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Andy : You know what! A jackfruit tree bore bananas.
Ria : Really? Are you sure?
Andy : Yes. I watched it on television last night. It showed a person picking up fruit from a jack fruit tree, and they were like bananas.
Ria : I want to see the tree.
Andy : So do I. Let’s find the news on the Internet.
Ria : Okay. I also wonder what the bananas taste like. Maybe, just like jackfruits?
Andy : I think so.
1. How did Andy hear the news?
a. from Ria b.from Internet
c. from Television d.from newspapaers
2. What was Ria’s response after hearing the news?
a. She was happy to hear it. b. She didn’t believe it.
c. She didn’t care about it. d. She was sad to hear it.
Dialoque For question no 4 to 5 !
Sinta : Today my cousin Arman had an accident.
Anton :What happened to him?
Sinta : He hit a pedicab on the way to school. He was a bit shocked when suddenly a pedicab appeared in front of him from a
turning. Then he fell.
Anton : Was he seriously injured?
Sinta : Luckily not. But he has to take a rest to overcome his shock.
Anton : Yeah, we should be careful on the road.
3. What happened to Arman?
a. A motorcycle hit him. b. A pedicab hit him.
c. He hit a motorcycle. d. He hit a pedicab.
4. What is the relationship between Arman and Sinta?
a. Sinta is Arman’s aunt. b. Sinta is Arman’s sister.
c. Sinta is Arman’s cousin. d. Sinta is Arman’s mother.
5. How did the accident happen?
a. The vehicle stopped suddenly when the traffic lamp was green.
b. Suddenly the vehicle appeared in front of Arman.
c. The vehicle turned without giving a signal.
d. The vehicle crossed the street suddenly.
The following text is for questions 6 to 10.
Once upon a time, there lived an orphan named Yaoh. As winter rolled in, he had no wood to start up a fire to warm up the
house. He was cold. So, he decided to look for some wood to build a fire. He went searching down a flat hill with an axe. Yaoh looked and
looked, as he came across a huge tree. He was thrilled and started chopping it. The echoes of the chopping sound lingered across the
On top of the tree was an eagle’s nest. She heard and felt the chopping vibrations and thought it was an earthquake. “What is that
annoying noise?!” she asked herself. Frightened, the mother eagle looked down to see what was going on, only to find out someone was
about to hop her family down. The mother eagle swiftly flew down and asked, “What are you doing?” Yaoh replied, “I am cold, I have no
wood to build a fire so I came down here to get some wood. I need this wood to heat up my house.” The eagle looked at him with fear in
her eyes and said, “You’re going to destroy my family if you chop this tree down. My babies have no feathers yet so we cannot move.”
Yaoh felt sorry for the eagle. He then stopped chopping. When he was about to leave, the mother eagle said, “If all you need is wood, I
can take you to the moon to get some gold so you can buy wood. Just go home, get some rest, come back very early tomorrow morning
with a big bag. I will take you there to get some gold.” After the mother eagle assured the orphan Yaoh a few times, he believed her and
went home. Yaoh got as much material as he could to sew a bag. He was poor so he didn’t have much. He spent that whole night sewing
the bag and before he realized, it was morning already.He rushed down to the valley where the eagle said she would meet him.Then,
Yaoh climbed onto the eagle’s back, and she flew him all the way to the moon. He stuffed his bag with as much gold as he could. “The
sun is going to rise and burn us! You’d better
hurry up!” the eagle said. Frightened but satisfied with what he got, he jumped up onto the eagle’s back and they flew off as the sun
started rising. “Whew! You almost got us burned!” the eagle cried out. After this, Yaoh lived like a rich man. He bought himself wood,
clothes, food, all that a rich man could buy, but most importantly he built himself a house.
Adapted from: (February 24, 2012)
6. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe something step-by-step. b. To tell about something in general.
c. To tell about someone’s experience. d. To entertain the readers.
7. Why did Yaoh want to chop the tree?
a. He wanted to sell the wood. b. He wanted to heat up his house with the wood.
c. He wanted to get some gold from the eagle. d. He wanted to build a house from the wood.
8. The following are what Yaoh had to do to get the gold, EXCEPT________.
a. he had to go to the moon with the eagle. b. he had to meet the eagle in the very early morning.
c. he had to bring a big bag. d. he had to run fast.
9. Yaoh needed to hurry when taking the gold. If not, ________.
a. the sun would burn them b. the golds owner would find him
c. the gold would change form d. other people would steal the gold
10. “After the mother eagle assured the orphan Yaoh a few times. . . .” (Paragraph 4).The word ‘to assure’ can be best replaced by
a. to say b. to request
c. to flatter d. to convince
Andar, this is Mirna. I just want to let you know that I could not join you at our stand in the bazaar today. My grandma is hospitalized,
and I have to visit her. But I promise, I will join you at the bazaar tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding and see you.
11. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
a. Mirna will keep the stand alone. b. Mirna’s grandma is hospitalized.
c. Mirna asks Andar to visit her grandma. d. Mirna promises to keep the stand tomorrow.
12. Mrs. Hans : Joan, please help me do the washing up.
Lia : What did mother say?
Joan : ________
a. She asked me to help you do the washing up. b. She asked you to help me do the washing up.
c. She asked me to help her do the washing up. d. She asked me whether I could help her do the washing up.
The following text is for questions 13 to 15.
Dear Aunt Elise,
I would like to express my gratitude for your help in paying the debate contest enrolment fee. I really appreciate your help.
May God bless you. I also would like to inform you that I have won the contest. I was the first winner! For the prize, I got a trophy,a
certificate and some money which is enough to pay for a course on website, the course which I really want to join.I hope that you can
come to our house for dinner on Saturday evening. My parents and I really want to celebrate my victory with you. Thank you.
13. What has Ms. Elise done?
a. She has paid Tiara’s course fee. b. She has helped Tiara win the contest.
c. She has paid Tiara’s contest enrolment fee. d. She has encouraged Tiara to join the contest.
14. What is paragraph three about?
a. Tiara winning in the competition. b. Tiara’s plan to visit Ms. Elise.
c. Tiara’s plan to have dinner with her family. d. Tiara’s invitation to Ms. Elise for dinner.
15. Which of the following things did Tiara get for winning the contest?
a. Some money. b. Some stationery.
c. A free English course. d. A free course on website.
The following text is for questions 16 to 20.
The Three Brothers and the Pot of Porridge
Three brothers were traveling all day through the dense rainforest. They were very tired and needed a suitable place to rest for the
night, a place where they would be safe from nocturnal animals.They spotted a little isolated hut in the distance. When they arrived at
the hut, they met a kindly old woman who invited them in and offered them a place to spend the night. The old woman offered them
some porridge which she was cooking in an iron pot over some firewood. The brothers declined because they knew that the old woman
was very poor,and there was enough porridge only for herself.Then, they went to sleep. However,sometime in the night, the youngest of
the three brothers wokeup. He was very hungry. So he went into the kitchen to see if there was any porridge left. He saw that there was
enough porridge for one person. He ate it. However, he then realized his folly, and decided to cover it up. He went out to pick some
stones to put in the pot. He hoped the old woman would not notice.
The three brothers were up early the next morning to continue on their journey. They bade farewell to the old woman and thanked
her for her kindness.The old woman discovered the stones in her pot soon after the brothers left and immediately set out after them.
She accused them of stealing her porridge and filling her pot with stones. The three brothers denied doing it, so the old woman
challenged them to take a test.They went to a nearby river which had a log laying across it. Each one of them would have to walk across
the river on the log.The first two brothers walked confidently across the river. But the youngest brother was so scared as he walked. His
step faltered several times, and he eventually fell into the river.The youngest brother then asked for help. Because the woman was kind,
she helped him with her boat. The youngest brother was regretful and expressed his gratitude to the woman many times. To express his
gratitude, he then worked for the woman as her servant.
Adapted from: 21, 2012)
16. Why did the three brothers decline the woman’s offer?
a. They were very tired. b. They did not like porridge.
c. They had brought their own meals. d. They did not want to be the woman’s burden.
17. What did the youngest brother do?
a. He stole the woman’s porridge. b. He threw away the woman’s porridge.
c. He poisoned the woman’s porridge. d. He forced the woman to give him porridge.
18. What did the youngest brother do to cover his fault?
a. He ran away. b. He hid the old woman’s pot.
c. He blamed his other brothers. d. He put some stones in the porridge pot.
19. What happened to the youngest brother to confess his guilt?
a. He got sick. b.He fell into the river.
c. He could not walk on the log. d. The log suddenly fell while he was passing on it.
20. What can we learn from the story?
a. We should use our time effectively. b. We should be helpful.
c. We should be honest. d. We should be brave.
The following text is for questions 21 and 22.
Attention, please.
Starting from now, the door at the east part, which is usually used for going out, will be closed for efficiency. So,
anyone who enters and exits the library, please use the west door, near the stairs. Thank you.
21. Which door will be closed?
a. The one which people use to enter the library.
b. The one at the west part.
c. The one near the stairs.
d. The one at the east part.
22. Who is the announcement for?
a. Students who will borrow books from the library.
b. Students who will have lessons in the library.
c. All library visitors.
d. Librarians.
The following text is for questions 23 to 25.
Dear Malinda,
I read today’s newspaper and I found your name. I’m proud of you. Your hobby of collecting stamps from various
countries,besides making money for yourself, also makes you proud. By the way, you look different in the photo.
After I read the news, just then I realized it was you. Congratulations, mate! One day, I’d like to visit your house to
see your collection.
To: Malinda
Jalan Achmad Yani 56 Denpasar
23. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To congratulate Malinda.
b. To give information about Malinda’s victory.
c. To invite Malinda for an event.
d. To inform Malinda that she will visit her house.
24. “I’m proud of you.” The synonym of ‘proud’ is ________.
a. pleased b. ignorant
c. surprised d. Annoyed
25. Who does send that card ?
a. Malinda b.Reader
c. Vita d.The stamp collector
26.You are tired, ________?
a. am I b. are you
c. aren’t you d. have you
27. The story ________ by Iwan.
a. tells b. is told
c. is telling d. being told
Nutritional Information
Serving size: 250 ml
Servings per package: 2
Amount per Serving Total Calories: 80 kcal Calories from Fat: 0 kcal , DV*Total Fat 0 g 0%,Saturated fat 0 g 0%,Protein 0
g 0%,Total carbohydrate 20 g 7%,Sugars 18 g –Sodium 50 mg 2%
*Percentage daily value is based on a 2,000 kcal diet.
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie need.
Adopted from: Frestea Green
28. What is the function of the text?
a. To inform about the contents of nutrients in a product.
b. To inform about the ingredients of a product.
c. To persuade people to consume the product.
d. To describe a product in details.
29. From the nutrition facts label we know that ________.
a. the product contains fat and protein
b. sugars has the least content in the product
c. the serving size of the product weighs 250 ml
d. the amount of sodium is bigger than carbohydrate
30. How much calories does the product contain?
a. 18 kcal. b. 20 kcal.
c. 50 kcal. d. 80 kcal.
This text is for questions 31 and 32.
Winda, this is Enny. Please don’t forget that we will do the geography assignment together on Sunday. I will pick you up at
about one p.m. By the way, for the assignment, would you prepare some old newspapers or magazines? I will also look for some
from the vendor near my house. Thank you.
31. When will they do the assignment?
a. In the morning. b. In the afternoon.
c. In the evening. d. At night.
32. What does Enny want Winda to do?
a. To accompany her to buy old newspapers and magazines.
b. To cut out pictures from old newspapers and magazines.
c. To prepare old newspapers and magazines.
d. To buy old newspapers and magazines.
33. Dita : Arni, what do you have for breakfast?
Lia : What did Dita ask you about?
Arni : ________
a. She asks me what I have for breakfast.
b. She asked me what I had for breakfast.
c. She asks me what I had for breakfast.
d. She asked me what I have for breakfast.
34. Arni :My uncle will come tomorrow.
Heru : What did Arni say?
Tia : ________
a. She said that my uncle came the next day.
b. She said that his uncle would come the next day.
c. She said that her uncle came the next day.
d. She said that her uncle would come the next day.
The following text is for questions 35 to 37.
Jalan Achmad Yani 2 Denpasar
March 3, 2014
Dear Joanne,
I wanted to express my grief on your great loss. I am unable to explain how sorry I feel about your loss. I don’t have any
accurate words to express how deeply sad .I am that you have endure this loss. Mr. Hudson will be truly missed by everyone
for his social circle no matter where they crossed his path in life.Mr. Hudson was a giver and helped several people in his life.
He was always there to help without caring about time, busy routine, day and never asked anything in return.Family members
like Mr. Hudson are a few in life and it is with a heavy heart that I also grieve with your loss.Words can’t express how deeply
sorry I feel about your loss. Mr. Hudson will be missed awfully. Your loss is also my loss, and I am here, at any time, to help
you in any way possible to me. Don’t hesitate to call me for anything at all.My thoughts and prayers are always with you. With
my deepest sympathy and love.
Your friend,Emma
35. What is the purpose of the letter?
a. To ask for an apology. b. To inform something.
c. To express sympathy. d. To give advice.
36. What is paragraph two about?
a. The writer’s help for Emma. b. The late Mr. Hudson’s personality.
c. The writer’s expression of grief. d. The writer’s experience with Mr. Hudson.
37. “Don’t hesitate to call me for anything at all.” (Paragraph 4) The synonym of ‘hesitate’ is ________.
a. wait b. inform
c. feel uncertain d. feel arrogant
38.Zaki : Diana got good mark in English test .
Lia : Salman got good mark too
Zaki : Diana got good mark and........
a. so does Salman b.Salman does too did Salman d.Salman do too

39. Arrange the following words to form a meaningful sentence.

goes–Ratna–do–school–I–bicycle–and–to so–by
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
a. 2–1–8–4–10–6–7–9–3–5 b. 2–1–8–3–9–4–10–6–7–5
c. 2–7–9–5–1–8–3–4–10–6 d. 2–7–5–3–9–1–8–4–10–6
40. Arrange the following words to form a meaningful sentence.
sell–field–Mrs. Larry–nor–rent out–neither–the–will
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
a. 3–8–4–1–6–5–7–2 b. 3–8–4–1–7–2–6–5
c. 3–8–6–1–4–5–7–2 d. 3–8–6–1–7–5–2–4


Mr. Warsidi has a garden in his yard, and he likes to work there. He says it is fun. Today he is planting flowers in
the garden. There is also an old mango tree in the yard. He always cut the leaves and the branches in taking care of it. He
said that the flowers must get more sun. Mr. Warsidi often involves his children to take care together of the garden. So
they will understand how to take care their environment. Many people tell Mr. Warsidi how beautiful his garden is.
1. What is he planting in the garden today?
2. What tree does he always cut its leaves and branches?
3. What do many people think about his garden?
Change into +,-,or ? !
4. (+) Tony ... this glass to the floor yesterday ( Throw )
5. (+) My sister ... in bedroom because she want to buy candies ( cry )
Good Luck