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Course Code: AE46 Credits: 03

L: P: T: S: 3: 0: 0: 0 CIE Marks: 50
Exam Hours: 03 SIE Marks: 50
Total Hours: 40

UNIT Course Content Hours

Introduction to Aircraft Materials: Definitions: Physical terms, Heat
treatment terms, Physical test terms. Testing of aircraft materials:
Tension, Hardness, Bending, Impact, Crushing, Hydrostatic, Torsion,
Crystal structure and Mechanical Behavior: Crystal structure:
Fundamental concepts, FCC, BCC, HCP, Crystal Imperfections: Point,
Line, Surface, Volume Imperfections.
Mechanical Behavior: Stress-Strain diagrams showing ductile and
brittle behavior, Linear and non linear elastic behavior, Mechanical
properties in plastic range.
Solidification and phase diagram: Mechanism of Solidification, phase
diagrams, solid solutions, Phase rule, lever rule, Phase diagram with
3 complete solubility, phase diagram with partial solubility, Iron carbon 8
equilibrium diagram.

Heat Treatment of metals: TTT curves, cooling curves, Heat

4 treatment and its classifications, Types of full heat treatment, Types of 8
surface heat treatment.
Alloys, Corrosion and composite materials: Alloys: Steel and its
alloys, aluminum and its alloys, Magnesium and its alloys, Titanium
5 and its alloys. Fabric and Dope. Corrosion and its prevention. 8
Composite materials: Types of matrix materials, Types of
reinforcement, MMC, FRP.

Self-Study Component:
UNIT 1: Inspection methods, Supersonic testing
UNIT 2: Atomic diffusion, Plastic deformation
UNIT 3: Intermediate phases, Invariant reactions, Solidification of steels and cast irons.
UNIT 4: Insulating materials for cryogenic engines, Strip-biaxial and tubular tests.
UNIT 5: Iron based super alloys, manufacturing processes associated with super alloys. Comparison of composites
with conventional monolithic materials

1) Questions for CIE and SEE not to be set from self-study component.
2) Assignment Questions should be from self-study component only.

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