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The motherboard on most computer

RAM (Random Access Memory). A computer systems has an integrated sound card,
uses RAM to hold temporary instructions and which is often sufficient for many users.
data needed to complete tasks. This enables the However, to get higher quality sound you
computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit), to can upgrade to a separate sound card,
access instructions and data stored in memory which uses better and more expensive
very quickly. components. The power supply unit is the piece of
hardware that's used to convert the power
provided from the outlet into usable power
for the many parts inside the computer case.
It converts the alternating current (AC) into
a continuous form of power that the
The most important component of a computer components need in order to run
computer is the central processing unit, normally, called direct current (DC).
or CPU, also called the processor. The
processor acts as the computer's brain,
running programs and sending and
receiving signals to attached devices to
keep the computer running.

A motherboard is one of the most essential

parts of a computer system. It holds together
many of the crucial components of a computer,
including the central processing unit (CPU),
memory and connectors for input and output
devices. The base of a motherboard consists of a
very firm sheet of non-conductive material,
typically some sort of rigid plastic.

An expansion slot is a socket on the

motherboard that is used to insert an
expansion card (or circuit board), which
provides additional features to a computer
such as video, sound, advanced graphics,
Ethernet or memory.

Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor batteries

power basic input-output system settings. BIOS
settings control things such as loading your operating
system, managing system memory and operating the

A hard disk drive, also known as a hard

drive or HDD, is used to store data long
term. Data can include the computer's Data cables are a crucial part of any
operating system and applications as well computing system because they
as personal files including photographs, facilitate communication between the
documents and music. different hardware components. Data
cables, such as Ethernet cables, are used
to transfer information between
numerous computers in a network.