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1. Tell me about yourself.

I’ve graduated the Sanitary School last year and I’ve worked as a nurse from January to
April in a private Hospital in Romania. Although I’ve worked only in Romania I have a
general idea about how a care home works in UK.

2. Why do you want to work here?

I’ve applied for this vacancy because I think it’s an excellent match for my skills and my
experience. I really want to be part of this big family.

3. How do you think to can help the residents?

How can I help them? I think it’s important to encourage them to stay independent as
much as possible. I’ll do some activities which involves them in their own care, such as
reading, coloring, do a puzzle.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years? It’s a long time. Working here as a staff nurse. Staff nurse is a bigger positions
then a registered nurse? I don’t know exactly what is the name of the position, but what I
am trying to say is that I what to be more then a registered general nurse. (aici a
completat ea cu numele positiei “senior nurse” nurse in charge etc. )

5. How do you handle a complain from the family members?

Firstly I’ll discuss with them about the complain, to know more details about it. I think
is important to discuss, to give them the importance that they need. After that if you
discuss about the complain you know how to solve the problem.

6. What you’ll do if a colleague is yelling at a resident?

I’ll go and tell my colleague that what she/he does is not right. And after that I’ll discuss
with my manager about that situation.
But what you’ll do if the manager is yelling at a resident?
I’ll report it to someone, I don’t know who is bigger in position then manager. It’s
important to report it.

7. A resident is transferred from the hospital to this unit and he has a pressure
ulcer area. What do you do?
Local treatment. I don’t know some ointments.
But if he stays only in bed?
I have to change his position every 2 hours. ( ceea ce nu am zis eu la interviu pt ca nu am
stiut e ca ei au saltele umflate cu aer air mattress in place to relieve the pressure)

8. A resident has to take 24 tablets of a medicine in a month. You are working

this weekend and you notice that he has 14 tablets taken at the moment and
he had to have 16 tablets. What do you do in this case?
You an verify that in the care plan regarding medication. Because when you administer
tablets you need to sign in the care plan. You can verify there and also asking my
colleagues what happened. Maybe somebody forget to give him the tablets and he sigh
for it. And also report to the manager what error I found.

9. You have a resident who have to drink 3000 ml of liquid. It’s 3 pm and he has
drunk only 1300 ml. What are your actions in this case?
I’ll ask my colleagues why it’s 3 pm and the resident has drunk only 1300 ml. And I’ll
remind them them that the resident needs to drink 3000 ml to push fluids and I’ll is until
my shift ends.

10. You have a resident who was found on the floor and the carer called you.
What are your actions in this case?
Firstly I check the resident if he has pulse, if he has I checking if he has any injury ,
fracture, if he is bleeding or if he has any wounds if he is able to move his limbs.