MUSIC and ARTS 4 Lourdes School of Mandaluyong First Trimester Exam Reviewer

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. Choose your answer from the box below. a capella Pigafetta bands performers composers instrumental music music sound lyricists Ludwig Van Beethoven


____________________ is anything we hear around us. Some are pleasant while some are unpleasant and irritating to the ears.

2. ____________________ is created by composers, lyricists, and singers to make beautiful songs. 3. According to ____________________, the early Filipinos had already established culture in music even before the Spaniards came to the Philippines. 4. ____________________ means singing without instrumental accompaniment. 5. In ____________________, there is no singer or vocals involved. These are purely different musical instruments playing a certain musical piece. 6. ____________________ is the greatest German Composer of Instrumental Music. 7. ____________________ are groups of persons playing musical instruments together. 8. Singers are also called ____________________. 9. ____________________ are people who write music and create melodies. 10. ____________________ are the ones who write the words of a song or songs in a musical play. Write the lyrics of the “Lupang Hinirang” in the space below.

Music and Arts 4 LSM 2010-2011


Prepared by: Mauie Flores

Match the title of the instrumental music to its composer by writing the letter of your answer in the blank. _______ 1. George Frederick Handel _______ 2. Franz Liszt _______ 3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart _______ 4. Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky _______ 5. Claude Debussy _______ 6. Frederic Chopin _______ 7. Johan Sebastian Bach _______ 8. Claudio Monteverdi _______ 9. Antonin Dvorak _______ 10. Ludwig Van Beethoven a. “Orfeo” b. “The Nutcracker” c. “Nine Symphony” d. “Messiah” e. “Hungarian Rhapsodie” f. “Slavonic Rhapsodies” g. “The Marriage of Figaro” h. “Nocturnes” i. j. “The Minute Waltz” “Mass in B-Minor”

Read the titles of the song in each box. Then, write the band who sang the songs in the blank.

“Forevermore” “Tell Me” “Tuloy Pa Rin Ako” __________________________

“Rainbow” “May Pag-ibig Pa Kaya?” “Ikaw Nga” __________________________

“Narda” “Martyr Nyebera” “Doo Bi Doo” __________________________

“Hallelujah” “Tatsulok” “Noypi” __________________________

“Buloy” “Silvertoes” “Mr. Suave” __________________________

“The Day You Said Good Night” “Blue Sky” __________________________

“Hari ng Sablay” “Mariposa” “Makita Kang Muli” __________________________

“Ulan” “Stay” “Borrowed Time” __________________________

“Before I Let You Go” “So Slow” “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” __________________________

Write the lyrics of the “Lourdes Hymn” in the space below.

Music and Arts 4 LSM 2010-2011


Prepared by: Mauie Flores

Who is the singer being described? Write only the letter of your answer in the blank. a. Lea Salonga b. Charice Pempengco c. Jasmine Trias d. Billy Crawford e. Arnel Pineda f. Allan “” Pineda Lindo 1. ________ became the lead singer of international rock band, Journey. 2. ________ is best known for her portrayal of “Kim” in the musical Miss Saigon. 3. ________ is a member of American rap and hip-hop group, Black Eyed Peas. 4. ________ finished third place in American Idol Season 3. 5. ________ became known as a pop and R&B singer in Europe. 6. ________ is the first Asian in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart. Write the name of the composer beside the title of the song. 1. “Isang Lahi” _________________________________________________

2. “Da Coconut Nut” _________________________________________________ 3. “Nandito Ako” _________________________________________________

4. “Sana Maulit Muli” _________________________________________________ 5. “Mga Kababayan” _________________________________________________ 6. “You Are My Song _________________________________________________

Identify the Philippine wonder being described. Write its name on the blank. 1. It is a bone-shaped island located in the northern tip of Aklan. This island is famous for its white sand beach. _________________________________________________ 2. It is the highest mountain in the Philippines which is located in Davao del Sur. It is also known as the “Old Man of Philippine Mountains.” _________________________________________________ 3. The world-famed “stairway to the sky” located in Ifugao Province. It shows that the Ifugaos are master architects. _________________________________________________

Music and Arts 4 LSM 2010-2011


Prepared by: Mauie Flores


“The Twin Falls” is one of the tallest falls in the Philippines. It has provided hydroelectric power to Iligan and neighboring towns. _________________________________________________


Its name comes from a Bicolano word which means beautiful. Its eruption in 1814 buried the Cagsawa Church. _________________________________________________


They are formed by limestone, shale, and sandstone. During the hot summer months, the green grass cover turns dry and brown giving it its famous chocolate color. _________________________________________________

Write TRUE if the answer is true. If it is false, replace the underlined word with the correct answer. _________________ 1. A space enclosed by lines makes a shape.

_________________ 2. Lines are three-dimensional objects. _________________ 3. Complementary colors are colors lying opposite each other in the color chart. _________________ 4. Value is the lightness and darkness of a certain color. _________________ 5. Color is what we feel or see towards an object. Write W if the color is warm and C if the color is cool. _______ 1. Red Violet

_______ 2. Yellow green _______ 3. Blue Green _______ 4. Yellow orange _______ 5. Blue violet Give 3 examples each. Complimentary Colors 1. 2. 3. Draw examples of the following lines. Zigzag Spiral Wavy Analogous Colors 1. 2. 3.

Music and Arts 4 LSM 2010-2011


Prepared by: Mauie Flores

Create a monochromatic design by coloring the boxes below.

high-key value Give examples of objects for the following textures.

low-key value

1. smooth _____________________________________________ 2. rough 3. fluffy 4. scaly 5. coarse _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Reference Book: MAPE On The Rise by Lou B. Arnau, Print & Style Publication House, Inc. 2009.T

Music and Arts 4 LSM 2010-2011


Prepared by: Mauie Flores

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