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Meeting old friends Role Plays for Today A. imagine that itis 10 years in the oe ea ENGLISH STUDENTS’ REUNION {or a rounion for the language school where you are now studying: B You decide to go along and see your ld friends. Before you do, decide on ‘Were you a student atthe school during asa? phe toaina! Would you like to meet up with old friends? ‘Then come along to the reunion on... * What job do you have now? © Where do you work? tn your country? Abroad? —__— poe pomemers died Free to all past students and teachers. Sees eee Pisase bring old photos of your time at the school! + Have you got married / divorced? © Family? ‘Think of some interesting things that have happened to you since you ‘were at the school. + Where have you travelled 10? ‘© What other languages have you learnt? © Has your English improved? € When you mest the other students, ‘comment on how elifferent they are. Use some of the Target language below, Try te speak to everyone, ‘Target language Expressing surprise Talking about yourselt ‘sthat you, ___? 1m ving Good io see you! Ive started, What » surprise! | work for. Wow! Haven't you chenged? ‘Wve been working there for. "ve just changed. Paying compliments ‘ve got marred. You look fantastic / great? ere’ a photo of What have you done with your hair? Hove that colour! ‘Questions to ack {treally suits you! ‘ave you kept in touch with the other students? How long have you been Mating observations ‘married I divorced? ve You've living in? Jost put on weight. 2 doctor pop star? cee ae te | Yeah Are you living in the centre of town? Sree eee Have you passed any English exams? ‘gem iowinne oan nrg Srnall tate Do you know what happened to ..? i So... How are things going? ‘Do you recognise anyone else here? | Hows life treating yo? ‘Oh! who's that? I've forgotten her name! Fine! | Well! Fantastic! Tercbly! Z