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nga d Masthead ‘managing oditorin-chiof dedeakolo content editor-in-chief ‘tary parker arts & culture ‘ondiek odor opinions penelope evans avant garg avneetshaema uc shania perera anlitsang daniela mahimoudi & alice yang production manager, ‘ofa champion illustrator Joti euteneer staffemeritus amis starrunner front cover Jotenteneter ack cover sophia champion stat emma kelly isobeleamegie contributors simlean ‘The Gangosle is University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks. Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you shotld be angry, and that sometimes you should De loud, and if you have not had a voice before, you deserve a vee. We donot give print space bigots and we do not feign neutrality on iss of soil justice. At this momen, everything ino “The Gargoyle ungeon/office i located in 6, acesed by the F door in the UC quad ‘ Sanirary 15, 2018 és ) volume sixty-three, issue seven ~ fur Editor’s Address eat friends, Iisa nev year, an arbitrary unit in space that makes up our entice existence. Things are better nov: here on Mas but goodness did ‘ot think I would miss Wonder bread this mic, Thankfully, the whole supermarket scandal has made itso much cheaper Every- thing may become a whole lot gitie since we only have salto Season things here. Regardless, please read tis Gargoyle iss with the solace ofthe most sugary, uffiest and whitest piece of Wonder bread you have every seen Cheers, Dede Akolo Baitorin-Chiet About us ‘office sn fire 416.046.0081 Vo) * *x ey ¢ shania perera “MAJESTIC ey