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MarchMarchMarchMarch 2016201620162016

WelcomeWelcome toto thethe MarchMarch issueissue ofof MikeMike Bonin'sBonin's "Neighborhoods"Neighborhoods FirstFirst Newsletter"!Newsletter"!

BeforeBefore wewe getget started,started, pleaseplease taketake aa momentmoment toto readread moremore aboutabout BillBill Rosendahl,Rosendahl,

Mike'sMike's predecessor,predecessor, mentormentor andand friendfriend whowho passedpassed awayaway yesterdayyesterday afterafter aa four-four-

yearyear battlebattle withwith cancer.cancer. YouYou cancan readread aa fullfull obituaryobituary herehere,, oror findfind outout moremore atat thethe

bottombottom ofof thisthis newsletter.newsletter.

ININ THISTHIS ISSUE:ISSUE: WeWe taketake aa looklook atat anan inspirationalinspirational storystory ofof tolerancetolerance drowningdrowning outout

hatehate inin thethe PacificPacific Palisades,Palisades, findfind outout moremore aboutabout aa planplan toto repairrepair brokenbroken

sidewalkssidewalks inin ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods andand celebratecelebrate aa "Pioneer"Pioneer Woman"Woman" fromfrom PlayaPlaya deldel

butbutbutbut firstfirstfirstfirst,, pleaseplease readread thisthis month'smonth's NeighborhoodsNeighborhoods FirstFirst Profile,Profile, aa touchingtouching

Rey Rey

interviewinterview withwith thethe firstfirst residentresident ofof Westchester.Westchester.

Facebook Facebook page page and and follow follow Gertrude Gertrude Gertrude Gertrude Ratzlaff: Ratzlaff:

GertrudeGertrudeGertrudeGertrude Ratzlaff:Ratzlaff:Ratzlaff:Ratzlaff: TheTheTheThe FirstFirstFirstFirst ResidentResidentResidentResident ofofofof WestchesterWestchesterWestchesterWestchester

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OneOne ofof thethe manymany thingsthings thatthat makesmakes thethe WestsideWestside specialspecial isis thethe richrich historyhistory inin eacheach distinctdistinct neighborhoodneighborhood ofof thethe district.district. WantingWanting toto learnlearn aa littlelittle moremore aboutabout thethe historyhistory ofof thethe areaarea sheshe waswas justjust promotedpromoted toto workwork with,with, Mike'sMike's newnew fieldfield deputydeputy forfor WestchesterWestchester andand PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey AnnaAnna KozmaKozma satsat downdown withwith GertrudeGertrude RatzlaffRatzlaff -- thethe firstfirst personperson toto movemove intointo WestchesterWestchester -- toto askask aboutabout thethe neighborhood'sneighborhood's earlyearly days.days.

neighborhood's early early days. days. How How did did you you come come to to Westchester?

HowHow diddid youyou comecome toto Westchester?Westchester?

II waswas bornborn inin NorthNorth DakotaDakota inin

19161916 andand mymy familyfamily movedmoved toto HighlandHighland ParkPark whenwhen II waswas nine.nine. II workedworked atat thethe AutomobileAutomobile ClubClub ofof SouthernSouthern CaliforniaCalifornia downtowndowntown forfor 1010 years,years, andand oneone day,day, mymy sistersister toldtold meme thatthat aa manman sheshe knewknew hadhad seenseen mymy picturepicture andand askedasked ifif hehe couldcould taketake meme onon aa datedate toto aa HalloweenHalloween II metmet DarrellDarrell inin 19361936 andand wewe werewere marriedmarried thethe nextnext September.September. DarrellDarrell andand

II lovedloved toto gogo outout dancingdancing andand hehe proposedproposed toto meme atat thethe MillenniumMillennium BiltmoreBiltmore Hotel'sHotel's BiltmoreBiltmore Bowl.Bowl.

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WeWe movedmoved toto ManhattanManhattan BeachBeach toto rentrent inin anan apartmentapartment untiluntil wewe couldcould affordafford aa home,home, andand oneone dayday inin 1940,1940, whilewhile drivingdriving downdown LaLa Tijera,Tijera, wewe noticednoticed aa largelarge postedposted signsign thatthat said,said, "400"400 HomesHomes toto bebe Built,Built, F.H.A.F.H.A. 10%10% down."down." WeWe checkedchecked intointo it,it, andand sawsaw thethe homeshomes thethe samesame developersdevelopers builtbuilt inin Bell.Bell. TheThe homeshomes werewere wellwell built,built, soso wewe knewknew immediatelyimmediately thethe locationlocation ofof LaLa TijeraTijera andand ManchesterManchester waswas forfor WeWe pickedpicked outout ourour lotlot onon aa mapmap asas soonsoon asas SiSi (Westchester(Westchester developerdeveloper SilasSilas Nowell)Nowell) calledcalled usus toto letlet usus knowknow hehe waswas readyready toto subdivide,subdivide, andand wewe startedstarted toto buildbuild atat 84068406 VicksburgVicksburg AveAve inin JanuaryJanuary 1941.1941. WeWe finallyfinally movedmoved inin onon AprilApril 24th,24th, 1941.1941. HarryHarry andand OlgaOlga Barner,Barner, ourour neighbors,neighbors, movedmoved inin thethe samesame

WhyWhy diddid youyou decidedecide toto movemove toto Westchester?Westchester? DarrellDarrell workedworked inin thethe aerospaceaerospace industry,industry, soso itit waswas aa goodgood location.location. TheThe costcost ofof thethe houseshouses waswas alsoalso low,low, andand sincesince wewe werewere newlywedsnewlyweds andand diddid notnot havehave aa lotlot toto offer,offer, thatthat waswas good.good. SiSi eveneven letlet usus paypay backback whatwhat wewe owedowed onon thethe househouse inin warwar bonds.bonds. ItIt costcost aa whoppingwhopping $4,900$4,900 forfor thethe entireentire propertyproperty inin 1940.1940. TheThe developersdevelopers werewere great,great, andand theythey namednamed thethe planplan ofof thethe househouse wewe movedmoved intointo thethe "Ratzlaff"Ratzlaff Plan."Plan."

WhatWhat waswas thethe neighborhoodneighborhood likelike backback then?then? ThereThere waswas almostalmost nothing.nothing. WhenWhen wewe firstfirst movedmoved in,in, itit waswas nothingnothing butbut beanbean fields.fields. AsAs thethe neighborhoodneighborhood developed,developed, aa sensesense ofof communitycommunity emerged.emerged. AllAll thethe neighborsneighbors knewknew eacheach other,other, thethe childrenchildren wouldwould playplay kickkick thethe cancan underunder thethe streetstreet lightlight atat night,night, everyoneeveryone hadhad gardensgardens inin theirtheir backyardsbackyards andand grewgrew theirtheir ownown vegetables,vegetables, wewe hadhad locallocal paradesparades downdown thethe street.street. TheThe hoghog farmfarm thatthat hadhad beenbeen nearbynearby hadhad sincesince beenbeen relocatedrelocated andand WestportWestport HeightsHeights ElementaryElementary builtbuilt nearby.nearby.

II alsoalso rememberremember takingtaking aa funfun rideride inin aa twotwo passengerpassenger smallsmall planeplane backback whenwhen LAXLAX waswas simplysimply thethe smallsmall MinesMines Field.Field.

DarrellDarrell andand II werewere thethe firstfirst onesones toto havehave aa poolpool builtbuilt inin theirtheir backyard,backyard, andand II

taughttaught allall thethe neighborhoodneighborhood childrenchildren toto swim.swim.

WhatWhat hashas beenbeen thethe bestbest changechange you'veyou've seenseen inin thethe neighborhoodneighborhood sincesince youyou movedmoved in?in? TheThe wonderfulwonderful storesstores andand entertainmententertainment nearby.nearby. DarrellDarrell andand II attendedattended openingopening nightnight atat thethe LoyolaLoyola TheaterTheater (ed(ed note:note: nownow thethe "Abdi"Abdi LoyolaLoyola MedicalMedical Building.")Building.") AsAs otherother peoplepeople startedstarted seeingseeing whatwhat aa wonderfulwonderful placeplace wewe lived,lived, moremore peoplepeople beganbegan investinginvesting inin thethe areaarea andand movingmoving

WhatWhat hasn'thasn't changedchanged thatthat youyou wouldwould likelike toto seesee changechange inin thethe future?future? Nothing,Nothing, WestchesterWestchester isis aa beautifulbeautiful II thinkthink soso muchmuch ofof Westchester,Westchester, itit isis trulytruly aa wonderfulwonderful neighborhood.neighborhood.

truly a a wonderful wonderful neighborhood. neighborhood. Students Students Write Write Inspiring Inspiring

StudentsStudents WriteWrite InspiringInspiring MessagesMessages ofof LoveLove AfterAfter HatefulHateful GraffitiGraffiti FoundFound atat PaliPali HighHigh

Graffiti Graffiti Found Found at at Pali Pali High High The The Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades

TheThe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades communitycommunity wokewoke upup toto aa shockingshocking displaydisplay onon Monday,Monday, MarchMarch 14,14, asas hatefulhateful graffitigraffiti waswas discovereddiscovered spray-paintedspray-painted onon andand aroundaround thethe campuscampus atat PalisadesPalisades CharterCharter HighHigh School.School. PaliPali HighHigh students,students, however,however, respondedresponded toto thethe hate-speechhate-speech graffitigraffiti inin thethe mostmost inspiringinspiring wayway possible,possible, leadingleading aa peacefulpeaceful protestprotest andand drawingdrawing chalkchalk messagesmessages ofof lovelove andand tolerancetolerance toto replacereplace thethe hatefulhateful graffiti.graffiti.

AfterAfter hearinghearing aboutabout thethe situation,situation, MikeMike steppedstepped upup toto supportsupport thethe students,students, authoringauthoring aa motionmotion askingasking forfor aa rewardreward forfor informationinformation leadingleading toto thethe arrestarrest andand convictionconviction ofof thethe peoplepeople responsibleresponsible forfor thethe hate-speechhate-speech graffiti.graffiti. HoursHours afterafter thethe motionmotion waswas introduced,introduced, twotwo arrestsarrests werewere mademade inin thethe

FindFind outout moremore aboutabout thethe incidentincident andand seesee photosphotos ofof thethe PaliPali HighHigh Student'sStudent's inspiringinspiring imagesimages ofof tolerancetolerance atat

PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey ResidentResident HonoredHonored asas CD11CD11 "Pioneer"Pioneer Woman"Woman" forfor 20162016

March March is is Women's Women's History History Month, Month, and and every every year,

MarchMarch isis Women'sWomen's HistoryHistory Month,Month, andand everyevery year,year, thethe CityCity CouncilCouncil recognizesrecognizes thethe contributionscontributions ofof somesome thethe amazingamazing womenwomen whowho makemake ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods greatgreat placesplaces toto livelive andand workwork byby designatingdesignating oneone "Pioneer"Pioneer Woman"Woman" inin eacheach councilcouncil district.district.

OnOn MarchMarch 23,23, MikeMike waswas honoredhonored toto recognizerecognize Dr.Dr. MicheleMichele Cooley-Strickland,Cooley-Strickland, aa PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey residentresident whowho hashas mademade herher communitycommunity aa betterbetter Dr.Dr. Cooley-Cooley- StricklandStrickland isis aa licensedlicensed psychologistpsychologist withwith aa remarkablyremarkably impressiveimpressive CV,CV, whichwhich includesincludes workwork asas thethe principalprincipal investigatorinvestigator onon grantsgrants fundedfunded byby thethe NationalNational InstituteInstitute ofof MentalMental HealthHealth designeddesigned toto studystudy thethe emotionalemotional andand behavioralbehavioral outcomesoutcomes ofof youngyoung people’speople’s exposureexposure toto communitycommunity violence.violence.

Dr.Dr. Cooley-StricklandCooley-Strickland hashas gottengotten involvedinvolved inin thethe PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey andand WestchesterWestchester neighborhoodsneighborhoods inin justjust aboutabout everyevery wayway possible,possible, andand isis aa membermember ofof thethe NeighborhoodNeighborhood CouncilCouncil ofof Westchester/Playa,Westchester/Playa, LAXLAX CoastalCoastal ChamberChamber ofof Commerce'sCommerce's EducationEducation Committee,Committee, VeniceVenice HighHigh SchoolSchool ComprehensiveComprehensive ModernizationModernization ProjectProject AdvisoryAdvisory Group,Group, LAUSD’sLAUSD’s Westchester,Westchester, PlayaPlaya deldel Rey,Rey, PlayaPlaya VistaVista InstructionalInstructional PathwaysPathways CollaborativeCollaborative WorkWork Group,Group, andand thethe SoCalSoCal GasGas Company’sCompany’s CommunityCommunity WestsideWestside AdvisoryAdvisory Council.Council.

Dr.Dr. Cooley-StricklandCooley-Strickland isis trulytruly aa pioneerpioneer forfor womenwomen andand girlsgirls everywhere,everywhere, andand herher commitmentcommitment toto advancingadvancing herher community,community, thethe Westside,Westside, andand thethe CityCity ofof LosLos Angeles,Angeles, isis awe-inspiring.awe-inspiring.

MikeMike BreaksBreaks GroundGround onon NewNew VeniceVenice ParkingParking LotLot

on on New New Venice Venice Parking Parking Lot Lot More More parking parking is is

MoreMore parkingparking isis comingcoming toto Venice.Venice. NeighborsNeighbors andand businessesbusinesses inin VeniceVenice areare demandingdemanding moremore parkingparking toto makemake lifelife easiereasier forfor residentsresidents andand toto supportsupport locallocal businesses,businesses, andand onon MarchMarch 21,21, Mike,Mike, VeniceVenice neighborsneighbors andand CityCity officialsofficials brokebroke groundground onon LotLot 760760 -- aa newnew publicpublic parkingparking lotlot onon IrvingIrving TaborTabor Court.Court. TheThe newnew lotlot willwill havehave 5050 meteredmetered parkingparking spaces,spaces, bikebike racks,racks, permeablepermeable concreteconcrete paving,paving, lightinglighting andand landscaping,landscaping, andand willwill bebe aa welcomewelcome additionaddition toto thethe

PlayPlay Ball!Ball! MikeMike HostsHosts PopPop UpUp OfficeOffice HoursHours atat LittleLittle LeagueLeague OpeningOpening DaysDays inin MarMar VistaVista andand DelDel ReyRey

Days in in Mar Mar Vista Vista and and Del Del Rey Rey You You shouldn't

YouYou shouldn'tshouldn't needneed toto trektrek downtowndowntown toto speakspeak withwith youryour Councilmember,Councilmember, andand Mike'sMike's AccessAccess 1111 programprogram isis designeddesigned toto bringbring CityCity HallHall toto thethe Westside.Westside. ThisThis month,month, MikeMike hostedhosted AccessAccess 1111 poppop upup officeoffice hourshours atat twotwo differentdifferent openingopening dayday ceremoniesceremonies atat locallocal LittleLittle LeaguesLeagues -- thethe CulverCulver MarinaMarina leagueleague inin DelDel ReyRey andand PlayaPlaya Vista,Vista, andand thethe NorthNorth VeniceVenice leagueleague inin MarMar Vista.Vista.

HundredsHundreds ofof familiesfamilies stoppedstopped byby duringduring thethe twotwo poppop upup officeoffice eventsevents toto chatchat withwith MikeMike andand toto talktalk aboutabout waysways thatthat MikeMike cancan helphelp makemake theirtheir neighborhoodsneighborhoods betterbetter placesplaces toto livelive andand

AlternativeAlternative LocationsLocations ConsideredConsidered forfor Pole-TopPole-Top SubstationsSubstations inin thethe PalisadesPalisades -- SendSend YourYour CommentsComments toto DWPDWP byby TomorrowTomorrow

Comments Comments to to DWP DWP by by Tomorrow Tomorrow Community Community input input is is

CommunityCommunity inputinput isis essentialessential asas difficultdifficult decisionsdecisions affectingaffecting neighborhoodsneighborhoods areare made,made, andand MikeMike hashas insistedinsisted thatthat thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles DepartmentDepartment ofof WaterWater andand PowerPower askask forfor inputinput regardingregarding aa proposalproposal forfor newnew temporarytemporary powerpower infrastructureinfrastructure inin thethe PacificPacific Palisades.Palisades.

EarlierEarlier thisthis month,month, thethe LADWPLADWP proposedproposed installinginstalling twotwo temporarytemporary pole-toppole-top substationssubstations inin thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades toto helphelp addressaddress powerpower reliabilityreliability issuesissues throughoutthroughout thethe neighborhood.neighborhood.

WhenWhen thethe proposalproposal waswas firstfirst presentedpresented toto thethe community,community, importantimportant questionsquestions werewere raisedraised aboutabout thethe locationslocations proposedproposed forfor thethe temporarytemporary powerpower infrastructureinfrastructure andand ifif otherother alternativealternative locationslocations areare feasible.feasible. MikeMike insistedinsisted thatthat LADWPLADWP addressaddress communitycommunity concernsconcerns byby hostinghosting aa communitycommunity meetingmeeting toto directlydirectly answeranswer questionsquestions fromfrom neighbors.neighbors. ThatThat meetingmeeting waswas heldheld inin mid-March,mid-March, andand thethe informationinformation presentedpresented atat thethe meetingmeeting aboutabout thethe DWPDWP proposalproposal andand possiblepossible alternativesalternatives isis nownow availableavailable onlineonline atat

MikeMike isis encouragingencouraging everyoneeveryone inin thethe PalisadesPalisades toto taketake aa momentmoment toto reviewreview thethe

informationinformation andand toto considerconsider thethe locationslocations thatthat werewere originallyoriginally proposedproposed -- asas wellwell asas thethe newnew alternativesalternatives beingbeing exploredexplored byby DWPDWP -- andand thenthen sendsend youryour commentscomments andand ideasideas toto DWPDWP atat byby tomorrowtomorrow Friday,Friday, AprilApril 1,1, 2016.2016.

SurveySurvey LaunchedLaunched toto HelpHelp AddressAddress WestchesterWestchester TrafficTraffic IssuesIssues

Westchester Westchester Traffic Traffic Issues Issues Over Over the the last last few few months, months,

OverOver thethe lastlast fewfew months,months, MikeMike hashas beenbeen partneringpartnering withwith neighborsneighbors inin thethe WestportWestport HeightsHeights andand OsageOsage neighborhoodsneighborhoods ofof WestchesterWestchester toto addressaddress thethe suddensudden andand significantsignificant surgesurge inin traffictraffic inin thosethose areas.areas. ManyMany neighborhoodsneighborhoods endureendure cutcut throughthrough traffic,traffic, butbut somethingsomething suddensudden andand dramaticdramatic happenedhappened inin OsageOsage andand WestportWestport HeightsHeights lastlast fall,fall, whenwhen hundredshundreds ofof motoristsmotorists startedstarted suddenlysuddenly usingusing residentialresidential streetsstreets asas shortshort cuts.cuts. OnOn MarchMarch 23,23, MikeMike hostedhosted aa communitycommunity meetingmeeting toto discussdiscuss notnot onlyonly thethe traffic,traffic, butbut somesome proposedproposed solutionssolutions beingbeing offeredoffered byby thethe DepartmentDepartment ofof Transportation.Transportation.

IfIf youyou livelive inin thethe WestportWestport HeightsHeights oror OsageOsage neighborhoodsneighborhoods andand werewere notnot ableable toto makemake itit toto thethe meeting,meeting, youyou cancan stillstill voicevoice youryour opinionopinion inin thethe onlineonline surveysurvey MikeMike launchedlaunched toto helphelp gathergather input.input. PleasePlease visitvisit toto findfind outout moremore aboutabout thethe solutionssolutions beingbeing proposedproposed andand toto telltell usus whatwhat youyou think.think.

VictoryVictory forfor BrentwoodBrentwood NeighborsNeighbors andand ProtectedProtected TreesTrees asas DeveloperDeveloper HeldHeld AccountableAccountable

as Developer Developer Held Held Accountable Accountable The The callous callous destruction destruction of of

TheThe callouscallous destructiondestruction ofof irreplaceableirreplaceable protectedprotected treestrees mustmust havehave consequences,consequences, andand MikeMike joinedjoined withwith BrentwoodBrentwood neighborsneighbors lastlast monthmonth toto urgeurge thethe citycity toto holdhold developersdevelopers accountableaccountable forfor illegallyillegally removingremoving protectedprotected trees.trees.

LastLast month,month, thethe City'sCity's BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices consideredconsidered penaltiespenalties forfor thethe developerdeveloper ofof aa largelarge compoundcompound inin thethe SullivanSullivan CanyonCanyon neighborhoodneighborhood ofof BrentwoodBrentwood afterafter itit waswas discovereddiscovered thatthat thethe developerdeveloper hadhad illegallyillegally removedremoved twotwo livelive oaksoaks andand oneone westernwestern sycamoresycamore -- allall protectedprotected trees.trees. ThisThis developerdeveloper ignoredignored

thethe lawlaw andand MikeMike joinedjoined neighborsneighbors andand environmentalenvironmental groupsgroups likelike thethe NaturalNatural ResourcesResources DefenseDefense CouncilCouncil toto askask thatthat thethe developerdeveloper bebe heldheld accountable.accountable.

OnOn MarchMarch 13,13, thethe BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices agreedagreed withwith MikeMike andand thethe neighbor'sneighbor's request,request, revokingrevoking permitspermits forfor thethe sitesite andand sayingsaying thatthat nono developmentdevelopment shouldshould bebe allowedallowed atat thethe locationlocation forfor thethe nextnext fivefive years.years.

StreetStreet ResurfacingResurfacing ImprovesImproves RoadsRoads ThroughoutThroughout WestsideWestside

Roads Roads Throughout Throughout Westside Westside Repairing Repairing our our streets streets is is one

RepairingRepairing ourour streetsstreets isis oneone ofof thethe mostmost importantimportant corecore responsibilitiesresponsibilities ofof locallocal government,government, andand thethe BureauBureau ofof StreetStreet ServicesServices waswas hardhard atat workwork onon thethe WestsideWestside inin thethe pastpast month.month. StreetsStreets inin Westchester,Westchester, Venice,Venice, thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades andand BrentwoodBrentwood allall gotgot attention,attention, whichwhich workwork rangingranging fromfrom completecomplete repaving,repaving, toto addingadding aa freshfresh layerlayer ofof asphaltasphalt onon toptop ofof thethe existingexisting street.street. ManyMany ofof thethe streetsstreets werewere selectedselected byby locallocal neighborhoodneighborhood councilscouncils asas toptop prioritiespriorities forfor thethe neighborhood.neighborhood.

MikeMike TalksTalks TrafficTraffic atat BrentwoodBrentwood HomeownersHomeowners AssociationAssociation MeetingMeeting

Homeowners Association Association Meeting Meeting Mike Mike is is working working to to address address

MikeMike isis workingworking toto addressaddress thethe intolerableintolerable gridlockgridlock onon SunsetSunset BoulevardBoulevard inin Brentwood,Brentwood, andand hehe discusseddiscussed thethe ongoingongoing efforteffort withwith neighborsneighbors inin attendanceattendance atat thethe BrentwoodBrentwood Homeowner'sHomeowner's AssociationAssociation annualannual meetingmeeting onon FebruaryFebruary 29.29. TheThe meetingmeeting alsoalso includedincluded reportsreports onon developmentdevelopment projectsprojects inin thethe area,area, butbut thethe mainmain focusfocus waswas onon traffic,traffic, andand MikeMike encouragedencouraged allall BrentwoodBrentwood neighborsneighbors toto helphelp byby completingcompleting anan onlineonline surveysurvey hehe launchedlaunched toto getget inputinput onon aa varietyvariety ofof proposalsproposals thatthat couldcould reducereduce gridlockgridlock onon SunsetSunset

NewNew TrafficTraffic SignalSignal HelpsHelps WestWest LALA PreparePrepare forfor ExpoExpo LineLine OpeningOpening

New New traffic traffic signals signals are are helping helping to to improve improve street

NewNew traffictraffic signalssignals areare helpinghelping toto improveimprove streetstreet safetysafety asas thethe WestsideWestside preparesprepares forfor thethe MayMay 2020 openingopening ofof thethe ExpoExpo LineLine PhasePhase 22 extension,extension, whichwhich willwill connectconnect downtowndowntown LALA withwith thethe beachbeach inin SantaSanta Monica.Monica. OnOn MarchMarch 10,10, MikeMike joinedjoined aa crewcrew fromfrom thethe LosLos AngelesAngeles DepartmentDepartment ofof TransportationTransportation toto turnturn onon aa newnew traffictraffic signalsignal atat ExpositionExposition andand CentinelaCentinela inin WestWest LA.LA. TheThe signalsignal willwill helphelp keepkeep pedestrianspedestrians andand bicyclistsbicyclists safesafe asas thethe neighborhoodneighborhood preparesprepares forfor trainstrains toto finallyfinally comecome toto WestWest LA.LA.

MikeMike CelebratesCelebrates MarMar VistaVista Co-EdCo-Ed SoccerSoccer ChampsChamps

Mar Vista Vista Co-Ed Co-Ed Soccer Soccer Champs Champs Local Local sports sports teams teams are

LocalLocal sportssports teamsteams areare aa greatgreat sourcesource ofof pridepride forfor ourour neighborhoods,neighborhoods, andand thethe MarMar VistaVista SoccerSoccer League'sLeague's MajorMajor co-edco-ed allall starsstars areare givinggiving MarMar VistaVista aa lotlot toto bebe proudproud ofof recently.recently. TheThe All-StarAll-Star teamteam wonwon thethe ValleyValley RegionRegion Championship,Championship, andand MikeMike helpedhelped thethe teamteam unveilunveil theirtheir championshipchampionship bannerbanner andand additionallyadditionally honoredhonored thethe players,players, coachescoaches andand parkpark staffstaff onon thethe title.title.

DelDel ReyRey LiteracyLiteracy FairFair OffersOffers FreeFree Books,Books, CelebratesCelebrates thethe WrittenWritten WordWord

Celebrates Celebrates the the Written Written Word Word The The Mar Mar Vista Vista Family Family

TheThe MarMar VistaVista FamilyFamily CenterCenter hostedhosted aa wonderfulwonderful communitycommunity eventevent inin DelDel ReyRey onon MarchMarch 19,19, celebratingcelebrating readingreading andand thethe DelDel ReyRey neighborhoodneighborhood atat thethe 12th12th AnnualAnnual DelDel ReyRey LiteracyLiteracy Fair.Fair. TheThe fun-filledfun-filled dayday featuredfeatured food,food, artart andand crafts,crafts, asas wellwell asas

freefree booksbooks andand educationaleducational materialsmaterials forfor kidskids fromfrom 0-11.0-11. TheThe eventevent waswas co-hostedco-hosted byby thethe DelDel ReyRey NeighborhoodNeighborhood Council.Council.

Energy-EfficientEnergy-Efficient LEDLED LightsLights InstalledInstalled inin PlayaPlaya VistaVista

Lights Installed Installed in in Playa Playa Vista Vista New New LED LED lights lights are

NewNew LEDLED lightslights areare notnot onlyonly moremore