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Your August 2016 Neighborhoods

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August 2016

Welcome to the August issue of Mike Bonin's "Neighborhoods First Newsletter"!

IN THIS ISSUE : We take a look at the many street repaving projects happening
throughout the Westside, learn about five new bike share stations in Venice and
celebrate 10 years of the Mar Vista Farmers Market... b u t f i r s t , please read this
month's Neighborhoods First Profile to find out more about the effort that led to Contact Our Office

a big announcement for Westchester and Playa del Rey guaranteeing that we can
modernize LAX without expanding it.
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Denny Schneider and the Grassroots Movement to Stop the North Runway
As a board member for the Alliance for
Regional Solutions to Airport
Tweets by ​@MikeBoninLA
Congestion, Denny Schneider has been
Mike Bonin
working on behalf of the people of @MikeBoninLA
Westchester and Playa del Rey for Melissa Aczon of @DelReyNeighbor is one of my
years to make sure that LAX is a good CD11 Neighborhood Heroes. Working for
neighbor. This month, Denny joined @ChildrensLA, volunteering for Summer Night

Mike to announce a groundbreaking Lights, Del Rey Cup & Resource Fair, Del Rey
Health Day, organizing the Del Rey Spelling Bee,
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
& promoting STEAM education for young women
that settles a multi-year dispute & girls.
between the airport and neighbors
over plans to move LAX’s north
runway closer to homes. Below, Denny
answers a few questions about the
agreement and its significance for the

Please tell us about the significance of the agreement that was recently
Mike Bonin
This new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement is significant for two
reasons; (1) it is the first time in 40 years that the City of Los Angeles and Los
Angeles World Airports (LAWA) acknowledged local community interests by Embed View on Twitter
rejecting further expansion and solidifying plans to add substantial safety,
security, and environmental improvements, and (2) demonstrated that LAWA
and the Community can jointly create a plan for a World Class airport that
addresses future requirements, and is at the same time, sensitive to community
needs and impacts. This MoU is not just an enforceable agreement; it documents
LAX goals espoused by LA and its citizens. It recognizes the importance of LAX to
the region while protecting local communities. The community is not relying on
trust and enforcement alone, but is seeing concrete efforts by LAWA to avoid and
resolve issues before they are unmanageable.

How did the agreement come to be?

Councilman Bonin provided leadership in working with LAWA to foster the
necessary trust that could result in an agreement. Mike’s Chief of Staff Chad
Molnar and LAX Liaison Omar Pulido conducted shuttle diplomacy not seen since
Camp David. Mayor Garcetti hired Executive Director Deborah Flint who
emphasized cooperation and respect. LAWA’s Steve Martin and Lisa Triffiletti
were without match in their efforts to find common ground and resolution.
Ultimately, it took fourteen years, two lawsuits and an outraged community
effort spending over 100,000 man-hours to get to this point. Several highly
intense attempts for agreement over the past five years failed.

Thousands of hours were spent preparing for the lawsuit trial. About nine
months ago we all looked for ways to find areas of agreement. We each realized
that both sides had evolved into positions of agreement with regard to key issues
such as the need for safety improvements and taxiway modifications without
moving the runway. We met directly with LAWA and CD 11 staff looking for “out
of the box” ways to find, document, and implement an agreement. We were
unable to achieve an agreement before the trial, but did so before the verdict was
issued. The judge, however, ignored our agreement and issued a verdict that was
anti-community. LAWA and ARSAC reengaged discussions and resolved to reach
an agreement—an even better one that was a win-win for all.

How does this agreement benefit and protect Westchester and Playa del Rey?
This agreement provides a substantial delay in a runway movement north or
extension west and thereby eliminates the impacts of moving the airport
operations closer to homes, schools, businesses and all the other places where
people congregate. Instead it provides safety improvements which are
acknowledged as important by both sides. At the same time the agreement calls
for decommissioning the remote airfield gates and concentrating gates in the
presently approved areas to the east. Everyone gains from the initiation of the
Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) where a new light rail stop is
created as part of the Crenshaw LAX MTA line, an intermodal facility and
consolidated rental car facility is constructed, and a people mover system is
created to remove traffic from our local streets.

Read the entire interview with Denny here, and find out more about this
exciting news in the “LAX UPDATE” section below.

Access 11 - Hike with Mike in Ballona Wetlands

The turnout is usually great when Mike hosts one of his Access 11 "Hike with
Mike" events, but Mike’s August Hike was an unprecedented successful. More
than 100 people joined Mike for a hike and tour of the Ballona Wetlands
Ecological Reserve with the Los Angeles Audubon Society . It was an amazing
time, in a beautiful and sacred location, and Mike was grateful for the
opportunity to talk with so many neighbors, and to catch a glimpse of the fiddler
crab and a pair of beautiful snowy egrets!

Thank you to all who attended, and especially Margot Griswold and Cindy Rosene-
Hardin of Audubon (and their awesome team of docents) for making this great
Hike with Mike happen.

Designating “Washington Square” in Venice

The Washington Square area of Venice (on Washington Boulevard between
Pacific Avenue and the Beach) boasts some great restaurants and local-favorite
businesses, and this month, Mike helped install new signs to officially designate
the area “Washington Square.”

The signs came at the request of the Washington Square Business Improvement
Group and are a great example of the kind of community improvements that we
can create when we work together.

Obon Festival in West LA

One of the summer highlights in Sawtelle Japantown is the annual Obon Festival
at West L.A. Buddhist Temple . The weekend festival is in its 68th year and draws
thousands of people for a celebration of Japanese culture, family and
remembrance. Mike was very happy to join neighbors at the Festival and looks
forward to celebrating more in the future.

Resurfacing Palisades Drive

Palisades Drive is a crucial street for the residents of the Palisades Highlands
area, and this month, the street got some needed attention from the Bureau of
Street Services. Palisades Drive was resurfaced over the weekend of August 20
and 21, giving everyone a smoother and safer ride to and from the Highlands.
This work is the first in a phased-in approach to repaving, with the second phase
kicking off this week.

Ten Years of the Mar Vista Farmers Market

The Mar Vista Farmers Market has been key in defining and branding Mar Vista,
and revitalizing its downtown. This is the result of the exceptional work of the
market’s founders, its hard-working board of directors, and Market Manager
Diana Rodgers. The fantastic Farmers Market recognized its 10th anniversary in
August, which Mike celebrated by hosting an Access 11 Pop Up Office Hours event
so he could meet with neighbors there and continue his work to “bring City Hall
to the Westside.”

Movie Night at Stoner Park

Every Friday during summer, the West Los Angeles-Sawtelle Neighborhood

Council and Mike co-sponsor Summer Movies in the Park at Stoner Recreation
Center. For the past eight years, the movies have entertained thousands of
families and this Summer featured another great series of family-friendly

Great Streets Update: Venice Boulevard Relinquishment Approved by

This month, the Transportation Committee that Mike chairs took a huge step
toward implementing the Venice Blvd Great Streets pilot project in downtown
Mar Vista.

As a result of more than two years of community input, Mike and Mayor Garcetti
announced the concept plan for the Venice Blvd Great Street pilot project last
year, a plan to transform Venice Boulevard from Beethoven Street to Inglewood
Avenue into a central gathering spot for the neighborhood. There has been
overwhelming support of the plan from neighbors, but before any project
elements could be tested on Venice Boulevard we needed local control of the
street, which is still a state route operated by Cal Trans.

The Transportation Committee recommended approval to accept the

relinquishment of 5.4 miles of Venice Boulevard from Lincoln to Cadillac. The
next steps in the process are for the full City Council to approve accepting the
street and for Caltrans to give final authorization in October. Once the City has
control over Venice Blvd, we can begin testing the elements identified in the plan
as early as January 2017.

Pacific Palisades Community Council Elections

The Pacific Palisades Community Council is one of the oldest volunteer-run

neighborhood-focused organizations in Los Angeles, and the group’s structure
served as a model for the Neighborhood Council system in Los Angeles as it was
being launched. PPCC is an exceptional partner in putting neighborhoods first in
the northern part of the 11th District, and the board works with Mike and his
office to make life better in the Pacific Palisades. Elections are currently
underway for Area and At-Large representatives, and you can vote online
through tomorrow (September 1). Visit to find out more
and cast your vote!

Slurry Seal Added to West LA/Sawtelle Streets

August has been a busy month for the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street
Services on the Westside, with repaving projects in neighborhoods throughout
the 11th District, including a series of streets in West LA/Sawtelle.

Near the end of August, the Bureau finished adding slurry seal to La Grange
(between Purdue and Sawtelle), Mississippi (between Corinth and Sawtelle),
Tennessee Avenue (between Purdue and Sawtelle) and Barry (between Ayres and

Thank you to the hard-working city employees who are helping Mike put
neighborhoods first on the Westside!

New Murals in Mar Vista

Murals are making Mar Vista an art center of the Westside! This month, Mar Vista
Art Department hosted a street art gallery on Venice Boulevard to showcase some
of the world-class artists who are beautifying Mar Vista with some impressive
new murals. The “Mar Vista Murals” project, which began at June’s Mar Vista Art
Walk, features artwork by Wyatt Mills , Christina Angelina , Ricardo and Marc.

Westchester Neighborhoods Get Traffic Calming Signs

Getting August started on a great note, Mike joined staff from the Los Angeles
Department of Transportation in the Osage neighborhood of Westchester on
August 1 to thank them for their work adding new traffic control signs to the
neighborhood to reduce cut-through traffic.

For the past few months, Mike’s office has been working with neighbors in Osage
and other nearby communities to better protect pedestrian safety and reduce
traffic congestion in this quiet neighborhood, and the new stop signs and turn
restrictions will go a long way to helping solve the problem.

Safer Streets in Brentwood

Mike's office is working with neighbors and the LAPD to make streets safer in
Brentwood. After receiving concerns from neighbors and the Brentwood
Homeowners Association about speeding traffic cutting through the
neighborhood, Mike's staff helped coordinate a meeting between residents and
the Los Angeles Police Department's West LA Division to discuss solutions to the
dangerous situation. In addition to adding speed notification signs (like the one
pictured above), LAPD traffic officers have increased focus on the area and have
issued tickets to speeding motorists on Canyon View, Gretna Green and near
Kenter Canyon School.

Asilomar Retaining Wall Meeting

Asilomar Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades has been plagued by landslides, and
Mike’s office is working with the City’s Bureau of Engineering and Recreation
and Parks Department to improve safety and stabilize the street. On August 24,
the Bureau of Engineering held a community meeting to present very early, pre-
design stages of a proposal to construct a retaining wall that will protect nearby
neighbors from landslides threatening the integrity of the road. In addition, the
Bureau of Engineering discussed how the installation of dewatering wells will
also assist in increasing stabilization efforts. The concepts presented at the
meeting were met with appreciation from the community, and the next step will
be for the Bureau of Engineering to design the project based on the helpful input
they received at the August 24 meeting.

Safer Streets for Playa del Rey - First Signs Posted!

Neighbors in Playa del Rey have been working with Mike’s office for months to
improve street safety in their neighborhood, and on August 17, the first
recommendation from the group was installed. A “No Right Turn on Red” sign
was added to the intersection of Pershing and Nicholson, which will help protect
pedestrians crossing the street. The initial sign is just a small down payment on
the rest of the important work being done to make streets safer in the
neighborhood, and more exciting news on this project is expected soon!

Bike Lane Added to Walgrove as Street is Repaved

Walgrove Avenue in Mar Vista was recently resurfaced, and Mike took advantage
of the opportunity to improve safety on the street for bicyclists. Thanks to a
partnership between Mike and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation,
when LADOT added new lane striping to Walgrove, they included a new bike lane
that will help prevent “right hook” collisions. A “right hook” happens when a
driver makes a right turn in front of a bicyclist traveling straight. To better
protect cyclists, LADOT extended the existing bike lane to the south and added
flexible bollards and green colored conflict zones to protect bicyclists and make
them more visible to drivers.

Free Helmets Given to Kids at Venice Skatepark

Volunteers and staff from Children's Hospital Los Angeles joined Mike at the
Venice Skatepark on August 6 to hand out free helmets to kids. The skatepark is a
great place for kids to enjoy iconic Venice Beach, and Mike was thrilled that
Children's Hospital is helping make sure that everyone who enjoys it does so

Mike Swears-In New Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa Members

The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa elected new members last

month, and in early August, Mike had the privilege of swearing in the new
additions to the great neighborhood organization. In addition to welcoming the
new members, Mike was also happy to celebrate two great community leaders
from the neighborhood who were ending their time on the board - Denny
Schneider and John Ruhlen. Mike thanked Denny and John for their exemplary
service to their neighborhoods and presented each an honorary certificate.

Venice Art Crawl Receives Grant

The Venice Art Crawl works to reinvigorate the creativity that makes Venice such
a vibrant and dynamic community, and that mission is getting some support
from Mike. Mike joined neighbors at an event celebrating the 6th anniversary of
the art crawl on August 13, and was proud to announce a $2,000 grant for the
Venice Art Crawl at the celebration. Read more about the event
at .

Boys and Girls Club Opens in Mar Vista Gardens

Mar Vista Gardens in Del Rey is now home to a newly renovated youth center!

In April of 2015, Mike joined neighbors at Mar Vista Gardens to celebrate the
groundbreaking of major renovations to the Boys and Girls Club's "Jack and Cindy
Jones Youth Center." Yesterday, Mike was very proud to again join the community
to celebrate - this time, he and many of the 600 kids who live in Mar Vista
Gardens were excited to officially open the newly renovated community center.
The renovated center includes a 1,310-square-foot addition to the building, which
accommodates a new art room and education center, along with a music center,
practice room and sound booth in the existing teen center. The building’s full
gym, technology center, recreation center, kitchen, restrooms, and offices were
also updated during the renovation.

National Night Out in Playa Vista

National Night Out is a terrific annual celebration, where local police officers
strengthen bonds in the community by hosting great neighborhood events
throughout Los Angeles.

Early in August, Mike joined LAPD Pacific Division for its National Night Out
celebration in Playa Vista, which featured great food, games and other activities
for neighbors to enjoy.

Thank you, Captain Nicole Alberca and the men and women of Pacific Division
for hosting a great evening for the neighborhood!

New Student Housing at Otis College of Art and Design

Mike was excited to celebrate the completion of the Otis College Campus
Expansion Project this month, adding in a new academic building and residence
hall to Otis’s campus. The residence hall will be housing hundreds of students on
campus and is a tremendous step in officially moving Otis away from being a
commuter school.

By investing in such a significant way, Otis College of Art and Design has truly
made Westchester their home. And by doing so, has also made Westchester home
to a significant art community.

Street Repaving in Westchester

The Bureau of Street Services was working hard on the Westside this month,
paving streets in the Pacific Palisades, Mar Vista, West LA (see the articles about
those improvements above) and Westchester. Throughout the first week of
August, the Bureau paved 78th Street, from Bleriot Avenue to Flight Avenue - a
great improvement for the neighborhood!

Weigh-In on Mike’s Homelessness Plan in Venice

Homelessness is a tremendous crisis in Los Angeles, especially in the Westside

neighborhood of Venice, and Mike has offered a comprehensive 18-point plan to
address both short and long-term issues caused by homelessness. You can read
Mike’s plan for Venice
here: .

The steps Mike is calling for include some controversial elements, but as Mike has
often said, “in a crisis, controversy is better than inaction.” To address concerns
he has been hearing from neighbors and in an effort to seek input to help
improve the proposals for Venice, Mike will host a community meeting on
September 8 at Westminster Elementary School (1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.) to
continue working with neighbors in Venice to craft solutions that will give
people alternatives to living on the street. You can find out more and RSVP for
the September 8 meeting at .

After that meeting, there will be another community meeting hosted by

Chrysalis, the nonprofit service provider who will be operating the new storage
facility at the former Westminster Senior Center. The goal of this meeting will be
for neighbors to have a constructive conversation about ground rules (such as
hours of operation) that will make the storage facility a better fit in at the
location. This second meeting will also be at Westminster Elementary School
(1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.) and will be held on September 15 at 6:30pm. RSVP for
the September 15 meeting
at .

Proposition “H” for Housing for the Homeless

This November, voters in Los Angeles will be asked an important question - do

they want to help fund long-term solutions to homelessness, in the form of a
bond to build permanent supportive housing for people currently living on the
street. The ballot measure - which has been labeled Proposition H by the City
Clerk - will require two-thirds support to be approved, and will raise $1.2 billion
to acquire land and build housing for the homeless throughout Los Angeles.

H.O.P.E. Team On the Job in the Westside

This month, a new LAPD team was launched to help improve the Department's
response to homelessness on the Westside. The H.O.P.E. (Homeless Outreach
Proactive Engagement) Team is modeled after the successful program in the
LAPD’s Valley Bureau.

West Bureau’s team will significantly expand LAPD's ability to respond to

homeless-related concerns on the Westside and the team will work with LAHSA,
DMH, local service providers, and other agencies to help move people into

Sergeant Michael Fox, who was previously based out of Venice Beach, will head
the team and will be joined by 10 other officers from across the Bureau who were
already focused on dealing with homeless-related issues.

The team is headquartered in Pacific Division which serves Venice, Mar Vista,
Playa Vista, Playa del Rey, Westchester, and Del Rey, and is also available to the
West LA Division, including Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and West Los Angeles.

Success Story: OPCC and the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness

The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH) and Ocean Park
Community Center (OPCC) are doing inspiring work helping connect homeless
people in the neighborhood with housing, services and in some cases, their
families. Just last week, we learned that PPTFH and OPCC connected with Robbie,
a fixture at the corner of PCH and Entrada, and helped clean him up and get him
a ticket home to be reunited with his family in Las Vegas.

Thank you to the people who worked so hard to get this incredible partnership
working in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood!

Venice Forward Success Story: Safe Place for Youth

In October of 2015, Luke came to Venice Forward participant Safe Place for
Youth (SPY), struggling with anger issues and had an incredible pessimistic
outlook. Luke’s goal was to gain control over his anger to become a peacemaker.

With help from staff, Luke was able to gain control over his anger, and went from
being the kid in fights, to the one that broke them up, and on multiple occasions,
he voluntarily stepped in to resolve problems at SPY. He worked with a team of
staff from SPY, St. Joseph Center, and Daniel’s Place to get the resources he
needed to gain employment, secure housing, and to become the positive role
model he wanted to be for his child.

Luke's change in attitude and drive has led him to gain employment and housing,
and he will be moved into his new apartment in July. He received a voucher for
subsidized housing from a local social service agency, move-in assistance from
St. Joseph Center, and on-going case management from SPY. He now has what he
needs to confidently work toward for partial custody of his child and be the
father his child can look up to. Luke is incredibly grateful for the support he
receives at SPY and wants to pay it forward. He is hoping to be able to come back
to SPY as a volunteer and help others see the potential in themselves that SPY saw
in him.

Breeze Bike Stations Roll Out in Venice

Bike share programs are a great way to improve how people get around their
neighborhood without needing to use a traffic-causing single passenger
car. Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share program rolled out on the Westside earlier
this year, and the wildly popular program has now expanded to Venice, thanks to
an agreement Mike helped secure between the two cities.

Earlier this month, Mike and Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vasquez met up with a
work crew in Venice to install the first Breeze Bike Share station in Los Angeles
(at Rose and 5th Avenue), one of five stations that have been installed. While
Metro's bikeshare program won't reach Venice until Spring of next year, Mike is
thrilled that the partnership with Santa Monica lets our side of town get access to
bikeshare months before Metro's program reaches the Westside.

Breeze Bike Stations in Venice include:

- Rose/5th
- Rose/Ocean Front Walk (on the boardwalk across from Venice Ale House)
- OFW/Park Ave (two stations, one on the boardwalk and one on the walk street)
- California/Abbot Kinney
- Venice/Abbot Kinney (SE corner adjacent to the palm trees)

Real-Time Information Coming to Bus Stops in LA

Traveling by bus in Los Angeles is about to get a lot simpler and more convenient,
thanks to the work Mike and his colleagues on the Metro Board of Directors are
doing to bring real-time arrival information to bus stops throughout the region.
Last month, Metro announced that 300 signs displaying real-time arrival
information and alerts will be installed at the busiest bus stops in the county.
Many of the signs will be powered with solar panels and the digital displays will
also feature audio for visually-impaired riders.

This is a big win in Mike’s ongoing work for increased passenger convenience.

"Live bus arrival times and service alerts remain out of reach for the 62% of
Metro passengers who don't own smartphones," said Mike. "Bringing real-time
information to the bus stop is a common sense technology solution to an age-old
problem, and it will improve the transit experience for all."

Measure “M” for Metro and for Mobility

The opportunity for a dramatic expansion of public transportation will be on the

November 8 ballot, as voters will be asked if they support a sales tax increase to
fund traffic-alleviating projects throughout the region. “Measure M,” as the
Board of Supervisors have officially designated the ballot measure (which was
formerly known as the “Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan”) promises
to fund exciting new projects including a rail connection between the San
Fernando Valley and LAX, as well as extensions of existing rail and bus rapid
transit lines. Find out more about what the future of transportation in Los
Angeles could look like if voters approve Measure M
at and below, check out a GIF created by
Adam Linder, which compares what Los Angeles' transit system looks like now,
and what it could be become if Measure M is approved.

Great Streets Challenge - Apply for a Grant Today!

Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets program was designed to make local corridors the
backbones of LA’s distinct and diverse communities, and one way the Mayor is
achieving this goal is by working with neighbors who have a vision for what their
“Great Street” can become. Last year, the Mar Vista Chamber of Commerce’s
“Make it Mar Vista” event was awarded a grant, which was used to host a small
business-focused day on Venice Boulevard in downtown Mar Vista.

Click here to find out more and apply for a grant today!

Agreement Rescinds North Runway Move! Big Win for Westchester and Playa
del Rey!
As you read in the “Neighborhoods First” profile at the beginning of this issue,
this month, Mike was enormously proud to announce a groundbreaking and
carefully negotiated settlement between neighborhood advocates and airport
officials that will allow for community improvements and modernization
projects to continue - without needing to move the north runways!

The settlement between neighborhood advocates with the Alliance for a Regional
Solution to Airport Congestion (ARSAC) and airport officials was ratified by the
City Council, and it will officially stop the project that would have moved the
north runways 260 feet closer to homes in Westchester and Playa del Rey. It will
replace the runway move with immediate and significant airfield safety
improvements and an exciting and comprehensive program to finally modernize,
but not expand, LAX. With this agreement, we are fulfilling the promise of “LAX
Modernization Yes, Expansion NO!”

Read more about the agreement in Mike’s message to neighbors

here: .

Delta Terminal Relocation Lease Approved

This month, Delta Air Lines received approval from City Council on an agreement
to relocate operations to LAX’s Terminal 2 and 3. This project is a giant leap
forward in the modernization of our LAX terminals and will dramatically
improve the passenger experience at our airport by making it quicker and more
convenient for people to check-in and transfer flights at LAX. Mike was also
excited that this project was so broadly supported by neighbors, workers and
business groups, and that it continues the promise to make LAX a world-class
airport and a first-class neighbor.
Rezoning in Neighborhoods to Prevent Unwanted Mansionization

Responding to concerns about mansionization in neighborhoods, the City’s

Planning Department is currently working on two separate, but related,
programs to address concerns about the size of houses in the City’s single-family
(R1) neighborhoods. Those programs include: (1) amending the Citywide
ordinances (BMO and BHO) that regulate the development of single-family
homes, and (2) adopting new single-family zone options that will be applied to
neighborhoods currently subject to Interim Control Ordinances (ICOs), including
Mar Vista, East Venice and the Kentwood area of Westchester. At Mike's request,
the Planning Department recognized that the Pacific Palisades should also be
considered for rezoning at this time, even though it is not currently covered by
an ICO. The Planning Department agreed to rezone the areas of the Pacific
Palisades that wanted regulations different than proposed amendments to the
Citywide BMO and BHO would provide.

This can be a very confusing and complicated topic, and in order to help
neighbors understand what is going on, Mike has set up a page on his website to
offer more information and answer some likely questions about what is
happening, how it will affect you, and how you can get engaged in the process
ahead. Please visit one of the links below to find out more.

East Venice:
Mar Vista:

Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance Update

More than a decade ago, the City Council approved planning rules to allow “small
lot subdivisions” - clusters or detached townhomes built on a single parcel of
land. While small lot subdivisions can help add needed new housing
opportunities to communities, insufficient rules for where they are allowed and
how they are designed has created tension with neighbors who are seeing the
character of their communities change rapidly.

Mike and his colleagues on the City Council are working to refine the rules for
small lot subdivisions, and last month, the City Planning Commission
unanimously approved a new ordinance for small lot subdivisions that will limit
subdivisions to neighborhoods where density is appropriate and will additionally
require design guidelines that make them a better fit in the neighborhoods where
they are built. Now that the Planning Commission has approved the ordinance, it
will be considered by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee and
then by the full City Council.

Battling Billboard Blight: Update

Mike has worked with neighbors in communities throughout the Westside to

reduce visual blight and restrict the overwhelming prevalence of billboards in
our neighborhoods. Citywide efforts to revise where signs are allowed and to
increase the City’s ability to enforce its rules limiting billboards are currently
being considered by the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management
Committee. The committee is considering a series of options for both enhanced
enforcement (which Mike strongly supports), as well as for ways to allow new
signs outside of established “sign districts” (which Mike strongly opposes). The
committee has not yet made its recommendations, but once it does, the revised
rules will need to be considered by the full City Council, which will allow Mike an
opportunity to make sure neighborhoods are being put first in any new sign

Martin Expo Town Center Moves to Committee Hearing

Martin Expo Town Center, a proposed development at the corner of Olympic
Boulevard and Bundy Drive in West LA, will be considered by the City Council's
Planning, Land Use and Management Committee on September 13. The mixed-use
development proposal includes residential units, office space and retail stores
where the Martin Cadillac dealership currently sits near the recently-opened
Expo station at Olympic and Bundy. Importantly, the proposal includes more
than 20% affordable housing - a higher percentage of affordable housing than
any other project that has signed a development agreement in the history of Los
Angeles, as well as pedestrian amenities such as a large public courtyard, green
space and outdoor seating. Neighbors are encouraged to attend the upcoming
committee hearing, which will be held at City Hall (200 N. Spring St.) at 2pm on
September 13.

Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

Herbicide Motion Approved - RAP Investigating Alternatives

Protecting the health and safety of people in the neighborhoods he represents is

Mike’s top priority, and earlier in the Summer, Mike authored legislation calling
on the Department of Recreation and Parks to report to the Council on the use of
the herbicide Roundup after reports about the chemical being sprayed in
neighborhoods. Roundup is a potentially hazardous chemical that has been
linked to some types of cancer and other diseases, and Mike’s colleagues on the
City Council unanimously approved his motion. The next steps will be for the
Department of Rec and Parks to complete its investigation into alternatives to
Roundup and to report to the Council on better ways to eliminate weeds - without
jeopardizing public health!
August Small Business Spotlights
Local small businesses provide more than jobs for people on the Westside - they
are part of what make neighborhoods great. Each week, Mike chooses a local Mom
and Pop business to feature on social media in his " Small Business Spotlight ."

Tatsu Ramen - Sawtelle Japantown

The Sawtelle Japantown ramen restaurant was founded by Ryu Isobe, a Tokyo
native who wanted to bring the "delicious nourishing soups he grew up with" to
Los Angeles. According to locals who frequent the shop, Ryu's unique recipe of
all-natural ingredients, handcrafted from scratch is nothing short of addicting.

Check out Tatsu Ramen at 2123 Sawtelle Blvd. or find out more online

VB Surf - Venice

Mike had a chance to meet owner David Boren as they unveiled signs officially
designating Washington Square in Venice (see story above), and he learned a
little more about this great local business. VB Surf carries eco-friendly brands
and labels, and the shop partners with nonprofit organizations ( Wounded
Warrior Project , run for her ® , Shriners Hospitals for Children , Heal the
Bay and Big Life Foundation ) to donate a percentage of VB Surf's bike and board
rentals to help others.

From wetsuits to bathing suits, board wax to Go Pros, bike and board rentals, and
surf lessons, VB Surf is dedicated to being the local source for all that is surf,
sand and sun. David is also dedicated to making all of Venice better, and he is
part of the Washington Square Business Improvement Group that helps mom and
pop shops in the area thrive.

Stop by VB Surf at the southwest corner of Washington and Pacific, or find out
more about this great local surf shop at

Don Chuy’s - Playa Vista

Don Chuy’s is family-owned and offers authentic flavors from Leon, Guanajuato,
Mexico. First opened in 1999 in Del Rey, Don Chuy’s recently moved to Playa Vista
(11800 Jefferson Blvd.) and customers followed.

"They prepare some of the best Mexican food in Los Angeles (homemade corn
tortillas), the service is great and the new location much better than the last one,"
wrote one happy customer who nominated Don Chuy's for the Spotlight.

"It is a great restaurant and tacos are only 99 cents on Tuesdays!" added another.
You can learn more about Don Chuy's on their website
at , or just stop by and enjoy
some delicious and authentic Mexican food!

Alfred Coffee - Brentwood

This local coffee shop on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood is relatively new to
the neighborhood, but has quickly become a community favorite. The neighbor
who nominated Alfred Coffee for the Spotlight lauded the shop's "great coffee,
light fare and relaxed atmosphere where you can hang out." Check out Alfred
Coffee in Brentwood at 11908 San Vicente Blvd. or check out some of the cool
items for sale in the shop at

Do you have a favorite business you want to nominate to be featured in Mike's

Small Business Spotlight? You can make a nomination for the “Small Business
Spotlight” at this link.

Find out about just some of the events happening in your neighborhood in the
next month!

Mar Vista Art Walk

When: September 1; 6pm - 10pm
Where: Venice Boulevard, between Grand View and Beethoven

Public Safety in Playa del Rey Town Hall

When : Wednesday, September 7; 7:30pm - 8pm
Where : Westchester Elks Lodge (8025 Manchester Ave.)

What's the Plan to End Homelessness - Venice Community Meeting

When : Thursday, September 8; 7pm
Where : Westminster Elementary School (1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.)

Westchester AYSO Opening Day

When : September 10; 8am
Where : Carl Nielsen Park, 6000 Will Rogers Avenue, Westchester

Westchester Elks Chili Cookoff and Car Show

When: September 10; 10am - 4pm
Where: WE Elk's Lodge (8025 W Manchester Ave, 90045)
Bike with Mike
When : Sunday, September 11; 9am - 11am
Where : Meet at Westside Neighborhood School (5401 Beethoven St.)

9th Annual Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

When : September 17; 9am
Where : 150 Dell Ave., Venice, CA 90291

Coastal Cleanup Day - Sponsored by the Bay Foundation and Heal the Bay
When : September 17; 9am - 12pm
Where : LAX Coastal Dunes

Have an event you would like listed? Email to submit


What were your #FirstSevenJobs ? Mike spoke with KPCC 's Mike Roe about his.
This will (hopefully) be the only interview you read today that includes the
phrase "I looked like a giant hot dog."

Read it here:


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