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AP Calculus BC – Accordion Project Rubric

The goal of this project is to creatively demonstrate how area and volume of solids use
calculus concepts.
1. Each group of two students will need to create a one – sided 12 panel
or six – eight – sided double sided Accordion Foldable using the
“Picture, Set – up, Work, & Answer” format.
2. Each group will use the digits in each group member’s birthday to generate the functions
for the calculations.
3. Each group will create a “Theme” to tie the calculus concepts together. Each word
problem within the Foldable should contain 1 – 3 sentences.
4. The Front Cover requirements:
a. Detailed/Colorful picture of the “Theme” of the Group’s Project
b. Class Period and Class Name
c. Group Members’ Names & Birth Dates
5. The Inside Folder requirements:
a. At least two pop – up/3 – D interactive picture within the folder that is related to
the graph of at least one calculus concept.
b. Calculus Concepts:
i. Area – “columns & pancakes”
ii. Volume – “disk, washer, & shell” (using
x – axis, y – axis, a line other than an
iii. Arc Length
iv. Surface Area
v. 2 Cross Sectional Volumes (square or circle & triangle)
c. Real Life Example using data analysis to find a function to model the curve using
two of the concepts from a – e (one real – life example created by each group
6. The Back Cover requirements:
a. Reflection Paragraph – typed and pasted onto the back of the cover. Specific
examples from both group members should be included in the paragraph.
i. What specific things did you and your partner learn from the project?
ii. How is what both of you learned significant?
iii. How can each of you translate what you learned to other areas?
iv. How did both of you feel about the project and your efforts/team
member’s efforts?
v. What were some of the best parts of the assignment?
vi. What did both of you like and/or dislike about the project?
7. Grading Scale:
Accuracy of Mathematics (11 problems * 4 pts)
44 pts
using Picture, Set – up, Work, & Answer format
22 pts Word Problem Sentence Structure, Birth Date Usage, & Theme Incorporation
19 pts Pop – up / 3 – D usage, “Impressive” Presentation, Creativity, & Neatness
5 pts Typed Reflection = Back Panel
10 pts Promptness (10 pts = on time or 10 pts off for each day late) Feb 15th
100 pts Total Possible Points
Good Luck & Have Fun!

AP Calculus BC – Spring 2018 Have a Good Day! Ms. J. Blackwell, nbct