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Mott MacDonald Group Policy Statement January 2016


Commitment Approach

• The Group is committed to the management • It is the policy of the Group Board to operate a
of the quality of services provided to customers business management system. The requirements
and to implement a process of continual of the system that address quality are based on,
improvement to benefit the Group and our and conform to, the International Standard ISO
customers. By conforming to the specific 9001:2008; and are applicable to all project work
requirements stipulated in the agreements undertaken by the Group. The Group is committed
made with each customer, we provide services to amending our system to meet the requirements
of quality based on skill, care and diligence. of ISO 9001:2015.


• A Group Board director is responsible for the

Quality Policy and for the effective implementation,
maintenance and review of quality management.

• Monitoring and review of the integrated management

system is the responsibility of the business
management systems and risk director.

• Application of the integrated management system

on specific projects is the responsibility of the project

• Application of the business management system

within divisions is the responsibility of the divisional