is
empty but for a life-size figure of the deities
Loki and Freya entwined in combat. The
statue of Freya kneels on the floorwith Loki's
right hand firmly gripping her throat and
pushing her head back. In hisother hand Loki
clenches a long dagger which is only pre-
vented from slashing Freya's neck by her
right hand grasping his wrist tightly. Freya's
other hand is bent behind her, open palmed.
At the foot of the statue is a red tablet. The
tabletwill appearto be in the alignmenttongue
of the character attempting t o read it, unless
the character is evil in alignment, in which case
thetabletwill appearblank.Thetablet reads:
Mere mortals take your fill,
And gaze at us so entwined
In a ceaseless battle to overthrow
One another in this wretched place.
And when the time arrives, as it will,
One of us will make the sign,
Which will clearly show
Who must, at last, gain the necklace.
15. Any character ~ a s s i n athrough this cor-
ridor or drawing back one of the drapes will Level Four
beattacked by 5 illusionary fighters, onefrom
each cubicle.

5 illusions: AC2; LVL7; HP40 each; Fighter;

Att 2-8; N; XP 1150 each.

Their weapons and armour are also illusion-

ary but appear real t o the characters. They
wear plate mail and shield and wield morning
stars. The only way of determining whether
the men are real or not is by using a Gem of
Seeing or a spell of truesight, whereupon a
character with such an itemlspell will not see
the illusions and, subsequently, cannot be
harmed by them. Other characters will
believe them to be real; there is no saving
- - c--

throw. Upon their'death', the illusions and all

their possessions will disappear.
Being illusions, they aretotally unaffected by Level 2 Vormoth: AC1; HD8+3; LVL8; HP75; Vampire1
mind-based spells. Other spells, however, will 17. Here resides Vormoth, a vampirelmagic- MU; Att 5-10; energy drain; CE. XP 6900. +2
do damage to make the battle look realistic. user. Vormoth is extremely pompous and Dagger; Brooch of Shielding (40 charges);
The secret door i n the easternmost cubicle polite, resembling anything but a vampire. He Ring of Fire Resistance) 50gp; 1250pp (in a
may only be opened from the north side. keeps his chambers in excellent condition locked coffer), 2 emeralds (1000gp each); a
16. This70' by 70' room istiled in lo'square and they are lavishly furnished. Vormoth is, sceptre of gold, studded with 5star rubies, i n
stone slabs. There is only one safe path i n fact, the most feared occupant of the dun- the shape of a bat's head (10000gp).
through the room to the other exits, which is geon, which he regards as his own (the 18. Deep down within the earth, where no
by treadingon the squares shaded on the design and construction was totally under his one will f ~ n d IS Vormoth's coffin. Vormoth
map. The other squares are connected to a supervision). He is also a devoted follower of must return t o his coffin for one day i n every
steam outlet from 12. Each time a character Loki. week t o recuperate. The coffin is wizard
steps onto one of these, a great geyser of boil- Vormoth has been heard t o invite passing lockedat 8th level. In a secret compartment
ing water will shoot upwards through con- adventurers (which hegetsvery few of) i n for under the coffin is Vormoth's spell book (the
cealed holes in the stone slab. Each character a glass of fine wine. He keeps a good selection DM should determine the spells).
on that slab will take 2-5 points of damage. of wines, labelled either young, mature, or 19. Here stands a shining, jet black obelisk,
The slabs are so large that a character will not vintage. All his 'wines' are red and (yes, you 10' high and studded with 6-inch spikes. Any
be able t o run across them without taking guessed it. . . ), are in fact bottles of human character carrying metal who approaches
damage. Only a spell or Gem ofseeing will blood. Unfortunately, he hasn't yet been able within 10' of the obelisk will be drawn
reveal which slabs are safe t o tread on. t o get anyone to take a sip. towards it unless they roll under their
strength on ld20. When a character is within moulds and fungi grow here, spreading out 8000gp, 2000pp, five 100gp gems, six 500gp
5'of it, any metal on their person will be flung horizontally rather than vertically. The whole gems,and two 1OOOgp gems, a diamond and
towardsthe obelisk and stickthere (nosave). room smells damp and putrid. gold tiara (3000gp),a gold, and ivory horn
The obelisk is actually a magically mag- The water drips through the cracks in the (500gp), a set or ruby earrlngs (800gp), a
netised lump of obsidian rock. Characterswill rocks, coming from the stream above. As the Potion of ESP, and a +3 Longsword.
suffer damage according to the velocity at water passes over the mosses and fungi it
.which they strike the obelisk; this is deter- becomes very sticky and gluey. Upon reach- 27. This chamber is brightly lit by 5 con-
mined by the amount of armour they are ing the ground, the sickly yellow water tinuallightson theceiling. It iscarpeted and a
wearing. Characters in plate,splint or banded becomes a very tough adhesive. For each bed has been erected against the far wall.
armourwill take3-18 pointsof damage,those step a character takes on this substance, he Suspended by no noticeable means in the
in ring, scale or chain, 2-12 points, and those must roll under his strength on 1d20 to avoid middleof the room, isafantastically beautiful
characters carrying some quantity of metal becoming stuck fast. necklace set with a single huge blue gem. As
thatthey may not immediately let go of (such In its lairto the north of the cavern is a the characters enter, the doors will swing
as iron spikes in a backpack) will take 1-3 shambling mound. This particular creature shut behind them and transform into a 2'
points on impact. Only those with no armour excretes a neutralising substance which diameter blacksphere. This is a static Sphere
and no metal on them, or objects of metal allows it to move across the glue at its normal ofAnnihilation which cannot be moved by
which can be removed or discarded within 1 movement rate. When it is satisfied that any magic or psionic powers. Simultaneously
segment, will not be drawn towards the enough of the characters are stuck, it will the necklace will fly up to the highest part of
pyramid. Magical items of +3 or greater are attack. All stuck characters must fight at -2 the ceiling, 25' above, and stay there. Rising
not affected by the magnetism. The mag- and lose all dexterity bonusesto armour class from the bed against the far wall comes a
netism field may be dispelled-treatthe level due to their immobility. figure of a man. The figure is transparent and
of the magic-user who created it as 8th. In its lair the shambling mound has 330cp, ghost-like, yet emits no evil. It is in fact the
20. The earth along the sides of this passage- 750sp. 250ep, 90gp, 40pp; a Scroll of teleport, soul of the long dead high priest who hid the
way is very loose and dry. When the charac- haste and spider climb; and a Ring of Free gems, destined to guard it until even his spirit
ters are about halfway down the passage, 8 Action. has been destroyed. The high priest still
ghoulswill comecrashing outfrom the loose retains those spells which he did not use at
earth, showering it everywhere. One of the Shambling mound: ACO; HD9; HP50; Att the battle 100 years ago. He fights as a 16th
ghouls will reveal the entrance to the corridor 2-1612-16; suffocation; N; XP 2300; [MM]. level cleric with a material +3 Mace.
attheend ofthe passageasthe earth collapses.
24. Concealed in the stonework here is a High priest's spirit: ACO; LVL16; HP80; Cleric;
8ghouls: AC6; HD2; HP14each; Att 1-311-311- xorn, who has ended up in this part of the Inhuman; NG; XP 9350. Spells: 1st level -
6; paralysis; CE; XP 93 each; [MM]. dungeon after travelling through the ground command ( x2), light, remove fear, resist fire,
for several hours. After such an excursion, the silence 15'radius (x2),spiritual hammer. 3rd
21. The Old Temple of Freya. The old tem- xorn is feeling rather peckish, so when it level - continual light, cure blindness, dispel
ple is very dusty, dirty and covered in cob- hears the party approaching, it will not attack magic, prayer. 4th level -protection from evil
webs. The whole area clearly shows signs of immediately but will request some metals IO'radius, sticks to snakes. 5th level -dispel
neglect- no-one has entered the temple since from the characters to snack upon. If the evil, flame strike, insect plague. 6th level -
the coming of the earthquake which buried it characters refuse, then it will attack. blade barrier.
ages before. Despite the hammering the
church tookwhen the land caved in around it Xorn: AC-2; HD7+7; HP52; Att 1-311-3/1-31 Thespirit ofthe high priestcan only be hit by
though, most of it remains much as it was a 6-24; N; XP 1795; [MM]. silver or magic weapons. When he is slain, he
century ago. Thechurch also offersa place of will drop his maceand hissoulwill disappear.
refugefor good charactersas it is perpetually Level 3 The necklace of Brisingamen will then fall to
surrounded by a protection from evilspell. Note: All rooms on levels 3 and 4 are pro- the floor. Simultaneously, the Sphere o f
However, the great double doors that lead tected by a protection from evil spell. Annihilation will then start to flash yellow.
into the church are wizardlockedshut by a 25. This rough cavern is completely empty The sphere will act as a teleportto room 14,
magic-user of 8th level, as is the trapdoor at but for an immense being standing atthe top for 1turn afterthe cleric has been killed. After
the topof the staircase which leads to the bell of thestairway.Thiscreature isa clay golem, that it will return to its original state.
tower. A rope danglesfreely here, attached to created by the high priest of the village when Any non-goodcharacter attempting to pick
a bell in the tower above. he first hid the necklace. The golem has up the necklace must save vs death magic or
22. Stone bridges cross a chasm of fire at orders to allow no-one to enter the stairway die.AsavewiII result in 25 pointsof damage.
this point. The ledges are 10' wide, 4 inches other than its master (who is long dead). The
thick, and join at a T-shaped intersection. Part golem will not attack unless the party attacks EPILOGUE
of the bridge running north has been itfirst, butwill instead just blocktheentrance. When the characters teleportto room 14, they
destroyed, revealing a 15' wide gap to the Any character trying to sneak past will be will noticethatthetablet and theoutstretched
other side. Fire spurts up and whips around thrown back intothe room.The lefteyeofthe palm of the statue of Freya are glowing yel-
the ledges, and the heat which is given off is golem is a Gem of Seeing. low. As soon as the necklace is placed onto
,almost unbearable.Thechasm appearsvirtu- Freya's palm, the two statues will begin to
.ally bottomless, but is in fact 100' deep. Atthis Clay golem: AC7; HDI 1; HP50; Att 3-30; N; animate, and the following should be read to
'depth lurk4salamanders, bathing in the heart XP 3600; [MM]. the players:
of the fire.
Level 4 As the statues begin to animate, a great surge
4salamanders: AC513; HD7+7; HP50,47,40,38; 26. Great golden doors stand closed to the of power flows through Freya, infusing the
Att 1-6+ 1-612-12+ 1-6; XP 1325, 1295, 1225, east of this room. Huge tapestries cover the goddess with supernatural strength. Loki's
1205; [MM]. rock walls and expensive rugs lay spread on face twists in wonder as Freya calmly smiles
the cold floor. Four torches burn in aolden while her strength continues to increase.
The salamanders will ascend the steps from torch brackets (lOOgpeach),giving &ff a small Then, in one rapid movement, Freya moves
their lair to attack the characters. If any amount of heat. Bags of coins have spilled the clenched gem around in an arc, striking
,character or salamander throws a true.20 over in the north-eastern corner, spreading Loki fully in the face. There is a tremendous
while in combat, their opponent will lose his their contents around the room. A comforta- explosion as the god of fire and strife is
footing (unless he rolls DEX or less on ld20) ble pile of cushions have been meticulously catapulted against the far wall. As Loki tries
and fall to his death 100' below. Only those placed in the south-eastern corner. Here, to regain his balance, he is hit by another ex-
with fire resistance can possibly survive the guarding the last gates, is Jowana, a guardian plosion, and another, asthe rightful owner of

heat down there. naga. the necklace puts her prize into proper use.
Characters will notice that if they stay on Then, the goddess lifts the gem far above her
the stone ledges they will only take IHP of Jowana: AC3; HDI 1; HP60; Att 1-612-8; LG; head, and chants in some arcane tongue-
damage each round. However, if they XP4510; [MM]. Spells: 1st level-detectevil, she and Loki suddenly disappear. Before the
descend the steps, they will take I d 6 damage sanctuary. 2nd level -hold person, snake party stand two crumbling statues; the gem
for each 10'thev descend. cumulative. Simi- charm. 3rd level - dispel magic. 4th level - is gone.'

111larly, those crossing the 16' gap by rope will

take I d 6 damage for each round that it takes
to cross.
detect lie.

Jowana isextremely wiseand good. Shewill

Although the party will not know it, this was
actually a programmed illusion, and not all it
The fire heats the water in room 12, being allow no character to enter through the gol- appeared to be.
situated directly beneath that room. den gates and will, under no circumstances, Within a week of successfully retrieving the
23. Water drips through the roof of this be persuaded to the contrary. Good charac- necklace,each living member of the party will
cavern. Strange moulds and f u n g ~grow In ters will be asked to leave, evil ones be approached in their sleep by a beautiful
clusters over the walls and ceiling and long destroyed. She will fight good characters woman, which could only be the goddess
weeds and vines dangle from the heights of only if they attack her or persist in trying to Freya, who has a magnificent blue gem hang-
the roof above. The water drips along these enter through the golden doors. ing safely around her neck. The goddess will
vines, falling to the ground as a sickly yellow The valuables in the north-eastern corner grant each ofthe party one wish,then shewill
liquid. The floor is smooth and wet being belong to her and are her reward for her life- depart, taking the form of a hawkas shejour-
covered by a r/," layer of moisture. Flat yellow long loyalty. The bags contain 4500sp, neys back to her rightful plane.



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Over the years I seem to have and let m e know next week. It
seen a very large number of is a good job that I was not
role-playing game systems. planning to start a game there
When I was at university lots and then.
of people in m y gaming circle Well, so far all we have got
wrote their own games; now- are a lot of objections to the
adays I am fortunate enough various systems currently
t o be able to buy quite a few available, plus a few opinions
different games and, in addi- about differing approaches. It
tion, I get several as review is now time to be a little more
copies. Obviously there is no constructive: let us assume
way that I could get to play that we are writing a set of
lengthy campaigns in all of RPG rules and see what we
these games, so m y practical would do about creating a
experience across a wide character generation system.
range of games is not as great The first thing that has to be
as it could be. However, there said is that the character gen-
is one part of a game's rules eration system is only a
that nearly always getstested, cosmetic. Whilst i t is normally
if only because it doesn't take thefirst partof thegameto be
much timeand is normally the used i t should, in theory, be
first thing you do when start- the last part to be written.
ing a new game. I am talking, Until you know your combat
of course, a bout character system, spell system, social
generation, and I'm sure that
there are many people out
Playing the Generation Game, by Pete Tamlyn interaction system, etc, are
going toworkthere is no point
there with as many rolled but rather than dice-rolling sys- rolls his superpowers and in generating any characteris-
unused characters as I have. tems. The only reasons that I then designs the rest of the tics to use in those systems.
Now, given that character didn't rewrite the character character around them. How- Firstly and fundamentally, a
generation systems get so generation system of my own ever, none of these systems character generation system
much testing you would have game were firstly that chang- are guaranteed to give the must be a means of generat-
thought that game designers ing systems in the middle of a players the characters that ing useful and usable models
would have got things more long running campaign is usu- they want. A particular prob- of characters for use in the
or less right by now, and yet ally unpopular with players, lem with MSH isthat, in trying other game systems. Certainly
one of the most recent games and secondly that it would to recreate a given team of it can be dressed up for presen-
t o be published, TSR's Marvel have taken considerable time Marvel heroes with your tation to the players, but if you
Super Heroes, has no less and effort on m y part to work group of players, you are fairly lose sight of the fact that its
than three different methods out h o w to balance requisite certain to end up having to major purpose is to produce
for acquiring a character. Is scores, race, social background, give at least one person a the data that drives the other
this really necessary? Why are etc, so that players could trade character they loathe. lndiana games systems, then you will
there so many very different one off against the other. This Jones is worse because there probably end up with a game
methods of generating was all before I bought the is only the one star character. that is much more difficult to
characters and is there a 'best' James Bond007game. Watch- In Golden Heroes the charac- run than it need be.
method? What do we want ing players roll characters for ter design has been made Having decided what sort of
from a character generation this was something of an eye- highly competitive because numbers you want to gener-
system anyway? opener. They would flip through the system encourages players ate, the next stage, in my opin-
Let us start by looking at a the character generation rules, to make the best use of the ion, is to give the players what
few complaints about existing scratch their heads, read the powers they have rolled they want - within reason. I
systems. Last year a fanzine rules again much more slowly, rather than allowing them a realise that there are still
editor (whowill probably wish scribble down a few ideas, re- bit of leeway with the rolls in people who regard role-play-
to remain nameless) in com- read the rules. throw away the order to produce a more satis- ing as a purely competitive
menting on the James Bond first sheet of paper, and soon. factory character. (Admittedly activity and who feel that it is
007game, which has a charac- One person got fed up and left the G M is supposed to counter- part of the skill of the game to
ter design system, said that he a large number of character balance this by making life be able to handle any charac-
much preferred the dice-rolling generation points unallocated, easierfor players who are wil- ter that you are given, but if
method of AD&D because and I could just imagine some- ling to sacrifice some of their you are looking t o create a
it gave you a chance of getting one reaching forthe dice to help powers to come u p with a pleasing story as well as set
acharacter who was much them make uptheir minds. The decent character, but in m y challenges for the players
better than average. Many problem was somewhat wor- view a good game design then surely it is better to have
people, I suspect, would have sened by the players not being should nottry t o rely on G M or them running characters with
put things the other way familiar with espionage games player behaviour to produce whom they feel comfortable.
round. In theearly daysof 'the (though they had seen enough the correct results). Indeed, After all, would a film director
hobby' when fan magazines Bond movies to know what the Golden Heroes system randomly distribute parts to
still debated D&Dfs design, they were doing), but when the seems to channel players into the actorson thegroundsthat
there were a lot of articles . rulebooksaysthat you will need all sorts of characters other a good actor should be able to
about character rolling some practice with the system than the ones that they want play any part? In any case,
bemoaning the fact that before you can create a satis- to, based on the argument most role-players are fairly
players used to 'suicide' factory character, well, wouldn't that although it is OK for poor actors and will perform
characters with poor prime we be better off with dice? players to choose their o w n much better if typecast.
requisites in the hope of get- Then again, perhaps there is powers if they want to and the The only problems with let-
ting a better one. If people were another way. Look, for exam- G M agrees), if a player always ting players have what they
not prepared to play poor ple, at lndiana Jonesand Mar- chooses the same type of want are those of providing a
characters, it was said, why vel Super Heroes. In both character then he should be balanced party and of main-
bother having a system that games, the prime objective is made to roll for one instead. taining fairness. As far as
allowed them t o be rolled? for the players to use pre- Another salient point about balance goes it can be said
Besides, was it fair that one generated characters which the GH system is that whilst that if all the playerschoose to
player should be able t o start are supplied with the game, m y players spent a long time be starship pilots, and as a
outwith a much better charac- though MSH does provide poring over the rules for the result there is no one in the
ter than any of his fellows? random and design methods Bond game, when it came to party who can program a
Personally I had always in addition. Alternatively, Gol- producing a rationale for their robot or fix a broken leg or
agreed with those sentiments den Heroes provides a mixed GH characters they all asked warp drive, then they have
and leant towards design system whereby the player t o go away and think about it only themselves t o blame.

Most groups of players, left to probably means letting him ally we should consider what time and heartache by allow-
their own devices, will end up design his own character, giv- types of character we want to ing them to roll up powerful
with far more balanced parties ing the GM what he wants for be rolling. One of the com- characters to begin with?
than they would have NPC generation is best monest failings of character In the final analysis, of
obtained from a random gen- achieved by having a simple generation systems is that course, the players' personal
eration system. It would, how- dice-rolling method. they are often geared solely to preferences should also be
ever, be possible to design a In fact, when we think about the production of 'first level taken into account. Inevitably
system whereby the party as it, giving the player what he adventurers'. D&D is a classic there will be some players
a whole had to spend a certain wants does not always mean example of this; the six lots ofwho are fairly devoid of imagi-
number of character genera- the same thing. Going back to 3d6 can only produce a nation but who nevertheless
tion points in each area and the example of the James character who is an adven- take to role-playing because
leave the players to decide Bond 007game, whilst the turer at the start of his career,
they enjoy the atmosphere
who is going to have which very complicated character and Gary Gygax has made it created for them by the GM
skills. design system is thoroughly clear that such characters are and the other players. Such
Fairness can be achieved confusing for beginners, once above average for the society people faced with a complex
simply by placing reasonable a player is familiar with the in which they live. If the GM character design system are
limits on what players can game he may relish the detail wants a character who is a likely to be totally lost. They
design. 'Yes, you can have all provided. The more you know seasoned mercenary, a sim- like to have the roll of the dice
of those superpowers, pro- about a game, the better use ple peasant, a 300-year-old to give them a few ideas
vided that you accept that you are ableto make of a com- sorcerer or a Syear-old child around which to base a
there is this stuff called Kryp- plicated character design sys- then the system breaks down character. One of my favourite
tonite which is a deadly tem. At the other end of the immediately. Nor is it only for anecdotes about character
poison to you and only you.. .' scale, if you are sitting down rolling NPCs that the ability togeneration concerns the sys-
(and here I think that Champ- at the beginning of an even- generate characters of all ages tem Idevised for my Celtic Ire-
ions has done it better than land game, lnis Fail. Under
Golden Heroes because in the that system, character genera-
former game you can buy tion was a somewhat tedious
extra character generation and boring process that
points by choosing weaknes- involved rollina dicefiftvorso
ses, whereas in GH it is up to times before yGu got an;/
the GM to balance things.) It results that meant anything.
may be advisable to introduce Realising that the system was
a small amount of random- somewhat complicated, I tried
ness for the benefit of those to make things easy by writing
players who like to gamble, a simple computer program to
provided that it is obvious that roll the dice for you. Players
suiciding your character is not thus had the choice of rolling
going to give you a chance of all the dice for themselves or
something greatly superior of making a single percentile
next time. If you are stuckwith dice roll to choose a fully gen-
one of those players who is erated character off the com-
not happy unless hischaracter puter-produced list. Despite
is markedly better than any- the fact that the chances of
one else's then his moaning getting a good characterwere
about not having a chance to more or less equal between
roll a super character is going the two methods, almost
to be one of the least of your every player who took a
problems. character in the game elected
So far so good, but when we to roll all the dice for himself.
come to think about how a What we have discovered
character generation system then, is that character genera-
is used in a game we find tion is a complex and wide-
some requirements which ranging activity and that diffe-
conflict with what we have got rent methods will appear best
already. What do we do, for depending on who is using
example, about NPCs? It is all the system, how much time
very well having a wonder- and effort they want and/or
fully flexible and detailed sys- need to put into getting
tem that allows a player to results, and what sort of
design a character that is just character is to be created. It
what he wants and has a com- seems, therefore, that a com-
plete history and personal prehensive set of RPG rules
profile, and even the GM may should contain at least two
wish to use such a svstem to character generation svs-
produce some of the more tems; onefor fast generation
important non-player charac- ing's session with a commer- and abilities is required. In a of NPCs and characters for
ters, but is he really going to cially produced scenario to long-running campaign when beginning players and one-off
want to sit down for an hour or play and you want to get to a character dies it is daft to scenarios, and a second which
so with ten pages of tables bed at a reasonable time then start the player off with a allows experienced players to
each time he wants an you won't need a system that novice character when his create the sort of character
innkeeper, customs official or tells you your character's knowledge of the campaign they would likefor a long-run-
~ e t t crook?
v No wav! What he complete history in his last world is very detailed and all ning campaign. Indeed, if one
k i t s is a neat, simple table five reincarnations and details of the party will be powerful or other of these systems is
which in return for a few quick his relatives as far as the third veterans. Equally, and harking missing then the GM will
die rolls, will produce charac- cousin twice removed -you back to the idea of giving probably find it necessary to
ters who have all the right may only use the characterfor players whatthey want, if you write it himself.
statistics, are fairly average a few hours. In this sort of situ- have got the sort of group who Professional game desig-
for the world they live in, but ation, taking a pre-generated are only ever happy when ners please take note, espe-
have enough detail about character may well seem pref- they can lay waste to a galaxy cially with respect to being
them to avoid them appearing erable to wasting even ten and slaughter a legion of able to generate all kinds of
stereotyped. Whereas giving minutes of valuable playing demi-gods before breakfast, characters rather than just
the player what he wants time rolling one up. Addition- why not save yourself some novice adventurers.
Merry Xmas Mayhem in a 2-4 Player Boardgame
from Chris Elliott and Richard Edwards

INTRODUCTION General Nicholas B Claus Ill Jr: and Blue Peter Annual; Roller for them.
'Mummy, if there really is a Decent, clean-living Santa and Skates; Bullworker; Adoption Expected Presents: Har-
Santa Claus, and he always scourge of Commie pervert Voucher. rods' Hamper; Conservative
brings people the presents so-called Father Christmases. Government; Brush,
they want most, how come I Brings people the presents B A Humbug: Small Whitewash and Protect and
get landed with schlock like thev need. Thev. mav, not want businessman. Chairman of the Survive Subscription; Social
this every Christmas?' them, b u t . . . Bring Back Victorian Values Services Season Tickets.
Ever wondered why? Well, /:f=y+) Campaign. Has written to the
the answer is that it became Prime Minister several times,
obvious long ago that there pointing out that the abolition
was no way that Santa could of public holidays would
cope with the increasing vol- result in a 2.146% increase in
ume of deliveries, and so the the Gross National Product.
powers that be advertised for Expected Presents: Club
additional franchise holders, 80-90 Xmas Break Ticket;
with the result that there are Appearance on 'Game for an
n o w four Santas rather than Xmas Laugh'; Ownership Cer-
one. The trouble is, they all tificatefor 1 Square Foot of the
have very different ideas of Falkland Islands; YTSTrainee.
what the job involves, and of
the right presentsfor people.. . Steve and Glenda Jackson:
M r and Mrs Averaae. who
Santa Claus: Jolly, fun-loving have decided therev isn't any-
benefactor of mankind. Likes Starting Presents: hurse thing worth watching on the THE GAME
Vera Lynn, Max Bygraves, Des and Soldier Uniforms; telly, and are asleep in bed This game can be played by 2,
O'Connor, Doris Day movies Bullworker; DIY Fallout Shel- with a cup of cocoa inside 3, or 4 players (four players
and giving people heart- ter, DIY Cruise Missile; Brush, them. are best). Each takes the part
warming presents. Whitewash and Protect and Expected Presents: Slipper of one of the four Santas, and
Starting Presents: Doll and Survive Subscription; Owner- and Perfume; Both Mothers- has six presents to deliver,
Trainset; Teddy and Blue ship Certificate for 1 Square In-Law; DIY Fallout Shelter; one to each of six houses. For
Peter Annual; Slippers and Foot of the Falkland Isles. Entry into London Marathon each present delivered to the
Perfume; Return Tickets to and Aerobics Course. right house, a player gets two
The Ongoing Spirit of Christ- \&\ ooints. and for each one deli-
mas Where It's At At This i e r e d to the wrong house they
Moment In Time: Brings get one point. Only one pre-
people significant, now-type sent can be delivered to each
presents in a meaningful way. house by the same player, and
Starting Presents: M r and each present undelivered at
Mrs PacPerson Game; Adop- the end of the game scores - 1
tion Voucher; Entry into Lon- point. The game ends when
don Marathon and Aerobics any player hasdelivered all six
Course; Domestic Robot; of their presents, and the win-
Social Services Season Tic- ner is the player who has
kets; YTS Trainee. scored the most points. In the
case of a tie, the winner is the
The map shows the houses of player who has delivered the
thesix familiesthat each Santa most presents correctly. You
has t o deliver a present to: will need t w o six-sided dice,
and a pencil each, to play.
Miami; Harrods' Hamper; Janetand John: Who are only Steve and Suzi Jackson: Two
Club 80-90 Christmas Break five, and meant to be asleep, young Americans, celebrating Components
Ticket. but are waiting to hear the Christmas in the traditional As well as the map, which
sound of reindeer on the roof. Californian way by having a shows the houses of six typi-
Anti-Claus: Mean, vicious, Meanwhile, the babysitter has jacuzzi party with friends. cal families, there are record
rotten and depraved. Gives dozed off in a drunken stupor, Expected Presents: Return sheets for each player with a
people Vera Lynn, Max By- and mummy and daddy are Tickets t o Miami; American chart to record movement,
graves and Des O'Connor still at their office parties. Express Rejection Slip; DIY damage and weapon use,
records. Like we said, mean, Expected Presents: Doll Cruise Missile; Domestic counters for the presents to be
vicious, rotten and depraved. and Trainset: Swedish Action Robot. delivered, some of the
Starting Presents: Swedish Man and ~ a r b i eDoll; Nurse weapons, and each of the
Action Man and Barbie Doll; and,Soldier Uniforms; M r and The Froggatts: Life's losers. sleighs, and t w o movement
Roller Skates, Both Mothers- Mrs PacPerson Game. Huddled round a blazing markers. The pull-out contain-
In-Law; American Express Yuletide fire of final demands, ing the counters, map and
Rejection Slip; Conservative Tiny Tim: The orphan who M r and Mrs Froggatt and their charts should be stuck to a
Government; Appearance on lives alone. Ahhh. , fourteen children are wonder- sheet of cardboard and cut out
'Game for an Xmas Laugh'. Expected Presents: Teddy ing what Christmas will bring prior to play.
polished silver 17"
chain). Solid bronze & 0

Bungeon Dwellers FAST MAIL ORDER

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Alchemy & Dungeon Dwellers are now available f r o m many good games and REIDER DESIGN LTD 1112 TRADE
hobby shops. 5 BraunstoneGate Leicester LE3 5LH ENQUIRES
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PD78 Dwarf Adventurer pack, five ditter-
ent fieures as follows. 'Gort' The
~ a n t e Holder.
k 'Zoran' The Miner
with pick and miner's helmet. 'Skerth' STSl Trooper in Powered Battle Armour
The holder of equipment, rope, shovels ST2 Trooper in Personal Armour kneeling
etc. 'Bilth' Valiant Young Adventurer. ST3 Unarmoured Trooper
'Gumdin' The Leader. (M). ST4 Star Raider (Alien)
PD79 Warrior Dwarf pack. Five different ST5 Humanoid Alien Warrior
models. 'Gornif' dragon slayer, STS6 Arachnid Wamor
'Bortan' silver shield 'Hengin' ST7 Cyborg Warrior
mighty arm, 'Pace' whistling steel. SYS8 Robot Fighting Machine
'Riss' the slayer. Set comes with ST9 Black starlord-
5 shields, 3 swords and 3 axes. (M). ST10 White Starknight
PD80 Dwarf Magic users pack. Five ST11 Young Hero
different figures. Wizard and Sage ST12 Humanoid Robot
types. Pack also contains Crystal ST13 Robot
Ball on plinth, Pentacle Floor ST14 Space Pirate Captain
Section and Magic Semant Altar (N). f-7- A
ST15 Space Pirate with Missle Launcher
PD81 Dwarf King pack. contains ~ w a r f ' ~ i n ~ ST16 Space Pirate with Pulse Rifle
his human size wife, page boy dwarf ST17 Armoured Trooper Aavincing
and two dwarf palace guards (M). ST18 Captain of Troopers
I'D82 Pack of two Dwarf Arms, five shields STSl9 Space Pirate in Powered Armour
3 axes and 3 swords. (D). STSPO Laser Cannon o n mobile mount
PD83 Element Pack. Consists of Aii or with crew
Whirlwind, Fire, Water and Wind. STS21 Humanoid Robot with Jet pack
Four different sculptings. (F). STS22 Small laser gun and two crew
PD84 Psonic Power Eater. Vile monster
that destroys magic powers. (A).
PD85 Giant Dungeon Ants. Pack of four. (D).
PD86 The Beholder, Sphere of Eyes. (E). STARCRUISERS
PD87 The faceless lord or killer. (E).
PD88 Lemure pack. Two mindless killers 1: 2400 Scale Spacecraft.
of the undead. (0). SCA2 Arachnid Cruiser
PD89 Eye of the dungeon. (E). SCAB Arachnid Destroyer
PD90 Pack of three different Fungi (G). SCFl Empire Battle Cruiser
PD91 Pack of four gas spores. (G). SCE2 Empire Cruiser
PD92 Pack of two ghosts. (H). SCE3 Empire Destroyer
PD93 Pack of l i m e and ooze. Three bubbling SCPl Pirate Battle Cruiser
slime models and three ooze models. (P). SCP2 Pirate Cruiser
PD94 Rust monster. (A). SCP3 Pirate Destroyer
PD95 Giant beetle. (A). SCRl Star Raider Battle Cruiser
PD96 Pack of two brain moles. (B). SCR2 Star Raider Cruiser
PD97 Giant banshee. (E). SCR3 Star Raider Destroyer

SAMURAI JAPAN Fantasy Foot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30p

ASHIGARU FOOT SOLDIERS STSI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75p
J1 Ashigam Archer STS6. ...................
5 2 Ashigam with Naginata STS8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 77 55 pp
5 3 Ashigaru with Spear STSl9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75p
5 4 Ashigaru with 2 hand sword STSPO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .X2.50
55 Ashigaru with Standard
STS2l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 5 p
SAMURAI STS22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 0 p
5 6 Samurai Swordsman Space Destroyer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 4 p
57 Samurai with Naginata Space Battleship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . X1.OO
J8 Samurai Archer Space Cruiser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75p
J9 Warrior Monk with Naginata
J10 Warrior Monk Archer
JC1 Mounted Samurai Archer
JC2 Mounted Samurai with Lance
JC3 Mounted Monk with with Naginata
JS1 Seated General
Cavalry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55p
Infantry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25p

Proprietor - Steve K. Thompson.

Phone Twyford 345598.

Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements. 36

Playing the Game move on the board and then 3-D ~ o v e m e n t brandy flamer and vice versa.
The game is played in a series move the marker on the track. To makethegame more realis- Christmas Pudding Mines.
of turns. Each turn has a Sleighs can accelerate by up tic (realistic?), the movement These can only be dropped
Movement segment and a to 3 speed in a turn, and brake chart can be used to record the from a sleigh in flight. The
Combat segment. (Movement by up to 2 speed without pen- height of sleighs. To do this, a counter representing them
and Combat are explained alty. A playerwishing to brake player first works out their remains on the board until the
below.) Players move in order, by more than 2 speed in one movement for that turn, and mine explodes. ltwill do this if
rolling a dieto see who moves turn must roll a number grea- .must not wish to either acceler- anything comeswithin 3 hexes
first, play proceeding terthan the amount they are ate or brake. He then chooses of it in any direction, including
clockwise, but combat is braking by, on a six-sided die, what combination of forward up and down. Mines float atthe
treated as simultaneous. to retain control of the sleigh. and upward or downward height at which they were
For example, General Claus movement he wishes to make. dropped. Each mine counts as
Movement and Manoeuvring slams on the anchors in a For example, a move of four one 'hit'.
Each player moves once per desperate attempt to land and hexes could be two up and
turn, and movement has three deliver a present, trying to two along, one up and three To hit another sleigh, a number
phases - Acceleration, Mov- brake from 4lhexes turn to a along, or any other combina- equal to or greaterthan the 'to
ing and Braking. A player may standstill in a single turn. He tion which makes the same hit' score for the weapon
either accelerate or brake in a will have to roll over 4, ie a 5 or total. (It is possible to climb being used must be rolled on
single turn, but not both. The 6, on a six-sided die. Any player vertically, but this is treated as 2d6. Shots can be aimed at
distance that a player can failing to retain control of their a 90 degree turn, and a roll any visible target, including
move their sleigh in a single sleigh must roll on the Crash must be made on the Crash reindeer, weapons and run-
turn depends on the speed Table to find out what has Table.) When a player has ners, but not presents. Each
that it is doing at the time, ie a happened to them. decided how his movement shot that strikes counts as one
sleigh travelling at speed 3 will be made, the sleigh hit. Reindeer can take three
can move 3 hexes on the During the movement phase counter is moved on the board hits before becoming useless;
board. Players must move of their turn, players may to represent thefoward move- at which point power is lostto
their full movement entitle- manoeuvre their sleighs as ment, and the counter on the all systems, being treated as a
ment each turn. Acceleration they wish, within their total height track is moved to show roll of 9 on the Crash Table.
affects movement in the cur- movement, unless this the height of the sleigh. Each Each hit on a reindeer also
rent turn. For example, the involves making a right angle time the height or speed of the reduces acceleration per turn
Anti Claus player is doing a lei- or greater turn in one hex. If a sleigh changes, the counters by 1 hex speed. Weapons and
surely 2 hexeslturn when it is sleigh is turned through more on the height and speed tracks runners each take one hit only,
his turn to move, and opts to than 90 degrees in a single are moved to record this. The but can be repaired by the
accelerate to 5 hexeslturn. hex, the player must roll over sleigh will always move on the elves if the sleigh is landed
When he moves his sleigh their current speed on a six- board, unless landed and and remains on the ground or
counter, it will therefore move sided die. Failure means doing 0 hexeslturn. Obstacles a rooftop for one turn without
5 hexes rather than 2. The another look at the Crash on the board, such as trees taking any offensive action.
Ongoing Spirit, however, also Table. Any player trying to and houses, are graduated for For each runner lost, a roll on
travelling at 2 hexeslturn at brake by more than 2 hexes/ height. If a sleigh crosses an the Crash Table must be made
the beainnina of his move, speed in a turn and turn obstacle on the board (hex when landina.
decides to cdme to a halt, and through morethan 90degrees sides partially blocked by ob- WeaponsTable" Score TrmlShotr
brakes by 2 speed. He will still must roll twice! stacles count as being fully
move his token 2 hexes this To Hit Available
To deliver a present to a blocked) and is at the same ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a n n 3 o n
turn, but next turn will be at a house, a player must have height or lower,a collision has 2 x~,,,~~, 9 1
cornolete standstill unless he their sleiah stationarv on the occurred. and a roll must be 9
" I ,c,rc ., fi x
opts'to accelerate. roof of th; house at the begin- made on'the crash able to 4 BrandvFlamer ria 2
Current speed is recorded on ning of a turn, and take n o decide the result. weapon
the movement chart using one other action that turn. The 5 Snowstormer Area 4
of the markers. A playerchoos- counter representing the pre- Weapons and Combat weapon
ing to accelerate will move sent delivered can be left on Each sleigh is equipped with 6 Christmas Area 4
six weapons: Pudding Mines weapon
their marker along the track the house. Delivering a pre- *Unlimited as long as reindeer is
and then move the appro- sent is treated as taking place Turkey Cannon. Forward- working
priate distance on the board: instead of the Combat seg- firing line of sight weapon.
a player electing to brake will ment of a turn. Fires 141b foil-wrapped oven- Range Modifiers
ready turkeys. Long range (20 hexes +):
Xmascette. A self-targetting -2 on dice roll
Crash Table - Roll I d 6 and add current speed. guided missile. Only one Medium range (10- 20 hexes):
Roll Result available, but does not require - 1 to dice roll
3 Lose manoeuvrability-no turns tighterthan 60degrees line of sight to be fired. Short range (0 - 10 hexes):
possible, until a turn istaken fortheelvesto repair. Lasers. As seen in Oxford no modifier.
4 Lose acceleration - reduced to 2 hexes perturn, until Street and Star Wars. Can be
repairs are made (1turn). aimed at any target unless Setting Up and Starting
5 sleigh fishtails-a presentfallsoff (choose randomly); there is a solid object or Each sleigh starts the game
and take a turn to collect it. snowstorm in the way. from one of the four start loca-
6 Intermittent fault in weapons system- roll 1d6 to deter- Brandy Flamer. Rear-firing tions marked on the edge of
mine affected weapons (seeweapons). Each time the weapon which creates an 'all- the board. Only onesleigh can
weapon is used roll ld6; on a roll of 1-3itfailstoworkthis altitude' cloud of flaming start from each location. If 3-D
turn. 1 turn required to repair. brandy (non-vintage). The movement is being used, they
7 Minorfault in weapons system-roll 1d6to determine counter representing this are assumed to be travelling
affected weapon. 1turn needed to repair. remains on the board for a at a height of 3 hexes. Starting
8 Majorweaponsfailure- roll ld6twiceto determinethe complete turn after it is fired, speed forall sleighs is 3 hexes1
two weapons that fail, (rolling again if the same weapon and affectsany sleigh moving turn.
is picked twice). 2 turns needed to repair. through it,counting asone hit.
9 Cybernetic reindeer ruptured- power loss to all systems. Snowstormer. Rear-firing Warning: The designers of
Land immediately and wait two turns forthe elves to weapon which generates a this game cannot take any
bring a new one. snowstorm, acting as a barrier responsibility for the effect
10 Lose braking-no braking by morethan 20mph without at all a l t i t ~ d to
~ slasers and that playing it may have on
penalty. 2 turns to repair. line of sight weapons. The your state of mind. This warn-
11 Sleigh jacknifes-2 presentsfall off; land and take two counter representing this ing does not constitute a Sanity
turns to collect them. remains on the board for two Clause, because as we all
12 Sleigh cartwheels or rolls-3 presentsfall off; land and complete turns after it is fired. know, there ain't no Sanity
take 3 turnsto collectthem. Asnowstorm will cancel out a Claus!


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Mcnrwr: T8mdhyQk.a

nificant occuItworkof all time. During its

Crawling C h a o s is our regular column for players of Call of C t h u l h u , writing he is reputed to have haunted
edited by Marc Gascoigne. graveyards, 'looking for inspiration' he
told his friend Ansbach. Sphingien was
suspected of grave-robbing on several
occasions, as some of the sites he was

RECOMMENDED READING known t o frequent were vandalised dur-

ing the summer of 1867. There were also
reports of people going missing around
this time.
Sphingien appears to have gone into
by J G Cadera exile for a short while, since nothing is
recorded of his activities between the
winter of 1867 and the spring of 1869. On
his return to Munich he appeared care-
worn and haggard, and now looked con-
THE GEMHETEP PAPYRUS helshe has a 40% chance of finding two siderably olderthan his thirty-one years.
History: The papyrus was discovered in more spells. These are left to the indi- Some years passed between the com-
a Cairo bazaar in 1895 by Professor vidual keeper's discretion, but a roll pletion and the final publication of the
Edward Clayton, and was brought to must be made for each spell. There is Liber Servitus Nefarius, and it was soon
England two years later. The Papyrus also a further 4% to Mythos knowledge after this event that fingers began to be
dates back to circa 1550BC, which places and -Id10 SAN loss,whetherthe spells raised in suspicion against Sphingien
it roughly in the 18th Dynasty, during the are found or not. again. He was suspected of murdering
reign of Amonhotep I. For many years it several members of his order, until
wasconsidered to be nothing morethan Availability: Due to its reputation for eventually those few still remaining
a fake, and remained unlooked at in misfortune, the Papyrus is kept away rebelled against him and the order was
Clayton'scollection until 1900, when the from the access of most scholars. If an dispersed, much to the relief of local
professor finally decided to try and Egyptologist wishes t o apply to continue people. With thedisbanding oftheorder
decipher it. the translation, or justto read the manu- Of The Flame, Sphingien sought retire-
As Clayton soon realised, the Papyrus script, a successful Archaeology roll ment and left Munich to live in a cottage
of Gemhetep proved to be a virtually must first be made. just outside a small village near
complete magical text, but only a frac- Ravensburg.
tion of it was translated when Clayton THE SPHlNGlEN MANUSCRIPT In 1891, however, his past caught up
suffered a fatal heart attack in 1902. The History: The Sphingien Manuscript was with him in the form of the vengeful
Papyrus was forgotten again while first published under the title of Liber Werner Ansbach. What actually hap-
Clayton's estate was being put in order, Servitus Nefarius-The Book Of Abomin- pened still remains a mystery, though
and did not come to light again for able Bondage. Less than a hundred some details have emerged. The villa-
another two years, when a colleague, copies of this obscure work were ever gers reported that Sphingien had a visi-
Dr S A Winters, recommenced its printed, of which it has been ascertained tor on the night of September the 20th.
deciphering. that only twenty-two were ever distri- The day after, Werner Ansbach wan-
Winters was well into his sixties at the buted. These went to a group of occul- dered into the village, gibbering like a
time, and it was widely knowthat he was tists known as The Order Of The Flame, madman. He told the stunned villagers
not a well man, and so nothing was who were closely associated with that he had called down 'the Wrath of the
thought of his sudden death less than a Wilhelm Sphingien, the book's author. Gods' upon his former master. The cot-
month later. The work was handed over The remainder of the books were kept i n tage was searched, but was quickly put
to a keen young Egyptologist called storage by the publishers, Jager & Voss to the torch. According to the official
Reginald South, who toiled over the of Munich, until they were publicly police report, the famous occult scholar
translation for six weeks before 'over- burned in 1886 by Werner Ansbach, a Wilhelm Sphingien was murdered by a
workand exhaustion' brought on a nerv- former student and friend of Sphingien. former associate, who then set fire to the
ous breakdown. South never really reco- It is known that before this date a cottage to hide his tracks. Ansbach died
veredfrom this, and promptly shot him- number of strange occurrences took three years later in a Berlin asylum.
self a few days after returning to work in place involving the owners of the book.
the spring of 1906. In 1910 the Gemhetep A couple became insane, several were Spells: The Sphingien Manuscript in the
Papyrus wassent tothe British Museum, found horribly mutilated, and one o r t w o +
British Museum has a 15% t o Cthulhu
along with the rest ofthe ClaytonNVinters simply disappeared. Apart from Sphin- Mythos knowledge, x 2 Spell Multiplier,
Collection, where it apparently still gien,Ansbach wasthe last-supposedly and a -Id10 SAN loss. The following are
resides, untranslated. sane - member of the Order Of The the spells to be found in the complete
Flame. Realising this he is said to have manuscript (those marked thus * are
The Author: The name of Gemhetep set out to destroy the work of his tutor absent from the damaged book): call
appears throughout the workwhich now before more people became involved. Cyaegha*, contact ghoul, create gate*,
bears his name. It is certain that he was Ansbach is known to have found a enchant sacrificial knife.
a priest of Sutekh (or Set) as his name futher ten of the twenty-two distributed
appears alongside it in several pas- to the order, as well as those remaining Availability: As has already been stated,
sages. It is perhaps useful to note that with the publishers. The rest remain the complete handwritten manuscript is
Set was still regarded as a benificent unaccounted for, save only for a single, to befound in the British Library, in Lon-
deity as late as the 19th Dynasty, and it badly damaged and incomplete copy in don.The last remaining-and very badly
was perhaps due to the activities of a private collection, and the original disfigured -copy of Liber Sewitus
priests such as Gemhetep that the deity manuscript, which was discovered in a Nefarius isto befound in the privatecol-
was eventually regarded as a source of London bookshop in 1904, and is now lection of one Dr Charles Sanderman of
evil. deposited i n the British Library. Margate, Kent. Many of the pages have
been violently torn out of this book, and
Spells: At present the Gemhetep The Author: Wilhelm Dietrich Sphin- there is a profusion of bloodstains
Papyrus hasa +16%to Cthulhu Mythos gien was born in Munich in 1838, but throughout. Viewing the cover will cost
knowledge, a x 5 Spell Multiplier, and a very little else is known about his early an investigator 1 point of SAN: there is
-2d10 SAN loss. The following spells life. It is thought that he travelled exten- the mark of a three-fingered clawed
have been translated from the original sively between 1858 and 1864, during hand imprinted in blood on the front of
hieroglyphics: contact Nyarlathotep, which time he also wrote several short the book. The inside cover is autographed
contact sand-dweller, summon hunting works on travel, folklore and witchcraft. by Sphingien, and is dedicated to Herr
horror, bind hunting horror, contact Yig. At the age of twenty-seven, after a trip to Erich von Ingoldstadt. Both the manu-
Should an investigator wish to trans- Asia Minor, he founded the Order Of The script and the book are written in Latin,
late the text beyond this point, using an Flame and set about writing what he and will require some Fast Talking
appropriate Read Ancient Egyptian skill, declared at the time to be the most sig- before they are seen.

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Please mention White Dwarf when replying to advertisements. 40



This being White Dwarf, we reasoned, our of magic items. Two eerie scenarios -A
DRAGON WARRIORS advertisement Shadow 00 the Mist and Hunter's Moon -
ought to amount to a bit more than a pretty can be used to follow on from the events of
picture and a string of wild claims. Dwarf Book One as part of an ongoing campaign.
readers are RPG enthusiasts, so The Book involves the occult forces of
presumably you'd rather have some hard another world.
facts, some real details about the game. Of BookThree in the series, The Elven
course, since this isan ad. -and we are the Crystals, features a trio of linked
authors of DRAGON WARRIORS-you adventures that lead to afateful climax: a
can't exactly expect objectivity. Will you mission into aforest steeped in sorcery, a
settle for reasoned argument...? raid on a castle (a fiendishly well-defended
DRAGON WARRIORS is THE new fantasy one, as our own players can attest!), and a
role-playing game. (Fact.) There have visit toafishing village where things are not
been several new games recently, so does as they seem. .(We'd like to say more to
the market need another?Absolutely! any GamesMasters reading, but we don't
Taking a look at some of the other FRP want to spoil the players' fun!)
games that have come out overthe last We decided to do something pretty drastic
couple of years, we began to get afeeling with the folklore and milieu, too. Things
of deja vu. A lot of the game systems were have got too cute, too twee. The old
just old rules rehashed, and the approach primordial horrors have been turned into
always seemed to stress technicalities and nice, safe, humancritters straight out of a
dice-rolling at the expense of intrigue and cartoon show! (Elves have become just
action. The only thing about each new hippies in green tunics; Dwarves run the
game that really changed was the price- corner tavern in your average fantasy
they kept getting more expensive! village.) But the Green Knight was an elf.
We decided that the time had come for a Grendel was "troll-kin". There's nothing
'next generation' fantasy game. One that cosv about those auvs! In the world of
was affordable. (Who wants to pay E l 5.00 It's not enough to be the cheapest, of DRAGONWARRIUORS, elves are feared for
for a game they may not like, plus another course. We also wanted DRAGON avery good reason: they have no souls.. .
E5.00for every new scenario pack?) WARRIORS to be the best. With ten years' in are
Hence DRAGON WARRIORS- avery role-playing experience behind us, trying eerie supernaturalbeings. are not
complete set of rules anda total of six out a lot of different systems, we've come to Simply in the to provide player-
scenarios for £5.25 in all. If you want to just some conclusions about how to create a characters with sword
try out the game, Book One has been good set of rules. They must be easy to use
written to stand on its own. It includes the but convey the feeling of a convincing
essential rules, monsters, campaign map, 'fantasy reality': simple but not simplistic.
adventure and tactical hints, plus an DRAGON WARRIORS had to handle the
introductory adventure, all in one volume, nuts and bolts (melee, tactics, magic)
all for £1.75. (If any other game beats efficiently, withoutconsulting complicated
DRAGON WARRIORS for value, we charts.
haven't seen it!)
So let's look at combat. Just two rolls are
used. Because looking up tables slows
down the game, DRAGON WARRIORS
uses a straightforward principle here. To
hityour opponent, you subtract his
DEFENCEfrom your ATTACK; the number
you get is what you must roll equal to or
underon d20. If you hit, you checkfor
arrnour bypass- you roll a die (what sort
depends on your weapon; d4 if it's a These are just a few designer notes:
dagger, d8for a sword etc.) and try to get what we've tried to do, and how we've
higher than your opponent's arrnour factor. gone about it. We believethat we live up
If you do, he takes a wound (constant for a to our claim, The Ultimate Role-Playing
given weapon type). game. Don't take our word for it though.
That's it-the full DRAGONWARRIORS Go out and buy DRAGON WARRIORS
combat system! Well, not really, because and see for yourself!!
there are special situations and tactical
bits and pieces, but that's the bare bones
of it all. We made it simple so that new
players could quickly get the feel of the
game, and experienced players will find
plenty of room for development.
BookTwo, TheWayof Wizardry, expands Book One: rag on Warriors.
the DRAGONWARRIORS rules to include
the magical arts. As well as nearly a BookTwo: The Way of Wizardry
hundred spells, you will find the rules for and Book Three: The Elven Crystals
Alchemy, Calligraphy, Artifice, are all published by
Enchantment, psychic senses and a host Corgi Books, at f1.75 each.
---- -

41 please mention White Dwarf when replying to advertisements.


Treasure Chest is a regular department featuring readers'ideas for Guild practice and the PC's habits. In
AD&D. This issue, a special two-page feature which i s . . . addition, the character may or may not
be aware of the contract depending on
the extent of his underworld contacts.

All Part of Life's Rich Pageant 5. Bargain. The next time the character
goes shopping he gets a bargain. An
item may be particularly cheap,or it may
The possibilitiesfor role-playing outside be especially well made. The exact value
of the dungeon in AD&Dareoften talked AnimalTaken Ill of the gain should be in accordance with
about, but there is little available to help Arrested the PC's level. Examples of bargains
simulate the unwanted events of every- Assassin could be a suit of leather armour which
day life.Thefollowing Events Tablewith Bargain is as effective as studded leather, a bulky
the appropriate explanations should, Battle item having low encumbrance or a
however, cause a few problemsfor dun- Burgled minor magical item sold as a normal
geon-bound characters. It is especially Conversion Attempt object.
effective when they start engaging in Disaster
months of spell research or other such Duel 6. Battle. The home town, city or village
rewarding pursuits. The events system Faulty Goods of the character is attacked or besieged
works in a similar mannerto the disease Friendship by hostile troops such as the private
and parasitic infestation tables in the Mugging army of a neighbouring landowner, or
DMG. Once a week, roll d20 for each Offered Job even a large and particularly brave
player in the campaign; a result of 20 Pockets Picked group of brigands. As a recognised
indicates a special event has occurred, Conned adventurer and combatant, the charac-
which is then chosen at random (roll Rumour terwill becalled upand given atempor-
d100) from the Events Table. Some of Miscast Spell ary, low-paid position in the militia.
these will require playing through with Legal Action Other PCs in the area are also likely to be
the affected character(s); others can be Witness Crime involved and the conflict will therefore
presented as a fait accompli, either Other require extensive work by the DM.
immediately or at an appropriate time.
After all, if the players take enough 7 . Burglary. The character's house or
interest in some of the goings on around EXPLANATION OF EVENTS lodgings attract the attention of a local
them, it seems only fair that other 1. Accident. The character suffers a mis- thief. The thief will have staked out the
people will sometimes take a close hap such as falling downstairs or being premises beforehand and the resultsare
interest in them. 'Home, sweet home' hit by a runaway animal. Roll d20: determined as follows (roll d10):
may never seem quite the same again.
1-18 Limb broken, useless for d4+4 1-4 Adventurer is away on a journey
EVENTS TABLE weeks. Restricts movement, or shield or and the thief is undisturbed.
Dice Roll (d100) Event weapon use. Limb may be healed. 5-8 The adventurer is out but nearby,
01 -06 Accident 19 Limb crushed, permanently dam- with a 2 in 6 chance of returning to find
aged unless healed (or better). the thief.
20 Limb severed, permanently dam- 9-10 The adventurer is at home when
aged unless regenerated. the thief arrives.

2. Animal Taken Ill.One of the charac- This event requires details of any pre-
ter's animals (if any) sickens (roll for the cautions made by the character to pre-
disease on the DMG tables). Depending vent such intrusions. The thief may also
on the precautions taken, the illness may be disturbed by inn staff or servants. The
spread t o other animals. Curative spells DM should choose which items owned
and potions have a 20%chance of work- by the PC have been taken. It is also
ing on animals. important to note what the character is
carrying in the event that he returns
3. Arrested. The character (and possibly home and disturbs the thief. For exam-
his friends) is arrested for committing a ple, a high priest might not clatter down
real, trumped-up or imaginary offence. to the Goblin's Giblets in his plate mail,
The nature of the charge will depend on but might well be wearing some lighter
the campaign and the character's protection to discourage the less soci-
activities. Alternatively, the legal system able elements of society.
from lrilian (Best o f White Dwarf
Scenarios 3) could be used. The base 8. Conversion Attempt. A cleric (of ran-
chance of being found guilty is 10O0/0, domly selected alignment and religion)
modified as follows: attempts to convert the character t o his
religion (use the rules provided in Best
Per point of WIS - 1OO
/ o f White DwarfArticles 2).A saving
Per point of INT - 1OO
/ throw under wisdom means that the
Per point of CHA -2% character is sensible enough not to lis-
Per level -2% ten in the first place. However, there isa
Actual Guilt +25% 25% chance that the attempt will be
made after plying the characterwith 2d4
Bribery (if the situation allows it) and drinks, and the saving throw against
social status should also influence the wisdom and the conversion attempt are
outcome of the trial. Characters may made using the reduced wisdom scores
elect to make a jailbreak of course! indicated by the alcohol effects table in
the DMG. Should the conversion
4. Assassin. A contract has been put out attempt prove successful by these
on the character by, for example, enemy means, if the character can then make a
of his family or a defeated enemy. The save vs spells then he was too drunk to
assassin would, in normal circum- remember being converted and is unaf-
stances, be of similar level to the player fected. (This is not to say that the charac-
character, unless the paymaster is par- ter's deity won't rebuke this stupidity
ticularly wealthy or particularly desper- with a real grand-daddy of a hang
ate. The method used will depend on o v e r . . .)

on rather well together. This person 17. Rumours. The character hears a
9. Disaster.The PC's home is completely should be of a compatible race, and rumour concerningthe next adventure he
destroyed by fire, earthquake, storm or probably of the same alignment (if not is going on, or one that will lead to
tempest. No one will be hurt, but all religion). For compatibility; wisdom, another adventure. Not all rumours will
items owned will have to save at least intelligence and charisma of this friend be useful, but all should have a truthful
once against fire or crushing blow (de- should be similar t o the player-charac- element to them, even if it is not
pending on the 'act of the gods') or be ter's, although effective charisma immediately apparent.
destroyed. towards each other will be 18. For
players/DMs unwilling to role-play the 18. Miscast Spell. Freak conditions on the
, 10. Duel. The character is challenged to outcome of a blossomina relationshiw. astral plane, Athena nodding off for a ,

a duel -the reasons may be varied, but use the following t o det&mine the odt- moment, or just Loki upto his tricksagain,
family feuds are the most common. come (roll d6): result in the next spell cast on or by the
Tvwes of duel which are wossible character going wrong in some manner.
indlude: 1 Decide to split up. The precise effect is up to the DM, but the
Archery [firing at butts (AC10) at 100 2-5 Stay friends, consult this table results should be spectacular!
yds; score 1 point for each hit, 5 shots every six months.
each]. 6 Decide to make relationship perma- 19. Legal Action. An official complaint is
Fencing [using foils, but a hit counts as nent. levelled at the character (by an orc tribe
1 point scored].. for damages done to their caves, for
Fisticuffs [use the pummelling tables]. Marriage, etc, could cause some prob- example) with financial damages being
Two-handed swords, with chain mail lems for a character's profession, guild claimed. The exact details depend on the
[to the death]. or religion. DM and the campaign, but the event is
The DM should bear several points in useful if only to keep characters on their
Duels should be fought without recourse mind regarding a husband and wife toes in monetary matters.
to magic- a judge may be useful to en- character team. Firstly they should
sure fair play. always be separate personalities and 20. Witness Crime. This could well be a
Although a character need not accept not become a single 'character' with similar offence to the one a character
a challenge, the consequences of refus- twicethe power, nor a master and hench- might be arrested for, but the possibilities
ing (loss of face, a reputation for cowar- man team. Secondly, spouses are not are endless. Doesthecharacter join in the
dice, etc) should be played u p by the monster fodder and have the same bar room brawl, or does he cast sleep on
referee. instinct for self-preservation as their the ensuing melee? Does he help the vic-
partners. Finally, spouses in a party are tim of a mugging, join the attack, or black-
11. Faulty Goods. One of the player's entitled to equal shares of treasure, but mail the muggers?
next purchases turns out to be flawed in the couple's living expenses will be twice
some manner,forexample, a sword that as great. With a little bit of thought on the part of
shatters on the first 'to hit' roll of a 1, a Although the overall situation needs the DM, the opportunities for spicing up
flask of oil that doesn't burn or a magic tight control, it can prove very entertain- out of dungeon activities are wide-rang-
item that has been wrongly identified. ing. I know of one ambitious clericwhose ing. Remember one thing: give the
fighter wife, run by the same person, is player characters just as hard a time of it
12. Friendship. The character meets a always getting him into trouble. as they would give others in the same
person of the opposite sex, and they get situation!
13. Mugging. A fairly obvious encounter
to the detriment of the character. The vil-
lains of the piece are most likely to be low-
level ruffians, but could quite reasonably
be high level thieves or assassins. Profes-
sionals, such as assassins, might have
less qualms about killing the character if
he is of high status in the community.

14. Offered a Job. A character showing

outward signs of success in his adventur-
ing career attracts the attention of town
officials. Jobs offered could includethose
of a military position (fighters), civil
administration, or religious ('We're look-
ing for a dedicated young cleric to set up
our new temple the other side of the
Orcstooth Pass. We were wondering.. .').
Although such jobs will be relatively low
paid, they might interest a character con-
sidering retirement or looking for a diffe-
rent challenge in life. Refusing such plum,
positions will undoubtedly decrease the
status of the character in the eyes of
15. Pockets Picked. Whilst out around
town, in a tavern, etc, the character
attracts the attention of a passing thief
who attempts to liberate smaller, valuable
items from the character. Such a thief is
liable to have accomplices nearby in the
event of trouble.

16. Conned. The character is hard done by

or misled in a deal he makes. For exam-
ple, some incompetent or dishonest
weaponsmith tells him that the pretty
sword he has just found is a simple +2,
when in fact it is a Dancer. The character
need never know about this, but it stops
him from getting rich too quickly!
Zhevezh Gauntlet will test the skills of even the
hest players. This solo tape adventure will cause some
alties! As Gewan, a foreigner in Zhevezh you ofitrage
ocal populace and are forced to run the gauntlet.

by the apparent simplicity of 'A Matter of Honour', players

will blunder their way toanearly grave unless they are very
sharp. Also included will be a town guide of Tutub in
Zhevezh which will provide enterprising Fatemasters with
enough background for party adventures. The Ballad of
Skiirn La'ana. Party mini adventure. Mad poets, frantic
brothers and crusty old wizards lead to adventure,
honour, despair and duels. Picking up where 'Kalonth
Dive' left off, this party adventure begins in the Goat and
Flat in Kalonth.
Standard Miniatures new range of Fantasy Figures are ideal for
'Dragonroar' or any role-playinggame. Send s.a.e. for catalogue

of wargaming accessories and unique strategy games.


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4 h l e says:
4 Axles Armies WHY NOT
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f19.70 +
4 £1.30 P&P
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I high/yrecommendyou invest ~na copy-"DflerentWorldsn 2 miles 11 MI

Please mention White Dwarf when replying to advertisements.
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! y ~uo!luaur aseald SP
) 3 N I l I O H Y3QY0-1lVYI 3 H I I N I Y SY3aYO VSIA P SS333V Mod m
-- 3.n 'WVH9NILLON 'aOOMlSV3 ' d O l l l l H '133tllS N O l M 3 H 3 'S3HfllVlNIW 13QV113
AOL ~~ ~ ~ 40
I J 3sv3 1
J I ~NI tlo tl3ilvl3tr 1 ~ 3 0trnoA wotl~
A? osanss! alnlnj u! sp~ojun~ ! % ~pue
L u qleap 30 ale1 %uql!q3
s!ql se ,no pug -slalselu V e p s!q 30 %u!qlLeld e l o Lu!lsap
3 30 lool e p e a q a p y S! ' ~ q pa o~ soey3~ apegaua~
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dla%r?~es %u!ual-poolq jo ale1 anbrun e - s u r ~ lla.Ia
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-uaApe 3!da aql utnlpuadzuo3 lapvp3 Jxau aql u! %u!uu!%aa
Tabletop Heroes is a regular column covering modelling and paint-
ing hints and tips, b y Joe Dever. (ADD77: f1.95) grafted onto the
stomach, the scratch-built venusfly trap
(courtesy of Kevin Adams), boar's head

ORAMAS and toadstools on the base, and the owl

perched on top of that incredible stan-
dard (hard to imagine that it started life
as the metal of a tomato puree tube!).
The motto, by the way, means 'forever
Part One: Preparation and Planning and ever', and refers (accordingto JB) to
the minotaur's legendary lost love - the
This month I've chosen to turn the TTH ticular good side. Not to be overlooked Mona Lisa. The shield is a washer built
spotlight on a subject that combines are natural materials such as bark, slate, up with modelling putty and finished
both figure painting and modelling to an rock and sections of tree trunk, whose with washes of drawing ink, and the
equal degree, and I will be revealing the irregular shapes make for interesting realistic moss that covers the banner
basictechniques used to recreate realis- bases, butwhatever your choice, be sure pole is a mix of sand and glue. When it
tic scenic effects when constructing that the base is always strong and sta- dried, it was undercoated with matt
dioramas. ble. The next step is building up the con- white acrylic and then washed with
A diorama is a miniature scene that tours ofthe base. For simple groundwork Apple Green (Windsor& Newton) draw-
depicts figures in a natural setting or use materials like Tetrion, Das Pronto or ing ink before being dry-brushed with a
habitat. The most common type of set- Milliput applied directly to the base and pale green acrylic paint to show off the
ting is an open display (more accurately shaped with a sculpting tool or spatula. highlights.
described as a 'scenic base') where Rocks, stones and plants (such as lichen Fig 3features the magnificent
figures are shown off on a base without or mosses) can be pushed into the mate- diorama by designer Nick Bibby which
sides and with a minimum of background rial and will be held secure when it sets. camefirst in the diorama category of the
detail. By comparison, boxed dioramas, When depicting a low hill, use layers of Masters' Painting Competition. As in Fig
where the illusion of perspective is polystyrene tile on the basic structure 2, much of the fine detail was scratch-
created through the use of painted before applying your groundwork built and applied to a factory casting,
backgrounds and internal lights, are sel- material; weight is an important factor if however, in this case, the towering war-
dom seen (as yet) in fantasy painting you want your finished work to be porta- rior standing atthe base of the rocky col-
competitions, at least in the UK. ble. With wooden or perspex bases, umn is also a scratch-built 'addition'.
Firstly, decide on the nature of your you'll need to roughen the surface to Note the Asgard giant, Ral Partha suc-
scene. The finished diorama will repre- help your groundwork material to cubus and beautifully painted leopard
sent a frozen moment in time, almost adhere and prevent it from breaking up (RalPartha winged leopard-withoutthe
like a three-dimensional photograph, once it has set. Try scoring the surface wings!). The column was formed by glu-
but it should also put across a feeling of with a cross-hatched pattern using a ing stones around a wire core, then
what is aboutto happen or has occurred modelling knife, but take care to avoid painting them with grey enamels. The
immediately beforehand. It is often very any part of the base that will not be pool was formed with layers of clear
effective to create a humorous incident covered by groundwork. casting resin (more about that next
within the scene; whether this is the Next month I shall deal with how to month) and the reeds were bristles of an
focus of attention or merely a small recreate different ground effects, from old brush inserted into the groundwork
embellishment, it will add greatly to the mud and earth to snow and sand, and material before it set.
diorama's final appeal. Next, consider looking at some cheap everyday Fig4shows one of the latest additions
the size and shape of your base, and materials that can be used to simulate to Akheton's fortification range; a circu-
bear in mind that it should show off your foliage, water and man-made surfaces. lar hut with interior (20VT30: £1.95).
figures in much the sameway as aframe Their medieval rangeof buildings is now
does a picture. Too large and the This Month's Photographs over thirty items strong, enabling gam-
diorama will lookempty and lackdrama; Fig Ishows you what can be achieved ers to recreate an entire medieval village
too small and your figures will look with wire, Milliput and a vivid imagina- or fantasy fortification on their gaming
cramped, and in an unnatural relation- tion. The bat-like creature carrying a table. Also, they have added a new 'Bar-
ship to each other. Try a dry run, experi- converted Citadel orc was scratch-built barian' range to their Dark Ages items,
menting with the position of your by David Foster, and was placed as a all of high quality andvery competitively
figures on the base before fixing them. runner-up in the recent (and sadly last) priced.
As a general rule, avoid aligning the Citadel Open Day painting competition. In Fig 5, squatting in all its chaotic
visually dominant elements of your If yourthought you were getting good magnificence, we see a Citadel demon
diorama parallel tothe edge ofthe base. at painting banners, then take a long (C34: £2.50). This figures was painted by
You'll achieve a more striking effect if sobering look at John Blanche's Tarry Higgins, inspired considerably by
they are fixed at an angle, breaking up minotaur in Fig2; truly a masterpiece in the advice and painting style of Tim
the symmetry of the base. Further every sense. Perhaps John had prob- Olsen.
interest can be achieved if the scenic lems deciding which of the 3 optional
ground does not copy the exact shape of heads to use that come with the new Useful Addresses
the base, but has some rough or irregu- AD&D minotaur (ADD86: £1.95), Citadel Miniatures, Chewton Street, Hill-
lar edges. Single models and smaller because he's ended up using all three! top, Eastwood, Notts. (SAE for latest
groups look good on a round base, for Thirty-two hours of painstaking effort release broadsheet.)
the shape does not dictate one single went into creating this figure which fea- Ahketon Fortifications, 190-194 Station
viewpoint. The straight edges of a tures a wealth of fine detail. All this work Road. Harrow. Middx HA1 1JU. (SAEfor
rectangular of square base invite you to paid off, for the beast won first prize in lists.)
view the diorama from a certain angle, the single figures category in the Games Asgard Miniatures, Unit 22, Bar Lane
although this does make them an ideal Day Masters' Painting Competition. Industrial Park, Basford, Notts NG6 OHT.
choice for scenes which have one par- Notethe mouth of anAD&Dumber hulk (SAE
for price list.)
I 1

Law and disorder: Anderson, Dredd and Gestapo Bob Hams - Citadel style!

The letters page suffers from a cruel
twist of fate this month. The additional
Daaes in WD (includinathe extra letters)
ha;e resulted in all o; deadlines being
,-"< - c --......
'A+inQ& .......!
shifted forward - as a result, the usual
crop of letters concerning issue 71 have .........,,
vet to materialise! Your Door letters
page editor would like to remind you to
rectifv the letters shortaae bv next
monih (or else he and thYe extra letters
get the chop!).
This mad rush to meet deadlines
brought about s o h e strange sequenc-
ing in WD70.

David Thomson, Portsmouth: Whos

idiotic idea was it to have the Dead
Alive article with the In Too D e e ~
scenario on the next page? NO m'ore silly RuneRiteswent bin
jokes please! increase ~nthe number of scenarios
this excellent aame, but in all mv Vt tures. Do not talk down to
The editorial assistant is a secret (from WD56) 13aveonly noticed one RO ; most role-players are
Dead or Alive fan - does this explain scenario (On the Road, WD59). tual and don't print any
everything? I know several people who prefer RQ new magic items, monsters, etc.
toAD&Dorany other gameand I'm sure
Ruth Lee, Chelmsford: After reading I am expressing theviews of many when Well, Isuppose that I can be wrong occa-
Miss Carbery's letter (WD70).I have a I plead for more scenariosforthis excel- sionally. So, perhaps regular columns
suggestion for her. Why not just ask lent game. Surely RuneQuest deserves like Critical Mass should be axed?
your DM if he has any scenarios that more than a single page every two The departments are really just small
involve, say, a pub run and dominated months? features: we can destroy them if you
by women. Or a dungeon whose really want, replacing them with,
monsters are controlled by some all- Actually, I'd have thought that RuneRites say, one-page features about game-
powerful amazon? See how he reacts. going bimonthly (from monthly) would specific. . .As for talking down to read-
If he takes exception to the idea, brain have been seen as a sign of fewer RQ ers, we at WD wouldn't dream of it!
him, take over the job and run the pub1 items in the magazine. The main prob-
dungeon yourself. I'm with you all the lem in deciding whether or not to cover Mark Stansfield, Morecombe: I must
way in banishing male chauvinism. RQ as extensively as other fantasy echo other people's views on the direc-
games has been gauging the popularity tion of fantasy role-playing today. Every
Oliver Dickinson, Haxby: I thoroughly of RQ2 after the introduction of RQ3 - year, more and more games are
agree with Miss Carbery on the illustra- the Games Day Awards are the first real released, and magazines such as yours
tions, as I have had occasion to com- feedback we've had concerning the game find it impossible to cover them all. So
ment before, and in particular on the and show that the support is still there. instead they stick to the old favourites
Thrud episode in WD67 (also 68!). 1 Bearing this in mind, we hope to main- like AD&D, Traveller, RQ, etc. Granted
mean couldn't Carl Critchlow think of tain the RuneRites column in some form, you have tried to cover the newer, more
anything funnier and less sexist to do and print the odd article and scenario in unusual systems like Golden Heroes,
with a female warrior than that? the near future. Cthulhu and Star Trek, but these are the
Greg Stafford was rumour-mongering exceptions rather than the rule.
Dave Dickens, West Byfleet: I would like on his recent visit, and there may well be Instead of doing scenarios for a
to point out to Miss Carbery that the so- some good news concerning RQ3 in the specific game at a specific level, I feel
called 'soft-porn' image of fantasy is one near future. scenarios nowadays should be generic.
I happen to like. We should be reading fantasy or science
Jamie Revell, Hexham: Your depart- fiction scenarios, notAD&Dscenarios or
Yes, er . . . quite. ments, especially Starbase and Rune- Traveller scenarios. No doubt this idea
Rites, seem to be very rules orientated. will meet with resistance, especially
Oliver: It may not be much help to Miss The combat rules for these games are with certain members of the WD staff.
Carbery to suggest she come on over to perfectly adequate already, without you However, it's time for a change in
RuneQuest Glorantha instead, where complicating matters. Still, I think that attitude and it's up to White Dwarf, as
there are plenty of role-models for inde- columns for these games are a good the premier fantasy magazine, to lead
pendent females, from Jar-eel the idea. Those readers, such as Darren Ben- the way.
Razoress, superhero of the Lunar . nett,whocomplain about such columns
Empire, down to Griselda of the many presumably do not play the game. Any- Although we're wary about generic
(rather dubious) accomplishments! Fun- onewho complains about such columns scenarios, we are interested in seeing
nily enough,a letter making very similar purely on the grounds of the system them and wouldn't just dismiss them
complaints has just appeared in Different they support is being rather selfish. out of hand. However, scenarios can
Worlds 40, not only about the milieu of obviously be influenced by a certain
the game, but the fact that the writer kept Dan 'Dare' Coom bs, Pershore: Do me style of gaming, and many of the generic
getting interrupted when she wastrying and others a favour. Unless any really scenarios we have received in the past
to participate. If you women players original rules expansions come up, are merely tied-system scenarios with
have this problem, Griselda has a forget 'em. Unless you're boggled by the statistics taken out. Any improve-
suggestion: look the guy right in the any original new monsters, forget 'em. ment on this would be welcome.
eyes and say, 'If you interrupt me one Concentrate on making role-playing
more time, I'm going to carve your ears games really fun, with scenarios to Geoff Williams, Sanbridgeworth: The
off.' Of course, she says, you have to be stimulate the imagination, with new, way John Grandidge insists on calling
prepared to make good on it, and she exciting directions for the hobby to Cthulhu, Traveller, RuneQuest et al
has to admit she compromised: she only evolve into - to make role-playing truly minority games (WD70) is very condes-
carved one of the guy's ears off. adventuring from the armchair. cending, and he is obviously a sub-
scriber to that dying school of thought
Oliver is a noted champion of the Rune- Who is this person? Surely there aren't that holds that all other games are in
Quest game, as are other readers. others like him? some way inferior to AD&D.
His letter impliesthat there is no place
Richard Laing, Canterbury: My major Bob Topley, Bristol: Destroy all your for intelligent, well-written and thought-
complaint concerns the lack of Rune- regular columns. They make me sick. provoking readers' contributions for

these 'minority' systems in Fiend Fac- page shouldallow much more feedback, loath to repeat the errors o f lmagine in
tory, for example, which strikes me as althouah the number o f letters comina White Dwarf!
being very odd. From my experience, i n courd be healthier. Where you get tvhe
RQ and Traveller parties are far less figure of '6' letters per month from, I Marcus Rowland, London: I've found a
likely to kill creatures on sight than really don't know! minor mistake in my scenario The Sur-
AD&D parties. rey Enigma, which was repeated in my
I hope that it is he and others of his ilk, Rhodri James, Preston Wynne: I just article in WD70. Both mention the Short
not the correspondent who he comp- had towrite in about PeteTamlynfsarticle Magazine Lee-Enfield military rifle and
lains about, that represent the 'handful in WD69. The article itself is wonderful, say that it is like a .50-06 rifle. However,
of people'which White Dwarfcould well and I admit that the idea of translating the SMLE was a repeating rifle renowned
do without. the GH campaign ratings into fantasy for a high firing speed, and the normal
and SFgames never occurred to me, but .30-06 speed of one shot pertwo rounds
Paul Harcourt, Harlow: John (Grandidge) I have one big grouch about the way is obviously wrong. Aspeed of oneshot
appears to have misunderstood my they're handled in GH. Personal Status. per round is more appropriate, and
thoughts. I don't want catalogues full of This rating quite simply fails to work for should be used throughout. Damage
monsters for 'minority' systems, rather, a number of interesting characters that should be reduced to 2d6+1.
his letterprompted meto use Fiend Fac- have cropped up in our Championscam- There are two other mistakes in The
tory as an example, since John men- paign. (Hsss.. . Evil.. . Hsss.. .-Ed.) The Price is Right. Although the guinea was
tioned it. rules actively discourage characters obsolete in the 1920s, it was still possi-
Surely all reasonable players would who don't fit into the standard heroic ble to write guinea cheques, which
welcome a change in the Noticeboard mould. The rating fails to take into would be honoured by any bank. Rifle
like 'Next issue-a sciencefiction adven- account the most important aspect of a ammunition should cost seventeen shil-
ture and a fantasy adventure, plus an personality - what the character thinks lings, not seven shillings.
article on the influence and powers of of himself.
secret societies in Gothic Horror games.' If you don't want to scrap the whole Oliver Dickinson: The statement about
Multi-system adventures and articles thing as a bad job, try replacing Expres- Treasure Trove in WD69 (The Surrey
deserve much more coverage, and I sion with Satisfaction (how well the Enigma) is incorrect. The law only
hope for the sake ofthe hobby that most character is dealing with his personal applies to gold and silver, and in fact
WD readers will agree. ~roblems) and modifvina Public such items are only Treasure Trove if it
kesponseto consideiwhYether or not it can be argued that there was intent to
Ian Encke, Portsmouth: I was sad to actually matters to the character. recoverthem. Hence, the Sutton Hoo trea-
hear the final death knell of Treasure Perhaps Security ought to be modified sure, from the graves, became the pro-
Trap sounded in WD69, as no doubt by Ego as well. perty of the landowner, as pointed out in
there are thousands of ex-TTmembers I realisethatthis isgoing to sound like the recent BBC programme, and so
who have, like me, harassedthe unfortu- gibberish to most people, but I hate to would the items found in the grave in
nate staff at Chislehurst Caves. see something which could be applied this scenario.
It would be far sadder if the demise of so widely being so blinkered. I should also point out that bronze
TTalso spelled the end of live-action swords will not be late pre-Roman; iron
role-playing in this country. There must Pete Thornson, Preston: White Dwarf had been used for several centuries for
be many TTsocieties such as my own needs to try and poach as many of the weapons and other items by the time the
(the Orkney Folk) scattered around the people who read lmagine (but not WD) Romans came on the scene.
country, trying to keep the game alive. as possible, before Paul Cockburn and
What is needed is a contact method for company recover from the initial shock' Letters concerningmGeorgeStepanek's
TTsocieties who want to play against and start to produce an independent outburst in WD69 have still been coming
each other - will WD provide a contact British magazine. (Too late, you fools, in.. .
page? While you're at it, how about too late. . . -Ed.) This is more likely to
some articles on live action role-playing? rival WDduetothefactthat itwould not Robert Middleton, Woodlesford: I am
Or how about publishing the TTrules? have to adhere to TSR's petty whims. writing regarding George Stepanek's .
With no standard, there will soon be Perhaps this could be done by intro- letter which was printed, but should not
hundreds of variants being played, and ducing some of Imagine'sfeatures, such have been, in WD69.
inter-society play will be a nightmare. as interviews with personalities, a fan- I myself am an 'older gamer', as he so
Will WD rise to the challenge 'Save zine section and short SFifantasy proudly proclaims himself to be, yet I
Live Action Role-Playing'? stories. These new features could be fit- must say that I was absolutely disgusted
ted into your extra pages on a bii by his remarks regarding 'younger
No. trimonthly basis. gamers'.
Personally I'd like to see a fanzine sec- Although Mr Stepanek is obviously a
Jeffrey Ford, St Helens: Having just tion in WD, but as I'm writing to some- very selfish 'old man', he has no right
watched the BBC's 'Watchdog' pro- one who undoubtedly knows much more whatsoever to dictate to younger, in-
gramme, I am sure many other people about fanzines than I, I won't dwell on experienced gamers. Role-playing
will regard Dave Hewittwith disgust. I'm the subject. games and related magazines such as
glad that I didn't decide finally to go to WD are there to be experienced and
Treasure Trapflimescape. It just shows White Dwarf has tried covering fanzines enjoyed by anybody, regardless of age,
that no one is safe. before, and has taken an interest in and the producers of such have a duty to
Imagine's coverage to see what thegen- provide material suitable for all ages.
Unfortunately, all our intrepid reporters era1feeling is towards fan magazines. Let us 'older gamers' have more pati-
were indisposed at the time and missed However, judging from the number o f ence and understanding for newcomers
the programme! fanzines on show at Games Day, i t -they too deserve the unique experi-
seems unlikely that we will be printing ence which only role-playing can give.
BobTopley: The most disgusting part of much about them in the near future. The
the whole mag is the lettercol. For a sheer number of fanzines available at Interesting that you should disagree with
start, do not print whole letters and the moment makes fair treatment o f the decision to print George's letter.
forgetthelDear WD' rubbish.Add edito- each one impossible -at least as far as However, I'm o f the opinion that all
rial replies and pick interesting com- allotting a page o f WD to them is con- views should be representedon the Let-
ments out. It'sfar more fun and interest- cerned. In the case o f the 60 or so fan- ters page, even if they can be a little hurt-
ing to read. If out of 45,000 readers you zines exhibited at Games Day, each ful at times.
can onlv net six letters, there is some- would end up with about a 20-word
thing wrong. You need a minimum let- mention! Finally. . .
tercol of 4 sides lona and should be There are too many new fanzines on
receiving at least 10%letters a month. the market at the present for this aspect Bob Topley: Blah! Blah!
o f 'the hobby' to be regarded as healthy
You seem to be a month or so behind the -in this respect, the l magine articles did There, you see what reading GameMaster
editor! The current style of the Letters more harm than good. We would be can do to you!
Future Gladiator.:;
c: I
1 . g
You stand at one end ofa vast golden arena. Beforeyou, at the centre of the
the squat formof an energy gun, its polished sides gleaming in the bright light. Beyond this, In
the farpmer can be seen the hazy form of your opponent shimmering sllgmy in the heat.
You are a fighter on the battlefield of the future, but,gone am the traditional
d weapons, instead, all you have to defend&inelf with is a small i3evlce that allows you p .-
to create shields of force anywhrrpin t h e L a , ~ ~ t o and direct the missile~fid
deflect from the

-rr.r. . -
,..r.-rr-.. .. ..
-tupost yaur @me to you

- p7;V' - 6 8 LIMED, .
~ 27 A w E R ~ R ~. RIX SOL +
p. 2 .- /,:,.
. a x'A
Hampshire. 1 el: 0705 755459


Early Closing WEDNESDAY 1pm
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COVENTRY 9.00 - 5.00
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Step through the misty haze into the greatest fantasy realm of all time.
Excitement awaits in the legendary land of Hobbits, Orcs, Elves,
Balrogs and Dragons. Journey through Mirkwood forest, encounter the
hideous monster Shelob, or engage in battle for the vast treasure hidden
deep within Lonely Mountain. Return to Middle-earth with:

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Games Day '85 had a remarkably different insect - used to great effect demonstrating
flavour this year. Whether this could be attri- fear of the unknown! Together, Marcus and
buted to the avant-garde T-shirts and pro- friend looked like a bizarre version of Long
gramme, the northern nature of many of the John Silver and his parrot!
staff or the huge number of games per- Slipping easily into the role of Robert
sonalities from the States is a matter for con- Robinson, Steve Jackson chaired an amiable,
jecture. What was more immediately notice- but hard-fought quiz. The first of its kind, it
able was the extra space for events-the saw a well deserved victory for the Games
seminar rooms being booked for the firsttime Workshop Gasbags, t o wit Ian Livingstone,
-and the fact that it was possible to get from Jamie Thomson, Gary Chalk and Tim Olsen.
A t o B without being too badly crushed. Commiserations t o the Hobby Games Hob-
The main hall was home to a wide variety bits (Marc Hanson, Kevin Sacklin, Trevor
of gaming events; demonstration games Mundell and Mark Ryan) who wereobviously
from manufacturers, the official competitions preoccupied with the fancy synthesiser
and manv aames run bv individuals iust so music. the liahts a n d . . . t h e score-airls.

The Dav o f Judoemenf - :he Plavers G u ~ l sd masterful dernonstraflon o f the Judoe Dredd r o l e - ~ l a v-~ -oarne
- -
Special guestsfrom across the water atthis
year's event were Greg Stafford (Chaosium),
Steve Jackson (Steve Jackson Games), Jor-
dan Weisman and Ross Babcock (FASA) and
Pete and Olivia Fenlon (ICE). Greg Stafford,
the man with iron lungs, spoke almost con-
tinuously all week-end, and also had the
energy to join i n the Sunday Roast along with
sundry other mega-stars. For hisefforts, Greg
ended up being presented with a Cthulhu
egg-timer, the latest objet d'artto grace gam-
e r ~homes.
Also picking up a strange object was Steve
Jackson (the American version) who walked
off with a special Games Day award - the
DragonLords Trophy. Awarded last year to
Greg Sfaffordputs Cthulhu ~nh ~ place.
s Paul Cockburn,thisglittering prize isgivento
the person judged t o have contributed most
that garners could find something t o do! The t o humour in the gaming hobby. The exact
real show-stealer i n the main hall, however, nature ofthe award is a closely guarded secret,
had to bethefuturisticscenerythe ubiquitous although it is vaguely connected with Gary
Players Guild had constructed for the Judge Gygax!
Dredd role-playing game demonstration. The On the whole, everything, ran as smoothly
photograph only hints at the amount of work as could be expected, and grateful thanks

to select audiences-select only because they

were more tenacious or more aggressive i n
their attempts to get a seat i n the smaller
Among the loathsome horrors that skulked
around the terror-stricken audience at a talk
by Marcus Rowland was a Malaysian stick

CLASSIFIED action, innumerable playeroptions, and what Traveller. For only €1.50 you can receive Wanted! CoC with scenarios, will swap the
is probably the most realistic mass-combat Names, UPPs &Trade Classifications for a Fellowship o f the Ring
A l l classified ads must b e prepaid at the rate systemtodate i n any fantasy PBM. JustE3.50 Full Sector!! (approx 640 worlds!!). Send a s Great Ayton 722357.
o f 15pper word, display adsf5.00perscc(incl paysforthe rulebook, players map,character IargeSAE + El.50to: A BCooper, 116 Bottes-
VAT). Pleasesendcopyandpaymentto White record sheets. FOUR free turns, and the ford Lane. Scunthorpe, South Humberside Wanted. 2000ADlbefore Issue250 onlyl. Will
Dwarf, 27-29 Sunbeam Rd, Park Royal, numerous supplementary sheets which you DN163QH. buy or swap for 52, DMG, PHB, FF. Send all
London NW10, making cheques/POspayable shall acquire during play. As an introductory offers t o 5 Grovelands Close, Charlton Kings.
to Games Workshop Ltd. offer, a copy of the current Rampage! news- Books. Get your ideas for D&D/Traveller/Call Cneltenham. Gloucs GL53 8BS.
White Dwarf regrets that i t cannot be held letterlzine is included free of charge. Further ofCthulhufrom themany second hand books
responsible for financial transactions result- turns are a mere £1. Rampage Games, 37 available each month. Prices range from 50p Wanted. People t o form AD&Dclub in the
i n g from small ads. Readers are advised t o Beechwood, Woodlesford, Nr Leeds, W Yorks t o E l . Send for the latest Science Fiction & FormbylSouthport area. Write to: Colin, 10
take appropriate precautions before parting LS26 8PQ. Fantasv list enclosino SAE t o Peter French Kent Avenue. Forrnby L37 6BQ.
with any money. Books,'l3 Beauford Park, Norton Fitzwarren,
Combat. New combat system for D&D or Taunton, Somerset TA2 6QJ. S (0823) 76439 D&D olaver desoerate for action. Will learn
Bored Sundays? Bored no more! T&T. S e n d f l and SAEto50akClose.Oakley. (after 6pm.) ~ a r h i m m e r MERP
, or Battlecars Contact
Basingstoke, Hants. S ~ m o n1131, 5 Rosslyn Road, nealo Green,
Buy and sell new and use0 fantasy and scl-
Controversial Repertoires of an Alcoholic
Prat! fanzlne, lssdeone. BooTop ey. 34 Karen
Cneaole Chesn~reSK8 3DJ (enclose SAEL
PHB Wanted. Must be in good condition
ence fiction books and games. Drlve. Backwell. Br~stolBS19 3JS Only 50p. Clubs, contacts andevents can be advert~sed s 084421 3350 with price.
once at n o charge u p t o a maximum o f 25
Tuesday - Sunday l0amBpm SEWARS amateur ma azine. The number words. Further insertions at the rate o f 15p Swap. Star Trek RPG, never been used in
Oddity's Market, 72/73 Chalk Farm Road, one fanzine for AD&D$, James Bond, and oer word lincl VA T,. play, for 2nd Edition CoC rulebooks. D I
London NW1. adventure RPGs. t o ~ i c anews.
l views and Macleod, 65 Newmarket, Isle of Lewis PA86
reviews. I f v o u want'Cthu!hu.vou want Daaon Toalland sundrvwhnm these nresentsdnor
---r --- --- - ODU.
Swords and Shields 1s a new PBM game to - ~fVOL want to know what'; happenlngtod Ka;concein, W ~ S~arfieldffolkes-~amllton;
I ~
beat allothers F~ghtcreatures,kill monsters wantSEWARS.AdventurePBM tostansoon. Cobncil Memoer o f the An11Gool~nolo MERP players wanted oy aglng GM 128)to
a must for dll AD&Dfans Yodr party w ~ loe l Enqulr~esto address oelow. St.bscr~ptions League. Priest of the Great God Quetzecotyl. loin exlstlng group Advantageous ~fsl.gntly
placed somewhere In the land of Blanternon 1inc postage) €4 Islx Issuesl. Chris Baylis. M v r m ~ d o n othe
f Gdlloof Flghtersof n a n Lee. ooney Nlck Carter. 69 Argy e AVP. Wrsron
and wlll have to f gnt thelr way up leve s Over 12 The Fryth, Basildon, Essex SS143PN. send Greetinas. Super-Mare, Avon BS23 3RQ.
60.000 locations and at a verv low cost Set- Know ye t h i t following our Noble Crusade
u p a n d rulesonly~2,futureturnsatanIncred- Character Classes. Alchemist, Gnome, Ber- againstthe Ice Devils i n thecold Regions, We Wanted Deathswords want your reviews on
ible price of 50p. Mr R Duo, 3A Gardiners serker, Centaur, Small Giant, Minstrel, Orc. have been transported unto the Northern RPGs for thetr newsletter. Seno to DS, hata
Road, Gibraltar. Gnome €1. Suoerhero Scenario 'Bomburst' London Suburb calledTottenham, and art Farm. Little Baragh. Malton YO17 OUY
Alternatdve roliing-up system E l . D&D desirousof Adventure and Gain. If ye knowof
Desert Warrior, Hell Rider. Samurai. h e w Character Sheets (50) f2. Peter Clark 26 such sport within the creed ofAD&D send 18 yr old boy from Sweden wodlo llke to fino
D&D character classes. Send SAE T 75p (PO Greygoran. Sauchoe. Clackmannansh~reFHO word b y fastest messenger unto m y Squlre, an English penpal. My lnterestsareAD&D
onlv) t o Andrew Planner. Tallawalla. Long 3EW Keith Potter, 13 Beaconsfield Road, London and I play some wargames too. Please write
Lane, Newbury, Berkshire. N154SHB8029138. t o Patrik Jonansson. Benredsv 15.561 38
Free dehydrated, albino purple worm, with Huskvarna
BORIS the Booklet o f Many Thingsfanzine. From AD&D Swindon. Plavers reouired in Wilts1
I The fanzine for oeoole who need t o be told I Mark Beresford, 633 Chatsworth Road, Chester- BerkslGloslOxon aged around 30. Daniel Trollpak. Balastor's Barracks, Nomad Gods,
h o w t o think. 5dp from Dave Murray, +
field, Derbysh~reS40 3NT. Just 50p SAE. Spears, s 0793 764880. any back Issues of Wyrm's Footnotes, or
72 George St, Coventry CV1 4HD. Issues 4 and 5 out now1 D~fferentWorlds, RuneQuest f ~ g ~ r esoLrce
Regnak Longstrider Half-Elven has returned packs etc urgently wanted Mark. Z2 0705
We specialise i n Marvel, DCetc. Also a very MM, M M 11, D&D, FFE5 each. Dominic, from tne Tro. Wars. Beware Kelnlk Dark One 255765
large selection of back issues. Send SAE for s Shrewsbury 53148. for come seek~ngrevenge and w i I ndnt you
l l s t t o MENSTAR, 12 Sandringham Road, down like the treacherous cur you are Wanted Urgently. A horse, a horse, will
Macclesfield, Cheshire SKlO 1QB. Iw i l l customise your figures. SAE t o Ergo Prepare t o die. Answer i f you dare. exchange for 88,799 square miles, a green
Surgery, 13 Queensmead, Aylesbury, Bucks. and pleasant island Kingdom. Call Bosworth
WhiieDwatfsfor sale. Numbers 1-57.excellent Ian Shenstone, get off at earth - Gut Splitter Field, ask for King(?)Richard.
t o mint condition, €200 or offers. k ~ e t t e r i n ~For Sale Car Wars, Sunday Drivers S 0543 IV (Marc Ormerod).
82421 (between 5 and 8pmL 480192. Help. 17 year olo RPG player in Killinchy area
Beginner new t o RPG scene, quick learner. looking for anyoony to play RQ, Traveller,
Party Packages autumn offers. 'Gandalf' hats Cruel Worlds Issue one: AD&D, Warhammer, friendly easy going male (30) would like t o C&S or anything else. Ke~th.t 0238 541165.
- leather-€15. 'Indiana'whips - €6. Magic GH, Anne McCaffrey. lssde two' Moorcoc6 join others age 20+ experience not essential
user wands - €8. All post paid. Send stamp interview, Games Day. 65p M Donkersley, willing t o travel within 5 mile radius of Swap. Boxed Basic, Expert, Companion D&D,
for new-GamesDay-catalogue. Party Pack- Pinewood, Barton St David, Somerton, Wembley, London. Mark, t908 4239. Judges Guild 'Terror Beneath City State,'A I,
ages, 160 Hearsall Lane. Coventry CV5 6HH. Somerset X2 modules. Want AD&D PHB, MM, DMG,
Announcement. Mhoram lives. Ramore the MERP. Matthew, s (04557) 2028.
unholy shall never find the hidden realm.The
I SECOND HAND GAMES-BOUGHT&SOLD I SOUND & FURY mace of Mhoram shall prevail! Death t o MERP GM 114) setting u p Wub In and about
Ramore! Hanworth. Also swap D&DBasic in
reasonaole condition for MERPsupplements,
London N6.17-yr old FRPG seeks clublgroup Citadclf,gures s 1011894 0916.
Countdown has started or other players. Plays all major systems,
willing t o learn others. James, S 340 2355. Help! Is there a fantasy wargamesclub or
group i n Sevenoaks? Marek, s Sevenoaks
For Sale. AD&D oooks. Traveller, Aftermath, Sale or Swap. traveller^ books. Chivalry & Contacts wanted. Role-player seeking 459630.
Ganqster ano more SAE to A Mcllwrlck. 8 Sorcery, MERP 7 Bree & B.Downs, FFs. SAE corresponoence w ~ t hother fantasy war
Netherh~ll Avenue, herherlee. Gcasgow to ~ u h Rajala.
a Laiodntte 12, 70780 Kuop~o, garners. Some tradong possible. B II Osuch. Wanted 'Into the Labyrinth' ITFTl - any
Finlano. 71 1 S Jenklns. Apt 3, Norman, OK 73069USA. reasonable price palo. Also: Codex, any GM
For Sale: CoC, Star Frontiers, Knight Hawks, adventures Contact. B111.40hlgnflelo
variousAD&Dmodules, Diplomacy, brand Star Trek £7. CoCf7, The Vanishedf3, Wanted. Scenario pack included i n American Crescent, Linlithgow, West Lothlan, Scotland.
new Narvik €241 John, s (02711870865 after Warhammer and FoFf8 the pair, Traveller Star Trek deluxe set. Dave, s Ashington
6pm. books 1-5 €5.7 TravellerscenariosE5, Dun- 854790. Sharrock! Scared t o play a real woman's
geon Floor Plans 7-4 €5 the lot. s Bedford game? The Bean~dhBeannacht are coming
RuneOuest II,£6. COT, Plunder, Runemasters, 768569. Tomsk. Why did you betray Great Uncle for you1
Foes, each £4, Duck Pond, Duck Tower, Solo- Bulgaria? May your innards bestrewn all over
Quest3, SourcepaksA& 8, eachf2. s Bedford Clearance Sale: SPI etc boarogames. SAE for the common. Tobermory. Undernear. Please sell me a copy of Trollpak
768569. list to Steve Gllham. 6 Collenswooo Rd. as I will pay large amounts of money. Will.
Stevenage, Herts. Dorking Area. 11 year old D&D/Warhammer S 10533) 773780.
For Sale: Star Frontiers, Knight Hawks supple- player seeks other playerslGMs t o play with.
ment, scenariosand charactersheets. James, Tense. nervous headache? Fed UD with torc- Please write t o John Carrington, Applegarth Help1 MI^ Hobos, please contact the Necro-
(01) 735 3605.
%3 in0 toorcs. sick of throwino rune'stones at House, The Hildens. Westcott, Surrey. pol8sfanz1neeottor assoon as poss~bleas yod
dGdelves.7 Buy ~kullcrust;er4 for express S 889095. naven't glven JS yoLr address
re el. 40pp of amazing nardware an0 cnat
A D & 6 and WH for l ~ s t 4 0 p A5 SAE 20p
+ I,Maureen would like to announce o n oehalf
from Ricnard Langrlsn. Offchurch Vicarage. of The L l t ~ m a t eFem~nists.Death t o all m a ~ e
~n-the-Forest,York Warks CV33 9AL. life-forms, espec ally Dwarves
Another bloody zine!!! But SoC2 is different. Swap. M y Basic D&D rulebook and Module
For Sale. D&D, AD&D, Fantasy Trip, RPGs, Chat and humour zine for only 55p to: 28 Avone. l shall vanquish you, you do-gooder. 0 1 for anything interesting. Offers? Cormac,
magazines, accessorles, mlnlatures. SAE for Merryhills Drive, Oakwood, Middx. Your magic mace wbn't help you against m y 17 Heatherdale Road, Camberly, Surrey.
list to: B L Mitchell, 34 Coates Gardens, Edin- sword. Slgned In blood- PeterTheeril
burgh, EH12 5LE. For Sale: Superb condit;on. WD 22-29: Strongarm Blake (long name). Anybody o u t there? Male RPGer wanting
I m a g ~ n e1-16. EGG autographedAD&D. errant female wizard as pen friend. Contact:
Star Fleet Battles for Spectrum/BBC. Avoid RuneQuest ruleooors. Otner FRP a ds also Hermit would like t o inform the Oxenfoord Ross, 64 Scott Green Crescent, Gildersome.
the tedlum of working through movement ava~laoleOffers7 B 04252 78454. plonkers that he wants t o sucktheir blood, Morley, Leeds LS27 7DF. s 538686.
an0 oamage a l l o c a t ~ i ncnarti Supplied on especially Melody's.
cassette - f3.95. Cncques POs payaole to
Ga1,leo 7. 76 B r ~ o h l o Road.
r~ W o r 1 n . n ~Wcsr
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Special Offers
I/ Dolbian Beware! The lord Sauron has sent
15 yr old DM player seeKsclub or players
1AD&D, Traveller, etcl in Rdgby Coventry
the three Ologs to deal wlth you Your cousin area. Rob. 'R R u g t ~ y832851
Club Discounts Snarmaawaltsyod In Bree V ~ v aLesBa~rogsl
From the mouth of Hell! is a unique & fas- - GM lLes Balrogs7 Who He?-Ed, Help! Final year student I211 seeks DMs
cinating fantasy PBM game from Rampage Send SAE t o Draken Games, Dept NL14, p ayers i n the Orpington area for most RPGs.
Games. 30-60 players in each game battle 132 Ramnoth Road, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 Penpal. Male expert D&D DM (14) seeks Wrfte: Mark Wadey. 85 Cowoen Roao.
amongst themselves- and the ever- 2JD. s o 9 4 5 581529 (24 hr ansaphone). penpal ( l 3 + ) w h o is interested in RPGs. Aran Orptngton, Kent BR6 OTP
prevailing 'Evil Horde'-for control of the Gibney, 4 Church Road, Sutton, Dublin 13,
land's vast wealth: untapped mineral For Sale. CoCCampaigns,AD&D Modules, Eire. Postalcampaigns. Please helpme by sending
resources, precious metals, ancient treasure Traveller items. RuneQuest Items, Warhammer. any info concerning non-profit postal
troves and an uncanny store of awesome Freegift- First 5 Buyers. SO204696242 after BloodthirstvAD&D laver asks is there a campaigns t o Jonas Grant, RR 6 Box 255,
Dower. Ancient leoends & mvsteries abound.

many apparently nieanlngless, yet the

5pm. party in the~uckley'area?Contact Peter
Moon, 15 Bodoffa Dr. Buckley,Clwyd CH7 2PB.
Evansville, IN 4771 1 USA.
rewaroing answersaretnere to be oiscovcreo Mitregames are l o o k ~ n gfor an enthuslast to Penpal Wanted. Players of CoC, and various
b y all. lotn tnestaff asa ful -!,me PBM gamesmaster Help! 12 year old ooy seeks cluo whlch does others. am 14, maleanddesperate. Contact.
FTMOH! masterfully combines fantasy Contact: George Campbell, 189Balham High rea tve gamlng In Soutn East Play MERP. Louis Noble. 31 Mayfield Avenue, Mayfoe d
wargaming, diplomacy and trade with role- Road, London SW12. T&T, D&D R charo. 'R 107841 56667 Grange. Cramlington, Northumberland NE23
playing magical adventure. Participants may 9AB.
choose t o be a human warrlor-chlef, dwarf Superhero UK-36 pages of SHRPG material Wanted Steve Jackson's Undead and
warlord or elf kina. battlina amonast them- includino foldover heroes for 600. Available Necromancer or FGU's Bushido for Golden Uraentlv Wanted White Dwarfs 1-26 f23?
selves for supre&cy, or aiternatively they from ~ o n a t h a nClark. 9 ~ o u n t h l i l yRoad. Heroes Sam Gr~ff~ths, s Nott~ngham(0602) please quote how many you have and what
may join the 'Evil Horde' asan orc chieftain, Chapelton. Strathaven, Lanarkshlre. Scotland 820365 after 6pm you want for them R Isbe1 , 7 Sprlng Lane.
kobold king or troll leader. Lamnley. hottlngham hG44PH.
FTMOH! features extensive player inter-

KerlerandCanonArnob,youwimps! Will you Eithersexages 13-lapreferred. Contact: Les- RPGer. Daniel Humble 11112 seeks similar Games: Anything brought along.
stop going on holiday while we're trying to lie, IS Orpington 72092 (evenings). players in area (and penpals) forD&Detc. IS Time: Tuesday 6.30-10pm.
have a decent bit of hack and slay! Berkhamsted (04427) 74181. Place: The Phoenix Room, Lymington Com-
AD&D player (13) wants to know of clubs in munity Centre.
Wanted Urgently - anyone in the Stainesl West End of Glasgow. Martin, 101 Killock Dr. To- Disaster Area, Gangor, Hoe Place and Comments: Cost 50plnight (first time free).
StanwelllAshford area interested in playing Knightswood, IS 041 959 9028. Lady Duction.Watch your backs! lver Big One UsuallyAD&D, CoCand MERPplayed. No age
MERP. Beginners or experienced players. and the Giants are on your trail. Catoblepas. restrictions.
Everything supplied. Contact: Damian, Three 15 year olds wish to contact players or Contact: Mark Ryan, IS Lymington 43422.
IS Ashford 52538. DMsto play D&Din Widnesarea. Also begin- DudleylRowley Area. reliableplayerswanted
ners at CoC. Darren, IS 051 424 3133. to form group. Any agelsex welcome. Any LUTON
Hong Kong. 11 yr old wants maleifemale pen games played. Apprenticeswelcome. Wayne, New Games Club
pal in Yorkshire. Stuart Tate, 10th Floor, 24 FreePBM. Playtestersdesperately neededfor IS 021 223 5851 (after 5.30pm). Games: MERP.
Scenic Villa Drive, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong. new fantasy PBM. Absolutely free. Write to: Time: To be arranged.
Lands of Surth. 78 Green Dragon Lane. Lon- ExperiencedAD&D, MERP, T&T, Traveller Place: Players homes.
Urgently Wanted: Artist/Sculptor capable of don N21 2LH enclosing SAE. playerlDM is seeking a clublgroup in Walton- Contact: Pablo Ferrar, 4 Ridgway Road, '

making 25mm figures. IS Bishops Stortford on-Thames area (male age 18). Darren. Luton, Beds LU2 7RR. S 421534.
725033 (after 4.15pm). Wandsworth: Experienced (age 16+) IS W-o-T 222904.
refereesiplayers wanted to supplement role- LONDON
Penpal Wanted: I play D&D, AD&D, and Star playing group. Most major RPGs played, eg ComptSidrelannouncesthatthe Eye isform- The Dark Riders FRPG Club
Frontiers. Contact: 21 Nankeen Street, AD&D, RQ, Star Trek. John, IS 01 874 8957. ing at last. Evil beware! Games: AD&D, CoC, anything else.
Modbury Heights, 5092. South Australia, Time: Every Friday, 7-10pm.
Australia. 18 yr old player wishes to join a group in Help! Will anyone swapmyStarFrontiersand Place: Hanwell Community Centre, Ealing.
KingstonlMoleseyMlalton area. Plays D&D/ Warlock boardgame for Golden Heroes or Comments: Age 12+, all welcome, first night
Dubai. Player (AD&D, willing to learn other T&Tlearn anything. Jon, IS 01 941 2169. Callof Cthulhu. Contact: Paul Saunders, 208 free.
RPGs or boardgames) arriving end Sept. ThurncourtRoad,Thurnby LodgeEst, Leicester Contact: David. IS 5788122.
Contact M Parker, c/o Dubai Equestrian Anygoblinsleftoutthere? Ifsothencontribu- LE5 2NH.
Centre, PO Box 1155. tions wanted for Warhammer fanzine, write SOUTH EAST ESSEX
to Goblins Gazette, 100 Marshalls Cls. New Wanted AD&D playerslDMs in Eltham SE9 Shoeburyness Wargames Club
Penpal Wanted! 16 yr old female fantasy Southgate, London N11 1TG. area. Any agelexperience neededto help start Games: AD&D, Stormbringer, Traveller, CoC,
addict,juststarted roleplaying, would likeany a small club. Or to ioin one if one already other RPGs & Wargames.
tall. handsome (?I)male fantasy addicts Just moved to Swindon and I am desperate exists. Andy, S 01 859 3798. Time: Wednesdays 7.30-lOpm, also Mon-
(Books, FRPGs . . . ) t o write to me: Decca, to find someone else who plays D&D. Please days.
'Edmara', Wester Ord, Skene, Aberdeenshire contact Kevin Berryman, IS Swindon 610851. Donottrust battledress.This isa public battle Place: Shoebury Youth Centre. Delaware
AB3 6SR. warning. Battle dress is extremely unreliable. Road, Shoeburyness.
Mad 15 year old AD&D/D&D player wants It is not the ultimate protection. Bad luck +,
Comments: Ages 11 new and experienced
Help! Mature gamer seeks other gamers in penfriend (maleor female). Writeto Matthew Simon. players welcome.
the BurntwoodlLichfield area. I have D&D, Cutts, 49 Grange Street, Christchurch, New Contact: (RPGs)Tim Watts, IS Southend
Traveller and Fighting Fantasy, will learn Zealand. All replies answered. AD&D playerlDM seeks club or group in the 711611; (Wargames) Richard Partridge, IS
others. Martin, IS Burntwood 75550. KirbylSuttonlMansfield area. Contact: Andy, Southend 342156.
N Ireland. Bored 19 yr old seeks other 57 Wallaton Rd, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts
RQ Players wanted by experienced referee. gamed4 (RPG, wargames etc) or any postal NG17 7NQ, soon. ST NEOTS, CAMBS.
Maleor Female, 16-18yrs, in WithamlBraintree games. Contact: Paul Adams, 7 Springfield St Neots Adventurist Fantasy Unlimited
'area. John, IS Silver End 843449. Road, Bangor, County Down. South London: experienced players1 (SNAFU)
gamemasters wanted to start new group. Games: D&D, AD&D, MERP, Bushido, CoC.
Gamer (16) requires other gamers or club in Hawker Harrier searching bandits. Air War. Most major RPGs, age 16+. Contact Mark, Time: Tuesday. 8pm.
~nBarrow area played AD&D, Bushido, After- Flat 9.77 Amhurst Park, London N16 5DL. IS 871 3669 (7-9pm). Place: The Canon, New Street. St Neots.
math, RQwill learn newgames. Paul, IS36968. Comments: Over 18s only.
Inexperienced (but madly enthusiastic) Dobo Long Pockets. Farewell good friend, Contact: Just turn up!
Urgently Wanted! SPI boardgames, esp ACW beginner (20) desperately seeks RPG players may your feet grow ever hairy and your poc-
(Stonewall, TSS etc) or quads, but anything in Basildon area. Will learn any game. Contact kets bealwaysfull, you will besorely missed. LEICESTER
considered. Cash waiting. Also Aftermath Matt, 95 Ashfields, Pitsea, Essex SS13 1HT. The Alliance. PBC Games Club
players in SE London. Simon, IS 01 698 9046 Games: Any.
evenings. Wanted copy of GW's Griffin Mountain for Fanzines. Want to be stocked in a shop? For Time: Saturdays and weekdays.
RQ2. Willing to pay top price but must be in further details, contact Stuart Gould, 30 Place: Players Houses.
Announcement! Grumm Thornbeard has good condition. 120 Heath Road, Sandbach. Orchard Drive, Edgware, Middx HA8 7SD. Comments: Girls very welcome. 13+.
single handedly defeated the Skull Crusher Cheshire. IS 01 958 9488. Contact: Alex, IS 785767.
Clan! Any more challenges? Contact: Thorn-
beard, Rt 2 Box726, Copperas Cove.TX76522 London Area? Can you wield pike, musket. Wanted. Warhammer, MERP, T&Tand acces- HEATHROW & WEST DRAYTON
USA. sword or tankard with ease7Then join the sories. Also back issues of White Dwarf Are Orcbusters
King's Lifeguard. SealedKnot, Cavaliers and there any players or clubs in the Cork area? Games: AD&D, CoC, warhammet MERP.
Module Swap. One for one, send SAE for list Roundheads. Adrian, IS Crayford 529719. Mark.37 Hillview Estate,Tramore Road,Cork, Time: To be arranged.
to David Hudson, 485 Coal Road, Whinmoor, Eire IS Eire 021 962 981. Place: Members' Houses.
Leeds LS14 1NW. New Club in Bristol seeks players1GMs aged Contact: Paul, S 01 759 3839.
between 14-18.We playAD&D. CoC, Traveller Birmingham? D&D playerslDM needed for
Lazrus-Orle. Kirish and I will never forget. and others. Lee, IS 0272 772215. delving sessions. Preferably 18+. Contact NORTH LONDON
Melus-Orle. Andrew Goulding, 4 Edgbaston Rd, Games: AD&D, Traveller, wargames etc.
Help! DMG, PHB, M M I and2, Rogue's Gal- Smethwick, Warley, West Midlands B664LA. Time: Saturdays 12-6pm.
Wayne (16) wants USA penpals. Male or lery, GodsandDeities books urgently Place: Harringay Boys Club.Tottenham Lane,
female. DMs D&D and Traveller. Contact: required and AD&D scenarios and other Be Known! Quality original stories and N8.
Wayne Peters, 24 Laleston Close, Gib- books required. Excellent prices paid. For artwork are being accepted for the 'Fantasy Comments: Everyone welcome, use back
bonsdown, Barry, South Glamorgan, Wales details contact: Richard Kerr, 50 Martyn Symposium' anthology. Work should suggen door and a loud knock spell.
CF6 7UA. Street, Airdrie, Scotland. a fantasylhorrorlsupernatural/sci-fi theme.
Mini-biographies printed with submissions. NORTHAMPTON
Swap. Cults o f Terror/Prax, three Trollpack Need t o sell! AD&D, D&D, Star Frontiers. Payment is 10 Copies and recognition. Send Northampton Games Club
books for any Middle-earth gameaids (Isen- books, fantasy science fiction, comic books. to: John S Dwyer. 6 Heather Lane, Walpole, Games: Mostly AD&D; but will try others of
gard etc). Chris Leonard, 4 Avon Close. Send SAE to: Travis Medeiros, 440 Cole St, MA 02081 USA. the RPG variety occasionally.
Ettington, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. Seekonk, MA 02771 USA. Time: Evenings, usually 7.30-12pm.
James Chisel, Quentin Horatio Frout and the Place: Varies but almost always North-
Help 18 yr old Twilight2000 and board war- Beginner wishes to meet RPG club in Brad- rest of your tiresome friends - beware, the ampton area.
gamer would like to meet other players. Con- ford area. Has Basic D&D but will learn any whistler lives! C Stanford. Comments: New club seeks adult adventur-
tact Paul. 214 Bradwell Coomon Boulevard, game. Shane, IS 594624, after 5pm on week- ers of the friendly and dependable mould for
Milton Keynes. Cannot travel. days, not weekends. Brighton Area. 14 year-old boy seeksAD&D campaigns in detailed worlds. 17+ age only.
clublplayers. Willing to learnother RPGs. Ben Beginners welcome!
Just moved to the Westhill area of Aberdeen Elfquest. Are there any fans or holts in Bri- Shaw, IS (0273)557701. Contact: %T(0604)48687.
will play any game. Experienced in CoCand tain? Please contact me. Shade and sweet
D&D. reply Paul Stevenson, 5 Morven Cres, water. Simon, 41 Galveston House. Harford Pritchard! Stenmin the Magic-User is a use- BIRKENHEAD
Westhill, Aberdeenshire. Street, London E l 4RH. less, thick, cowardly, weedy fairy. At best he Prenton RPG Club
is ineffectual, at worst he is silage. Please Games: AD&D, MERP, Traveller, 007,
Wanted: Grenadiermodels Wizard'sRoom + Wanted. MMI, FF. Nick Browne, 1A My Lady's reply. Signed Malcolm. Battlecars.
old Citadel red dragon. vgc. IS Bishops Mile, Holywood, Co Down BT18 9EW or Time: Any.
Stortford 813660 (after 4.15pm). IS (02317)2314. Penpal Wanted. Around 13, maleifemale. I Place: Any.
play AD&D and CoC. Please write to Tom. 4 Comments: New Club. All welcome 14+.
Gwent Cllth-C15th warrior seeks combat Help.all my old gaming companions have left Portland Road, Bowdon.CheshireWA142NY. Contact: Andrew, Prenton Village Road, Bir-
society or other lonely fighters in Gwent. I the Peterborough area! If you are still here kenhead L43 OTF.
have chainmail hauberk and kettle hat. Con- and play AD&D, CoC, Toon or anything simi- To the gang. Belakk the thief alias Neon 'The
tact: Graham, IS Little Mill 338. lar and are over 18 I'd like to hear from you. Strange' McConnell says beware the knife in SKEGNESS
Jackie Apps. 19 Brudenell. Orton Goldhay, the dark. Watch your back Pete. Proposed RPG Club
Swap. My BasicD&D boxed set and Expert Peterborough 235520. Games: MERP, CoC, RQ and more.
rulebook plus modules 84 and B7for Sla and Alcorane your days are numbered. Time & Place: To be arranged.
RuneQuest, Cults o f Prax and Questworld. Grovel! Grovel! Editor of fanzine that needs Ride fast! The worm has turned. Tom. Comments: Age 16+.
Mark, IS (061) 427 7582. help, begs for art, articles, for most RPGs. Contact: Tom, 204 Lincoln Rd, Skegness,
Contact: Alex Stanhope, 4 Stafford Terrace, MaleRPGer(l6)seeksfemale penpal of simi- Lincs.
Warped Minds. Fantasy artwork service, London W8 7BH. lar age. Play CoC, AD&D, RQ and learning
requires new artists and original artwork. others. Domin~c Wood. 17 Bow Road, London HONG KONG
Send artwork samples to: Stuart Robertson, Help! AD&Der seeking other players1DM E3 2AD. Phoenix Gaming Society
Helensfield Poultry Farm, Bungalow No 2, starting at 1st Ivl (ages between 15-18)in the Games: All.
Clacks, Scotland FKlO 4JA. Hucknall. Buliwell or Mansfield area. Contact Desperate MaleAD&D/RuneQuester 115) Time: Mondays. 4-6pm.
Marcus, %3 631560. seeks female companion in London area, Place: Baguio Villas, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong.
Highway Warriors. Swap Car Wars (as new) aged 14-17 with similar interests. Contact Comments: All ages.
for good condition Battlecars or Dawn of the Weymouth. 18 yr old DMlPlayer seeks indi- Dave McConnell, Read School. Drax, Selby Contact: Kevin, IS 5-517782.
Dead game. Contact Warped Minds address. vidualslestablishedgroupforC&S, SOor any YO8 8NL.
other RPG (have played in most). Have all RHONDDA
The BIackSword of Geridon has killed Lati. C&S/SO equipment. Lee, S Weymouth Wanted Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detec- Rhondda Gamesclub
Pladius prepare for the final battle. Langor 834260 after 5.30pm. tlve, will swap for D&D Bas~c,Expert. Com: Gamas: Most played.
contact Grorg Takand. panion, XI. B l and dice or sell D&D gear. Time: Sundays 2-6pm.
Swap: Citadel Goblinoids. Dwarfs and 1st Marc, %3 (061) 798 7174. Place: Ystrad Boys' Club.
Celebrations! A hearty welcome to Kominion, Compendium for 2000AD/Judge Dredd Contact: Come along and ask for Richard.
returned to life at last after his brief acid-trip mags, comics, game, new MERP. Will sell.
to Valhalla (a black dragon spat on him.) Marcus, 38 Bedford Rd, Reading, Berks RG1 BLYTH
Eswin. Thurncos, Bailum. 7HS. S 0734 597065. Northumbrian Adventurers Guild
Orpington players seek otherAD&Ders
PlaverlDMs for weekend gaming sessions.
Teflonwishestoget in contact with the monk
who was at GarnesDay, Sat & Sunday.
Games: AD&D, CoCetc.
Time: Sunday 2Jpm. .
Place: Blyth Sports Centre.
Robert, S 01 720 0073. evenings. Lymington Role-playing Club Contact: Mick, S Blyth 366881.
JC Games, Britains leading Play By Mail company, introduces to you our new Play By Mail
- ame of Xenophobia,Conquest, and Space Warfare called ...


CAPITOL Features -
- A strategic space warfare game, completely computer moderated. a z is fast ~ becoming
~ the ~ ~

- Approximately 35 players per game. standard against which other space

- Players design their own race's characteristics and description.
- Design your own starships and build them at your star bases. warfare games are compared"
- Expand your empire and conquer other races. - With each rulebook you receivea set of
- An 'advanced stage' of the game introduces new technologies of overlays to use in mapping the game
stargates and improved ship movement capabilities. and moving ships.
- CAPITOL'S simplified order formats are easy to remember. No coding - Mapping CAPITOL is extremely
your orders onto computer cards or other gimmicks. interesting, using the computer
- CAPITOL has an easy to understand rulebook, complete with printed maps you receive with your
numerous examples. turn results.
- CAPITOL was subjected to the largest playtest of ANY commercial
PBM game. Over 100 players played over 1500 turns of CAPITOL prior
- No due dates.CAPITOL allows you
four turns per month. Most other

- to release.
Runs on an IBM PC, using 512K.
computer moderated games have the

s has been running Play By Mail games for about 5 years now and our


0253 - 866345

Please mention W h ~ t e
Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements. 58
Ilffiiniatures' We stock a wide choice of figures for the Fantasy and
PO Box 26 Wisbech Cambridgeshire Wargamer by Citadel, Grenadier, Asgard, Essex, Corvus,
Telephone (0945)581582 Minifigs, Hinchliffe and others.

25mm PAINTED FANTASY Skytrex 11300 micro tanks, Naval, Gallia buildings,
Torchlight Dungeons Plus much, much more!


The painted figures are sold singularly or in their sets.

Prices listed include the cost of the figure, painting,

authentic basing, scenically textured, and varnishes
for protection in matt or gloss varnish.
(Figures are by major manufacturers ie Citadel, Asgard, Essex,
enary clan. These

@ z:"
Minifig, Grenadier etc.)


8 1 FbghtefwlthAxe
8 8 Noble Warrlor
Juggernaut C W C r e w 14flguresl
B l2Klng
S l CompleteGobl nArmy(6Of8gurerl
85 Warr~orCIWClub
88 W a r r ~ o r w n hBattleAre
5 2 Undead War Elephant CIWCrew
823Golgoth Lord of Balrogs


Cl 00
AA C4000
A E l 00
C1 50
C50 00
C1 50
C20 00
nomadic clans roam

831 EmperorDragon 88 C5000

s. T o start send f
We can supply patnted f~guresfrom a s~nglegnome to a c o m p l e t e walled town
Yes all parnted'
Please send C2 for a patnted sample figure plus our40 page catalogue to
Fantasy Minratures PO Box 28 Wlsbech Carnbs


P&P: 10% lmin 16p)inUK.


F4Clerlccn Plate Skel'lon Warnor . l2p

Llche . 15p
L~z'rnanw Club 200

F9 Femalesn Plate Gargoyle 20p

F l 2 FemaleThlef Mounted Lord

45p 8c F u n g u s S p o r
45p 8 d P a v ~ n gMoul
45p 8e Arnoebald B

45p lOa O r d C h i e h a i n w
45p l o b Orc with Spear

Wlth Lordofchaos
Red Dragon C1.95 Rider . E l 50
Black Dragon C1 95 lor Chaos Knlght Rlderi

G o b l l n Standard Beare
G o b l l n advanctng w i t h

Please mention White Dwarf when replying to advertisenients. 60

've gone to great lengths to
bring you the best. IMe've
travelled the ENTIRE P!!ANET
in order to acquire the WIDEST
p~!gslBLERANGE of. ..Science Fiction
Fantasy Games, War Games,.Role-
Playing Games, Fighting Fantasy
Games, Books, Magazines,
Miniatures, Paints, Dice,
Accessories and Model Robots.
Everything you could want -
plus a host of games you never
knew existed - and a
knowledgeable staff to

61 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying t o advertisements.

Isn't it
about time
that y ~ u

this game?
antasy Role Playing Game Master Rules
New dimensions to explore....

New levels of excitement to


New skills to master. ...

The paths to Immortality....

Available now from better games shops or, in

case of difficulty, contact:

n - TSR UK Limited
The Mill
Rathmore Road
DL'NGEOSS & DRAGONS is a rrgisrercd trademark uf 'l'SH, Inc.
1985 TSR U K Limited.
m - I)


Dungeons & Dragons, RunQuest and
most RPGs plus aids and supplements
Avalon Hill-Citadel-Grenadier
Prince August-Paints and magazines.
Are you looking for .......
A PLAYER ..........A GAME........

THE SAGE offers computer controlled


For details please send a

Mail Order accepted to:-
Upper Level, 16 mercia Square, THE SAGE
off Frodsham Street, Chester. 8 ADELAIDE CLOSE, DURRINGTON,
Tel: Chester 28802 WORTHING. SUSSEX.


Most RPGs and Supplements
* Wargames Fantasy Games

Tabletop 15mm SF & Fantasy Torchlight Fantasy & SF

Davco Microtanks, Ships, Planes Paints Dice * Brushes Magazines
Platoon 20 * Gallia Buildings
Torchlight Fantasy & SF
Rulebooks * Integral Terrain
Paints * Dice * Dice * Brushes * Magazines and Family Games

Southend 615988



91 IOF RED BRANCH ROAD All figures are available from
TEL: (301) 964 0262 SAE for fuU lists
Make all cheques


63 Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying t o advertisements.
















Sir Iswc's Walk COLCHESTM574781 la Back of the Inns NORWICH 680350


For probably the widest range of role-playing, war and

sports games in the southwest. Also metal figures, robot
models, posters, Judge Dredd magazines, + T-shirts,
+ Video Arcade - all can be found at:
The Joke Shop, 158-159 East Reach, Taunton
Tel: Taunton 85630
Opening hours 10.00-5.30 (Closed Thursdays)

I7 Lawrence Sherriff Street,

CLEVELAND. Tel: (0642) 247553
Rugby CV22 5EJ
Warwickshire WE STOCK
Tel: Rugby (0788) 62372 TRAVELLER, TUNNELS & TROLLS ETC.
Open Mon-Sat 9.00am-5.30pm AMSTRAD, BBC.
Mail Order accepted
Open Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm

Please mention White Dwarfwhen reply~ngto advertisements. 64

~ i s t r i b u t dexclusively in the United Kingdom and E uY a mo k s o , 2 2a ma P k0 0 16 , r ea .

&ieber Desbn Ltb.

5 Braunstone Gate+Leitester.
PeIepfione (0537) !WlS2


(UK rates P + P +lo% -
minimum 50p max. 35.00.)
Our second hand g
Overseas rates on application.
We offer an extensive choice of historical and fantasy FAI unarm. W. spear + shield
DL1 Grandrake (Good duck wizard)
figures by: FA2 Unarm. warrior w. club
GRENADIER and others.
Gzz: $%: :
Wizard w. staff
~~~~++s~!$d ik; E:Z$Z (Duck
DL+ Duck
FA6 Wizrd w. staff + dagger
FA7 Dwarf in chain w. hand axe +shield FANTASY MONSTERS (40p each, unlea stated).
FA8 Dwarf in chain w. 2 handed axe
I n 15mm you'll find JACOBITE, WARBAND and FA9 Duck inchain w. sword + shield FMI Goblin w. mace
FA10 Duck in chain with javlclin + shield F M ~~ a r g troll
TABLETOP: FN\ITASY, SF and HISTORICAL MODELS. FA1 1 Duck in leather armour w. axe + shield FM3 Lizard man
PLUS FA12 Duck in leather w. club +shield FM4 Baboon kader
FA13 Warrior in corselet +greaves w. sword + shield FM5 Baboon w. club
SKYTREX 11300 MODERN and WWII, ROS and HEROICS FA14 Warrior in corselet +greaves w. spear + shield EM6 R h o o n w. javelin
FA15 Elf w. bow FM7 Baboon w. sword
11300 figures and VEIIICLES. FA16 Elf w. sword, bow + shield FM8 Baboon w. spear
All this with a full logistic support of acrylic and enamel FA17 Halfling w. sword + shield FM9 Baboon w. polcarm
FMlO Orc chief in chain
paints, 5 0 plus different rulcs sets, 25 plus different magazines
titles, dice, Hovels and Gallia buildings, Prince August
Halfling thief
EM1 l Orc standard bearer in chain
FM12 Orc inchain w. sword
FA21 Baboon in leather w. sword +shield FMl3 Orc inchain w. spear
cast your own, Integral Terrain,Torchlight, FM14 Orc in chain w. bow
Dungeons and .................... FA22
Baboon in chain w. mace +shield
EM15 Ore in chain w. cross bow
FM16 Orc in chain w. 2 handed axe
FA25 Female warrior FM17 Orc unarm. w. sword
FA26 Assassin F Y I 8 Orc unarm. w. spear
5 Wellington Terrace, Bayswater Road, FA27 Knight in chain FM19 Ore unarm. w. bow
Notting Hill Gate, London W2. FA28
Dwarf w. hnmmcr
Heroic adventurer in chain
FM20 OX unarm. w. n o w bow
FM21 Lesser dcmon
Telephone: 01- 727 9275. FA30 illusionist FM22 Colum
Open 11.00 - 6.00. Late Night Thursday 7.00. FM30 Unicorn ( 8 5 ~ )
EM31 Centaur w. bow, spear + shield (85p)
Saturday 10.00 - 6.00. Closed Sundays. FM32 ~ r m centaur
. w. spear + shield (85p)

Please mention White Dwarfwhen replying to advertisements.

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C * P ~ ~ ~ m m M ." .<&
. ...-.-.,
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Bmm B-=n, A,:

Fig&*: .?. , ;:

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. ... '2-.'
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R * ~ m ~ ~ ~ . .:.. ,I ,- . -- ,,
&d-" - R E W R A ~ ~ ~
Rcs.oam ,
,Jntuitiong GOOD (30) . . . -.-!. - - 4 . - .-=-


> PSYC~, l N a e ~ ~ ~ ~. ~. - (..:+qy:

E X C E r (w
~ ~ ~ ~ . .

. .=,.
. ..... .,.
r, : Health:
.: Karma! , 80
I30 " . - :, i
. j. 1 q -1,

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.. -Resourcesr;
P ~ ~ d a r i t y80
: EL^^^^^^^^^
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p . 1.1

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