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Paper and its Uses Fac t S h e e t

Little can happen in Introduction Business

Paper may be impregnated, enamelled, Print out sheets, receipts, circulars,
modern life without paper
metallised, made to look like parchment, catalogues, filing systems, sales and
or board. creped, water-proofed, waxed, glazed, service manuals, brochures, and letter
sensitized, bent, turned, folded, heading.
We depend on this twisted, crumpled, cut, torn, dissolved,
paradoxical material. It can macerated, moulded, and embossed. Cars
Fascia boards, door and roof liners, filters,
be permanent or transient;
It may be coloured, coated, printed, the Highway Code, and driving licences.
delicate or strong; cheap or marked and the mark erased. It can
expensive; in abundance or be laminated with fabric, plastic and Communications
metal. It can be opaque, translucent or Writing pads, envelopes, newspapers,
transparent. magazines, greeting cards, calendars,
diaries, telephone directories, labels, and
It can decompose in water, It may be combustible (fireworks), or be identity cards.
yet maps can withstand the made fire-resistant. It may be a carrier or
a barrier or a filter. It may be made tough Domestic Products
weather. Even boat hulls
enough to withstand acid, or soft enough Tissues, paper
have been made from it. for a baby’s skin. plates and cups,
It can be read and worn as a garment. towels,
It can be made and used by
It can be re-used and recycled and it is table
the millions of tonnes, or made from a renewable source. napkins,
can be so rare that only a and
few tonnes are produced in The range of possible uses of paper lampshades.
seems almost limitless. New ways of
a year.
using it are being devised daily. This Education
evolution will continue because paper is Books, exercise books, wall charts, flip
an expression of everyday living. charts, and report cards.

Look around you now and see how many Electrical

uses of paper you can identify in your Special insulating boards, electrolytic
immediate surroundings. condenser paper, wrapping and
identification for electrical cables, printed
Agriculture circuits, and battery separators.
Sacks, seed packets, and animal bedding.
Building Menu cards, paper hats, crackers,
Wallpaper, damp-proof courses, fireworks, programmes, playing cards,
roofing, flooring, flame resistant board games, kites, model aircraft, and
papers, plasterboard, and decorative race cards.
laminates for furniture.


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Paper and its Uses Fa c t She e t

Filters for water, air, coffee, medicine, beer, oil, and
mechanical uses.

Impregnated Papers
Polishing, waxing, and cleaning.

Protection for all manufactured goods, transfer sheets
for decorating chinaware, and display boards.

Wrapping to keep instruments and equipment sterile,
bandages, first aid bands, clothing for nurses, face
masks, surgeons’ caps, disposable bed pans, sheets, and

Money; Finance; Security

Bank notes, insurance forms,
cheque books, travellers’ cheques,
postal orders, stamps, cash bags
and security papers that contain
special markings which are only
visible when subjected to ultra-
violet light.

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