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The main reason why I chose to talk about Hochland Group is because they are an
important firm on the dietary products and cheese market in Romania, but also in
Europe, with an impressive history and a varied and diversified range of products.
Another reason why I chose to talk abou it is because I recently found out they
also have a factory in Romania, at Sovata, being a responsible and sustainable
firm, which helps the community develop, also being an important cheese provider on
the dietary products and cheese market in Romania.

Hochland Group was founded in Go�holz, Germany by Georg Summer and Robert Rich in
1927. Their first product was a two kilograms Emmentaler cheese and at the
beginning they were producing 500-1000 kilograms of cheese per day. After their
entrance on the French market in 1968, on the Spanish market in 1981 and on the
Polish market in 1993, they founded Hochland Romania by purchasing and
modernization of production works in Sighi?oara in 1998. They founded Hochland AG
(AG is an abbreviation of Aktiengesellschaft, which is a German term for a public
limited company) in 1999 after their purchasing of the Sovata cheese works, places
kept until now.
Hochland�s products officially entered the Romanian market in 1993 with help from
the Whiteland company, being their main partner at that time. Whiteland is a
company that offers sales and marketing services, nationally. They ended their
partnership in 2016, when Hochland begun to distribute their own products.
Nowadays, with an experience of over 90 years on the dietary products and cheese
market, Hochland is a family company, being independent from the big corporations
and one of the most important cheese producers in Europe. It now has the
headquarters and the marketing, sales and logistics department in Bucharest. It
has 11 factories, in seven countries, in which there are working over 4400

3.Object of the company

The object of activity of the company is the fabrication of dietary products and
cheese, Hochland being one of the most important producers in Europe. Their mission
is to provide friendly service, quality foods and unique products within the
community. We can state from the mission of the company that, for Hochland, the
community is the sharing of common interests and goals with a sense of fellowship.
From this we can say that the company takes care of its clients, knowing what they
want and trying to surprise them every time with new, innovative products. They
want to always maintain their rich traditions, cater to their customer�s
preferences and to be a primary source for cheese. The first core value we should
talk about is their tradition, being on the market from 1927, they want to maintain
their customers and beliefs through the generations. Also, the good taste,
outstanding flavors and strong character is another core value that they have along
with the good quality of their products.

3.1 Strategy
Hochland�s strategy focuses on delivering distinct benefits to people through the
food and products they provide. Over 90 years they have built a successful business
by understanding and anticipating the needs of society, and continuously adapting
themselves to seize the opportunities presented to them
Through their brand, their products and the services they offer, they are helping
and inspiring people to live healthier lives. They are building, sharing and
applying nutrition knowledge, and empowering people to make informed decisions
about what they eat and what they feed their families. They want their products to
be the healthiest and the tastiest choices in each and every category they compete
in. As said before, they use quality ingredients people know and trust, adding
nutrients where appropriate. They are substantially reducing sugar, saturated fat
and salt. By communicating clearly about the contribution each product makes to a
healthy diet, they are helping people make informed decisions about what to eat.
By keeping themselves relevant in this fast-changing world, they can deliver
industry-leading growth. They work with agility, creativity and discipline,
constantly innovating and renovating their portfolio. Their research and
development capability ensure that they maintain their positions on the dietary
products and cheese market, driving growth throughout the portfolio. The innovation
is broad-based across all categories, brands and markets. It comes in many forms �
from products like melted cheese, to renovating products to keep them fresh and
relevant as they have done with products like prairie cheese or feta cheese.

3.2 Strategic Priorities

It is more important than ever to ensure that resources are dedicated to the right
projects, maximising the effectiveness of what they spend. They have a strong cost
control culture, they simplify, standardise and share. This is creating backoffice
efficiencies, helping them to leverage their size and scale to deliver competitive
advantage, and unlocking resources. These are the fuel for growth, brand support,
research and development, innovation and renovation.
They challenge themselves continuously to look for new opportunities and for areas
where they can make a contribution to the issues society faces. This creates shared
value for the communities where they operate and for their shareholders. They are
contributing to society while growing their business. Trust is fundamental to their
success. Trust helps deliver growth, creating shared value for their shareholders
and for society. Quality and compliance underpin that trust, and are the best way
to ensure the long-term success of their business.
Our strategy helps achieve our purpose: enhancing quality of life and contributing
to a healthier future. Hochland is always anticipating and adapting to the changing
world, guided by their purpose and their values, as they have since the company
started 91 years ago. Their purpose defines why the world is a better place with
Hochland, better for those who enjoy their products and services, and for those who
are affected by their business. It aligns their actions and creates a common
language. It is the compass for their decisions and for everything they do. It
helps ensure they remain a �long-term� company delivering with �short-term�
intensity, investing for future success while ensuring that they meet the needs of
the billions of people they touch every day, and the expectations of their

4.Enviroment- PESTEL Analysis