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Carmine Caruso and "The Six Notes"

Six Notes That Will Change Your Playing

Carmine Caruso / Arr. Larry Shudra

Metronome = +/- 80

B Trumpet  4            

B Tpt.               

Here is how you should use this short, simple exercise.

This is an ideal beginning to a thorough warm up.
1. Do this every day. It will take about 1 minute to play.
2. Use a metronome and be able to hear the eighth note subdivision in you mind.
3. Play this entire example without removing the mouthpiece from your lips.
4. Breathe normally through the corners of your mouth.
5. Play medium soft to medium loud. Whatever allows you to make a beautiful sound.
6. Tongue the notes as follows: "Tah-Dah-Hah." That is, a "T" attack on the first half note of two bars,
a "D" attack on the second (the airstream very briefly interrupted by the tongue),
and a breath attack (no tongue at all, the airstream briefly and gently stopped and then started again)
on the final whole note. Breathe during the silent bars.