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SpecialSpecialSpecialSpecial EditionEditionEditionEdition Newsletter:Newsletter:Newsletter:Newsletter: MidtermMidtermMidtermMidterm ReviewReviewReviewReview
DearDear Friends,Friends,
ThankThank youyou forfor thethe privilegeprivilege ofof servingserving youyou andand youryour neighborhoodneighborhood forfor thethe pastpast
twotwo yearsyears asas youryour representativerepresentative onon thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles CityCity Council.Council. YouYou deservedeserve aa
safesafe neighborhood,neighborhood, cleanclean environment,environment, exceptionalexceptional publicpublic transportationtransportation systemsystem
andand thrivingthriving economy,economy, andand mymy staffstaff andand II workwork veryvery hardhard eacheach andand everyevery dayday toto
makemake lifelife betterbetter inin youryour neighborhood.neighborhood.
ContactContact OurOur OfficeOffice
WhenWhen II tooktook officeoffice II promisedpromised youyou that,that, together,together, wewe wouldwould movemove LosLos AngelesAngeles
forward,forward, dodo good,good, andand getget thingsthings done.done. We'veWe've beenbeen veryvery busybusy workingworking toto fulfillfulfill
thatthat promise,promise, andand I'veI've preparedprepared thisthis MidtermMidterm ReviewReview inin placeplace ofof thethe AugustAugust
"Neighborhoods"Neighborhoods FirstFirst Newsletter"Newsletter" soso youyou couldcould seesee somesome ofof whatwhat wewe havehave
accomplishedaccomplished forfor youryour neighborhoodneighborhood sincesince youyou electedelected meme twotwo yearsyears ago.ago.
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AsAs you’llyou’ll seesee below,below, wewe havehave hadhad aa lotlot ofof successsuccess puttingputting neighborhoodsneighborhoods firstfirst andand
wewe achievedachieved thingsthings thatthat areare alreadyalready makingmaking lifelife betterbetter onon thethe Westside,Westside, butbut therethere
isis stillstill muchmuch moremore toto bebe done.done. ManyMany ofof thethe challengeschallenges facingfacing ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods
willwill requirerequire ourour continuedcontinued efforteffort andand focus.focus.
Councilmember Mike…
II amam veryvery thankfulthankful forfor thethe support,support, partnershippartnership andand encouragementencouragement youyou havehave
offeredoffered meme thesethese pastpast twotwo yearsyears andand II amam veryvery excitedexcited aboutabout continuingcontinuing toto workwork
byby youryour sideside andand onon youryour behalfbehalf forfor thethe yearsyears toto come.come.
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YouYou cancan findfind outout moremore aboutabout MikeMike,, meetmeet youryour CD11CD11 staffstaff andand seesee thethe latestlatest
videosvideos andand updatesupdates fromfrom thethe WestsideWestside onon ourour websitewebsite
AndAnd rememberremember toto likelike Mike'sMike's FacebookFacebook pagepage andand followfollow
himhim onon TwitterTwitter toto alwaysalways seesee thethe latestlatest newsnews aboutabout youryour neighborhood.neighborhood.
Just Just Just Just some some some some of of the the improvements improvements Mike

JustJustJustJust somesomesomesome ofof thethe improvementsimprovements MikeMike andand hishis teamteam havehave mademade onon thethe WestsideWestside inin thethe pastpast twotwo years.years.

Westside in in the the past past two two years. years. Venice Venice Boulevard Boulevard (between

VeniceVenice BoulevardBoulevard (between(between InglewoodInglewood BoulevardBoulevard andand BeethovenBeethoven Street)Street) hashas receivedreceived aa “Great“Great Streets”Streets” designation.designation. TheThe GreatGreat StreetsStreets InitiativeInitiative turnsturns aa sectionsection ofof streetstreet inin eacheach ofof thethe fifteenfifteen LosLos AngelesAngeles CityCity CouncilCouncil DistrictsDistricts intointo aa greatgreat placeplace toto walk,walk, bike,bike, oror sitsit outside.outside. TheThe projectproject includesincludes plansplans toto expandexpand sidewalks,sidewalks, growgrow treestrees andand plants,plants, improveimprove streetstreet lighting,lighting, andand addadd moremore bikebike laneslanes andand streetstreet MarMar VistaVista communitycommunity membersmembers willwill helphelp designdesign waysways toto improveimprove andand maintainmaintain VeniceVenice Blvd.Blvd. toto betterbetter serveserve ourour needsneeds

Tweets by ​ @MikeBoninLA Mike Bonin @MikeBoninLA Proud to have worked with @givingspirit & assembled
Tweets by ​
Mike Bonin
Proud to have worked with @givingspirit &
assembled winter kits for homeless residents. Sign
up for the 2018 Homeless Count because every
resident, no matter where they live, matters
They Count Will You?
The 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless …
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… 5h Embed View on Twitter As As LAX LAX undergoes undergoes modernization

AsAs LAXLAX undergoesundergoes modernizationmodernization thatthat isis makingmaking itit intointo aa world-classworld-class airport,airport, LosLos AngelesAngeles WorldWorld AirportsAirports isis alsoalso undertakingundertaking aa majormajor updateupdate ofof aa communitycommunity planplan forfor thethe 340-acre340-acre sitesite toto thethe northnorth ofof thethe airportairport -- makingmaking thethe airportairport aa first-classfirst-class neighbor.neighbor.

TheThe updatedupdated LAXLAX NorthsideNorthside PlanPlan willwill complementcomplement neighborhoodneighborhood effortsefforts toto revitalizerevitalize andand supportsupport locallocal businesses,businesses, provideprovide moremore jobs,jobs, meetmeet thethe needsneeds ofof thethe airportairport andand ofof locallocal groups,groups, andand addressaddress thethe growinggrowing demanddemand forfor recreation,recreation, openopen space,space, andand amenitiesamenities forfor ourour communities.communities.

Mike Mike championed championed the the naming naming of of West West LA’s LA’s Sawtelle

MikeMike championedchampioned thethe namingnaming ofof WestWest LA’sLA’s SawtelleSawtelle asas “Sawtelle“Sawtelle Japantown,”Japantown,” andand onon FebruaryFebruary 25,25, 2015,2015, thethe CityCity CouncilCouncil unanimouslyunanimously approvedapproved thethe neighborhoodneighborhood designation.designation. SawtelleSawtelle JapantownJapantown isis homehome toto JapaneseJapanese eateries,eateries, shops,shops, karaokekaraoke joints,joints, andand nurseries.nurseries. TheThe bordersborders ofof JapantownJapantown extendsextends fromfrom SantaSanta MonicaMonica BoulevardBoulevard downdown toto PicoPico betweenbetween thethe 405405 andand Centinela.Centinela.

between the the 405 405 and and Centinela. Centinela. On On April April 6, 6, 2015,

OnOn AprilApril 6,6, 2015,2015, thethe BoysBoys && GirlsGirls ClubsClubs ofof SantaSanta Monica,Monica, inin partnershippartnership withwith thethe HousingHousing AuthorityAuthority ofof thethe CityCity ofof LosLos AngelesAngeles (HACLA),(HACLA), conductedconducted aa groundbreakinggroundbreaking ceremonyceremony toto launchlaunch aa majormajor renovationrenovation projectproject ofof thethe Club’sClub’s JackJack andand CindyCindy JonesJones YouthYouth Center,Center, locatedlocated inin thethe MarMar VistaVista GardensGardens publicpublic housinghousing developmentdevelopment inin DelDel Rey.Rey. TheThe centercenter willwill benefitbenefit moremore thanthan 600600 childrenchildren livingliving inin thethe MarMar VistaVista GardensGardens communitycommunity andand thethe surroundingsurrounding areasareas whowho utilizeutilize thethe facilitiesfacilities andand servicesservices offeredoffered byby thethe BoysBoys andand GirlsGirls Club.Club.

by by the the Boys Boys and and Girls Girls Club. Club. We We are are

WeWe areare gettinggetting closercloser everyevery dayday toto buildingbuilding andand openingopening thethe PotreroPotrero ParkPark inin thethe PacificPacific Palisades.Palisades. PotreroPotrero Canyon,Canyon, aa 48-acre48-acre sitesite acquiredacquired byby thethe CityCity inin 1964,1964, hashas aa longlong historyhistory ofof landslideslandslides andand instability.instability. TheThe parkpark willwill stabilizestabilize thethe canyoncanyon walls,walls, supportsupport thethe propertiesproperties atat thethe toptop ofof thethe canyon,canyon, andand createcreate aa naturalnatural openopen spacespace forfor peoplepeople toto enjoy.enjoy. TheThe finalfinal phasephase ofof constructingconstructing thethe openopen publicpublic spacespace isis


underway. underway. In In January January of of 2014, 2014, Mike Mike was was hosting hosting

InIn JanuaryJanuary ofof 2014,2014, MikeMike waswas hostinghosting PopPop UpUp OfficeOffice HoursHours atat thethe BrentwoodBrentwood FarmersFarmers MarketMarket whenwhen hehe waswas approachedapproached byby aa residentresident namednamed EarlEarl Goldberg.Goldberg. Mr.Mr. GoldbergGoldberg toldtold MikeMike aboutabout thethe sorrysorry statestate ofof thethe tennistennis courtscourts atat nearbynearby BarringtonBarrington ParkPark andand askedasked ifif hehe couldcould dodo anythinganything aboutabout MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff workedworked withwith communitycommunity partners,partners, suchsuch asas thethe ArcherArcher School,School, andand thethe DepartmentDepartment ofof RecreationRecreation andand ParksParks andand withinwithin aa fewfew months,months, Mike,Mike, EarlEarl andand locallocal tennistennis playersplayers werewere celebratingcelebrating thethe re-openingre-opening ofof newlynewly refurbishedrefurbished tennistennis courtscourts atat BarringtonBarrington Park.Park.

courts courts at at Barrington Barrington Park. Park. After After seeing seeing public public art art

AfterAfter seeingseeing publicpublic artart onon utilityutility boxesboxes inin otherother neighborhoodsneighborhoods ofof thethe City,City, MikeMike askedasked hishis staffstaff toto looklook intointo gettinggetting somesome inin Venice.Venice. WorkingWorking withwith PowerPower ofof ArtArt andand thethe VeniceVenice NeighborhoodNeighborhood Council'sCouncil's ArtsArts Committee,Committee, MikeMike gotgot LADOTLADOT toto approveapprove thethe paintingpainting ofof aa numbernumber ofof boxes,boxes, andand nownow therethere areare colorfulcolorful andand engagingengaging publicpublic artart projectsprojects atat thethe cornerscorners ofof LincolnLincoln andand Rose,Rose, MainMain andand HorizonHorizon andand RoseRose andand Seventh.Seventh.

Horizon and and Rose Rose and and Seventh. Seventh. For For each each of of the

ForFor eacheach ofof thethe pastpast twotwo years,years, MikeMike hashas celebratedcelebrated "Go"Go SkateboardingSkateboarding Day"Day" withwith

hundredshundreds ofof skateboardersskateboarders atat thethe WestWest LALA CivicCivic Center.Center. ProPro skateboarders,skateboarders, localslocals andand beginnersbeginners allall participateparticipate inin thethe annualannual eventevent atat oneone ofof LA'sLA's legendarylegendary skateskate spots,spots, whichwhich MikeMike workedworked withwith NikeNike toto reopenreopen forfor legallegal skateboardingskateboarding afterafter yearsyears ofof neglect.neglect.

after after years years of of neglect. neglect. Thanks Thanks to to the the hard hard

ThanksThanks toto thethe hardhard workwork ofof volunteersvolunteers andand businessbusiness owners,owners, thethe PalisadesPalisades BusinessBusiness ImprovementImprovement DistrictDistrict (BID)(BID) waswas approvedapproved byby thethe CityCity CouncilCouncil andand isis expectedexpected toto beginbegin operatingoperating byby JanuaryJanuary 2016.2016. TheThe BIDBID allowsallows propertyproperty ownersowners inin thethe PalisadesPalisades VillageVillage areaarea (including(including businessesbusinesses onon Sunset,Sunset, LaLa Cruz,Cruz, AlmaAlma Real,Real, SwarthmoreSwarthmore andand ViaVia dede lala Paz)Paz) toto investinvest inin enhancedenhanced communitycommunity improvementsimprovements andand amenitiesamenities toto promotepromote andand enrichenrich thethe community'scommunity's corecore businessbusiness district.district. ThisThis couldcould notnot havehave happenedhappened withoutwithout thethe workwork ofof manymany volunteersvolunteers andand neighborhoodneighborhood leaders,leaders, especiallyespecially LaurieLaurie Sale,Sale, ElliotElliot Zorensky,Zorensky, SusanSusan CarrollCarroll andand thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades ChamberChamber ofof Commerce.Commerce.

Palisades Chamber Chamber of of Commerce. Commerce. Quickly Quickly responding responding to to neighborhood

QuicklyQuickly respondingresponding toto neighborhoodneighborhood concerns,concerns, MikeMike announcedannounced onon JuneJune 9,9, 2015,2015, thatthat plansplans forfor aa 70-foot70-foot broadbandbroadband LTELTE towertower inin thethe DelDel ReyRey neighborhoodneighborhood ofof WestWest LosLos AngelesAngeles hadhad beenbeen cancelled.cancelled. TheThe 70-foot70-foot tower,tower, whichwhich waswas proposedproposed toto bebe builtbuilt atat thethe LAPDLAPD PacificPacific DivisionDivision facilityfacility atat 1231212312 CulverCulver BlvdBlvd andand operatedoperated asas partpart ofof thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles RegionalRegional InteroperableInteroperable CommunicationCommunication SystemSystem (LA-RICS),(LA-RICS), becamebecame thethe focusfocus ofof communitycommunity concernconcern whenwhen anan announcementannouncement thatthat constructionconstruction ofof thethe towertower wouldwould commencecommence blindsidedblindsided neighbors,neighbors, andand theirtheir questionsquestions aboutabout publicpublic safetysafety werewere leftleft unanswered.unanswered. MikeMike stoodstood upup forfor thethe neighborhoodneighborhood andand demandeddemanded thethe projectproject bebe canceled,canceled, andand thethe jointjoint powerspowers authorityauthority thatthat governsgoverns thethe projectproject agreed.agreed.

LADWP LADWP Distributing Distributing Station Station 59 59 was was retrofitted retrofitted with with drought

LADWPLADWP DistributingDistributing StationStation 5959 waswas retrofittedretrofitted withwith droughtdrought toleranttolerant CaliforniaCalifornia friendlyfriendly landscaping,landscaping, replacingreplacing aa tiredtired lookinglooking setset ofof shrubsshrubs andand semi-deadsemi-dead grass.grass. TheThe projectproject isis partpart ofof anan ongoingongoing efforteffort byby LADWPLADWP toto retrofitretrofit thethe landscapinglandscaping ofof allall ofof itsits facilitiesfacilities toto savesave water.water. MikeMike workedworked withwith neighborsneighbors inin MarMar VistaVista onon AprilApril 7,7, 20152015 toto finishfinish plantingplanting thethe newnew droughtdrought toleranttolerant gardengarden toto remindremind everyoneeveryone thatthat youyou cancan helphelp savesave waterwater duringduring thethe droughtdrought withwith moremore sustainablesustainable lawnlawn alternatives.alternatives.

sustainable lawn lawn alternatives. alternatives. Mike Mike helped helped to to secure secure and and

MikeMike helpedhelped toto securesecure andand facilitatefacilitate thethe re-locationre-location ofof IMAXIMAX fromfrom SantaSanta MonicaMonica toto PlayaPlaya Vista.Vista. IMAXIMAX isis oneone ofof thethe world’sworld’s leadingleading entertainmententertainment technologytechnology companies,companies, specializingspecializing inin immersiveimmersive motionmotion picturepicture technologies.technologies. TheThe worldwideworldwide IMAXIMAX networknetwork isis amongamong thethe mostmost importantimportant andand successfulsuccessful theatricaltheatrical distributiondistribution platformsplatforms forfor majormajor HollywoodHollywood filmsfilms aroundaround thethe globe.globe. TheThe state-of-state-of- the-artthe-art 68,00068,000 squaresquare footfoot facilityfacility inin PlayaPlaya VistaVista designeddesigned byby GenslerGensler includesincludes post-productionpost-production facilities,facilities, screeningscreening rooms,rooms, andand officeoffice spacespace forfor 140140 employees.employees.

office space space for for 140 140 employees. employees. Mike, Mike, in in partnership partnership with

Mike,Mike, inin partnershippartnership withwith thethe WestchesterWestchester StreetscapeStreetscape ImprovementImprovement AssociationAssociation (WSIA)(WSIA) andand thethe officeoffice ofof CongresswomanCongresswoman MaxineMaxine Waters,Waters, hashas helpedhelped toto improveimprove thethe SepulvedaSepulveda sidewalksidewalk northnorth ofof Manchester.Manchester. TheThe projectproject isis ongoingongoing andand MikeMike isis

continuingcontinuing toto workwork withwith WSIA,WSIA, CongressmemberCongressmember WatersWaters andand CalTransCalTrans toto completecomplete thethe neededneeded sidewalksidewalk repairsrepairs onon Sepulveda.Sepulveda.

sidewalk repairs repairs on on Sepulveda. Sepulveda. Early Early in in 2014, 2014, Mike Mike and

EarlyEarly inin 2014,2014, MikeMike andand neighborsneighbors inin MarMar VistaVista werewere shockedshocked toto learnlearn thatthat aa newnew medicinalmedicinal marijuanamarijuana dispensarydispensary waswas planningplanning toto openopen atat thethe cornercorner ofof PalmsPalms AvenueAvenue andand CentinelaCentinela BoulevardBoulevard -- despitedespite thethe factfact thatthat thethe locationlocation waswas adjacentadjacent toto residentialresidential buildings.buildings. MikeMike supportedsupported PropositionProposition D,D, whichwhich allowsallows forfor medicinalmedicinal marijuanamarijuana dispensariesdispensaries inin LosLos AngelesAngeles inin locationslocations awayaway fromfrom schoolsschools andand outout ofof residentialresidential neighborhoods,neighborhoods, andand hehe workedworked withwith neighborsneighbors toto ensureensure PropProp DD waswas upheld.upheld. InIn February,February, MikeMike celebratedcelebrated aa tremendoustremendous neighborhoodneighborhood victory,victory, asas CityCity AttorneyAttorney MikeMike FeuerFeuer announcedannounced thatthat thethe illegalillegal marijuanamarijuana dispensarydispensary wouldwould notnot bebe allowedallowed toto operateoperate atat thethe controversialcontroversial location.location.

the the controversial controversial location. location. Mike Mike celebrated celebrated the the opening opening

MikeMike celebratedcelebrated thethe openingopening ofof thethe newlynewly renovatedrenovated WestchesterWestchester SeniorSenior CenterCenter onon MayMay 18,18, 2015,2015, withwith neighbors,neighbors, thethe RotaryRotary ClubClub ofof Westchester,Westchester, andand thethe CityCity DepartmentDepartment ofof RecreationRecreation andand Parks.Parks. AA $100,000$100,000 donationdonation byby thethe WestchesterWestchester RotaryRotary ClubClub andand theirtheir affiliatesaffiliates helpedhelped toto fundfund aa completecomplete remodelremodel ofof thethe kitchen,kitchen, includingincluding newnew appliances.appliances. InIn addition,addition, thethe buildingbuilding nownow hashas newnew accessaccess rampsramps forfor thethe parkingparking lot.lot. MikeMike appreciatesappreciates thethe hardhard workwork ofof thethe civic-mindedcivic-minded partnerspartners andand neighborhoodneighborhood leadersleaders whowho mademade thisthis renovationrenovation possible.possible.

Parking Parking has has gotten gotten easier easier in in Venice Venice thanks thanks to

ParkingParking hashas gottengotten easiereasier inin VeniceVenice thanksthanks toto aa projectproject thatthat pavedpaved overover aa dirtdirt lotlot onon ElectricElectric Avenue.Avenue. InIn thethe summersummer ofof 2014,2014, MikeMike announcedannounced thatthat thethe ElectricElectric AvenueAvenue parkingparking lotlot onon AbbotAbbot KinneyKinney waswas gettinggetting aa neededneeded makeover.makeover. TheThe dirtdirt parkingparking lotlot nearnear ElectricElectric AvenueAvenue andand AbbotAbbot KinneyKinney waswas repavedrepaved andand lights,lights, parkingparking metersmeters andand landscapinglandscaping werewere beingbeing installedinstalled inin 2015.2015. "This"This projectproject makesmakes thethe parkingparking lotlot safersafer andand moremore welcomingwelcoming forfor guestsguests andand customerscustomers atat locallocal businesses,"businesses," MikeMike said.said.

businesses," businesses," Mike Mike said. said. In In October October of of 2013, 2013, Mike Mike

InIn OctoberOctober ofof 2013,2013, MikeMike joinedjoined neighborsneighbors toto celebratecelebrate thethe reopeningreopening ofof thethe Culver-SlausonCulver-Slauson RecreationRecreation CenterCenter inin DelDel Rey.Rey. TheThe newlynewly refurbishedrefurbished parkpark boastsboasts aa brandbrand newnew playgroundplayground forfor kids,kids, lightedlighted basketballbasketball courts,courts, asas wellwell asas aa newnew communitycommunity roomroom forfor neighborhoodneighborhood

room for for neighborhood neighborhood events. events. To To allow allow for for safer safer vehicle

ToTo allowallow forfor safersafer vehiclevehicle turnsturns forfor residentsresidents asas wellwell asas studentsstudents atat KenterKenter CanyonCanyon ElementaryElementary School,School, MikeMike addedadded aa dedicateddedicated turnturn signalsignal atat thethe cornercorner ofof SunsetSunset BoulevardBoulevard andand KenterKenter AvenueAvenue inin earlyearly 2014,2014, whichwhich hashas helpedhelped improveimprove thethe flowflow ofof traffictraffic onon oneone ofof thethe busiestbusiest corridorscorridors onon thethe Westside.Westside.

On On March March 11, 11, 2015, 2015, Mike Mike celebrated celebrated the the opening

OnOn MarchMarch 11,11, 2015,2015, MikeMike celebratedcelebrated thethe openingopening ofof thethe newnew CinemarkCinemark moviemovie theatertheater inin PlayaPlaya Vista.Vista. TheThe multiplexmultiplex offersoffers anan exceptionallyexceptionally comfortablecomfortable andand state-of-the-artstate-of-the-art entertainmententertainment experience,experience, asas wellwell asas moremore thanthan 100100 newnew jobsjobs forfor PlayaPlaya Vista.Vista.

100 new new jobs jobs for for Playa Playa Vista. Vista. In In August August of

InIn AugustAugust ofof 2014,2014, MikeMike andand neighborhoodneighborhood leadersleaders fromfrom VeniceVenice announcedannounced thatthat WashingtonWashington Boulevard,Boulevard, fromfrom OceanOcean FrontFront WalkWalk toto OxfordOxford Avenue,Avenue, wouldwould bebe repavedrepaved andand restripedrestriped inin aa singlesingle weekendweekend asas partpart ofof "Operation:"Operation: StreetStreet Lift."Lift." TheThe ambitiousambitious publicpublic worksworks projectproject tooktook exceptionalexceptional coordinationcoordination byby DepartmentDepartment ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices andand DepartmentDepartment ofof TransportationTransportation employees,employees, andand notnot onlyonly waswas thethe streetstreet repavedrepaved andand restriped,restriped, butbut treestrees werewere trimmedtrimmed andand newnew signssigns werewere putput upup alongalong thethe neighborhoodneighborhood commercialcommercial corridor.corridor.

neighborhood commercial commercial corridor. corridor. Mike Mike launched launched a a traffic traffic safety

MikeMike launchedlaunched aa traffictraffic safetysafety initiativeinitiative toto improveimprove streetstreet safetysafety inin PlayaPlaya DelDel ReyRey -- particularlyparticularly fromfrom speedingspeeding carscars onon CulverCulver Boulevard.Boulevard. MikeMike hostedhosted aa publicpublic meetingmeeting toto brainstormbrainstorm ideasideas toto calmcalm traffic,traffic, andand inin thethe weeksweeks followingfollowing thethe meeting,meeting, residentsresidents andand businessbusiness ownersowners respondedresponded toto anan onlineonline surveysurvey inin supportsupport ofof reducingreducing cut-throughcut-through traffictraffic andand speedingspeeding onon arterialarterial streets.streets. MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff areare continuingcontinuing toto meetmeet withwith thethe communitycommunity toto discussdiscuss potentialpotential roadwayroadway


changes. changes. On On his his first first day day in in office, office, Mike Mike
changes. changes. On On his his first first day day in in office, office, Mike Mike

OnOn hishis firstfirst dayday inin office,office, MikeMike spentspent thethe dayday inin neighborhoodsneighborhoods throughoutthroughout thethe Westside,Westside, pickingpicking upup trash,trash, fillingfilling potholes,potholes, servingserving lunchlunch toto SeniorsSeniors andand meetingmeeting withwith firefightersfirefighters andand policepolice officersofficers -- deliveringdelivering thethe basicbasic servicesservices onon whichwhich neighborhoodsneighborhoods rely.rely. MikeMike hashas continuedcontinued workingworking toto getget citycity governmentgovernment backback toto basicsbasics inin thethe pastpast twotwo years,years, achievingachieving importantimportant progressprogress forfor neighborhoods,neighborhoods, including:including:

StopStop SignsSigns -- Sometimes,Sometimes, thethe bestbest wayway toto speedspeed upup thethe bureaucraticbureaucratic processprocess isis toto rollroll upup youryour sleevessleeves andand dodo itit yourself.yourself. OverOver thethe pastpast twotwo years,years, 3535 stopstop signssigns havehave beenbeen installedinstalled acrossacross DistrictDistrict 1111 -- andand manymany ofof themthem havehave beenbeen installedinstalled byby MikeMike himself.himself. EachEach newnew signsign installedinstalled helpshelps improveimprove pedestrianpedestrian safetysafety andand reducereduce traffictraffic collisionscollisions byby slowingslowing traffictraffic throughthrough residentialresidential streets.streets. PotholesPotholes -- DuringDuring thethe firstfirst twotwo yearsyears ofof Mike’sMike’s term,term, thethe citycity hashas completedcompleted 53,62053,620 squaresquare feetfeet ofof smallsmall asphaltasphalt repairs,repairs, whichwhich includesincludes filledfilled potholespotholes andand temporarytemporary sidewalksidewalk repairs.repairs. JustJust asas hehe doesdoes withwith stopstop signsign installs,installs, MikeMike willwill oftenoften joinjoin streetstreet resurfacingresurfacing crewscrews inin WestsideWestside neighborhoodsneighborhoods toto helphelp withwith thethe workwork andand ensureensure high-qualityhigh-quality servicesservices areare delivereddelivered toto ourour communities.communities. SidewalkSidewalk RepairRepair ProgramProgram -- TheThe CityCity ofof LosLos AngelesAngeles hashas mademade aa commitmentcommitment toto investinvest $31$31 millionmillion perper yearyear forfor thethe nextnext 3030 yearsyears toto fixfix ourour brokenbroken sidewalks.sidewalks. AsAs thethe CityCity developsdevelops aa sustainable,sustainable, fair,fair, long-termlong-term sidewalksidewalk repairrepair policy,policy, thethe BudgetBudget andand FinanceFinance CommitteeCommittee andand PublicPublic WorksWorks CommitteeCommittee areare hostinghosting jointjoint meetingsmeetings aroundaround LosLos AngelesAngeles toto gathergather inputinput fromfrom residentsresidents throughoutthroughout thethe summersummer ofof 2015.2015. AA CityCity BudgetBudget WithWith AA LotLot ofof HeartHeart -- InIn thethe pastpast twotwo years,years, Mike,Mike, MayorMayor GarcettiGarcetti andand Mike’sMike’s colleaguescolleagues onon thethe BudgetBudget andand FinanceFinance committeecommittee havehave createdcreated budgetsbudgets thatthat hirehire newnew firefightersfirefighters andand provideprovide forfor streetstreet resurfacing,resurfacing, sidewalksidewalk repairrepair andand newnew trashtrash canscans toto keepkeep streetsstreets clean.clean. TheThe budgetbudget alsoalso increasesincreases moneymoney forfor affordableaffordable housing,housing, workwork toto addressaddress homelessness,homelessness, andand programsprograms forfor at-riskat-risk youthyouth andand sparesspares severalseveral crucialcrucial programsprograms thatthat sufferedsuffered crushingcrushing cutscuts inin theirtheir federalfederal support,support, includingincluding healthhealth programsprograms forfor seniors,seniors, safesafe houseshouses forfor victimsvictims ofof domesticdomestic violence,violence, dayday laborerlaborer programsprograms andand programsprograms forfor peoplepeople withwith disabilitiesdisabilities andand AIDS.AIDS. Importantly,Importantly, thethe mostmost recentrecent

budgetbudget alsoalso putsputs aa recordrecord amountamount ofof moneymoney inin ourour reservereserve andand budgetbudget

stabilizationstabilization funds,funds, andand continuescontinues slashingslashing thethe City’sCity’s structuralstructural deficit,deficit, whichwhich

hashas beenbeen reducedreduced 80%80% inin recentrecent years.years.

reduced 80% 80% in in recent recent years. years. From From his his first first day

FromFrom hishis firstfirst dayday inin office,office, MikeMike hashas workedworked withwith CityCity crewscrews throughoutthroughout thethe

WestsideWestside toto deliverdeliver resultsresults toto locallocal neighborhoods.neighborhoods. InIn thethe pastpast twotwo years,years, CD11CD11

neighborhoodsneighborhoods havehave benefittedbenefitted from from

past past two two years, years, CD11 CD11 neighborhoods neighborhoods have have benefitted benefitted from from
To To Mike, Mike, “putting “putting neighborhoods neighborhoods first” first” doesn’t doesn’t just just
To To Mike, Mike, “putting “putting neighborhoods neighborhoods first” first” doesn’t doesn’t just just
To To Mike, Mike, “putting “putting neighborhoods neighborhoods first” first” doesn’t doesn’t just just

ToTo Mike,Mike, “putting“putting neighborhoodsneighborhoods first”first” doesn’tdoesn’t justjust meanmean deliveringdelivering servicesservices toto communities,communities, itit meansmeans facilitatingfacilitating opportunitiesopportunities forfor neighborsneighbors toto comecome togethertogether toto enjoyenjoy andand taketake carecare ofof theirtheir neighborhood.neighborhood. MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff frequentlyfrequently coordinatecoordinate eventsevents eithereither toto cleanclean upup aa neighborhoodneighborhood oror toto celebratecelebrate anan areaarea ofof thethe WestsideWestside thatthat makesmakes LosLos AngelesAngeles aa greatgreat placeplace toto live,live, includingincluding

MovieMovie NightsNights -- ThroughoutThroughout thethe summer,summer, MikeMike hostshosts freefree summersummer moviemovie nightsnights acrossacross thethe districtdistrict featuringfeaturing filmsfilms suchsuch asas TheThe SandlotSandlot andand BigBig HeroHero 6.6. TheThe events,events, whichwhich areare co-hostedco-hosted byby thethe DepartmentDepartment ofof RecRec andand Parks,Parks, offeroffer freefree popcornpopcorn andand drinksdrinks forfor kidskids andand areare aa wonderfulwonderful wayway forfor neighborsneighbors toto gathergather andand enjoyenjoy theirtheir neighborhoods.neighborhoods. BikeBike WithWith MikeMike -- OnOn MayMay 2,2, 2015,2015, MikeMike hostedhosted hishis firstfirst "Bike"Bike WithWith Mike"Mike" event.event. NeighborsNeighbors metmet atat FireFire StationStation 6262 inin MarMar VistaVista andand enjoyedenjoyed snacks,snacks, water,water, andand familyfamily friendlyfriendly activitiesactivities likelike bikebike helmethelmet decoratingdecorating beforebefore goinggoing onon thethe

leisurelyleisurely rideride aroundaround DelDel ReyRey andand MarMar Vista.Vista. SponsoringSponsoring BlockBlock PartiesParties -- MikeMike regularlyregularly helpshelps communitycommunity organizationsorganizations findfind thethe fundingfunding theythey needneed toto hosthost blockblock partiesparties thatthat celebratecelebrate neighborhoods.neighborhoods. FromFrom thethe annualannual MarMar VistaVista NeighborhoodNeighborhood AssociationAssociation (MVNA)(MVNA) event,event, toto thethe annualannual JungleJungle CleanupCleanup inin PlayaPlaya DelDel Rey,Rey, MikeMike helpshelps hosthost andand attendsattends blockblock partiesparties aroundaround thethe WestsideWestside everyevery year.year. CommunityCommunity CleanupsCleanups andand ServiceService ProjectsProjects AnnualAnnual LaLa TijeraTijera CleanupCleanup -- EveryEvery year,year, MikeMike hashas coordinatedcoordinated aa communitycommunity cleanupcleanup withwith WestchesterWestchester neighborsneighbors toto tidytidy upup LaLa TijeraTijera inin Westchester.Westchester. BCRBCR BallonaBallona CreekCreek CleanupCleanup -- MikeMike andand hishis staffstaff havehave joinedjoined thethe BallonaBallona CreekCreek RenaissanceRenaissance (BCR)(BCR) aa numbernumber ofof timestimes toto cleanclean upup thethe BallonaBallona Creek.Creek. BCR'sBCR's Cleanups,Cleanups, co-sponsoredco-sponsored byby thethe DelDel ReyRey NeighborhoodNeighborhood CouncilCouncil andand thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles CityCity OfficeOffice ofof CommunityCommunity Beautification,Beautification, areare mademade possiblepossible byby thethe ongoingongoing supportsupport andand permissionpermission ofof LALA CountyCounty PublicPublic Works/FloodWorks/Flood ControlControl District.District. Bundy/OceanBundy/Ocean ParkPark BeautificationBeautification -- MikeMike spentspent aa morningmorning inin MarchMarch ofof 20142014 withwith moremore thanthan 5050 volunteers,volunteers, cleaningcleaning upup thethe areaarea aroundaround BundyBundy andand OceanOcean ParkPark inin MarMar Vista.Vista. TheyThey pickedpicked upup moremore thanthan 8080 fullfull bagsbags ofof debrisdebris andand mademade aa