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Lubrizol Additives Fact Sheet

Lubrizol Additives partners with customers and OEMs to solve end users’ toughest
challenges through additives for engine oils, driveline applications, gasoline and diesel
fuel, other transportation-related fluids and industrial lubricants.

To our business relationships, we bring trusted expertise, testing confidence, supply

assurance and independent strength.

Our strategy – Vision 2020 – guides our perspective and decisions, and helps us
engage with our customers more effectively. Specifically, we’re focused on:

■ Growing industry value – Through initiatives such as driving the adoption of

higher-performing lubricants and engaging more deeply with OEMs, Lubrizol is
working to encourage greater and faster innovation and adoption of lubricants.

■ Growing our market presence – By leveraging our market knowledge and

continuing to develop market-focused solutions, Lubrizol will fuel its growth,
enabling us to continue delivering for our customers and their evolving needs.

■ Driving enterprise excellence – Product integrity, supply reliability, talent

development, efficiency and cost management all enhance our abilities to serve
our customers, and are therefore of critical strategic importance to the company.

Segment President: Daniel L. Sheets

Headquarters: Wickliffe, Ohio, USA

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Lubrizol Additives Fact Sheet

Our Business engine oils, driveline fluids, industrial lubricants, greases,

energy production and transportation. We innovate,
Driveline - Lubrizol’s broad additive product line develop and supply the broadest range of technologies for
covers a wide range of driveline applications, including this market – including performance-enhancing polymers,
passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway viscosity index improvers, synthetic base fluids and
vehicles used in construction, mining, agriculture and advanced pour point depressants – and we continue to
forestry. We provide complete breadth and depth of expand our portfolio of polymer solutions.
knowledge, superior technical facilities, regional testing
Fuels – Lubrizol’s portfolio of fuel products is
capabilities and talented people, all of which allow us
designed to meet the needs of consumers and the
to continue addressing evolving end-user demands
stringent performance demands of OEMs, fuel system
through innovative performance packages for gear oils,
manufacturers and fuel producers around the world. Our
transmission fluids and off-highway fluids.
full range of gasoline, diesel and residual fuel additives
Engine Oils – Lubrizol engine oil additives are
promote optimal power, fuel efficiency, engine and
designed to provide protection for end users driving
equipment life, as well as help to reduce emissions for
both modern, high-tech engines and older models,
transportation and industrial markets.
enhancing vehicle performance while minimizing
environmental impact. Our diverse product portfolio, Industrial – Lubrizol offers one of the most complete lines
which includes engine oil additives and performance of performance additives used to formulate lubricants for
polymers, ensures we are able to deliver the right hydraulic, industrial gear, turbine, grease, metal processing
oil for the right application, addressing consumer and metal protection applications. Our portfolio includes
demands across a broad spectrum of routine and harsh Chemtool Incorporated, a custom grease manufacturer;
environmental conditions. and CPI Fluid Engineering, a supplier of synthetic and
mineral oil-based fluids for refrigeration, food processing
Viscosity Modifiers – Lubrizol’s viscosity modifiers
and industrial applications, including Paratherm™ heat
are more than just thickeners – they are performance
transfer fluids.
polymers that provide significant improvements for
lubricants in a wide variety of applications, including

About Lubrizol
The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a market-driven global company serving customers in more
than 100 countries. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, as well as sales and technical offices
around the world. Through our global sales and manufacturing networks, we are able to deliver the products and services
our customers need, where and when they need them.

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Lubrizol Additives, visit our website Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
at Telephone: 440.943.4200

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