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Creating an *.ar file in CAP 505 for import in SPA-ZC 400 CET
Answer ID 736 | Published 2005-09-30 01:36 PM | Updated 2012-06-07 10:33 AM

How to create an *.ar file in CAP 505 for import in SPA-ZC 400 CET?

This information is valid for relays REF 541/3/5, REM 543/5 and RET 541/3/5. I.e. freely configurable relays. SPA-ZC 400
CET use the *.ar file in order to be able to automatically create the matching IEC 61850 setup.

There are two types of *.ar files. One is containing the entire relay project with all relays and tree structure. This *.ar file is
created from File/Organize projects/function Export. This is not the *.ar file that you should import.

The *.ar file you should use for import to SPA-ZC 400 CET is a relay specific configuration file, based on the relay
configuration done with Relay Configuration Tool in CAP 505.

Step by step instruction to generate the *.ar file for import:

1. Select the relay in the tree structure in CAP 505

2. In General Object Attributes window press button Attributes
3. In the Configuration window press button Apl Utils
4. Press button Save in order to save the current configuration to the APL library
5. After the config is saved to the apl library you can start the export function. Press the export button.
6. Select desired application (configuration) to export, define path to where the file is generated then press the Export
button to start exporting.
7. Close and exit after the export is done.

After this you can perform the import in SPA-ZC 400 CET 10/31/2016