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Welcome To
DotComSecrets Ignite!
Dear Friend,

Congratulations and welcome! The next few days you will begin a journey towards creating
a business that will not only help you to achieve the financial freedom you want and
deserve, but also to change the lives of the people you will serve.

Over the past decade I have been literally obsessed with how businesses (both online and
offline) generate and monetize customers. While learning and applying these methods in
my own businesses as well as hundreds of others around the world, I have developed a
process that we’ve used countless times to double the traffic, conversions and sales for
almost any product or service online.

Make sure you take full advantage of all of the tools that you have been given inside of
DotComSecrets Ignite. Some of you will leave this experience with the tools you need
to change your lives forever, while others will leave and have gained almost nothing.
So, what’s the difference? Simply what YOU do AFTER you finish the course. Make sure
you take advantage of everything we’ve given you, and then go home and take action

I’m truly excited and privileged to have this opportunity to share with you the best of what I
have learned. Enjoy this program, but more importantly, USE IT!


Russell Brunson
President of SuccessEtc LLC and

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Table Of Contents
Section #1 – Ignite
• Session #1: The Secret Formula
• Session #2: The Attractive Character
• Session #3: How To Spend More Than Your Competitors
• Session #4: Three Types of Traffic
• Session #5: How To Hijack Traffic / Facebook

Section #2 – Funnelology
• Session #6: 7 Phases Of A Lead and 100 Visitor Test
• Session #7: The 31 Building Blocks Of A Funnel
• Session #8: The 14 Core Funnels
• Session #9: Clickfunnels Workshop

Section #3 – Inception
• Session #10: Inception Secrets
• Session #11: The Scripts
• Session #12: Soap Opera and Seinfeld Emails

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Section #1


Page 6
The Secret Formula
How To Make Sure You Ge­t Paid
Exactly What You Want

1st) Who Is Your Dream Customer? Example: I want to work

with small businesses
that make between $1
million and $3 million
dollars per year.

Page 7
2nd) Where Are Your Dream Customers? Example: They are on
Facebook, and email
lists of small business

3rd) What Bait Are You Going To Use To Attract Example: I’m going to
Them? use my book “108 Split
Tests” as bait to get
them into my funnel.

4th) Where Are You Going To Take Them? Example: I can serve
them the best if they
work one on one with
me and come to my
mastermind 3X per year.

Page 8
What Is The LEAST Amount Of Work You
Need To Do To Reach Your Goals?

1st) What Do You REALLY Want / Need In Life? Example: $1.2 Million
Dollar House, $60,000
Car, $3k Per Month To
Charity, Food, Travel
Fund, Etc…

Page 9
2nd) What Are The Monthly Payments To Get Example:
House: $8,000
Those Things? Car: $1,000
Charity: $3,000
Food: $1,000
Travel: $2,000

3rd) So, how Much Do You REALLY Need Per Example: $20,000

4A) Membership Site: How Many Members Do Example:

You Need To Hit That Goal? $: 49.95
M: 400

4B) Backend Sales: How Many Sales Per Month Example:

Do You Need To Hit That Goal? $: 5,000
M: 4

Page 10
4C) Combinations: What Combination Of Continuity Example:
& Backend Do You Need To Hit That Goal?
$: 49.95
M: 200
$: 5k
M: 2

5th) How many “SLO” (Self Liquidating Offer) sales Example: @30% I need
do you need per month to sustain your continuity 150 SLO sales per
and backend?

6th) How much traffic do you need to get that Example: @5% I need
many front end SLO sales? 3,000 clicks a month
(or 100 per day)

Page 11
The Attractive

Backstory Example: I used to

crave candy and was
overweight… now I’m

Page 12
Parables Example: Russell’s
potato gun story…

Character Flaws Example:

Superman’s kryptonite

Polarity Example:
Howard Stern…

The Leader Example:

Donald Trump

Page 13
The Adventurer / Crusader Example:
Richard Branson

The Reporter / Evangelist Example:

Larry King

The Reluctant Hero Example:

Frodo Baggins

Page 14
Loss and Redemption Example:
The movie: Taken

Us VS Them Example:

Before And After Example:

Jared at Subway

Page 15
Amazing Discovery Example: Skinny bean
– this new chocolate
that helps you lose

Secret Telling Example: A secret

Google loophole…
secret food helps you
lose weight…

3rd Person Testimonial Example: Check out

what happed to Joe
when he tried X…

Page 16
How To Spend More
Than Your Competitors

“People Will Pay More Money,

For The Exact Same Content, Packaged In A
Different Way.” - Russell Brunson

Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
How Can You BEST Serve Your Dream Client? Example: Your High
Ticket Product

How Can You Provide Monthly Value To Your Client? Example: Your

Page 21
What Does The Rest Of Your Value Ladder Look Like?

Page 22
Three Types of Traffic

Question #1) Who Is Your Target Market? Example: Julie, 42 year

old with 2 kids (find pic
on google images)

Page 23
Question #2) Where Are They Congregating? Example: Forums?
Email Lists? FB Groups,
Fan Pages, etc…

Question #3) What is the shiny object (bait) they Example: 108 Split
want? Tests, quick way to
lose weight, secret
stock tip…

There are 3 types of traffic:

Traffic You Control Example: Solo Ads,
PPC (facebook, google,
etc.) Banners, Affiliates,

Page 24
Traffic You Don’t Control Example: SEO, Social
Media, PR, etc…

Traffic That You Own Example: Your list, your

fans, your followers,
your readers, etc…

The Goal of ALL Traffic Is To Convert

It From Traffic You Control/Don’t Control ->
Into Traffic That You Own

Page 25
The FASTEST Way To Get Traffic
And Grow Your Company: List Hacking

Affiliate / Joint Ventures

Solo Ads

Page 26
Instant Traffic
Hacks / Facebook

Where? (Direct and Indirect) Example:

Direct => competitors
Indirect => what else
are they buying?

Page 27
What? Example:

Model What Works

Page 28
Facebook Hacks

1. Find your Facebook Audience:

2. Search for groups that are in your niche
3. Search for Events that are in your niche
4. Search for pages that are in your niche
5. Keep your eyes open for ads that run to your niche

Think: Where do your people congregate? Over what topic? Who are some of the leaders
in your niche? Big brands? Big gurus? Different but similar ones? Pay attention to who is
advertising in your niche, who is earning money?


5 steps to Hack Custom Audiences for your offers:

1. Upload any email subscriber list you may have already

2. Capture Facebook IDs of group members, event attendees, and page fans
a. Note about pages: Target more precisely by scraping those who are active and
engaged on the page (commenting, posting, sharing).
3. Diving into personal profiles for more precision (great for higher ticket offers)
4. Create Lookalike audiences from your BUYER list
5. Broker deals with Group admins, Event admins, and page owners.


Page 29
5 steps to highjack a large and responsive fan-page audience:

1. As your page, ‘like’ other pages in your niche (2-3 a week)

a. Think: niche celebrities, bigger-businesses, brands, other major players in the niche
2. Message page admin. Tell them you like their page and there is a specific post of theirs
you want to share on your page with a shout-out and link to their page, etc.
3. After you post, send the admin the link showing them.
4. Tell them that you would be honored if they connected with your page as well by having
their page “like” your page (if they haven’t already) and even repost something if they find
an interesting post, etc.
5. Follow page critique to ensure that you maximizing your page



Page 30
Section #2


Page 31
7 Phases Of A Lead
and 100 Visitor Test

Step #1 – Traffic Temperature

Page 32
Step #2 – Your Pre-Frame Bridge

Step #3 – Qualify Subscribers

Step #4 – Qualify Buyers

Page 33
Step #5 – Identify Buyers In Heat

Step #6 – Age and Ascend The Relationship

Step #7 – Change The Environment

Page 34
The 100 Visitor Test

Page 35
The 31 Building
Blocks Of A Funnel

Page 36
Pre-Frame Bridge

Qualify Subscribers

Qualify Buyers

Page 37
Identify Buyers In Heat

Age and Ascend The Relationship

Change The Environment

Page 38
The 9 Core Funnels

Page 39
Page 40
Page 41
Page 42
Page 43
Page 44
Page 45
Page 46
Page 47
Clickfunnels Workshop
Step #1 – Pick Your Funnel Type:

Page 48
Step #2 – Pick Your Funnel:

Page 49
Step #3 – Pick Your Pages:

Page 50
Step #4 – View Your Funnel:

Step #5 – Edit Your Pages:


Step #6 – Setup Your Integrations:


Page 51
Step #5 – Edit Your Pages:

Page 52
Step #6 – Setup Your Integrations:

Page 53
Section #3


Page 54
Inception Secrets

Page 55
Most Aware -> Product Aware -> Solution Aware -> Problem Aware =>

Primary Question Example: “What’s

wrong with me?” “How
can I make this better?”

Magic Bullet (The ONE Thing) Example: Double your

reading, get a girl this
weekend, etc…

Page 56
Copy Speed Example: If it hasn't hit
you yet... it will soon.
Right now, I average
$1 per month for each
person on my email
list! Does that make

Trial Closes Example:

Does that make sense?

Are you getting this?
Isn’t that cool?

Desire Amplifiers

Page 57
Page 58
The Scripts

Enquirer Interrupt:

Page 59
Page 60
Page 61
Page 62
Page 63
Page 64
Your Pattern Interrupt Headline:

Page 65
Who, What, Why, How:

Who Are You?

Who Are You? Example: Hi, My name
is Russell Brunson…

Page 66
What Do You Have? Example: I’ve got a
free DVD that is going
to show you _______.

Why Do They Need It? Example: If you’ve

been struggling with
_____ then you need
this DVD because it’s
going to _____.

How Can They Get It? Example: Just fill in the

form on the side, let
me know your shipping
address, and I’ll ship it
right away…

Page 67
Catch Example: There is no
catch.. I’m doing this

Urgency Example: I only have

a very limited # of

Guarantee Example: If you don’t

love it, I’ll give you your
$ back and you can
keep it anyway.

Re-Cap Example: In the P.S. –

“for those who skim,
here is the offer: …

Page 68
Star, Story, Solution:

Pattern Interrupt Example: It happened

again, didn't it?

to you... or someone
you love.

I know your story…

Everyone’s situation
is different, but the
results are usually the

Let me know if this

sounds familiar.

Page 69
Core Desire Questions Example: I've got a
quick question for you... 

Have you ever wanted

to work from home...?

Own your own


Come on... you know

you want that lifestyle...
the one that everyone
talks about...

where you can "work

from home in your

or on a "beach with
your laptop..."

Agitate Past Failures Example: So... why

hasn't it happened for
you yet?

Come on... admit it.

This isn't the first time

you've been looking for
a proven way to make
money... is it?

When it is your turn?

Page 70
Big Promise (The ONE Big Thing) Example: You’re going
to discover “insert
huge promise here”

Intro The Attractive Character Example: Hey, my

name is Russell, and
a few years ago, I was
just like you…

Page 71
High Drama Example:
You’re fired…

The seat broke as I sat


She slapped me in the


Page 72
Backstory & Wall Example: This is where
it all started… -> the that
one day I got stuck…
my problem.

Identify The Problem Example: The problem

I had was _______.

Epiphany or Declaration of Independence Example: …and that’s

when I had my big “ah

…and that’s when I

decided I HAD to make
a change.

Page 73
Your Path To Find The Ultimate Solution Example: So this is
what I tried first…

First Signs Of Success Example: This is when

something FINALLY
started to work…

Conspiracy Example: And that’s

when I realized why I
hadn’t been successful

Page 74
Big Lie! It’s Not Your Fault… Example: I discovered
the “big lie” and
realized it’s wasn’t
my fault I hadn’t
succeeded before…
and it’s not your fault

Common Enemy (Blame This) Example: The real

problem is XXXXXX .
They are the ones who
are keeping you fat,
poor, etc…

Rapid Growth Example: And when

I realized this, that’s
when we started
growing FAST! Here’s
what happened next…

Page 75
Case Studies Example: But it wasn’t
just me… look what it
did for others…

Hidden Benefits Example: And what I

didn’t realize when I
got started, is not only
did it ____, it also _____.

Formal Introduction Example: And that’s

why I created..... ____.

Page 76
Pain + Cost Example: It was super
hard to create, cost us

Ease Example: But it makes

my life so much easier…

Page 77
Speed Example: what used to
take X time now I can
get done in X time…

“So” Benefits Example: “Benefit, SO

you can _____”

Social Proof Example: Here’s what

others have said about

Page 78
Make Offer Example: This is what
I’m selling…

Build Value Example: Plus you’ll

get this… and this…

Fake Price Example: The total

value of all of this is

Page 79
“If All’s” => Pleasure & Pain (Emotional Close) Example: If all this did
was help you to (move
away from pain)…
would it be worth it?

If all this did was help

you to (move towards
pleasure)… would it be
worth it?

Reveal Price Example: I’m not going

to charge you X… I’m
only going to charge
you X.

Guarantee (Logic) Example: I’m going to

put the risk on me and
give you my crazy XXX

Page 80
Inject Scarcity (Fear Close) Example: But you have
to act now, because ...

Future Pacing Example: Just imagine

what life will be like
when _____.

CTA Example: So click on

the button below right

Page 81
Post Selling Example: For those
who are already
signing up, this is
what is going to be
happening next…

Take Away Selling / Warning Example: This is for

YOU, not me. I’ll be
successful no matter
if you buy this or not,
but will YOU reach your
goals? Warning, this
ends soon…

Close With Reminder Example: Remember,

(recap offer)…

Page 82
OTO Bump:

Confirm Initial Decision Example: Congrats on

ordering X…

Page 83
3X 2X Example: 3X your
results, 2X as fast…

Smart => Why Example: You’ve made

a smart choice, and
here’s why…

You ordered this

because you wanted

Question: 3X 2X Example: But, how

would you like to get
3X the results in X

Page 84
Exclusive Example: This offer is
NOT for everyone, it’s
only for people who
bought (initial offer)

Results, Fast, Speed Example: This will

complement your first
order, and help you
to get more results,
faster, easier..

The 1 Thing Example: We do it by

doing this ONE thing…
it’s called (cool name)
– then sell that thing

Page 85
Future Casting Example: Just imagine
what your life will be
like when you have this
ONE thing….

CTA Example: So click on

the button below right
now to add this to your

Guarantee Example: I guarantee

this will be awesome.

Page 86
Value Stacking Example: If you act
now, I’ll also add in
_____ and ____...

Scarcity Example: But this offer

is only available right
here, right now – when
you leave this page it’s
gone forever…

2nd CTA Example: So click on

the button now…

Page 87
Testimonial Rush Example: But don’t just
take my word for it,
here’s what others are

Perfect Webinar:

Page 88

The One Thing: Example:

“How To Instantly Add
“High Ticket Sales”
To Your Sales Funnel
WithOUT You
Personally Talking To
Anyone On The Phone…
“How To ___
Without ____!

Page 89
The 3 Secrets:
Secret Reveal
Secret #1 – I Can
Make More In One Day
Selling High Ticket
Products Then I Can
In A MONTH Selling
Normal Products…

Secret #2 – I Don’t
Personally Have To Sell
Anything! (Big Plus
Because I Hate Phones)

Secret #3 – I Only Need

A LITTLE Traffic To
Make This Work! (About
100 Clicks Per Day)

Reframe Example:
• Universals (never)
• History
• Social
• Reflect

You must delink their

internal beliefs…

Page 90
The Closes:
One Hour, One Day? Example: Transition
#1) We can’t cover
everything in an hour…
let alone a day… you
need more. I’m
excited to make an
offer for you where you
can get it all!

Let Me Ask You A Question Example: Transition

#2) Let me ask you
a questions… would
you like my help
implementing this?

The Stack Example: This is the

core flow to your close.

Page 91
Page 92
If / All's Example: If all this did
was help you to (move
away from pain)…
would it be worth it?

If all this did was help

you to (move towards
pleasure)… would it be
worth it?

Money Is Good Example: Money is a

tool for exchange… you
spend money to get
something greater in

Disposable Income Example: Shifting your

disposable income
from liabilities to
assets… spend it on
something that will
bring you long term

Page 93
Money Replenishes Example: Each month
money comes back,
time does not…

Break Old Habits Example: If we leave

now, you’ll slip back to
your old habits… if you
want change, you need
repeated exposure –
the full system.

Information Alone? Example: You can’t rely

on information alone…
you need coaching,
accountability, etc…

Page 94
Money or Excuses? Example: You’re
either good at making
money, or making
excuses, but you can’t
do both.

Your 2 Choices Example: My choice –

go cheap and sell as
many as possible… or
more expensive so we
could devote more
resources to you.

Their 2 Choices Example: 1st – settle

with what you have
now and keep getting
what you’re getting
now. 2nd – make a
small investment, give
it a shot – if it works,
awesome. If not, then
get your $ back.

Page 95
Us VS Them Example: The brave
buyer vs the scared

The Hand Hold Example: Let me show

you how to sign up
right now.. first…

Say Goodbye Example: After you

have these in your
hands, you can say
goodbye to _____.
And when you have
___, then you can say
goodbye to _____.

Page 96
Now & Later Example: This is your
life now (paint picture
of pain) and this is what
it could be…

Only Excuses Example: Explain their

excuse for not signing
up, then diffuse it… use
the 2-3 most common

Reluctant Hero Example: I’m nothing

special, yet look at
what I was able to do…

Page 97
If You Only Got Example: If I stopped
right here, and you only
got just this, it would
still be worth it, but you
are also getting ___ and

Close Close Example: Your last


Page 98
The Two Step:

Page 99
Set Script
Intro Example:

Hey, this is ___ from

___’s office. Wanted
to find out why you
applied in the first

Questions Example: Ask

questions based on
answers… why is that?
how do you mean?
Anything else…, etc…

Blast Example: Maybe I can

help you…

Page 100
Posture Example: This is why
this is exclusive…

Probe Example: Finding out

more personal info
about them…

Finding Credit Example: Find out if

they can afford your
high ticket product.

Page 101
Goals Example: Now we
know where you are,
lets talk about where
you want to be.

Commitments Example: Intro the 4

commitments. Time,
Teachable, Investment,
Decision Maker.

Page 102
Close Script
Time Example: Time

Decision Making Example: Decision


Resources Example: Investment


Page 103
Knowledge Example: Teachability

What’s Included Example: What you’re

getting when you sign
up today.

Close Example: Finalizing the


Page 104
Soap Opera and
Seinfeld Emails

Day #1 – Sets The Stage Example: Welcome to

my list, each day you’ll
be getting… this is why
you should read, etc…
(Introduce attractive

Page 105
Day #2 – High Drama -> Backstory -> Wall Example: Tell story,
and how that story
brought you to a
wall… and tomorrow
you’ll reveal how you
broke through that
wall! (build bond w/
attractive character)

Day #3 – Epiphany -> The ONE Thing Example: Explain the

big epiphany, and how
it ties into the ONE
thing you created for

Day #4 – Hidden Benefits Example: Here are

other hidden benefits
you probably didn’t
realize that the product

Page 106
Day #5 – Urgency C.T.A. Example: Give them
scarcity about why
they need to sign up

Page 107
Episode Style

Page 108
Epiphany Style

Educational Style

Page 109
Page 110
DotComSecrets Ignite