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Quality is the fulfillment of costumer need and expectation or even exceeds it.

Every company needs to improve their quality of both their products and the process.
Usually service industry is always want to improve their quality that given to the
costumer. PT. Telkom Indonesia, Padang is a service company that engaged in
telecommunication and information area. According to the earlier survey in 2006 there
are many complains for the Indihome 3 Play user to PT. Telkom Indonesia, Padang.
There are 271 complains over 750 users or about 36,13%. This research aims to identify
the cause of costumer dissatisfaction towards PT. Telkom Indonesia, Padang. The
research will apply Six Sigma with DMAIC method and uses 5W+1H method for the

As the result of the calculation, obtained that sigma capacity value from the
Indihome 3 Play users of PT. Telkom Indonesia is 3,05. This is shows that the service
quality of PT. Telkom Indonesia in on level 3 sigma with the DPMO 66.807. this is
indicates that in every one million chance will get the possibility of 66.807 complains.
The result of the analysis that conducted by using 5W+1H method, it is found that there
are suggestion for the company to improve the quality.