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Year-EndYear-EndYear-EndYear-End SpecialSpecialSpecialSpecial Edition:Edition:Edition:Edition: 2016201620162016 NeighborhoodNeighborhoodNeighborhoodNeighborhood HeroesHeroesHeroesHeroes

WelcomeWelcome toto thethe SpecialSpecial Year-EndYear-End IssueIssue ofof MikeMike Bonin'sBonin's "Neighborhoods"Neighborhoods FirstFirst Newsletter"!Newsletter"!

ININ THISTHIS ISSUE:ISSUE: MikeMike focusesfocuses onon somesome ofof thethe unsungunsung heroesheroes whowho havehave workedworked soso hardhard toto makemake ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods great.great. WeWe areare spotlightingspotlighting aa seriesseries ofof "2016"2016 NeighborhoodNeighborhood Heroes"Heroes" fromfrom variousvarious neighborhoodsneighborhoods onon thethe Westside.Westside. FindFind outout moremore aboutabout themthem below!below!

Facebook Facebook page page and and follow follow As As we we look look back back

AsAs wewe looklook backback onon 2016,2016, wewe thankthank thethe manymany unsungunsung andand under-appreciatedunder-appreciated neighborsneighbors whowho workwork everyevery dayday toto makemake ourour neighborhoodsneighborhoods aa greatgreat placeplace toto live,live, workwork andand enjoy.enjoy. InIn thisthis specialspecial section,section, MikeMike hashas selectedselected "neighborhood"neighborhood heroes"heroes" fromfrom throughoutthroughout thethe Westside.Westside. FindFind outout whowho MikeMike decideddecided toto recognizerecognize asas aa "2016"2016 NeighborhoodNeighborhood Hero"Hero" andand readread aa personalpersonal messagemessage aboutabout eacheach honoreehonoree fromfrom MikeMike below.below.

JudithJudith Ciancimino,Ciancimino, WestchesterWestchester

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Judith Judith Ciancimino Ciancimino is is the the friendly friendly face face of of Westchester.

JudithJudith CianciminoCiancimino isis thethe friendlyfriendly faceface ofof Westchester.Westchester.

InIn thethe twentytwenty yearsyears II havehave beenbeen workingworking withwith neighborsneighbors inin Westchester,Westchester, II havehave beenbeen ableable toto countcount onon seeingseeing Judith’sJudith’s warmwarm andand engagingengaging smilesmile atat seeminglyseemingly everyevery communitycommunity eventevent II attended.attended.

BackBack whenwhen II workedworked withwith CouncilwomanCouncilwoman RuthRuth GalanterGalanter inin thethe 1990s,1990s, JudithJudith helpedhelped produceproduce multiplemultiple towntown hallhall meetingsmeetings aboutabout airportairport expansionexpansion andand publicpublic safetysafety issues.issues. WhenWhen votersvoters approvedapproved aa newnew chartercharter inin 1999,1999, JudithJudith waswas amongamong thosethose whowho organizedorganized thethe locallocal neighborhoodneighborhood council,council, andand servedserved multiplemultiple termsterms asas itsits secretary.secretary. JudithJudith isis partpart ofof thethe corecore ofof peoplepeople whowho foundedfounded thethe AnnualAnnual WestchesterWestchester FourthFourth ofof JulyJuly ParadeParade andand hashas workedworked onon itit everyevery yearyear sincesince itsits inceptioninception inin 2000.2000. JudithJudith hashas alsoalso workedworked asas aa supersuper volunteervolunteer withwith thethe GirlGirl Scouts,Scouts, TheThe ElksElks Club,Club, LadiesLadies ofof thethe Elks,Elks, thethe RotaryRotary ClubClub ofof PlayaPlaya VeniceVenice Sunrise,Sunrise, andand thethe Lariats,Lariats, thethe overover 6060 year-oldyear-old dancedance troupe.troupe.

Tweets by ​ @MikeBoninLA Mike Bonin @MikeBoninLA Melissa Aczon of @DelReyNeighbor is one of my
Tweets by ​
Mike Bonin
Melissa Aczon of @DelReyNeighbor is one of my
CD11 Neighborhood Heroes. Working for
@ChildrensLA, volunteering for Summer Night
Lights, Del Rey Cup & Resource Fair, Del Rey
Health Day, organizing the Del Rey Spelling Bee,
& promoting STEAM education for young women
& girls.
Mike Bonin
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JudithJudith isis inin nownow inin herher secondsecond careercareer withwith thethe LAXLAX CoastalCoastal AreaArea ChamberChamber ofof CommerceCommerce servingserving asas theirtheir OfficeOffice Manager.Manager. Previously,Previously, sheshe headedheaded upup andand ranran theirtheir TransportationTransportation ManagementManagement Association,Association, whichwhich promotedpromoted cleanercleaner airair throughthrough carpoolingcarpooling andand thethe useuse ofof publicpublic transportation.transportation.

JudithJudith isis aa 3434 yearyear residentresident ofof Westchester,Westchester, wherewhere sheshe liveslives withwith herher husbandhusband ofof 3131 years,years, Tony.Tony. TheyThey havehave aa daughter,daughter, Lauren,Lauren, whowho hashas maintainedmaintained locallocal rootsroots andand worksworks inin MarinaMarina deldel Rey.Rey. SinceSince JudithJudith humblyhumbly declineddeclined thisthis honor,honor, andand recommendingrecommending II acknowledgeacknowledge variousvarious otherother peoplepeople inin thethe community,community, itit tooktook thethe surreptitioussurreptitious effortsefforts ofof TonyTony andand LaurenLauren toto helphelp meme compilecompile thisthis entry.entry.

LaurieLaurie Sale,Sale, PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades

Laurie Sale, Sale, Pacific Pacific Palisades Palisades Laurie Laurie Sale Sale is is a a gem

LaurieLaurie SaleSale isis aa gemgem ofof aa person,person, andand PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades isis fortunatefortunate indeedindeed toto havehave

herher asas aa longtimelongtime residentresident andand aa communitycommunity activistactivist workingworking toto makemake herher neighborhoodneighborhood better.better.

WhileWhile LaurieLaurie isis currentlycurrently thethe forceforce behindbehind thethe newnew BusinessBusiness ImprovementImprovement DistrictDistrict inin PacificPacific Palisades,Palisades, II firstfirst metmet herher inin 2004,2004, duringduring BillBill Rosendahl’sRosendahl’s firstfirst campaigncampaign forfor HerHer infectiousinfectious spiritspirit andand “can“can do”do” attitudeattitude ledled BillBill toto hirehire herher asas hishis deputydeputy forfor arts,arts, educationeducation andand cultureculture ---- andand thenthen asas aa “special“special projectsprojects deputy.”deputy.” ItIt waswas oneone inin aa seriesseries ofof diversediverse careercareer choiceschoices thatthat havehave included:included: anan early-early- childhoodchildhood teachingteaching credential;credential; owningowning andand operatingoperating thethe firstfirst andand largestlargest successfulsuccessful independentindependent children'schildren's ONLYONLY bookstorebookstore inin thethe country;country; creatingcreating educationaleducational softwaresoftware forfor childrenchildren atat PhilipsPhilips Media;Media; workingworking asas VPVP ofof publishingpublishing atat thethe largestlargest pop-uppop-up publishingpublishing companycompany (Intervisual(Intervisual Books);Books); servingserving asas EditorEditor inin ChiefChief ofof anan onlineonline sitesite forfor parents,parents, kids,kids, grandparentsgrandparents andand teachers,teachers, (Knowledge(Knowledge KidsKids Network);Network); marketingmarketing VPVP forfor thethe preeminentpreeminent bilingualbilingual educatoreducator inin thethe country,country, JoséJosé LuísLuís Orozco,Orozco, andand moremore workwork withwith andand forfor children.children.

AlthoughAlthough sheshe startedstarted toto retire,retire, SaleSale gotgot involvedinvolved inin creatingcreating aa BusinessBusiness ImprovementImprovement DistrictDistrict inin thethe Palisades.Palisades. TheThe BIDBID isis aa nonprofit,nonprofit, mademade upup ofof commercialcommercial propertyproperty ownersowners withinwithin aa defineddefined areaarea inin thethe village.village. TheThe moniesmonies fromfrom assessmentsassessments isis pooledpooled andand administeredadministered byby thethe BIDBID toto helphelp provideprovide thethe PacificPacific PalisadesPalisades BusinessBusiness DistrictDistrict withwith effectiveeffective maintenancemaintenance programs,programs, marketing,marketing, andand otherother servicesservices aboveabove andand beyondbeyond thosethose providedprovided byby thethe City.City. AfterAfter aa longlong journey,journey, thethe BIDBID waswas formallyformally formedformed inin January,January, 2016,2016, andand LaurieLaurie becamebecame thethe ExecutiveExecutive Director.Director. She'sShe's soso proudproud ofof thethe BIDBID inin thethe Palisades,Palisades, andand sayssays thethe BoardBoard ofof DirectorsDirectors isis thethe "best"best inin thethe west".west". TheyThey havehave aa website,website,,, wherewhere allall ofof theirtheir projects,projects, photosphotos andand newslettersnewsletters areare posted.posted. TheThe BIDBID recentlyrecently hostedhosted aa ThankThank YouYou LuncheonLuncheon forfor thethe WestWest LAPDLAPD officersofficers andand firefightersfirefighters fromfrom StationsStations 2323 andand 69.69.

PerhapsPerhaps Laurie’sLaurie’s proudestproudest accomplishmentaccomplishment isis herher childrenchildren andand fourfour

grandchildren.grandchildren. SheShe andand herher mother,mother, JuneJune SolnitSolnit Sale,Sale, anan acclaimedacclaimed childchild carecare expert,expert, blogblog aboutabout thethe grandparentinggrandparenting andand great-grandparentinggreat-grandparenting

notnot onlyonly thethe "grands","grands", butbut alsoalso toto thethe parentsparents andand children'schildren's Children’sChildren’s advocacyadvocacy andand educationeducation willwill alwaysalways bebe oneone ofof Sale'sSale's greatestgreatest interests.interests. SheShe comescomes fromfrom aa familyfamily ofof activistsactivists andand isis alwaysalways readyready toto getget involvedinvolved inin communitycommunity andand politicalpolitical issues.issues.

TheThe topicstopics areare importantimportant toto

ThisThis isis whatwhat LaurieLaurie saidsaid aboutabout whywhy sheshe lovesloves Palisades:Palisades:

"The"The PalisadesPalisades hashas beenbeen thethe mostmost wonderfulwonderful placeplace toto raiseraise mymy twotwo sons,sons, AaronAaron andand Jorge,Jorge, andand toto livelive in.”in.” LaurieLaurie says.says. “I“I looklook forwardforward toto manymany moremore yearsyears here,here, asas wewe remodeledremodeled ourour homehome soso thatthat wewe cancan staystay herehere whenwhen wewe areare muchmuch older.older. II lovelove thethe neighbors,neighbors, thethe shopsshops andand thethe communitycommunity willingwilling toto workwork togethertogether forfor thethe benefitbenefit ofof allall ofof us.”us.”

JulieJulie RossRoss andand KathyKathy Schwertfeger,Schwertfeger, PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey

When When Julie Julie Ross Ross and and Kathy Kathy Schwertfeger Schwertfeger founded founded a

WhenWhen JulieJulie RossRoss andand KathyKathy SchwertfegerSchwertfeger foundedfounded aa nonprofitnonprofit andand namednamed itit PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey Guardians,Guardians, theythey chosechose thethe namename well.well. ForFor thethe pastpast severalseveral years,years, theythey havehave beenbeen thethe neighborhood’sneighborhood’s hard-workinghard-working guardianguardian angels.angels.

JulieJulie isis aa lifelonglifelong residentresident ofof PlayaPlaya deldel Rey,Rey, whowho remembersremembers growinggrowing upup barefootbarefoot atat thethe beach,beach, partpart ofof aa neighborhoodneighborhood thatthat waswas oneone bigbig family,family, wherewhere peoplepeople leftleft theirtheir doorsdoors unlockedunlocked andand letlet theirtheir kidskids playplay outsideoutside oror atat thethe beach.beach. KathyKathy hashas livedlived therethere forfor 2020 years,years, raisingraising herher childrenchildren inin oneone ofof thethe lastlast idyllicidyllic beachbeach communitiescommunities inin LosLos Angeles.Angeles.

JulieJulie andand KathyKathy bothboth sprangsprang intointo activismactivism andand camecame toto mymy attentionattention asas aa resultresult ofof aa proposedproposed projectproject thatthat threatenedthreatened lowerlower PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey withwith anan oversized,oversized, out-of-out-of- scalescale development.development. ItIt started,started, JulieJulie says,says, asas “a“a groupgroup ofof reallyreally rowdyrowdy communitycommunity activistsactivists downdown inin thethe Jungle.Jungle. OneOne ofof themthem startedstarted aa FacebookFacebook pagepage aimedaimed atat gettinggetting thethe wordword outout aboutabout thethe pendingpending developmentsdevelopments andand galvanizinggalvanizing thethe communitycommunity toto taketake action.action. Somehow,Somehow, wewe allall foundfound eacheach otherother andand thusthus beganbegan thethe processprocess whichwhich hashas ledled usus toto wherewhere wewe areare today."today."

TheyThey formedformed thethe Guardians,Guardians, andand spentspent hundredshundreds ofof hourshours inin thethe CityCity archivesarchives andand thethe CoastalCoastal CommissionCommission archivesarchives andand speakingspeaking toto expertsexperts toto learnlearn aboutabout landland useuse law,law, toxictoxic plumes,plumes, visualvisual impactimpact studies,studies, methane,methane, subsidencesubsidence andand environmentalenvironmental issuesissues uniqueunique toto thethe coastalcoastal TheyThey havehave beenbeen thethe bestbest partnerspartners mymy staffstaff andand II couldcould possiblypossibly have,have, helpinghelping usus buildbuild andand informinform aa casecase toto thethe DepartmentDepartment ofof CityCity PlanningPlanning aboutabout thethe appropriateappropriate andand legallegal landland usesuses inin thethe neighborhood.neighborhood.

ForFor Julie,Julie, itit waswas aa missionmission toto preservepreserve thethe “village”“village” sheshe hadhad growngrown upup ForFor Kathy,Kathy, itit waswas anan opportunityopportunity toto savesave thethe communitycommunity wherewhere sheshe builtbuilt memoriesmemories ofof raisingraising herher

Here'sHere's whatwhat JulieJulie andand KathyKathy saysay aboutabout PlayaPlaya deldel Rey:Rey:

“Oddly,“Oddly, whatwhat startedstarted asas aa fightfight overover developmentdevelopment hashas bondedbonded meme toto mymy communitycommunity andand ledled meme toto understandunderstand whatwhat aa treasuretreasure wewe havehave inin PlayaPlaya deldel Rey,”Rey,” sayssays Kathy.Kathy. “We“We areare aa smallsmall beachbeach towntown wherewhere itit stillstill feelsfeels likelike

everyoneeveryone knowsknows everyoneeveryone andand cancan seesee everyoneeveryone atat thethe locallocal coffeecoffee shops,shops,

restaurantsrestaurants and,and, yes,yes, bars.bars.

nothingnothing toto dodo onon aa Saturday—allSaturday—all youyou needneed toto dodo isis gogo toto YogaYoga onon thethe BeachBeach andand thethe restrest ofof thethe dayday willwill fillfill itselfitself upup withwith playplay andand funfun withwith youryour neighbors.neighbors. PlayaPlaya deldel ReyRey isis alsoalso aa beautifulbeautiful place,place, withwith panoramicpanoramic viewsviews fromfrom thethe SantaSanta MonicaMonica BayBay toto thethe HollywoodHollywood signsign andand wewe areare blessedblessed withwith environmentalenvironmental treasurestreasures likelike thethe BallonaBallona WetlandsWetlands onon ourour doorstep.”doorstep.”

WeWe don’tdon’t havehave chainchain anything.anything. IfIf youyou havehave

MannyManny Clorbiel,Clorbiel, PlayaPlaya VistaVista

Manny Manny Clorbiel, Clorbiel, Playa Playa Vista Vista In In just just a a few few

InIn justjust aa fewfew shortshort years,years, PlayaPlaya VistaVista hashas growngrown fromfrom anan ideaidea intointo aa communitycommunity alivealive withwith families,families, children,children, smallsmall businessesbusinesses andand aa wholewhole lotlot more.more. MannyManny CloribelCloribel ---- nicknamednicknamed “PV“PV Manny”Manny” ---- isis oneone ofof thethe peoplepeople whowho hashas mademade itit hishis missionmission toto bondbond thethe neighborhoodneighborhood togethertogether andand celebratecelebrate itsits adventuresadventures andand communalcommunal experiences.experiences. HeHe foundedfounded thethe websitewebsite,, whichwhich updatesupdates residentsresidents onon anythinganything andand everythingeverything therethere isis toto dodo inin andand aroundaround PlayaPlaya Vista.Vista.

MannyManny isis oneone ofof PlayaPlaya Vista’sVista’s “pioneers”“pioneers” ---- oneone ofof thethe firstfirst residents,residents, havinghaving livedlived therethere forfor moremore thanthan 1010 years.years. HeHe currentlycurrently servesserves asas PresidentPresident ofof hishis HomeownersHomeowners Association.Association. HeHe isis activeactive withwith PVPAL,PVPAL, thethe CommunityCommunity PolicePolice ActionAction Board,Board, thethe WestchesterWestchester NeighborhoodNeighborhood Council,Council, andand variousvarious otherother communitycommunity organizationsorganizations wherewhere hehe representsrepresents PlayaPlaya Vista’sVista’s concerns.concerns.

CrimeCrime preventionprevention hashas alwaysalways beenbeen onon hishis radarradar andand oneone ofof thethe reasonsreasons whywhy hehe startedstarted thethe PlayaPlaya VistaVista NeighborhoodNeighborhood Exchange,Exchange, aa resident-ledresident-led groupgroup withwith closeclose toto 20002000 membersmembers thatthat exchangeexchange informationinformation beneficialbeneficial forfor PlayaPlaya Vista.Vista. HeHe isis passionatepassionate aboutabout makingmaking thethe communitycommunity safesafe andand aa placeplace thatthat everyoneeveryone isis proudproud toto callcall home.home.

MannyManny isis alsoalso activelyactively involvedinvolved inin manymany charitablecharitable endeavors.endeavors. HeHe hashas personallypersonally fundraisedfundraised moremore thanthan $5000$5000 forfor OutdoorOutdoor Outreach,Outreach, aa locallocal charitycharity thatthat givesgives at-at- riskrisk andand underprivilegedunderprivileged youthyouth thethe opportunityopportunity toto developdevelop passionpassion andand joyjoy forfor thethe outdoors.outdoors. HeHe waswas alsoalso thethe teamteam captaincaptain inin fundraisingfundraising forfor UnitedUnited Way'sWay's HomewalkHomewalk hopinghoping toto eradicateeradicate homelessnesshomelessness inin LosLos AngelesAngeles County.County. HeHe isis alwaysalways therethere toto lendlend aa helpinghelping hand,hand, whetherwhether itit bebe supportingsupporting aa fundraiserfundraiser forfor PlayaPlaya VistaVista ElementaryElementary SchoolSchool oror volunteeringvolunteering toto manman thethe bloodblood drivedrive donationsdonations hostedhosted byby thethe Mom’sMom’s Group,Group, hehe trulytruly believesbelieves inin givinggiving backback andand alwaysalways seeksseeks outout waysways thatthat hehe cancan helphelp others.others.

HisHis ongoingongoing volunteervolunteer work,work, hishis interestinterest inin crimecrime prevention,prevention, andand hishis continualcontinual involvementinvolvement withwith PVPALPVPAL isis keykey toto keepingkeeping PlayaPlaya VistaVista thethe safesafe andand beautifulbeautiful placeplace thatthat itit

Here'sHere's whatwhat MannyManny sayssays aboutabout whywhy hehe lovesloves PlayaPlaya Vista:Vista:

“I“I lovelove PlayaPlaya VistaVista becausebecause it'sit's wherewhere II startedstarted mymy II havehave aa storystory aboutabout everyevery nooknook andand cornercorner ofof thethe neighborhood.neighborhood. ItsIts sidewalkssidewalks andand businessesbusinesses herehere areare likelike anan extensionextension ofof mymy home.home. PlayaPlaya VistaVista hashas growngrown withwith me,me, andand II lovelove seeingseeing howhow thisthis placeplace continuescontinues toto flourishflourish andand thrive."thrive."

JataunJataun Valentine,Valentine, VeniceVenice

Venice Venice is is a a community community that that has has seen seen a

VeniceVenice isis aa communitycommunity thatthat hashas seenseen aa lotlot ofof changeschanges overover thethe pastpast fewfew decadesdecades ---- butbut therethere isis oneone constantconstant ---- JataunJataun Valentine.Valentine. AA VeniceVenice iconicon whosewhose familyfamily hashas beenbeen inin thethe communitycommunity forfor moremore thanthan aa century,century, JataunJataun providesprovides aa givinggiving spirit,spirit, aa watchfulwatchful eye,eye, aa forcefulforceful presencepresence andand aa moralmoral authority.authority.

OneOne ofof thethe fewfew descendantsdescendants ofof IrvingIrving TaborTabor (one(one ofof Venice’sVenice’s co-founders)co-founders) whowho stillstill liveslives inin Venice,Venice, JataunJataun givesgives untolduntold timetime makingmaking herher communitycommunity better.better. II firstfirst metmet herher inin thethe 1990s1990s inin herher capacitycapacity asas anan advocateadvocate forfor seniors,seniors, andand asas aa volunteervolunteer withwith thethe seniorsenior programsprograms atat thethe OakwoodOakwood RecreationRecreation Center.Center. SheShe hashas volunteeredvolunteered withwith thethe seniorsenior lunchlunch program,program, andand hashas organizedorganized moremore thanthan 100100 tripstrips forfor ourour seniors.seniors. SheShe alsoalso personallypersonally providesprovides transportationtransportation forfor seniorsseniors toto medicalmedical appointments,appointments, grocerygrocery stores,stores, andand justjust aboutabout anyany placeplace theythey needneed toto go.go. SheShe spearheadedspearheaded thethe Senior’sSenior’s ClubClub involvementinvolvement inin thethe muralsmurals nownow atat thethe centercenter “Oakwood’s“Oakwood’s LivingLiving Histories”Histories” inin 20032003 andand “Unity“Unity inin thethe Community”Community” inin 2005.2005.

JataunJataun hashas spentspent overover 1313 yearsyears volunteeringvolunteering withwith thethe PrisonPrison Ministry,Ministry, wherewhere sheshe bringsbrings holidayholiday presentspresents toto childrenchildren whosewhose parentsparents areare incarcerated.incarcerated. SheShe hashas alsoalso workedworked withwith thethe MildredMildred CurshCursh Foundation,Foundation, helpinghelping withwith itsits programprogram thatthat distributesdistributes groceriesgroceries toto low-incomelow-income seniorsseniors inin Venice.Venice. SheShe regularlyregularly volunteersvolunteers toto readread toto thethe blind.blind. SheShe isis famousfamous forfor herher specialspecial holidayholiday celebrationscelebrations ---- dressingdressing asas thethe EasterEaster BunnyBunny forfor anan eggegg hunt,hunt, adorningadorning herher househouse withwith anan elaborateelaborate ChristmasChristmas display,display, andand hostinghosting aa remarkableremarkable HalloweenHalloween trick-or-treattrick-or-treat eventevent atat herher home.home.

JataunJataun isis aa passionatepassionate andand outspokenoutspoken voicevoice inin locallocal politics.politics. I’veI’ve beenbeen luckylucky toto havehave herher asas anan allyally onon somesome issues,issues, andand unfortunateunfortunate indeedindeed toto havehave herher asas anan adversaryadversary onon others.others. SheShe isis activeactive withwith VeniceVenice CommunityCommunity HousingHousing Corporation,Corporation, thethe VeniceVenice HistoricalHistorical Society,Society, andand POWER,POWER, andand hashas servedserved inin thethe pastpast onon thethe OakwoodOakwood ParkPark AdvisoryAdvisory Board,Board, thethe OakwoodOakwood BeautificationBeautification Committee,Committee, andand thethe VeniceVenice NeighborhoodNeighborhood ActionAction Coalition.Coalition.

Here'sHere's whatwhat JataunJataun hashas toto saysay aboutabout herher community:community:

"You"You can'tcan't beatbeat thethe VeniceVenice weather!weather! I'veI've volunteeredvolunteered withwith blindblind seniors,seniors, delivereddelivered ThanksgivingThanksgiving dinnersdinners toto seniors,seniors, calledcalled bingobingo forfor seniorsseniors atat OakwoodOakwood ParkPark andand II trytry toto bebe involvedinvolved withwith issuesissues