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Name(s): Gizem Biçer

Sezen Aymaz
Ayşenur Aktaş
Unit Title
Grade Level
6th grade
2 hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
6th grade students will say times and date of the day. They will write 3-6 sentences about their life include
days and dates. At least, they use %50 of the topic and vocabulary which is covered.

Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Presentation, worksheet

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]

Grammar translation
Role play (task based method)
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
For the explanation of times, days and dates students watch a presentation and take notes. Teacher asks
question about what time is it for that moment or what is students’ birth date. Then teacher gives a
worksheet for reinforce the topic. The worksheet includes fill in the blank questions about topic. For fun
activity, teacher ask students to make a role play which is about time travelling.

Individual Learning Activities Fill in the blanks, taking notes

Group Learning Activities Role play

The lesson is based on presentation and task based learning. First, students learn via presentation and then
use these information in the worksheet. Role play part develops their speaking skills and reinforce their
knowledge about time and date.

Measurement & Evaluation

Teacher evaluation and homework

Measurement & Assessment Activities for After students do the worksheet teacher give the right
Individual Performance answers and make students correct their mistakes.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Teacher observes students when they do the role play.
Group Performance S/he doesn’t interfere with the students because mistakes
are not important for this activity. Teacher give a short
feedback about role plays.

Homework (optional) Teacher asks students to write a short paragraph about

their life. [their birthday, birth time (if they know) etc.]
Students give their homework next lesson and teacher
control and give feedback about homeworks..
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
If the presentation doesn’t work properly, teacher covers the topic on the whiteboard.