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Assignment of Organizational Behavior

Date : 27​th​ july’2016

By Pranav Singhal
Roll no. pgp02086

Emotionally weak period of Mr. Arneya

Arneya after his 12​th​ grade appeared for both medical entrance
exams and engineering entrance exams. He got admission in a
engineering college and was waiting for the results of medical
entrance . His first choice was medical college as most of his family
members were doctors. Finally the results came and as the college
for which he apllied for was near his aunts house he requested his
aunt to make a visit to the college and check his result.
He asked his aunt about the result and aunt denied of his selection in
the medical college. He took admission in engineering college and
after a year he got to know he was selected for the medical college
by his uncle.

Cause​ :- Arenya was highly disappointed and sad as not only he lost
the opportunity to study in medical college which was his first
preference but also because his own aunt deceived him which he
didn’t expected from a family member.
Consequences​ :- Arenya was not available to believe anyone else for
sometime and had gone through a complete break up.