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to change your IndiHome Password

1 Connect to the wi-fi, whose password you intend to change.

2 Once connected, please open any browser you commonly use. It can be Safari, Google
Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer, Opera, etc. I am using Safari for
this tutorial.

3 At the browser’s address bar, type
these numbers: This
will bring you to the login page of
your IndiHome wi-fi router and
Modem, as shown on the right

4 At the username box, please type: user and password user,
then click on the button called Login.
You will be brought to the page below. Click on the
“Network” on the left pane of the page – see red circle

5 Once the following page appear, please click on Security – as shown below in red.

6 Wait for the following page to show on the screen. Once it is shown, you can see your
current password at the box next to the text WPA Passphrase – shown in red oval. To
replace your current wi-fi password, delete the existing text in that box and type your
new password.

7 Once you finished doing that, click on the button Submit. Wait for a few seconds for the
wi fi router to finish the process.


8 Now your password is changed, you have to connect to your wi-fi using the new

Note: if the above username and password do not work, somebody has altered your access
to your router. You need to reset the router. But please make sure that you type the right
username and password.

How to change password to access IndiHome Router Modem

1. Follow step 1 to step 4 above. But instead of ‘Network” please choose

“Administration” on the left pane.

a. Type the current password at the box next to “Old Password”. The current
password is user.
b. Type the new password at the box next to “New Password”.
c. Type the new password at the box next to “Confirmed Password”.
2. Then Click Submit

3. Wait for some seconds for the router to process the change. Once done you are