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Services & Products MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT Rugged and
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High-Temperature Modular Formation
Dynamics Testers
MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT Clean 7.5-API Oil Retrieved
Overview Interpretation Modules Library
from Friable Sandstone
Modular operational flexibility
SlimXtreme It’s the innovative, modular design that makes MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT
rugged and high-temperature modular formation dynamics testers readily
Xtreme HPHT Logging Platform customizable for your applications. The MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT testers are
combinable to exactly meet the requirements and goals of any reservoir fluid DFA
or sampling program. This designed-in flexibility also makes the testers
compatible with almost all Schlumberger measurement technologies and enables
quickly evolving the MDT Forte tester as new measurement sensors, techniques,
technologies, and options are developed.
The Saturn 3D radial probe collected an
Rigorous qualification process and extended reliability uncontaminated sample of 7.5-API oil
testing from an unconsolidated sandstone
The components, electronics boards, and subassemblies of the MDT Forte and reservoir in Mexico without sanding or
MDT Forte-HT testers are subjected to numerous tests conducted at a system seal failure. Read case study
level for the entire tool as well as being individually tested. The mission profile of
the MDT Forte tester design is quantified, reliable tool operation for 100 h under
the full operational and environmental load. The harshest situations that Learn About New Advances
equipment may experience during field operations are simulated, including
in DFA Science
multiple jarring events. The last step is a lengthy operational test under cycles of
temperature, power, functional load, and shock. An extensive database is
compiled from this reliability test to define preventive mantenance events,
ensuring that the most reliable tool is deployed for each and every job.

Next-generation HPHT Axton gauge

The Axton dynamically compensated single quartz gauge has an operating range
to 410 degF [210 degC] and 31,500 psi [217 MPa]. Calibration ensures consistent
pressure metrology performance with the same accuracy and resolution expected
in standard conditions.

High-temperature InSitu Density sensor

Oliver Mullins reviews the latest
To better manage the challenges of sampling formation fluids from HPHT
advances in downhole fluid analysis
reservoirs, the MDT Forte-HT tester monitors fluid density to avoid collecting
(DFA) technology and their applications
possibly contaminated reservoir fluids. In addition to contamination monitoring, the
in resolving connectivity and other
fluid density measurement can also indicate compositional grading and fluid
reservoir characterization challenges.
gradients in high-temperature reservoirs.
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High-performance packers
The Dual-Packer Module is engineered for maximum operational efficiency. The
asymmetrical packer design reduces the risk of sticking and fishing, and downtime
is further reduced through greater durability, longer replacement cycles, and more
stations per run. The packers used with the MDT Forte-HT tester are temperature
rated to 410 degF [210 degC], and in high-temperature operations, the autoretract
mechanism (ARM) minimizes drag and aids recovery after packer deflation. The
result is improved reliability during extended testing and sampling jobs.

The two inflatable packer elements that seal against the borehole wall to isolate
up to an 11.2-ft interval of the formation, which improves the effectiveness of
pressure measurement and fluid sampling in low-permeability, laminated, or
fractured formations. Because the isolated area of borehole wall is thousands of
times larger than the standard probe area, fluids can be withdrawn at a higher rate
without dropping below bubble point. Combined with a probe, the Dual-Packer
Module is used to conduct interval pressure transient tests (IPTTs) to determine
horizontal and vertical mobilities around the wellbore. Mini drillstem tests (DSTs)
conducted with the Dual-Packer Module offer advantages over conventional DSTs,
delivering high vertical resolution along the well for characterizing nearby layering
and heterogenities. It is environmentally friendly because no fluids flow to the
surface, and it is cost effective because many zones can be tested in a short time.
The Dual-Packer Module can also be used to create a micro-hydraulic fracture
that can be pressure tested to determine the minimum in situ stress magnitude.

Advanced sealing technology

To safeguard sample integrity, the O-ring seals of the MDT Forte-HT tester feature
carbon nanotube technology. The engineered structure of the material provides
the strength to withstand downhole effects such as temperature degradation and
rapid gas decompression during operations. The seals retain their full high-
pressure sealing performance even at the low subsea temperatures routinely
experienced during deepwater operations, providing sample assurance that is not
achievable when using conventional elastomers. This extended sealing
performance means that the MDT Forte-HT tester is able to capture and
confidently retain high-pressure samples acquired in HPHT wells and deliver
undisturbed sample quality for laboratory analysis.

Advanced Pumpout Modules

Improvements to the Pumpout Module increase the effectiveness of fluid
acquisition in collecting virtually contamination-free samples. The new mud check
valve significantly enhances run time, resistance to plugging, and solids handling.
The increased flow area decreases O-ring erosion, limits plugging, and delivers
better sand-handling capabilities. The MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT testers are
compatible with Quicksilver Probe focused extraction of pure reservoir fluid for
even higher sample purity, with different pump options to ensure maximum
performance regardless of reservoir conditions.

Multisample collection
The Multisample Module collects high-quality samples for PVT analysis. Six
formation fluid samples, 450-cm3 each, can be retrieved during a single trip into
the well. Sample bottles detach easily from the tool for transport to a PVT
laboratory. The bottles meet transportation regulations for shipping pressurized
vessels, so no wellsite transfer is necessary.

For single-phase sampling, the Multisample Module can be fitted with Single-
Phase Multisample Chambers.

Multiple Multisample Modules and Modular Sample Chambers can be combined

on the MDT Forte tester, with the total number of sample modules limited only by
cable strength and well conditions. For longer toolstrings, as well as operations in
highly deviated and horizontal wells, the MDT Forte tester can be deployed on the
TLC tough logging conditions system or conveyed with the MaxTRAC downhole
wireline tractor system for efficient sampling operations.

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