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WelcomeWelcome toto thethe JuneJune IssueIssue ofof MikeMike Bonin'sBonin's "Neighborhoods"Neighborhoods FirstFirst Newsletter"!Newsletter"!
ININ THISTHIS ISSUE:ISSUE: WeWe profileprofile VirginiaVirginia TokunagaTokunaga -- aa veryvery specialspecial neighborhoodneighborhood
leader,leader, celebratecelebrate BikeBike MonthMonth inin LosLos Angeles,Angeles, looklook atat somesome keykey neighborhoodneighborhood
improvementimprovement projects,projects, highlighthighlight Mike’sMike’s legislativelegislative workwork onon minimumminimum wage,wage, andand
shareshare somesome newsnews aboutabout thethe CityCity budgetbudget andand upcomingupcoming sidewalksidewalk repairs.repairs.
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VirginiaVirginia Tokunaga:Tokunaga: LookingLooking BackBack atat aa LifetimeLifetime ofof ServiceService toto thethe WestsideWestside
For For decades, decades, Virginia Virginia Tokunaga Tokunaga has has been been a a driving

ForFor decades,decades, VirginiaVirginia TokunagaTokunaga hashas beenbeen aa drivingdriving forceforce behindbehind thethe deliverydelivery ofof dailydaily servicesservices toto seniorsseniors onon thethe Westside.Westside. AnAn incredibleincredible woman,woman, ViriginiaViriginia hashas ledled aa remarkableremarkable lifelife markedmarked byby loyaltyloyalty andand devotiondevotion toto LA'sLA's seniorsenior citizencitizen AsAs aa childchild inin WorldWorld WarWar II,II, VirginiaVirginia waswas forcedforced toto livelive inin aa relocationrelocation campcamp nearnear thethe OregonOregon borderborder (Tule(Tule Lake).Lake). WhenWhen thethe warwar ended,ended, herher familyfamily returnedreturned toto findfind theirtheir homehome destroyed.destroyed. Undaunted,Undaunted, VirginiaVirginia becamebecame aa teacherteacher workingworking withwith childrenchildren withwith autism,autism, schizophreniaschizophrenia andand cerebralcerebral palsy.palsy. ThroughoutThroughout herher life,life, sheshe hashas workedworked withwith numerousnumerous organizations.organizations. SheShe hashas servedserved asas anan RSVPRSVP VolunteerVolunteer forfor WISEWISE Services,Services, workedworked withwith FraudFraud FightersFighters toto educateeducate seniorsseniors toto preventprevent economiceconomic fraudfraud crimes,crimes, volunteeredvolunteered 30+30+ hourshours perper weekweek atat FeliciaFelicia MahoodMahood SeniorSenior CenterCenter inin WestWest LA,LA, organizedorganized fundraisingfundraising effortsefforts andand communitycommunity actionaction fairs,fairs, coordinatedcoordinated seniorsenior fieldfield trips,trips, createdcreated artart collagescollages forfor displaydisplay andand soso muchmuch more.more. VirginiaVirginia continuescontinues toto bebe anan exampleexample inin ourour communitycommunity andand sayssays thatthat volunteeringvolunteering hashas "provided"provided aa rarerare opportunityopportunity toto serve,serve, carecare forfor andand enrichenrich others."others."

Tweets by ​ @MikeBoninLA Mike Bonin @MikeBoninLA Proud to have worked with @givingspirit & assembled
Tweets by ​
Mike Bonin
Proud to have worked with @givingspirit &
assembled winter kits for homeless residents. Sign
up for the 2018 Homeless Count because every
resident, no matter where they live, matters
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The 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless …
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WeWe askedasked VirginiaVirginia aboutabout somesome ofof herher favoritefavorite memoriesmemories andand aboutabout herher adviceadvice toto seniors.seniors. ReadRead thethe interviewinterview below.below.

Q:WhatQ:What isis youryour favoritefavorite memorymemory fromfrom youryour timetime inin LosLos Angeles?Angeles? Virginia:Virginia: MyMy favoritefavorite memorymemory isis goinggoing toto seesee performancesperformances withwith thethe seniorsseniors atat DisneyDisney ConcertConcert Hall,Hall, DorothyDorothy ChandlerChandler Pavilion,Pavilion, andand thethe ShrineShrine Auditorium.Auditorium.

Q:Q: WhatWhat isis youryour adviceadvice toto seniorsseniors whowho couldcould bebe thethe targetstargets ofof scams?scams? Virginia:Virginia: IfIf youyou thinkthink someonesomeone couldcould bebe scammingscamming you,you, justjust saysay "No!""No!" andand hanghang upup thethe

Q:Q: HowHow hashas WLA-SawtelleWLA-Sawtelle changedchanged overover thethe years?years? Virginia:Virginia: TheThe neighborhoodneighborhood hashas becomebecome muchmuch moremore diverse.diverse.

Q;Q; WhatWhat dodo youyou likelike mostmost aboutabout WLA-Sawtelle?WLA-Sawtelle? Virginia:Virginia: II lovelove howhow thethe areaarea isis soso convenientlyconveniently locatedlocated toto everywhereeverywhere andand thatthat therethere areare lotslots ofof goodgood restaurants.restaurants.

are lots lots of of good good restaurants. restaurants. Access Access 11 11 "Pop "Pop Up

AccessAccess 1111 "Pop"Pop UpUp OfficeOffice Hours"Hours" ComesComes toto FoodFood TruckTruck FridayFriday inin WestchesterWestchester

On On May May 22, 22, Mike Mike hosted hosted "Pop "Pop Up Up Office

OnOn MayMay 22,22, MikeMike hostedhosted "Pop"Pop UpUp OfficeOffice Hours"Hours" atat FoodFood TruckTruck FridayFriday atat VisitationVisitation SchoolSchool onon EmersonEmerson Avenue.Avenue. MikeMike metmet withwith neighborsneighbors atat hishis tenttent andand chattedchatted aboutabout publicpublic safety,safety, development,development, locallocal infrastructureinfrastructure andand progressprogress atat LAX.LAX. TheThe pop-uppop-up eventevent isis partpart ofof Mike’sMike’s “Access“Access 11”11” programprogram toto bringbring CityCity HallHall directlydirectly toto youryour neighborhood.neighborhood. MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff routinelyroutinely visitvisit FarmersFarmers Markets,Markets, shoppingshopping center,center, highhigh schoolschool sportingsporting events,events, andand otherother communitycommunity gatheringsgatherings toto hearhear directlydirectly fromfrom neighbors.neighbors. IfIf youyou havehave aa suggestionsuggestion forfor aa locationlocation forfor Mike’sMike’s “Pop“Pop UpUp OfficeOffice Hours,”Hours,” letlet usus knowknow

MikeMike CelebratesCelebrates BikeBike toto SchoolSchool DayDay WithWith RichlandRichland AvenueAvenue ElementaryElementary

Richland Richland Avenue Avenue Elementary Elementary Bike Bike Week Week was was held held in in

BikeBike WeekWeek waswas heldheld inin LALA fromfrom MayMay 1010 -- MayMay 17.17. TheThe weekweek waswas aa greatgreat wayway forfor neighborsneighbors toto celebratecelebrate thethe increasingincreasing rolerole bicyclesbicycles playplay inin gettinggetting usus aroundaround LosLos Angeles,Angeles, andand itit waswas anan opportunityopportunity forfor usus toto rededicaterededicate ourselvesourselves toto makingmaking bikingbiking inin LALA safersafer andand moremore convenient.convenient.

MikeMike celebratedcelebrated bikebike weekweek byby participatingparticipating inin eventsevents likelike aa "Bike"Bike toto SchoolSchool Day"Day" rideride withwith RichlandRichland AvenueAvenue ElementaryElementary SchoolSchool studentsstudents inin WestWest LA.LA.

RotaryRotary ClubClub RenovatesRenovates WestchesterWestchester SeniorSenior CenterCenter

On On May May 18, 18, Mike Mike celebrated celebrated the the opening opening of

OnOn MayMay 18,18, MikeMike celebratedcelebrated thethe openingopening ofof thethe newlynewly renovatedrenovated WestchesterWestchester SeniorSenior CenterCenter withwith neighborsneighbors fromfrom thethe area,area, thethe RotaryRotary ClubClub ofof WestchesterWestchester andand thethe CityCity DepartmentDepartment ofof RecreationRecreation andand Parks.Parks.

TheThe RotaryRotary Club,Club, WilliamWilliam H.H. HannonHannon FoundationFoundation andand DrollingerDrollinger CharitableCharitable FoundationFoundation joinedjoined forcesforces toto donatedonate moremore thanthan $100,000$100,000 toto givegive aa much-neededmuch-needed faceliftfacelift toto thisthis greatgreat communitycommunity facility.facility. OurOur seniorsseniors havehave aa newnew kitchen,kitchen, aa newnew comfortablecomfortable seatingseating area,area, andand more.more. MikeMike isis incrediblyincredibly gratefulgrateful toto thethe civic-civic- mindedminded partnerspartners andand neighborhoodneighborhood leadersleaders whowho mademade thisthis happen.happen.

City'sCity's FirstFirst "Green-Backed"Green-Backed Sharrows"Sharrows" InstalledInstalled inin VeniceVenice

Sharrows" Installed Installed in in Venice Venice On On May May 29, 29, a a crew

OnOn MayMay 29,29, aa crewcrew fromfrom thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles DepartmentDepartment ofof TransportationTransportation installedinstalled thethe firstfirst "Green-Backed"Green-Backed Sharrows"Sharrows" inin Venice.Venice. TheThe brightbright andand bike-friendlybike-friendly streetstreet markingsmarkings helphelp improveimprove safetysafety forfor bicyclistsbicyclists notifynotify driversdrivers thatthat thethe roadroad isis intendedintended toto bebe sharedshared byby bikes.bikes. ThankThank youyou LADOTLADOT GeneralGeneral ManagerManager SeletaSeleta ReynoldsReynolds forfor lettingletting thethe WestsideWestside leadlead thethe wayway towardtoward bike-friendlybike-friendly infrastructure!infrastructure!

BrentwoodBrentwood 8th8th GraderGrader NamedNamed YoungestYoungest HonoraryHonorary FireFire ChiefChief inin LAFDLAFD HistoryHistory

On On May May 9, 9, 14-year 14-year old old Brentwood Brentwood resident resident Sky

OnOn MayMay 9,9, 14-year14-year oldold BrentwoodBrentwood residentresident SkySky RosenzweigRosenzweig becamebecame thethe youngestyoungest LAFDLAFD honoraryhonorary firefire chiefchief inin thethe Department'sDepartment's history!history!

SkySky isis anan 8th8th gradegrade studentstudent whowho isis passionatepassionate aboutabout technologytechnology andand helpinghelping others.others. ItIt waswas aa combinationcombination ofof thesethese interestsinterests thatthat inspiredinspired SkySky toto raiseraise moneymoney throughthrough lemonadelemonade stands,stands, sellingselling usedused booksbooks andand goinggoing doordoor toto doordoor inin hishis communitycommunity soso hehe couldcould buybuy andand donatedonate thethe firstfirst iPadiPad toto thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles FireFire DepartmentDepartment -- FireFire StationStation 1919 inin BrentwoodBrentwood lastlast year.year.

Congratulations,Congratulations, Sky!Sky!

TakingTaking CareCare ofof MotherMother (Earth)(Earth)

Taking Care Care of of Mother Mother (Earth) (Earth) Mike Mike spent spent Mother's Mother's Day

MikeMike spentspent Mother'sMother's DayDay morningmorning inin Venice,Venice, helpinghelping aa groupgroup ofof momsmoms cleanclean upup thethe beach.beach. ThankThank youyou toto VeniceVenice residentsresidents KassiaKassia MeadorMeador andand AmandaAmanda MarieMarie CosindasCosindas forfor organizingorganizing thethe greatgreat neighborhoodneighborhood event!event!

PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades BusinessBusiness ImprovementImprovement DistrictDistrict ApprovedApproved

Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades Business Business Improvement Improvement District District Approved Approved

GreatGreat newsnews fromfrom thethe PacificPacific Palisades!Palisades! ThanksThanks toto thethe hardhard workwork ofof volunteersvolunteers andand businessbusiness owners,owners, thethe PalisadesPalisades BusinessBusiness ImprovementImprovement DistrictDistrict (BID)(BID) waswas approvedapproved byby thethe CityCity CouncilCouncil onon MayMay 55 andand isis expectedexpected toto beginbegin operatingoperating byby JanuaryJanuary 2016.2016. TheThe BIDBID allowsallows propertyproperty ownersowners inin thethe PalisadesPalisades VillageVillage areaarea (including(including businessesbusinesses onon Sunset,Sunset, LaLa Cruz,Cruz, AlmaAlma Real,Real, SwarthmoreSwarthmore andand ViaVia dede lala Paz)Paz) toto investinvest inin enhancedenhanced communitycommunity improvementsimprovements andand amenitiesamenities toto promotepromote andand enrichenrich thethe community'scommunity's corecore businessbusiness district.district. ThisThis couldcould notnot havehave happenedhappened withoutwithout thethe workwork ofof manymany volunteersvolunteers andand communitycommunity leaders,leaders, especiallyespecially LaurieLaurie Sale,Sale, ElliotElliot Zorensky,Zorensky, SusanSusan CarrollCarroll andand thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades ChamberChamber ofof Commerce.Commerce.

PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey TrafficTraffic SafetySafety MeetingMeeting -- TakeTake thethe SurveySurvey TodayToday

Meeting - - Take Take the the Survey Survey Today Today On On May May 27,

OnOn MayMay 27,27, MikeMike hostedhosted aa communitycommunity meetingmeeting toto discussdiscuss traffictraffic safetysafety inin PlayaPlaya deldel Rey.Rey. SomeSome tremendoustremendous grassrootsgrassroots leadership,leadership, spearheadedspearheaded byby PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey residentsresidents JackieJackie HesleyHesley andand JulieJulie Ross,Ross, isis focusingfocusing onon protectingprotecting streetsstreets fromfrom speedingspeeding carscars inin thethe PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey area.area. JackieJackie andand JulieJulie formedformed aa groupgroup onon Facebook,Facebook, calledcalled "Slow"Slow Down!Down! PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey neighborsneighbors forfor SafeSafe Streets”Streets” ((checkcheck outout thethe groupgroup herehere)) andand MikeMike hostedhosted thethe communitycommunity meetingmeeting toto brainstormbrainstorm ideasideas toto slowslow traffic,traffic, cutcut downdown onon cut-throughcut-through commuters,commuters, andand makemake thethe neighborhoodneighborhood safersafer forfor residentsresidents andand pedestrians.pedestrians.

InIn additionaddition toto thethe communitycommunity meeting,meeting, MikeMike hashas launchedlaunched anan onlineonline surveysurvey toto gathergather inputinput fromfrom thethe ClickClick herehere toto taketake thethe survey.survey.

MysteryMystery ArtArt ShowsShows UpUp inin BrentwoodBrentwood

Art Art Shows Shows Up Up in in Brentwood Brentwood On On May May 21, 21,

OnOn MayMay 21,21, Mike'sMike's WestWest LALA fieldfield officeoffice receivedreceived aa callcall fromfrom aa constituentconstituent whowho reportedreported thatthat colorfulcolorful umbrellasumbrellas hadhad beenbeen hunghung fromfrom thethe branchesbranches ofof Brentwood'sBrentwood's legendarylegendary andand belovedbeloved coralcoral treestrees onon thethe SanSan VicenteVicente median.median. ThoughThough thethe guerrillaguerrilla artart projectproject lookedlooked great,great, thethe treestrees areare fragilefragile andand protected,protected,

soso Mike'sMike's staffstaff hadhad toto taketake thethe umbrellasumbrellas down.down. Thankfully,Thankfully, somesome nearbynearby neighborsneighbors askedasked ifif theythey couldcould hanghang thethe umbrellasumbrellas onon treestrees onon theirtheir lawns,lawns, soso aa smallsmall piecepiece ofof thethe artart projectproject livedlived on.on.

bebe excitedexcited toto partnerpartner withwith thethe artistartist toto findfind aa betterbetter wayway toto enlivenenliven thethe communitycommunity withoutwithout threateningthreatening preciousprecious coralcoral trees.trees.

DelDel ReyRey ArtwalkArtwalk CelebratesCelebrates LocalLocal ArtistsArtists

Artwalk Celebrates Celebrates Local Local Artists Artists The The Del Del Rey Rey Artwalk Artwalk started

TheThe DelDel ReyRey ArtwalkArtwalk startedstarted inin 20102010 toto celebratecelebrate thethe significantsignificant andand growinggrowing artisticartistic presencepresence inin aa neighborhoodneighborhood thatthat isis stillstill aa well-keptwell-kept secretsecret toto mostmost Angelenos.Angelenos. Now,Now, everyevery yearyear thisthis "mini"mini artsarts district"district" holdsholds aa neighborhood-wideneighborhood-wide openopen house,house, whichwhich allowsallows thethe publicpublic toto seesee wherewhere thethe diversediverse arrayarray ofof DelDel ReyRey artistsartists livelive andand create.create. Paintings,Paintings, sculptures,sculptures, jewelry,jewelry, crafts,crafts, musicmusic andand moremore cancan bebe foundfound alongalong thethe walk.walk. ThisThis year'syear's DelDel ReyRey ArtArt WalkWalk waswas heldheld onon Sunday,Sunday, MayMay 3131 andand featuredfeatured musicmusic byby thethe DelDel ReyRey CommunityCommunity JazzJazz Band.Band. CheckCheck outout http://delreyart.blogspot.com toto findfind outout more.more.

ParentsParents United!United! atat AnimoAnimo VeniceVenice CharterCharter HighHigh SchoolSchool

Venice Venice Charter Charter High High School School Mike Mike spent spent the the morning morning

MikeMike spentspent thethe morningmorning withwith aa groupgroup fromfrom ParentsParents UnitedUnited atat AnimoAnimo VeniceVenice CharterCharter HighHigh SchoolSchool onon MayMay 23,23, focusedfocused onon theirtheir agenda:agenda: ourour newnew citywidecitywide minimumminimum wagewage law,law, addingadding moremore bikebike lanes,lanes, cleaningcleaning ourour streets,streets, andand improvingimproving neighborhoodneighborhood safetysafety forfor theirtheir TheThe parentparent groupgroup hashas beenbeen organizingorganizing toto advocateadvocate forfor theirtheir familiesfamilies andand partneringpartnering withwith locallocal leadersleaders likelike MikeMike toto putput neighborhoodsneighborhoods first.first.

ProtectingProtecting BallonaBallona fromfrom MysteriousMysterious GlobsGlobs ofof OilOil

from Mysterious Mysterious Globs Globs of of Oil Oil With With reports reports of of mysterious

WithWith reportsreports ofof mysteriousmysterious globsglobs ofof oiloil washingwashing ashoreashore onon beachesbeaches inin thethe SouthSouth BayBay lastlast week,week, MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff tooktook quickquick actionaction toto ensureensure thatthat protectiveprotective measuresmeasures werewere beingbeing deployeddeployed toto preventprevent anyany oiloil fromfrom reachingreaching thethe estuaryestuary habitathabitat ofof BallonaBallona CreekCreek oror thethe BallonaBallona WetlandsWetlands EcologicalEcological Reserve.Reserve.

ThanksThanks toto thethe U.S.U.S. CoastCoast Guard,Guard, aa protectiveprotective boomboom waswas putput inin placeplace quicklyquickly andand thethe riskrisk ofof oiloil threateningthreatening BallonaBallona CreekCreek waswas managed.managed. TheThe quickquick actionaction waswas mademade possiblepossible byby CD11CD11 constituentconstituent MarciaMarcia HanscomHanscom andand thethe BallonaBallona InstituteInstitute,, whowho workedworked withwith Mike'sMike's staffstaff CongressmemberCongressmember TedTed LieuLieu toto protectprotect thethe preciousprecious creekcreek andand coastalcoastal wetlands.wetlands.

MakeMake suresure youyou areare followingfollowing thethe latestlatest aboutabout thethe mysteriousmysterious globsglobs ofof oiloil thatthat startedstarted appearingappearing onon SouthSouth BayBay beachesbeaches onon HealHeal thethe Bay'sBay's blogblog here:here: la-beachesla-beaches

HighlightHighlight ofof thethe Week:Week: LAUSDLAUSD CommunityCommunity AdultAdult SchoolSchool GraduationGraduation

Community Adult Adult School School Graduation Graduation In In what what Mike Mike called called "easily

InIn whatwhat MikeMike calledcalled "easily"easily thethe highlighthighlight andand mostmost inspiringinspiring momentmoment ofof mymy week,"week," hehe spokespoke atat thethe graduationgraduation ceremonyceremony forfor thethe 20152015 classclass ofof thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles UnifiedUnified SchoolSchool District'sDistrict's CommunityCommunity AdultAdult SchoolSchool onon MayMay 28.28. NearlyNearly 200200 students,students, mostlymostly 18-24,18-24, whowho attendedattended adultadult schoolschool programsprograms inin VeniceVenice andand WestchesterWestchester receivedreceived theirtheir highhigh schoolschool diplomasdiplomas inin aa powerfulpowerful andand movingmoving ceremonyceremony atat VeniceVenice HighHigh School.School.

"Many"Many ofof thesethese studentsstudents diddid notnot havehave anan easyeasy oror directdirect pathpath toto aa highhigh schoolschool diploma,diploma, butbut theythey mademade itit happenhappen withwith determination,determination, hardhard work,work, andand lotslots ofof smarts,"smarts," MikeMike said.said. "It"It waswas movingmoving toto bebe therethere forfor thethe ceremony,ceremony, andand inspiringinspiring toto hearhear thethe studentstudent speakersspeakers NiaNia HugginsHuggins andand NatalieNatalie Flores!"Flores!"

CongratulationsCongratulations toto allall ofof thethe graduates!graduates!

DestinationDestination DiningDining inin PlayaPlaya VistaVista

Destination Dining Dining in in Playa Playa Vista Vista With With Playa Playa Vista Vista rapidly

WithWith PlayaPlaya VistaVista rapidlyrapidly becomingbecoming oneone ofof thethe mostmost sought-aftersought-after locationslocations forfor businessesbusinesses (especially(especially tech-focusedtech-focused businesses)businesses) toto locatelocate inin LosLos Angeles,Angeles, somesome ofof thethe toptop chefschefs andand restaurateursrestaurateurs inin thethe citycity areare launchinglaunching newnew establishmentsestablishments inin "the"the heartheart ofof SiliconSilicon Beach."Beach." LosLos AngelesAngeles MagazineMagazine recentlyrecently publishedpublished anan articlearticle aboutabout howhow PlayaPlaya VistaVista andand nearbynearby communitiescommunities areare becomingbecoming thethe focusfocus ofof anan excitingexciting newnew restaurantrestaurant scenescene onon thethe Westside.Westside. ReadRead thethe articlearticle here:here: wave/wave/

StreetStreet RepavingRepaving onon thethe WestsideWestside

Street Repaving Repaving on on the the Westside Westside City City Bureau Bureau of of Streets

CityCity BureauBureau ofof StreetsStreets ServicesServices crewscrews continuedcontinued theirtheir workwork toto repaverepave streetsstreets onon thethe WestsideWestside inin May.May. EarlierEarlier thisthis month,month, NapoliNapoli DriveDrive inin thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades -- fromfrom ToulonToulon toto AlmafiAlmafi -- waswas repaved.repaved. ThankThank you,you, BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices forfor youryour continuedcontinued workwork toto putput neighborhoodsneighborhoods first!first!

to to put put neighborhoods neighborhoods first! first! Small Small Business Business Spotlights Spotlights for

SmallSmall BusinessBusiness SpotlightsSpotlights forfor MayMay

Have Have a a favorite favorite business business you you want want to to nominate

FREEFREE SmallSmall BusinessBusiness WorkshopsWorkshops toto bebe HeldHeld JuneJune 99

JuneJune 9:9: FinancialFinancial CalculationsCalculations ThatThat AnswerAnswer KeyKey BusinessBusiness QuestionsQuestions

BusinessBusiness ownersowners andand managersmanagers strugglestruggle withwith businessbusiness decisionsdecisions thatthat affectaffect thethe financialfinancial healthhealth ofof thethe AreAre wewe sellingselling atat thethe rightright price?price? AreAre wewe makingmaking money?money? CanCan wewe affordafford toto hirehire someone?someone? ManyMany timestimes thesethese decisionsdecisions areare mademade withoutwithout aa thoroughthorough understandingunderstanding ofof thethe financialfinancial implications.implications. ThisThis doesdoes notnot needneed toto bebe thethe ThereThere areare simplesimple mathematicalmathematical calculationscalculations thatthat cancan bebe usedused toto answeranswer keykey businessbusiness questions.questions.

PerformancePerformance MeasurementsMeasurements areare simplesimple mathematicalmathematical calculationscalculations thatthat cancan bebe usedused toto monitormonitor sales,sales, overheadoverhead andand profitability.profitability. TheyThey cancan bebe appliedapplied toto anyany business,business, independentindependent ofof sizesize andand scope.scope. ThisThis seminarseminar willwill teachteach youyou howhow toto calculatecalculate performanceperformance measurementsmeasurements forfor youryour companycompany

RSVPRSVP forfor thisthis FREEFREE eventevent sponsoredsponsored byby DistrictDistrict 1111 andand SBDCSBDC here:here:

First First Bike Bike with with Mike Mike a a Huge Huge

FirstFirst BikeBike withwith MikeMike aa HugeHuge Success!Success!

On On May May 2, 2, Mike Mike hosted hosted his his first first "Bike

OnOn MayMay 2,2, MikeMike hostedhosted hishis firstfirst "Bike"Bike WithWith Mike"Mike" event,event, joiningjoining communitycommunity membersmembers forfor aa rideride aroundaround DelDel ReyRey andand MarMar Vista.Vista. NeighborsNeighbors metmet atat FireFire StationStation 6262 andand enjoyedenjoyed snacks,snacks, waterwater andand familyfamily friendlyfriendly activitiesactivities likelike bikebike helmethelmet decoratingdecorating beforebefore goinggoing onon thethe leisurelyleisurely rideride aroundaround WestsideWestside neighborhoods.neighborhoods. ThankThank youyou toto thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles CountyCounty BicycleBicycle CoalitionCoalition (LACBC),(LACBC), BikerowaveBikerowave andand allall ofof thethe familiesfamilies andand friendsfriends whowho mademade thisthis eventevent aa success.success.

LookLook outout forfor moremore BikeBike withwith MikeMike eventsevents inin thethe future!future!

Mike Mike events events in in the the future! future! Project Project will will Clean Clean

ProjectProject willwill CleanClean WaterWater fromfrom LAXLAX andand ProtectProtect SantaSanta MonicaMonica BayBay

and Protect Protect Santa Santa Monica Monica Bay Bay Mike Mike joined joined Mayor Mayor Eric

MikeMike joinedjoined MayorMayor EricEric GarcettiGarcetti andand officialsofficials fromfrom LosLos AngelesAngeles WorldWorld AirportsAirports andand thethe BureauBureau ofof SanitationSanitation atat aa scenicscenic mediamedia eventevent onon MayMay 77 toto signsign anan agreementagreement clearingclearing thethe wayway forfor aa stormwaterstormwater treatmenttreatment projectproject thatthat willwill cleanclean pollutedpolluted LAXLAX runoffrunoff beforebefore itit isis releasedreleased intointo SantaSanta MonicaMonica Bay.Bay.

CleaningCleaning thethe waterwater thatthat endsends upup inin ourour oceanocean isis vitallyvitally importantimportant toto thethe healthhealth andand safetysafety ofof everyoneeveryone whowho enjoysenjoys thethe beach.beach. LAWALAWA isis continuingcontinuing toto demonstratedemonstrate thatthat LAXLAX cancan bebe bothboth aa world-classworld-class airportairport andand aa first-classfirst-class neighbor.neighbor. OnceOnce thisthis undergoundundergound projectproject isis complete,complete, wewe hopehope we